Making Sure Your Outfit Stands Out from the Crowd

High street fashion is on the rise. This makes sense! Major retailers can make thousands of
copies of the same item and make a lot of money from one design, while customers can pop to the
shops and almost guarantee they will come out with something that they like. But this means that it
can also be relatively difficult to curate a truly personalised look that endless numbers of other people
aren’t wearing as well! If you want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, and if you want to
avoid the awkward situation of wearing exactly the same outfit as someone else to an event, you are
going to have to take active steps to avoid just becoming one of the numbers. This doesn’t necessarily
have to mean purchasing custom made or tailored clothing, or forking out a fortune on designer
pieces that nobody else can realistically afford. Here are a few affordable and realistic steps that you
can try out - they should work a treat!

Shop In Boutiques

Boutiques tend to operate on a much smaller scale than high street stores and their runs of clothing
are likely to be limited. This means that once they are sold out, they are sold out and you’ve bagged
yourself a limited edition item! It can be relatively difficult to find independent boutiques, as they don’t
tend to have as much advertising and aren’t generally located in main shopping centres. But with a
little research, you should be able to find a firm few favourites. Online is a good place to start your
search, and you should check this out as a brilliant starting point!

Check Out Vintage Stores

When we think of secondhand clothing, we tend to think of hand me downs. But this doesn’t have to
be the case. There’s a lot of beautiful secondhand clothing of high quality and value nestled away in
vintage stores around the world. Vintage clothing is (currently) anything that precedes the 1990s. By
browsing vintage stores not only could you find some real bargains, but you can find one-off pieces,
as the others produced at the same time are likely to have been disposed of, recycled, or are simply
not in good enough condition to realistically wear out. If you see something listed as “deadstock” in a
vintage store, it is generally brand new but simply no longer produced and has been stored away for
years. This means that you can bag a brand new item but with age on its side. Remember to really
look over vintage pieces before purchasing them. Check that zips work and look out for holes. This
can prevent disappointment if you get it back home and it’s not quite in as good shape as you thought
it was.

These are just two steps that you can try out in order to make sure that you stand out from the crowd!
Sure, the high street may be convenient. But sometimes it really is worth putting a little more effort
into your wardrobe!


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