6 Ways to Cool Your Bedroom for a Better Night's Sleep

Trying to get a good night’s rest isn’t easy when sweltering temperatures make it tough to get comfortable. But lowering the temperature of your bedroom is about more than just comfort. A cooler bedroom supports your body’s biological needs and helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. We’ve put together some ways you can cool the temperature in your bedroom so you can get a full seven to eight hours of sleep.

Sleep and Temperature

A change in body temperature is just one way your brain cues your body that it’s time to sleep. The body slows down many processes during sleep so that energy can be used for restorative functions. If you spend less energy heating your body, the remaining energy can be spent somewhere else.

You can jump-start the process by taking a warm bath 60-90 minutes before bed. The artificial rise in temperature causes the body to stimulate the cooldown cycle, which triggers the start of your sleep cycle. Once you’re in bed, you want to help support your body’s natural needs and rhythms so that you can reach all five levels of sleep. Here are some tips to get that deep sleep:
  1. Install a Ceiling Fan

Circulating air helps cool the skin and keep heat from building around your body. While a ceiling fan is valuable when it’s hot, it also helps in the winter. You can reverse the direction of the fan in the winter to help keep warm.

2. Open Windows and Doors

Like a ceiling fan, open windows and doors allow for better air circulation. Moving air helps to evaporate any moisture on the skin, which keeps you comfortable on a hot night. Just be sure you have screens over your windows to keep biting insects outside.

3. Cool Your Bed

Put away thick duvets or bedspreads and opt for something light and breathable. Natural fabrics like cotton offer the best breathability and give you a soft layer over your body. You can also look for cooling pillows or mattress toppers that wick moisture away from the body. Be sure they support your preferred sleep position, so you don’t wake up sore and stiff.

4. Chill Your Fabrics

If you live in a particularly hot climate, take the time to chill your fabrics. Place your pillowcase and top sheet in the freezer to cool them before you climb into bed. Be sure to put them in a sealed bag to prevent moisture from getting on them. Once you’re ready for bed, put them back on, and they’ll feel perfectly chilled on a hot evening.

5. Eat Smart

The food you eat and drink can make you feel hotter at night. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and heavy meals within a few hours of bed. They not only make you feel warmer, but they can also interrupt your sleep cycle.

6. Keep It Cool During the Day

Heavy drapes or blackout curtains can block sunlight and heat during the day. The overall temperature of the room won’t get as high, which means it will be easier to cool at night. You can also try shutters or blinds that will block out light but still let air circulate in the room.

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