How To Keep Your Heart Healthy This Winter

Our heart is the, well, heart of the body. It is a muscle which sits in our chest and pumps blood around the
body to keep us warm and provide oxygen to our cells. To keep this vital organ as healthy as
we can during life there are a lot of things we can do, and here are just a few of them for you to
add to your routine.

Get a check up

It is incredibly important that you keep on top of your health throughout the year and that you
take the time to get a checkup every so often for your body. You can get some
cardiovascular services to check your
heart rate and blood pressure and then measures can be put into place
to ensure that you stay healthy and strong
throughout life.

Eat more vegetables

Vegetables can be a great way to fill a plate without filling yourself up with lots of carbs and fat,
and as we know the worst thing for the heart is fat and this can have a huge effect on the body.
If you want to keep your heart happy but you have a big appetite, fill up on vegetables like
broccoli and carrots and you will be much leaner and healthier as a result of this.

An apple a day…

Say it with us

And not only is this true due to the high fibre content and the many vitamins including v
itamin C inside the apple, but it is also great for the heart. This low fat and high nutrition fruit is i
deal for those who want to keep a healthy heart and you should try and eat one every day or at
least every few days for the best results.

Get moving

Get up out of your chair and walk around the room. Our heart is a muscle like every other one in
our body and it needs to be regularly trained and moved to keep strong and healthy.
When we exercise our heart has to work harder to pump blood around the body because
our cells are
using more oxygen, and this exercise can help to build the strength of the heart and make it
much healthier in the future. Getting up and about is exactly what you need for a healthy body
and heart and it will be a great way to spend your time.

Relax and refresh

As we discussed a little earlier, the heart’s main job is to pump blood around the body to
provide oxygen for the cells. To do this, our blood pressure needs to be at a steady level to
make to easier on our heart when doing this. As such, stress can be a dangerous thing
because it causes high blood pressure and can have a huge affect on the heart. So
remember to take breaks often and relax now and again for your heart’s sake.

The Effect of Divorce on Your Mental Health

Going through a divorce is likely going to be a trying time for any couple. If the situation between the couple has deteriorated far enough, it is quite possible that the amount of fighting and arguing between the pair will bleed over into their separation proceedings. They may even need to seek the help of someone like these family law attorneys in jonesboro ar in order to help them come to an agreement that both parties agree on. When a situation between two people is fraught, what should be a minor and insignificant issue can end up being blown out of proportion and used in court. In some cases, couples are more fortunate and their split is an amicable one. When both parties involved are in mutual agreement that it's time for things to change, there tends to be much less arguing and they can avoid court.
However, even when a divorce is amicable and consensual, mental health repercussions are still common. For many people, these will be minor; many won't require any professional intervention. But it is important to know what the warning signs of a mental illness are and how divorce can increase certain feelings and potential triggers.

One of the most common negative feelings that people experience after going through a divorce is a feeling of inadequacy. It isn't hard to understand why this is the case.
If a relationship breaks down,it is only natural for each partner to consider their role in what
went wrong.
Feelings of inadequacy arise when an individual feels that they are unworthy of their partner's
affections. Often, those with feelings of inadequacy will attribute them to unconnected phenomena, personality traits, or perceived physical flaws. Divorce brings many of our smaller
insecurities roaring to the surface, where they wreak havoc with our self-esteem.

Feeling Abnormal
Something else that is common in the wake of a relationship breakdown is to analyse ourselves in an overly critical manner,. Naturally, it is good now and then to take stock of who we are as people, the good things that we do as we go about our lives, and the not so good things we do when no one is looking. We should all want to better ourselves, so giving ourselves the occasional harsh review is ok.
The problem is that those who already suffer from mental health issues are already often feeling that they are different to those around them. When someone with pre-existing depression is trying to define what they perceive as being their own faults, many will include their depression on the list.
In the wake or the process of a divorce, the feeling that a marriage broke down because of one party's mental illness can cause immense feelings of guilt for that person. During a divorce, many people will blame themselves for marital breakdown. Of course, things are rarely so simple.
Breakups are complicated. Even cases of infidelity usually involve a long backstory of other issues.

The point is, it is easy for a divorce to trigger unwarranted feelings of guilt. For those who suffer
from a mental illness, the loss of your closest partner can often leave you feeling as if you have no
tether to the rest of the "normal"population.

Trust Issues
This one depends somewhat on the underlying reason for the divorce. Obviously, in cases where a
divorce is being sought because one party has been unfaithful, trust is a significant casualty. In
instances where trust between spouses has been damaged, it is important to engage the services of
a family law firm with experience dealing with divorces. If you are looking for someone to speak to
and need pointing in the right direction, you could head over to the family lawyers at
www.crossroadslaw.ca who provide one of the best client oriented services for those living in
Canada. You can read some of the testimonials on their website to get a feel for the service they
offer and call their toll-free number if you’re interested in speaking to an expert.
Hiring an attorney to handle the legal side of things for you doesn’t have to be a declaration of war
against your ex-partner. In fact, you should encourage them to also engage the services of an
attorney. By having the attorneys work things out together, you can save needless conflict between
you and your former spouse.

Moving On
This is the big question after any divorce, how long should you wait before you begin thinking about
moving on. You won’t be surprised to know that the answer here is very simple, it’s down to the
A divorce takes a different toll on every divorcee. There is no right or wrong way to experience
divorce, nor is there a clearly defined checklist of things you need to do to move on from your
marriage. Once you feel ready to face the world again, and you are ready to take the lessons of your
relationship and apply them to your life, you are ready to get back out there.
Understand that some impact on your mental health from going through a divorce is inevitable.
Sometimes the way your divorce affects you will surprise you. You might find you learned different
lessons than you expected, or that the challenges you faced were more complex. You should always
seek professional help if you feel that your mental illness is causing negative impact on your life..


Making Sure Your Outfit Stands Out from the Crowd

High street fashion is on the rise. This makes sense! Major retailers can make thousands of
copies of the same item and make a lot of money from one design, while customers can pop to the
shops and almost guarantee they will come out with something that they like. But this means that it
can also be relatively difficult to curate a truly personalised look that endless numbers of other people
aren’t wearing as well! If you want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, and if you want to
avoid the awkward situation of wearing exactly the same outfit as someone else to an event, you are
going to have to take active steps to avoid just becoming one of the numbers. This doesn’t necessarily
have to mean purchasing custom made or tailored clothing, or forking out a fortune on designer
pieces that nobody else can realistically afford. Here are a few affordable and realistic steps that you
can try out - they should work a treat!

Shop In Boutiques

Boutiques tend to operate on a much smaller scale than high street stores and their runs of clothing
are likely to be limited. This means that once they are sold out, they are sold out and you’ve bagged
yourself a limited edition item! It can be relatively difficult to find independent boutiques, as they don’t
tend to have as much advertising and aren’t generally located in main shopping centres. But with a
little research, you should be able to find a firm few favourites. Online is a good place to start your
search, and you should check this out as a brilliant starting point!

Check Out Vintage Stores

When we think of secondhand clothing, we tend to think of hand me downs. But this doesn’t have to
be the case. There’s a lot of beautiful secondhand clothing of high quality and value nestled away in
vintage stores around the world. Vintage clothing is (currently) anything that precedes the 1990s. By
browsing vintage stores not only could you find some real bargains, but you can find one-off pieces,
as the others produced at the same time are likely to have been disposed of, recycled, or are simply
not in good enough condition to realistically wear out. If you see something listed as “deadstock” in a
vintage store, it is generally brand new but simply no longer produced and has been stored away for
years. This means that you can bag a brand new item but with age on its side. Remember to really
look over vintage pieces before purchasing them. Check that zips work and look out for holes. This
can prevent disappointment if you get it back home and it’s not quite in as good shape as you thought
it was.

These are just two steps that you can try out in order to make sure that you stand out from the crowd!
Sure, the high street may be convenient. But sometimes it really is worth putting a little more effort
into your wardrobe!

5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Car

Gone are the days when driving and cars were a man’s thing. On the contrary, women have proven to be more careful drivers, causing fewer car accidents than men. However, there are still those women who don’t really know much about their four-wheeled pet and its maintenance. Here are some basic things each woman should know about her car.
If you get a flat when you least expect it, and, to be honest, you never actually expect it, you should always know how to react and how to change it. It’s not an art and it doesn’t take any special skills or strength for that matter. The only thing you need is to watch somebody else do it and you’ll be fine. If nothing else, watch an online video about it. Another thing you should learn is how to check your tyre pressure. You can do this at most gas stations, so if you don’t know how to do it the first time, ask the staff there for help. Next time you’ll know what to do on your own.

Basic maintenance
When it comes to maintenance, there are things you can do yourself without too much effort. For instance, you should know how to check your oil levels and add some more if necessary. The same applies to other car fluids, like antifreeze or windshield washing fluid. If you notice that your wipers aren’t doing their job properly, you should replace their blades with new ones immediately, which you’ll be grateful for when there’s a big truck driving in front of you on a rainy day. Always have spare light bulbs and keep your car’s manual nearby, in case you need information about your car.
Professional maintenance
Regular maintenance by a professional can actually save you money since you can avoid small problems and damage turning into big and serious ones. Keeping your car in a good shape should always be your imperative. It makes driving safer and it allows your car to stay in a driving condition for longer. Also, most people get attached to a car and sometimes find it difficult to replace it when the time comes. That’s why you should find the best place, people and the best way to deal with it and get you a good price for your treasured car. And if one your friends informs you “I managed to sell my car for cash through Carbiz”, know that it was a great idea, since they can buy your car from you or sell it for you, making the transition from your old car to the new one stress-free.

Listen to your car
Although good music can be a crucial part of your driving experience, you should drive in silence for a while every time you start your car. Only this way can you hear the change in the functioning of your engine or other vital parts of your car. As soon as you hear an odd noise, if you don’t know what it is and can’t deal with it yourself, take your vehicle for a check-up and have it repaired. Knowing exactly what your car sounds like when everything is fine will allow you to hear these sounds, which can sometimes be very subtle.
Know your warning lights
One sure way to realize there’s something wrong with your car, as well as knowing exactly what it is, is by paying attention to the warning lights. There is a whole range of them in the majority of newer car models, and they’re very useful as a way to alert you of any issues with your vehicle. Knowing what each light represents makes it less complicated to deal with problems and explain what’s wrong when you call somebody to help you. And while on the subject of calling somebody, you should have your mechanic’s number memorized on your phone, along with all the other emergency service numbers you might need while on the road.
Knowing your car and making sure it’s working properly will add to your safety on the road and keep you relaxed and confident behind the wheel.  So, do your homework and learn how to care for your favourite vehicle.


Fears- what keeps me up at night

Negative post so you don't have to read.. I wish I felt like I was good enough in all areas of my life. I am getting all out there in case someone can help or offer advice.

▶my marriage... I feel like he deserves better. Im not the wife who keeps a spotless house nor do I cook every day... Im exhausted and I love to do nothing. I do love him with everything

▶being a mother... I am not a great mother..i run out of patience, I get annoyed, I upset her etc.

 ▶my job... Its been 7 weeks and daily I feel like i cant do it. Like why did he hire me?

▶friendship... Im a horrible friend who ruins peoples lives (ive been told), i seldom text back, i dont hang out

▶spiritual life... I fail every day.

I go to work, try my best... Come home, scroll socia media while I compare myself to other people and wish I had it all together like they do.

Im not depressed or sad... I just cant fall asleep at night because of these fears!!

How Social Media Marketing Impacts on Business Success?

While everyone agrees that social media marketing is helpful to business enterprises, the majority of entrepreneurs have no idea how they should use social media to promote their goods and services but thats where a company like iTonic Digital Marketing Agency can really help.   Worse still, Social Media Examiner reports that up to 85% of marketers say that while they use social media networking sites, they are quite vague on the tools that would best serve their businesses.

For instance, people might decide to Instagram followers buy in order to help them grow their Instagram followers organically and fast, but the growth might not mean much if you don’t then know how to leverage the numbers to grow your profits. Consider the following proven ways that social media marketing helps businesses succeed:

High conversion rates

Social media gives companies an opport8unity to create a relationship with their customers thereby increasing the probability that these customers will want to buy from them. These social interactions gives a human feel to the brand growing trust. Ultimately, this trust translates to a higher conversion rate. What’s more, available research shows that social media marketing has higher leads than those you can get through outbound marketing.

What’s more, available research shows that social media marketing has higher leads than those you can get through outbound marketing. Correspondingly, you can learn more about how Instagram boosting tools like Nitreo can help to improve your conversion rates by doing some research online.

Richer customer experiences

At their core, social networks are communication channels like phone calls and email. Every time you have a chance to talk to a potential customer, you have an opportunity to demonstrate the worth your brand places on its customers. You can use social media to create rich customer experiences, which go a long way in solidifying your brand’s place in the marketplace. What’s more, social networks are a platform that you can respond promptly to the concerns of your customers. When other potential customers see how you handle these issues, they can choose to use your products or services.

Understand and deliver value to consumers

Social media marketing campaigns that succeed deliver value to consumers. By default, customers on social media fee empowered to make trade decisions in ways that were not possible before the emergence of these social networks. As a result, they are more demanding; they require higher quality, lower prices, greater innovation and excellent customer support. Businesses that want to thrive in this space must be willing to go the extra mile to provide workable solutions to these demanding consumers.

Higher brand authority

Whenever a chance presents itself to interact with your customers on social media, you should take it. The more you interact with them, the greater your brand’s authority grows. Engaging with them shows them that you value them. It also impacts how other people who are yet to subscribe to your brand see you. These social interactions are acts of good faith and go a long way in convincing potential consumers of your products and services that you truly care for every one of your customers. The impact of positive mentions across social networks has incredible positive impact on your business.

Enhanced brand recognition and thought leadership

Brand recognition on social media relies on how often people mention your brand in a positive light. The more people love your business and talk about it to their friends and family, the greater your brand recognition grows. What’s more, it gains credibility every time someone says something nice about its products, services or customer support. This grows your brand’s thought leadership. For this reason, platforms like Tokmatik can be useful in boosting your brand, as it stands to reason that the more likes and followers you have, the greater your credibility and presence, therefore the more potential customers there will be.  

Create lasting one-on-one relationships with customers

By creating lasting relationships with individual customers, you build loyalty. There’s no better platform to do this today than social media. A social media marketing plan would be incomplete if there is no mention of how the business intend to build online communities on social networks and engage with them. These communities are a platform to better understand your followers, what they care about and how your business can provide the relevant solutions.

Improved brand loyalty

Today, practically all interactions with brands end up on social media. Whether it was a good experience or a bad one, people are bound to talk about it to their circle of influence on social networking sites. Therefore, you must be willing to leverage social media marketing to improve people’s perception of your brand and ultimately grow a loyal following. Social media marketing presents an opportunity to grow your credibility with ease using testimonials by customers who love your brand. As they become loyal, they convince the people around them to start buying from you too.

Decreased marketing costs

On average, social media marketing requires a smaller budget than other digital marketing tactics. The numbers published by Hubspot show that 84% of marketers say that by spending just six hours every day doing social media marketing, they saw a noteworthy increase in the traffic their sites received. This means that you can make headway spending as little as one hour a day to do social media marketing. Off


Keeping Fish Healthy And Safe In An Outdoor Pond

Not a lot of people have a pond in their garden. This sort of habitat is hard to install, and a lot
of people don’t even consider it when they are renovating their outdoor space, but this doesn’t
mean that they aren’t found at all. When you have a space like this, it’s likely that you use it to
store a little bit of life. To help you out when it comes to keeping this life healthy and happy, this
post will be exploring the work which can be done to add the qualities to your pond.

koi fish in body of water

Predator Protection: Even in sleepy towns, you will find a lot of different predators which will
love to get a taste of your fish. Some birds, wild mammals, and even the neighbor’s cats can be
a risk, forcing pond owners to look for a universal solution. Netting is a great option for this,
providing your watery space with the security it needs to keep your fish safe, along with avoiding
ruining the view you have of your pond in the process. There are loads of products out there which
are designed to help with this.

Air To Breath: While it’s easy to see fish as creatures with very few needs, they are actually quite
complicated animals. They need very specific environmental features to stay healthy, and a big
requirement is oxygen. Live water aeration devices have been getting more and more affordable over
time. This makes it nice and easy to find one which will suit your pond, without having to break the
bank in the process.

Clean & Clear Water: Along with keeping their water rich with oxygen, you should also think about
the state of the place. They may not be able to complain, but fish won’t be very happy if their water
is allowed to become stagnant, making it worth looking into some cleaning systems to improve the
situation. These work by cycling water around the pond, making it impossible for the water to sit for
too long. Of course, though, it will be worth checking it every few days to make sure that no debris
has made its way into the pond.

Something To Do: Being complicated creatures, fish will get bored if they don’t have anything to do.
Thankfully, in the mind of a fish, simply having things in their environment is often enough to keep
them occupied. This is something you should think about when you’re first installing the pond.
Ornaments and other decorations are usually quite cheap for this part of the home, giving you the
chance to add as many as you’d like.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time which goes into your outdoor
pond. A lot of people ignore this part of their fish’s lives, assuming that they will be healthy no matter
what. You can have a big impact on this area, though, making it worth doing the research to ensure
that you’re taking the right steps.

Coolest Birthday Gifts for Teenagers

It’s never easy to choose a perfect birthday gift for a teenager. Before we buy anything, it takes hours of trying to find out what our teenage boy or girl wants. However, despite all that effort, we still may make a mistake and spend a huge amount of money without making them happy. So, here’s some advice that’ll help you pick the right gift.
Clothes and accessories
This is always a good choice. Go to the teenage section in the closest store and choose something that you think suits your teenager. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding stylish and a bit uncommon clothes and jewelry. If they’re a bit eccentric, you can choose something that will give an extra layer of nuance to their style.
Books, music or films
It’s always a good idea to buy a gift that is connected to your teenager’s hobby. If they love books, go to the bookshop nearby and check which books explore the topics they’re interested in. There’s a variety of modern, nicely-written and interesting books which may capture a teenager’s imagination. Furthermore, if they likes films or music, why not search the Internet and find some similar films or bands. In that way, you may find something that is both inspirational and interesting.

This is always a good choice since teenagers are simply crazy about it. Ask tech shop assistants to give you some useful advice and tell you which products teenagers love and often buy. Those can be cameras, USBs or even a gaming laptop since it’s not just a nice and useful birthday gift, but also a practical one, as they may use it later, in their future studies or professional career. And on the whole, teenagers love it; they can use it for gaming, research, or communicating with friends.
This is a good choice for both boys and girls. You may consider buying a nice perfume or just a regular deodorant. It’s nice, it’s practical and they never remember to buy it themselves. You can find a nicely wrapped package or wrap it yourself and thus make it special. It’s a trifle, but a special one, since it’s not something they’ll use just once. If they love it, and if you make a good purchase, they will remember you every time they put it on.

Odds and ends
Nowadays, you can find random knick-knacks everywhere. In the street stalls, small shops, even malls. You can choose an interesting statuette, a painting or a photo they can use to decorate their room with; alternatively, get them some mugs or bowls with interesting prints or inscriptions. Make it special by choosing something that is both practical and that reflects the person you’re buying it for. If they are going through a phase, it would be a good idea to pick something that connects with that. For instance, celestial items can be quite a draw for teenage girls, so why not get them a star necklace or notebooks, perhaps you can buy them a Moon phase print? In the card you can write "learn about your Birthday Moon Phase through this beautiful artwork". They can have it up on their wall, and it will be a reminder of who they are. A unique piece that only connects with them.
There is a wide range of presents we can buy for teenagers who are either friends or family. It’s vital to choose a unique present that they’ll like and that will take a special place in their everyday life. Don’t risk it. Be sure that whatever you choose from the items listed above, they will find a way to make use of it. It’s teenagers we’re talking about, after all.


Lifestyle Factors Affecting Your Fertility and Reproductive Health

If you have been planning a family for a while, and are ready for the challenge, you will
need to make sure that you give yourself and your baby the best chance in life to stay healthy.
However, the first hurdle is getting pregnant, therefore, you will need to find out how you can change
your lifestyle to support your body in preparing for the pregnancy and getting ready for the new arrival.
Many studies have been conducted to determine the impact of our lifestyle choices on fertility.
Read about some of them below.

Exercise Level

The more you exercise the fitter and healthier you will be.
Women who are active at least 5 hours a week are more likely to succeed getting pregnant than
those who live a sedentary lifestyle. If you would like to conceive, you will also need to make sure
that you are ready for the physical challenges of pregnancy. Try yoga, walking, or cardio exercises,
and you will be feeling more confident that your body can support the new life.


Image via Max Pixel

Stress has a huge impact on reproductive hormones, and it is important that you reduce it
whenever you can. You might have a challenging job and work long hours, not having enough
time for yourself and taking care of Number One. Alternatively, you are simply worried about
having a family or are not sure about your relationship or happy with your living situation. Stress can affect men particularly badly, with erectile dysfunction being a common problem. Luckily, there is help at a clinics that can help with this as there may be underlying hormonal issues, but stress and pressure to perform is usually the route cause. Get everything in order, including your mental health and stress levels before you try for a baby.

Sleep Patterns

You will lose enough sleep after you have had your babyso make sure that you are not starting up tired. The lack of sleep will also have a negative impact on your hormone system.
If you are finding it hard to switch off during the night and fall asleep, you might need to try
meditation, hypnosis, or other natural methods. Try to avoid medication, as this will be likely to
affect your body and your fertility.

Image via Pexels


Your diet is also associated with your chances of getting pregnant, and this is not just an old
wives’ tale. In fact, a recent study has found that  those who have a healthy and balanced diet are
more likely to succeed at conceiving, You will need to have enough carbohydrates and antioxidants.
If you replace your carbohydrates with protein during your ovulation days, you will increase your
chances of a successful pregnancy. Try to eliminate trans fats from your diet, and replace them
with healthier options, such as olive oil or eggplants, nuts.


If you have ever visited a family planning clinic, you might have already come across posters and
leaflets about the impact of smoking on newborns’ health. If you would like to avoid your baby
developing asthma, cardiovascular diseases, or other serious illnesses, you would quit before trying
to conceive. Not to mention that smoking can reduce your chances of getting pregnant, as tobacco
smoke flushes out some of the vitamins and minerals that are needed for hormonal balance.

Medication and Self-medication

If you would like to give birth to a healthy baby, you might want to avoid long term medication,
including painkillers, unless you absolutely need them. This might also not be the time to try that
latest diet pill that is promising amazing results. If you self-medicate yourself and take an herbal
remedy for everything, it might be time to consult with a professional. Taking various herbal
supplements can increase your risk of biochemical pregnancy and leave you disappointed,
despite the clear signs of conceiving.  

Alcohol Consumption

Your alcohol consumption also has a negative impact on your overall wellbeing and your bodily
function. Try to reduce the number of consumed units per week when you decide to try for a baby,
and you can eliminate the risks while being able to provide a safer environment for your baby.
You can have a couple of glasses of wine every week, but if you find yourself having too much liquor,
you might need help.


If you have a higher than normal BMI, it will not only be harder to deliver a healthy baby and stay fit
during the pregnancy, but also to conceive.
Overweight women are more likely to have complications during pregnancy and childbirth,
including cholesterol problems, varicose veins, and cardiovascular illnesses. If you are serious
about having a happy and healthy family, you might want to start a diet before you try to get
pregnant. Exercise and changing your diet will improve your chances to have an easier birth, too.


Image via Wikipedia

One of the factors that most people forget about when talking about planning a family is pollution.
If you live in the city and inhale Nitrogen and CO2 gases while commuting to work, this is likely to
get rid of all the antioxidants and the vitamins in your body that are needed for your hormonal health.
If you can take walks in the countryside and go on weekend trips to clear your lungs and get more
oxygen in your lungs, you can seriously increase your chance of getting pregnant. Try to eliminate
toxic pollution at home, too, by replacing your general cleaning products to organic ones.


Switching to an organic diet makes a lot of sense if you would like to deliver a healthy baby.
You might not know much about the impact of the pesticides in our food, and research is at an early
stage, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Learn to cook from scratch and avoid industrial agriculture
products. Find an organic farm or market where you can get all the ingredients for your balanced

Planning for a baby doesn’t only involve one decision. You will need to be physically and
mentally prepared for the challenges of pregnancy and adjust your lifestyle to get you the best
chances in life, as well as your baby. Follow these rules and get fit and healthy before you can
welcome a new arrival in your family.

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