Anne Wilson- Review

Last night I had the opportunity as a blogger to watch a album launch and wow, it was so powerful. 
#AnneWilson has the most angelic voice.  Her lyrics will bring you to church and closer to Jesus, as you listen, worship and let his love fill your heart. most nights I have trouble sleeping but last night, I let her music play in my ear and I was asleep peacefully in a very short time. 

My favourite on this album is: My Jesus.  It touched my heart, the lyrics are beautiful: 
can wipe away the tears
From broken dreams and wasted years
And tell the past to disappear? Oh
Let me tell you 'bout my Jesus
And all the wrong turns that you would
Go and undo if you could
Who can work it all for your good
Let me tell you about my Jesus

 Singer/songwriter Anne Wilson knows the healing power of music firsthand. The lyrics of Hillsong Worship’s “What A Beautiful Name” became a lifeline for the Lexington, Kentucky native after her brother was tragically killed in a car accident at the age of 23. Although she spent much of her childhood behind a piano, #AnnewilsonMN sang in front of an audience for the first time at her brother’s funeral. It was in that moment that she realized what she was born to do. A video of her moving performance organically circulated, eventually landing her a record deal. With a mesmerizing voice and a visible hunger for Jesus, the 19-year-old relies on personal journal entries and time spent in nature for songwriting inspiration. Her rootsy sound reflects her strong southern upbringing and her admiration for country royalty like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton married with the heart-on-your-sleeve transparency of Steffany Gretzinger and Lauren Daigle. Wilson’s introductory track, “My Jesus”—which she co-wrote with Jeff Pardo and Matthew West—is a warm invitation to experience her Savior in the same intimate way she knows Him

You can get your own copy here 

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How to Practice Self-Love


Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

 Sometimes we get so caught up in showing other people love and waiting for others to love us back that We forget about self love .   Self-love is being kind to yourself, truly accepting you for you, and knowing your worth. It's okay to invest your love in others, but be sure you are investing in the relationship with you. If you are not sure where to start, start by dating yourself. 

Here are a few ideas to practice your journey of self-love. 

 Get Out of Those Sweats 
As much as it may hurt to hear this, you've got to give the comfortable clothes a break. Certainly, the way you dress has an impact on your mood, just like the old saying goes, “If you look good, you feel good.” Your brain often associates the messy bun and sweatpants combo for a sick day or a chill day. 

 Write a Love Letter to Yourself 
What a great way to show self-love, by writing a love letter filled with positivity talking about everything you adore about yourself. By leaving the insecurities behind, you'll discover that there are so many things that make you, you. Forgive yourself in this letter for any mistakes you've made. Speak about your goals and dreams that you have, but don't forget to thank yourself for your current hard work. If you want to do this letter right, you have to detach from the use of technology and get out a pen and paper to write the letter rather than typing it. After completing your love letter to yourself, put it in an envelope and address it to yourself. Tuck the letter away and whenever you need some extra loving, read it. 

 Challenge Yourself
 You can admit it, sometimes life gets boring when it's just you. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and doung some challenge cards to break you out of your routine. Once a week, choose a challenge card out of a jar that has an activity on it for you to do. Whatever you pull out, you must at least attempt it. For example, one challenge card that you may pull out is to turn your phone off for a few hours. Doesn't seem that bad, but social media can be hard to escape these days. Use any day to show yourself some love. 

For more self-date ideas check out these printables from Redbubble to guide you along the way.  Self-Challenge Cards Preview


The Mulligan- movie review

Paul McAllister runs a very successful international business, but everything in his personal life is falling apart. While playing in a pro-am charity golf tournament sponsored by his company, Paul has a complete meltdown. With the introduction of a mysterious character known as "The Old Pro," Paul receives the inspiration he needs to reverse his downward spiral and experience his own personal “do over” which is much more about his life than his golf game.

Paul McAlister is a success at everything—except what really matters. Separated from his wife and estranged from his son, Paul keeps his focus on his next boardroom mega-deal. Like an errant tee-shot on a difficult hole, Paul’s life could use a do-over … a “mulligan.” A retired golf pro tries to point this successful businessman who is far from God toward what really matters in life. Through their new friendship, the Old Pro helps Paul discover there’s hope for second chances in the One who offers us “the ultimate mulligan.”

#themulliganMIN is an inspiring story about relationships, forgiveness and priorities.

CAST: Eric Close, Nancy Stafford, Pat Boone

DIRECTOR: Michael O. Sajbel

Based on the popular book by Ken Blanchard and Wally Armstrong, THE MULLIGAN is an inspiring reminder that second chances are only one shot away. From the producer of Bobby Jones: Stroke Of Genius, THE MULLIGAN, sports an all-star cast that includes Eric Close (TV’s “Nashville”), Pat Boone, and PGA champion Tom Lehman and broadcasting legend Jim Nantz as themselves. See it in theaters for two nights only: Monday April 18 or Tuesday, April 19.

Such a great movie to see with your family and or friends especially the golfer in the family. 

Tickets: https://themulliganmovie.com/theaters

Website: https://themulliganmovie.com/

Trailer: https://youtu.be/IxxbjZ3PTvQ

Did you know that if there's not a theater near you showing The Mulligan, you can also host a showing at your church? Click HERE to learn more!

I am giving away a digital copy of the book that this movie is based on, all you have to do is enter and let me know if you plan to buy tickets. 

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