About Me

Hi All,
Welcome to my blog


I am Terri- 
 Mommy to one little girl( not so little anymore)
I am a wife-
During the day I work as a payroll clerk
   and I LOVE my job, during the night I spend time with family and I blog, bet ya didn't know that did ya :) 
 I love to laugh
I love shoes and notebooks 
Planner Addict
Big fan of Boston Bruins 
saved by the grace of God 

This handsome hunk is my husband Andrew
he is a computer programmer and amazing at his job
He plays guitar
He plays drums
He makes the BEST chilli in the world. 
He loves to read a good book 

This beautiful lady is our daughter-
She is in Grade 8
She is 13
Loves to:
Play piano 
Play guitar
Hang out with friends
loves giraffe's 
has her own private fan club 

This is us
Together we like to:
road trip
watch hockey 

You can check out our love story on the Wifey stuff tab. 

I started this blog because i wanted some place to keep a record of the happenings of our lives and its so much more convenient.

Hope you become friends with me and even leave me some comments :)


  1. Hi there Terri!

    Thought I would stop by and give a quick thanks for co-hosting the Friendly Friday Hop! Glad to be following along and excited to get to know you more :) Don't be a stranger!


  2. Hey I am your newest follower :) I just love you blog. I also knew at 13 I wanted to marry the man who is now my hubby. I did go to a boarding school for a while but shortly after I moved back home we met back up and have been together ever since!! I am excited to get to know you and follow along. Have a blessed day!
    Cat @ This Little Life of Mine

  3. new follower from the blog hop today!
    i love meeting people who just knew they were destined to be with their spouse. my husband and i were HS sweethearts :)
    im excited to follow along with you and your family!

  4. I stumbled upon your blog just tonight. you linked up with inthiswonderlife blog to share your love story. I was so taken by your love story that I have been reading your past posts for a while now. Love your blog! you have a new reader :)

  5. Terri- I just found your blog through the friend connect link party and love it!! I'm a newer "mommy" blogger and love reading about your family!


  6. my mum and dad got together at 14 and are still together 35 years on.I have signed up to your brill blog, would appreciate it if you had a look and signed up to mine, if you like it that is!

  7. I just love your blog and your family looks so adorable! I am so excited to read more..Thanks for connecting :)

  8. Nice to meet you, terri :-)

  9. Hi from SE Ireland. You're right about the blog being a record! I love to look back on random stuff from years ago on my blog! Sometimes, even my readers do too...

  10. Hi Terri. Thanks for stopping by at my space. I loved your blog!! It's so lovely and sweet. I'll drop by soon! Again!

  11. Hi, Great Post! And congratulations. I think you picked a winner. Thanks for sharing your thought process and criteria – I know that’s a touchy subject!


Thanks for the blogging Love

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