Simple ways to lose belly fat

No-one likes to have belly fat. Whether you’ve put on a bit of weight because of your desk job or you’re trying to lose the pounds after having a baby, losing the belly fat isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest areas of the body to lose weight on. So, if you’re feeling down on yourself because you’re not losing the weight, you aren’t alone. When you need a helping hand, here are a few simple ways to get rid of that belly fat.

Leave Sugar Alone

It’s no secret that sugar is your worst enemy when you’re trying to lose weight. If your main aim is to lose belly fat, added sugars should be avoided at all costs. Excess sugar contains large amounts of fructose which the body turns into fat. This type of fat goes straight to the belly and liver, damaging your health significantly as it does. Studies have shown that drinks that are high in added sugars are worse than solid sugar foods. Swapping your sugary drink for a water could be the best thing you do when it comes to controlling belly fat.

Eat More Protein

You may think that eating more of anything will add to your belly fat, but that isn’t necessarily true. Eating more protein will curb your cravings for sugary snacks. It can also boost your metabolism, meaning any calories you do take in throughout the day can be absorbed for energy and burnt off. People who eat quality sources of protein are far less likely to have belly fat than people who eat little protein. However, you should steer clear of any refined carbohydrates. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet instead.

Fat Reduction Treatments

It can sometimes feel like you’ve done everything within your power and still haven’t got anywhere with your belly fat. No matter how many lifestyle or diet changes you make, that belly fat can still stick around. If you need a little extra help, you may want to consider some fat reduction treatments. For example, Coolsculpting at Metropolitanderm.com is the world’s number one treatment for reducing fat. It’s noninvasive, with minimal discomfort and you can get rid of up to 25% of belly fat in one session.

Give Up Carbs

Did you know that low carb diets have more success with weight loss than low fat diets? Cutting out carbs will help to reduce your appetite, which means you’re less likely to go for all the foods that add fat to the belly. A low carb diet will also help the body reduce any water weight, so you’re likely to see an instant reduction in weight. Studies have shown that low carb diets reduce the amount of dangerous and disease promoting fat cells in the body. If you’re used to having carbs in your diet, it could be a difficult move to make, but it will certainly produce results.
Keep Up the Exercise

It goes without saying that exercise is highly effective in reducing fat. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can lose belly fat with diet changes alone. That just isn’t the case. Exercise is required in conjunction with diet changes for either of them to be effective. Don’t be fooled into thinking ab exercises will reduce belly fat either. Sadly, concentrating on one area of the body won’t do much good if you want to lose your belly fat. Instead, take part in aerobic exercises that will benefit many areas of your body and tackle your belly fat at the same time.

Do You Know How Much You’re Eating?

We all know what we’re eating and how often, but most people don’t take the time to track their diet. Tracking your diet and how many calories you’re eating at different points during the day can be an eye opener. It’s not just about how many calories you’re eating but when you’re consuming them too. For instance, skipping meals throughout the day because you’re busy and eating large meals late at night can be one of the worst things you do for belly fat. Eating large meals late at night usually means the calories sit on you as you sleep and have nothing to do but convert into fat. Why not think about using a diet tracker to figure out if your diet routine is having an affect on your belly fat?
Getting rid of your belly fat will require determination, but once you know what you’re doing, it will be easier to keep the weight off.


Different ways stress affects your life

We all know that stress is not good for us, but often ignore the obvious aspects of life it affects. You will need to have the ability to deal with whatever is coming your way, so you can live a happy and healthy life, and provide the best atmosphere and environment for your kids. When you are stressed, your kids will sense it, even if you are just expecting. You will also develop worry lines, look older, and stress can prevent you from finding happiness. Below you can find out more about the impact of stress on your everyday life.

Weight Management

If you have been trying to lose weight for a while, you will need to take a break and look at your lifestyle. When we are under stress, our body is looking for comfort, and more often than not we find it in food. I you don’t have a regular eating schedule, you will need to start getting some routine in your life. Find out when you are most likely to munch on things due to stress and schedule a meditation or mindfulness exercise before. This will help you achieve your weight loss goals faster and reduce your stress levels too.

Hormonal Balance

It is also important to note that your hormonal system is directly connected with your nervous system. Therefore, if you are stressed out and your nerves are not healthy, your hormonal balance will suffer. This can result in irregular or painful, heavy periods, or even missing ones, that can cause you to feel heavy and bloated all the time. Your stress levels can also contribute toward some autoimmune illnesses or unhealthy TSH levels.


If you are stressed, you will be focusing on the wrong things, and rush from one place to the next, and more likely to suffer from an accident. This is why you should never get into your car when you are angry or worried, or operate machinery that can potentially injure you. You can also lose focus easier of you suffer from anxiety and insomnia, and don’t get a good night’s sleep. Stop endangering yourself and your loved ones, and do something about stress today.


Stress will also have a negative impact on your relationships. You will need to make sure that you take time off your work and busy schedule and have a date night every now and then. Apart from having me time as a busy mom, you will also have to find things you enjoy doing with your loved ones, without having to worry about emails or clients.


When we are stressed, we are preoccupied with our thoughts and cannot make the most out of our productivity. You need to find a way to unwind and take a step back from your life and the rat race. You might want to try to use a disposable CBD vape pen to help you focus and relax at night. If you need something a bit stronger, you may find cannabis to be a better fit, especially if you are finding it hard to quieten your mind. Cannabis and CBD are different as cannabis is stronger with the addition of THC, however, there are a a variety of strains at different strengths that you can try to help you. If you would like to make your own cannabis products instead of just smoking them, you can buy a rosin press to help with this. Check out Lowtemp's guide for using a rosin press so that you can do this correctly to make sure you are not wasting any of your product. You need to take advantage of the benefits of natural remedies before you would turn to prescription drugs.  


When we are stressed, our thoughts just circulate around in our head, and it is hard to find clarity in our lives. No matter if you are looking to plan a holiday, complete an online course, or simply cook dinner, you will be struggling without focus. Take a few minutes off to meditate or go and see a hypnotherapist to find out what is keeping your mind occupied, so you can deal with the issues that you might not even be aware of. If you meditate, you will come across thoughts that are hidden in your subconscious mind. .


Image via Flickr

Our decision-making abilities are also negatively impacted by stress. Your judgment will be clouded by negative thoughts, and - unless you let go of them - you will find it hard to manage your projects or make informed decisions. You need to look at your situation realistically and ensure that you are able to listen to your gut feeling as well as the facts and expert advice, so you can live a life without regrets. Ending up with making the wrong decisions or just going with the flow is not going to help you get to where you want to be.  

There are plenty of negative aspects of stress, and you need to recognize the telltale signs of being exhausted and on the verge of burning out, before your mental or physical health would suffer.


Simple outdoor spruce ups for spring

Image Credit: Pexels

There’s a new warmth in the air and just a few flowers are raising their heads to the sunshine. Spring is on the way and summer won’t be too far behind.

At this time of year, after what seems like a long winter, it’s only natural to look at your home and wonder what happened! The paint is chipping, the windows look dull and your lawn - what’s left of it, at least - is more like a muddy puddle.

Luckily, this is also the season for spring cleaning and, though you might be focusing your efforts inside, an afternoon is all you need to spruce up the outside too.

Scrub Up

Over winter, it’s easy to let grime and moss build up outside but now that spring has sprung, it’s time to get back on top of things. A bit of routine window cleaning is always a good idea and you would be surprised by just how much more light clean windows bring in.

You should also clean the path leading to your house and any decking or patio spaces you have. Over winter, moss and algae are likely to build up and it can get very slippery. A blast with a jet wash should do the trick without too much effort but a stiff brush and elbow grease will do just fine. If you want, you can use some moss killer but staying on top of it with the brush is a slightly friendlier method for your garden.


Painting the outside of your house is a nice way to keep it fresh and clean. There’s nothing like driving rain to deposit muck on your walls and now is the perfect time to restore them in time for summer. Before you repaint, you should prep your house by cleaning and scraping off old chipped paint where necessary. You might also use primer in areas that need it.

When you repaint, consider using a slightly darker color than last time. This should mean that you can get away with using just one coat which will be cheaper and faster too. However, if you do want to use a lighter shade, painting a white undercoat will help.

Garden Care

Your garden deserves a lot of attention at this time of the year. From planting out new flowers in the borders to tending to your lawn, there’s a lot to do. Pulling weeds is a good place to start as they will quickly take over if you let them.

Lawn care is vital at this time of year and you should make sure that you aerate it using a fork. Scarifying for moss is also a good idea as it can stifle your grass plants quickly and lead to patches. Adding some fertilizer will also help encourage new and healthy growth in time for summer parties. If you do not have the time to do this yourself, or you have noticed bigger issues with your lawn that requires professional intervention, then you might need to speak to Lawn Care Richmond services, or services within your local area, so they can assess your lawn and see what they can do for you.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to indoors. Now is a great time to get outside and start fixing things up in time for a warm summer.


Kids’ Room - 4 Decor Ideas to Boost Their Creativity

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/empty-bedroom-set-1648768/

Every once in a while we feel the need for change in our lives, so we try to redecorate and remodel our
homes. When it comes to children’s rooms, we have much more freedom to get creative than we do
with the rest of the house, and we want our children to be able to express themselves. If you’re hoping
to turn your children’s room into an oasis of creativity where they’ll be free to be themselves, we’ve put
together a list of four ideas you and they will love.

Tree shelves
Any parent knows how difficult it can be to keep the kids’ room tidy, especially when they’re still just
toddlers and preschoolers. They like to play with different toys but don’t always remember to put them
back after playtime. Shelves are a great way to maximize your storage space and keep the room in order,
and there are many different types of shelves for you to choose from. So-called “tree shelves” are the
best combination of cute and functional designs, and you can use them to store anything from toys to

Magnet wall
Kids who like playing with numbers and letters, but who can’t use pens and pencils just yet, will love
playing with ‘magnet walls’ and a bunch of colorful magnets. All you need to make this happen is a
simple, custom cut piece of sheet metal, some cardboard and nails, a hammer, and as many magnetic
alphabet letters as your heart desires. When making holes for the nails, place the sheet metal over the
cardboard and hammer a nail into it until you create a hole. When nailing the metal to the wall, start
from the bottom and move upwards while making sure there aren’t any gaps or holes between it and the
wall. After that, just add letters and there you’ll have it – a giant magnetic alphabet wall.

Chalkboard wall
As we age, we lose confidence in our abilities, but children all over the world love drawing, coloring, and
painting, and there seems to be a miniature artist inside them all. Because we know how messy markers,
crayons, and watercolors can be, we are always on a lookout for different creative solutions that will
allow children to express themselves through art. Your walls can be a new canvass for your child if only
you decide to paint them with chalkboard paint. Because this paint can be tricky, you can also rely on
professional painting services to get the job done instead. This way, you will be sure that the paint will
last longer and that the rest of the room won’t be painted black accidentally.

Quality Bed For Quality Sleep

One often overlooked but incredibly essential aspect of a child’s creative space is their bed. A well-rested mind is a creative mind, and to ensure that your child gets the quality sleep necessary for nurturing creativity, it is vital to invest in a comfortable and sturdy bed. While there are various options available in the market, considering something handcrafted and durable is a wise choice. One such option is to explore discount Amish furniture, known for its craftsmanship and longevity. After this essential selection, make the bed appealing and cozy by adding colorful bedding with patterns that your child loves. Perhaps choose sheets with images of space, forests, animals, or whatever ignites your child’s imagination. A quality bed is not just for sleep; it becomes a haven where children can daydream, read, and let their imaginations soar.

Tape to the rescue
Sometimes there just isn’t enough wall space for you to get creative, which is why it’s a good idea to look
down and use floor space instead. It doesn’t matter if you have wall-to-wall rugs or a small throw rug
and plenty of bare floors, you can use colorful tape to turn your kid’s room into a playground. Use the
tape to create a maze, hopscotch, Tic-Tac-Toe, a balance beam, or simple zigzag patterns for finger
tracing (toddlers and preschoolers love this). Not only do you have a chance to create anything you want,
but you can find a different colored tape and remove it after the children get bored with it.
It doesn’t matter if you’re only decorating your child’s bedroom because you’re expecting your first child
or your children are already going to school, and you’re hoping to give their rooms makeovers, these
ideas are simple and easy to pull off. Not only will they love spending time there, but the space will
inspire them and boost their creativity, so they’re always be having fun.


5 Effective Tips on How to Train Your Dog

Having a well trained dog isn’t the same as having a balanced dog, but if your pet knows a couple of basic commands, it can be extremely helpful when tackling problematic behavior, whether it already exists or you want to prevent it from developing in the future. The fact is that problematic behaviour can quickly turn into dangerous behaviour, even if you think your dog wouldn't harm a fly. The last thing you want is for your pooch to bite a stranger accidentally, but actually, most animal attacks that occur that require an animal attack attorney are in fact a result of a dog biting someone they already know. Often, vulnerable family members are most at risk of being exposed to a bite, and while you could attend a class in obedience training, most of the time it isn’t necessary. Not only can you do it yourself, but with the right attitude, it can be fun for both you and your pet. So, here are the most effective tips on how to train your dog:

1. Give your dog partial freedom
In order to learn boundaries, let your new dog gradually earn freedom throughout your home. A
common mistake that many new pet owners make is giving their dog too much freedom around the
home too soon, which can easily lead to difficulties relating to house training and destructive chewing.
So, make it a habit to close off doors to unoccupied rooms and use baby gates to section off parts of
your home, if necessary. One of the best ways to minimize incidents in the home is to keep your dog
tethered to you whenever possible and to use a crate or doggie safe area when you aren’t able to
actively supervise them.

2. Try positive reinforcement
The idea of using treats to train a dog is often equated with bribery. The truth is, dogs will do whatever
works. If using treats enforces them to obey your commands, then you’ve found an effective way of

encouraging them to listen and learn. However, you need to be mindful of the fact that too many treats
often cause weight gain, which is why you should slowly wean him off treats as he starts to perform
behaviors based on verbal commands. But training your dog with rewards isn’t the only tool you have
when training on your own. A great idea would be to get an educator collar, such as the amazing E-Collar
Technologies that puts minimal stress on your dog, while still giving them enough incentive to obey and

follow commands.

3. Ignore negative behavior
If your dog exhibits a behavior you don’t like, there is a strong likelihood that it’s something you’ve
already reinforced before. From excessive barking at the doorbell to surfing on the counter, owners
often inadvertently reinforce all kinds of undesirable behavior. Puppies love to bask in all of the
attention they get, so if your dog does something they shouldn’t have, don’t yell or reprimand them –
whether good or bad, it’s still attention. The best way to deal with a situation like this is to simply turn
your back and ignore it. This method is very effective, as it clearly shows your dog what you consider to
be unacceptable behavior.

4. Implement replacement therapy

While there is nothing inherently wrong with telling a dog “no”, that word doesn’t give them enough
information. So, instead of simply saying “no”, tell your dog what you want them to do. Dogs don’t
generalize well, so if your dog jumps on someone to say hello, for example, and you just say “no”, he
may decide to jump even higher or jump to the left side, instead of the right, thinking that he has
corrected his mistake appropriately. A much better alternative would be to ask him to “sit” or “stay”,
then immediately praise him for obeying the command. So, in order to avoid confusion, always tell your
dog what you want them to do.

5. Have fun and be patient
The most important thing to keep in mind while training your four-legged friend is to always be patient
and positive. They are learning so many new things about the world around them, and it can often be

difficult for them to remember everything they’ve learned. Therefore, be consistent with everything you
do, so your puppy doesn’t get confused, and allow them to make mistakes every once in a while.
Remember that being calm end encouraging while your dog is learning is equally as important as
reinforcing the rules they’ll eventually master.
Don’t be afraid to ask for dog training tips from friends, family, and even professionals whenever you
need it. Training a new dog requires a lot of patience and persistence, but it should always be a positive
experience in both of your eyes.


Building a pond in your garden for spring

Now that spring is officially here it is the ideal time for us to get out into the garden and have a look at some of the plants we can grow this year. There are so many different ways we can make the most of our outdoor space and today we will we looking into one particular feature which can be amazing in any garden: a pond.

Building a pond in your garden is easier than you might think, and today we will be looking at the best way to build a pond for your garden this spring.

Choose a location

The location of your pond in the garden will of course have an effect on what plants can grow around it and also the kind of life you may find within the water. Make sure you try to choose a spot or the garden which has some sunlight during the day and this can help your plants photosynthesise and produce more oxygen for the water.

Find some liner

Building a pond is simpler than you may think and it can involve simply digging a hole and filling it with liner. When choosing liner for the pond you don’t have to choose anything too fancy, as long as it will hold the water and stop it soaking into the soil below it is great.

Bricking it up

Once you have the liner you can consider thinking about bricks or stones to lay on the border of your pond to frame it. Depending on the type of style you are going for you could choose a bright colour to add some fun or you can instead choose something simple and classic. You’ll be able to find pictures online where people have framed their ponds so take a look and see if you can get any inspiration for your own creation. Once you have bricked up the sides you can fill the pond with fresh cold water and move on to the next stage.

Adding a filter

If you plan to have any fish in your pond outside then it is important for you to have a water filter from Sawyer Waterscaping which will keep the pond oxygenated and clean for fish to thrive. Koi carp are some of the most popular pond fish however there are plenty of other species to choose from so you can choose your animals depending on the size of the pond and the location.

Adding final touches

Once you have built a small pond in your garden you will want to bring some natural elements into the water to keep it healthy and thriving for years to come. Adding pond fountains along with duckweed to clean the water can be a great inclusion, while adding pond lilies for color can be amazing. You could even buy some small pond snails to help clean the sides of the pond throughout the year.  If you know anyone who has frog spawn in their pond you can ask to take a small bucket of it and watch tadpoles and frogs grow in your garden pond.


5 Spring Cleaning Tasks to Prevent Allergies

It’s allergy season.

While daffodils and longer days brighten the mind, allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itchy red eyes, and breathing problems can mute much of the joy. The most common culprits that cause household allergies are dust mites, pest droppings (such as cockroaches), mold, and pollen, and they thrive in the dust and fabrics of your less than clean home. Thus, springtime, with its accompanying cleaning, is the perfect opportunity to get a handle on these irritants.

Check out these five spring cleaning tasks you should prioritize this season.

Protect Yourself

Your first task is to protect yourself while cleaning, as these activities will agitate the dust that triggers your immune system, and it will last for house. Make sure you’re vacuuming with a HEPA filter, You can get those at a drug warehouse pharmacy). Wear long sleeves and pants tucked in, and leave the house after cleaning for at least 2 hours.

If your allergies are serious, consider investing in a dehumidifier with a high-quality filter (mold and dust mites love moisture) and a separate air filter system. It may also be time to clean or replace the filters on your heating and air conditioning, and other appliances.

Dust Your Blinds

Because they hand in low-traffic areas right next to heating vents, blinds are dust magnets. This means they accumulate quite a bit of normal household dust as well as pet hair and dander. Professional maid services recommend using a disinfectant solution or vinegar and a microfiber cloth for cleaning blinds, and always moving from top to bottom.

Other specialists say you can use the vacuum cleaner with a soft attachment to quickly clean blinds, but this may not trap the dust. One online hack suggests making a “dust puppet” with an old sock. Hear me out. By putting an old sock on your and dipping it in disinfectant, you can use precise movements to capture and trap household dust on blinds of any type.

Don’t Hang Laundry Outside

I know it’s hard to hear, since the laundry industry literally markets the fresh scent of a sunny day with its products. But when washing fabrics and linens this spring, hang them inside or use a dryer. This is not the “greenest” advice, but your bedding and fabrics will pick up pollens and other airborne allergens outside, and the high head of washing machines and dryers will kill bacteria, dust mites, and other microbes.

Flip and Air Out Your Mattress

It’s not just a rumor, your mattress, and your bedroom in general, is the main location for dust mites and other microbes that cause allergy problems. Many mattresses, especially memory foam, trap heat, which make it the perfect warm, damp breeding environment for undesirable microbes. Maintaining a clean mattress year-round is key to a healthy nighttime environment, but flipping and airing out a mattress is advisable a couple times a year.

This can be done by one person, but of course, two people can maneuver an awkward mattress better. Do not rest the mattress on unstable headboards or furniture: instead, lower it to the floor and flip it that way. Now is a great time for your HEPA filter vacuum. Use it on and around the mattress. Some people recommend exposing the mattress to sunlight for several hours, as this kills bacteria, but it can also attract pollen, so use your discretion. If you do put the mattress outside be sure to return it before the sun starts to set as the dew will add even more moisture than before.

If you have had your mattress for over 10 years, it’s likely soiled with all types of allergens. It might be best to get a new mattress altogether, so take a look at the best mattress 2023 as a cooling mattress may be the way to go. And while you’re at it, look into “mite-proof” linens for your bed and pillows.

Get Extra Help

You may have to call in some help this spring with your cleaning, as the droppings and dander of pests, such as mice and cockroaches, are especially troublesome for certain people. Especially if you live in an older home, consider using a quality pest control company to rid your home of excessive spiders, insects, and other rodents.


Step by Step

I wanted a step by step plan to get through this... I wanted a guarantee that if I followed the plan I would be free, the pain would be gone...
I wanted someone to say here let me help you, bless your heart, you have fought for so long, let me take it away.

My counselor couldnt give me a quick fix, i'm sure she wanted to, i'm sure she wished she had a special formula to sprinkle over me...

I'm sure she wanted to fix everything espicially my desire for everything to be ok right now and my refusal to embrace the process of healing.

I knew God would eventually fix me and make everything alright.. He would make something new and wonderful from my dust... I just knew I couldn't live a normal life without freaking out daily.

My counselor broke the news to me that there was simply no easy fix for the problems I faced.  Feeling the pain is the first step toward healing.We can numb it, ignore it or pretend it doesnt exist or face it head on and that is what I am trying to do.

Unexpected reasons you can't lose weight

There can be several things that will make you gain weight and make it harder to lose the excess, that have very little to do with your diet. It can be very disheartening when you are keeping to a calorie controlled diet to put even more weigh on, but this does happen if other things in your life are not right.

Sleeping Problems

Most people would never associate a lack of sleep with gaining weight, but the two are very closely related.  One research study showed that if people can get 8 hours of sleep every night for a year, without altering their diet at all they could lose up to half a stone in weight.

By the same token, if your sleep is constantly interrupted, or you just do not sleep long enough, it is likely to contribute to you gaining weight and make it harder for you to lose the excess.

For instance, if you have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, even when you do manage to sleep, it will not be of the best quality. You should seek the help of an ENT specialist in this scenario as they can often treat the condition and help you to get a better night sleep.


Small amounts of stress that we feel in everyday life do not do much harm and some doctors think they are good for us. More stressful or prolonged periods of stress can make your body produce cortisol, which is a stress hormone that protects your body from the tenseness caused by stress.

However, a study by Cell Metabolism has shown a connection between high levels of cortisol and fat mass.  The study revealed that when the levels of cortisol are higher than normal, it might be a contributing factor in weight gain.


There are some medications that are well-known for promoting weight gain. Most birth control pills, high blood pressure tablets and the hormone s used to treat breast cancer will all help the pounds pile on. There are also some arthritis medicines, and some for migraines and heartburn that will lead to weight increases if they are taken on a regular basis.

If you are concerned that your medication may be making you heavier, mention it to your doctor as there may be an alternative they can prescribe.  

Age-Related Weight Gain

None of us can stop getting older and as we do our bodies do not burn calories as efficiently.  The only way to combat this age-related weight gain is to eat less and exercise more. Part of the problem is that as we age our metabolism slows down naturally and exercise helps to keep it on a more even keel.

Also as you age you will lose muscles and sometimes this is replaced by fat. Some older people weigh very little more than they did 10 years ago. However, because muscle weighs more than fat, they could well need to wear clothes that are a couple of sizes larger.

Late Night Eating

There are been many studies into the time meals are eaten and how that affects weight. It seems that the later you eat the more your body holds onto the food and turns it into fat. The data showed that eating the same amount of calories in the evening than you would in the morning, made it more likely that weight would be gained.

They also found that snacking while watching TV in the evenings could lead to much larger amounts of food being eaten, and this, of course, will not help your weight.

Small, Unnoticed Changes

There can be small changes in your lifestyle that you hardly notice but they make a difference to your weight. For example, if you change your job and the new one is less active or you move home and only have to walk half the distance to work, these things can make a difference to how much you weigh.

If you are putting on weight, think about the little changes that have happened over the last few months, as you may be surprised just how many of these have affected your lifestyle and your weight.

The one thing that all the experts agree on is that whatever you eat and however much you exercise, does not matter if you are consuming sugary drinks. The calories in these can mount up very quickly and you can soon surpass the number in the amount of food you eat. No matter how old you are, what medications you take, how much sleep you get or how stressed you are, cut out those sugary drinks if you want to keep your weight down.


Your Guide to Experience the Real NYC

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a place in the world that’s the capital of practically everything – showbiz,
fashion, music and even food. Yes, we’re talking about the almighty New York City! So, every single
person should visit this spectacular metropolis at least once in their lifetime, but it’s also very important
to know where they’re going. This city is definitely a huge one, and if you don’t do your homework
beforehand, the chances of you ending up in an average club or pub and eating average food are very
high. So, what should you visit in order to experience the real nature of the Big Apple?

What to see?

First of all, you need to allocate a couple of days to see all the landmarks and historical places in New
York City. Let’s say that your first stop would be the Statue of Liberty, and it definitely should be. This
mesmerizing statue is home to thousands of tourists daily, so it will be a perfect first choice. Moreover,
you will definitely take a walk through the Central Park and Manhattan, but make sure to visit them
during the day, as you don’t want to miss out on anything, and you definitely want to experience the
colorfulness of the city. Also, don’t miss out on the Empire State Building, but make sure to allocate a bit
more time so that you could get to the top floor and experience NYC in the right way. Finally, visit the
9/11 memorial, an overwhelming monument to the September 2011 terroristic attacks.

Where to go out?

This is definitely the hardest question to answer as New York City caters for everyone’s needs. First of
all, this is the home to some of the biggest gay bars, so if you’re gay or gay-friendly, you can choose from
gay sport clubs to gay country clubs where only country music is played. As for straight people, you will
be able to find a club or a pub on every corner of New York City. If you want to have the night of your
life, the three most popular NYC clubs at the moment are Village Vanguard, a legendary jazz venue, and
The 40/40 Club which is owned by Jay-Z. These two clubs might be a bit pricier than the rest of them,
but if you want the true NY experience, this is where you should go.

Where to eat and drink?

What’s important is that you never settle for sandwiches and beer in New York. You can have these
anywhere else in the world, so it would be good to try out something new. The first thing that you need
to do is try the NY street food, as it’s truly amazing. Moreover, if you have the chance to experience the
services of a great mixologist in NYC, say yes! Try to find a venue or an event with this type of catering,
cocktails paired with finger food and simply enjoy this amazing experience. You won’t find as good
mixologists as in New York City so it would be a shame not to see what they have to offer.

What to wear?

Fashion is extremely important in New York, but the good thing is that you can wear whatever you want
and still be quite fashionable. Why’s that? Because everyone appreciates the fashion style of other
people while still rocking their own. However, the biggest trend in this moment is athleisure, so pair
your elegant pants with excellent sneakers (if you have the option, go for Balenciaga), or wear a formal
coat and a sweatshirt. If this is not your cup of tea, you can also go with neon colors as they are huge
now. It’s also important to mention that you will never fail while wearing anything in the color of Living
Coral, which is Pantone’s color of the 2019.

What leisure activities should you try out?

Since you will be spending money on bars, pubs and restaurants, it would be good to choose leisure
activities that are practically free. Try visiting the Museum of Modern Arts (MOMA), but make sure that
you go there on a Friday from 4pm to 8pm because the entrance is free. The sculpture garden, however,
is free for entrance every morning from 9.30 to 10. Moreover, if you’re visiting NYC during the summer
and you like cinematography, you can hit the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival or Syfy Movies with
a View at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Watching a movie in an outdoor cinema in the heart of the Big Apple,
free of charge, is definitely an activity that many opt for! Finally, you can always browse online and find
the best bars that organize trivia nights or scavenger hunts – there is a plethora of them and each one of
them is worth the money!
Writing an article about all the things that you could do in NYC is devastatingly difficult. You might as
well spend 7 months here and you will still have something new to discover and see. So, take your time,
see the most important things and simply enjoy. After all, this is how you will truly experience New York.
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