recap of word of the year 2023- Forgiveness

My word for 2023 was "Forgiveness". 

This year I shared so much of my forgiveness journey: 
 I shared the hurts from past       friendships 
 I shared hurts from past spiritual leaders 
 I shared hurts from the professional world
        And so much more

I feel like I am a different version of Terri going into 2024. People used to walk all over me, say evil and rude things, verbally abuse me and speak horrible things into my life but never again. Never again meaning will I sit by and let it happen, I won't protect those people. 

With a journey of forgiveness comes a journey of boundaries and how to set them in place so these hurts don't happen again. I'm not saying people you trust will not hurt you( hopefully not, but we are all human) love the people you trust, trust the people you love.  

My friend Judy has a hula hoop that she kept in her office, one day I asked her about it, she said it's a reminder of who you can fit in your hula hoop- yourself and Jesus.  Sure, we can care and love others but we need to love ourselves and Jesus first. Again, set boundaries. 

 I do have a new word for 2024 but forgiveness is still a daily practice in my life. 

Thank you for coming along on this journey of forgiveness with me this year.  You are all loved, you are all worth the work it requires to walk this journey together..



Why are Shapewear Dresses on Women’s Wish Lists?

One of the most valuable assets to make modern life easier is practicality. That's why shapewear dresses are on women's wish lists. Firstly, they are practical and versatile. But they also offer a variety of benefits, such as shaping, confidence, and comfort.

They give women a smoother and more uniform appearance. They are pioneers in increasing confidence, building a more confident feminine figure in their clothes. They are made from comfortable fabrics that adapt to different body shapes. The democratization of access to quality fashion for women starts like this and this is extremely important to promote empowerment.

What are the advantages of wearing a shapewear dress?

The advantages are diverse. But the power of self-confidence is something that gains
power, after all, clothing that enhances your body and makes you love yourself more
and more is a fundamental piece for any woman's personal collection. You achieve a
better posture, when you convey this image, people automatically find you more
powerful and magnetic.

Furthermore, with a modern shapewear dress you can keep up with the main fashion
trends. A model with bell sleeves and a square neckline better fits your breasts, it is a
symbol of femininity and good taste. The belly gains a flat shape through the modeling
mesh, which is effective.

Body lines become lighter, making you even more beautiful. There is a harmonization
of the body in general: back, butt, breasts, hips and belly gain a new shape in a few seconds.

Does shapewear dress really shape your body?

Yes! But not permanently. Smoothes natural curves without causing pain, redness or discomfort. After all, the purpose of a shapewear dress is to highlight your body as it is.

The dresses with built in tummy control are a woman's true friend as they allow her to experience body positivity and be happy by accepting her body shape with love. A dress with a tight fit to the body and a side slit can give you such a sensual and beautiful look. Its shape becomes more elongated and the leg line stands out, giving you the confidence you deserve. The deep V neckline is attractive and leaves the breasts well structured. Support is guaranteed by the steel wire located at the top of the dress, which is practical because it eliminates the need for a bra.

Lace is delicate and never goes out of style. It goes well with different feminine styles. The belly instantly gains structure and alignment due to the action of the fajá shorts, which compress just the right amount. 4-way stretch fabric is soft.

Should I buy bigger or smaller shapewear dresses?

None of the options. Don't worry, the explanation is simpler than you might think. If you buy a smaller size, you won't have the natural modeling effect and will look tight and uncomfortable, and it may even have the opposite effect, as it may look like you weigh more than you actually do. When you buy a bigger shapewear, it cannot adapt to your body. The ideal is to purchase a shapewear dress in the same size as you are used to wearing other types of clothing.

You can take advantage of the shapewear dress sale to purchase a model with long sleeves and synthetic suede that will give you a very elegant look. The modeling mesh flattens the tummy and the transparent elastic supports the breasts so you look your best.


Everyday we have the choice to show up for ourselves.
 To risk our hearts…one more time, even when life has hurt us.
To express ourselves. 
To take care of others and to take care of ourselves, but facing our trauma, fears and pain.  
To forgive and then forgive and forgive again. 
To let go of shame. 
To walk humbly. To be purposeful. 
To lean into hope. 
To be willing to crack ourselves wide open with vulnerability. 

 It’s so worth it.I don’t want to have shallow conversations anymore. I don’t want to ever go back to just showing the highlights of life.  I don’t ever want to shrink away from talking about Jesus! I just want to live what ever days I have left baring it all, giving my all, being shockingly real, messy and vulnerable. 

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.I am finding that I am drawn more and more to people like me. People who want intimacy. People who are willing to share the hard and difficult spaces.People who don’t care about pretenses. People who like to talk about God and what he is doing in their lives.  It’s not that I want to be in the hard spaces all the time, I love to have fun, I love light and easy, but I also won’t pretend there is no hard.  I have no fear of going to deep places and sitting with people in their pain. I feel most comfortable at that table now with other people who show up for the hard but continue to allow their hearts to remain soft.  I feel most comfortable with people who are showing up for life even through pain and loss.  
Ultimately, I just care about letting people feel seen and heard in this one life we have all been given. I care about people feeling wildly loved! I care about being a cheerleader for others.  That’s it….my Wednesday thoughts


The Back-Pain Banishing Brigade: Unleashing Sports as Your Secret Weapon

My fellow hunchbacked comrades of the digital age! Let’s face it, we’ve all been there – glued to our screens, diving deep into the abyss of endless scrolling, only to stand up and realise our backs have transformed into something that could rival the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I come bearing the good news from the land of less ache and more frolic!

Via Pexels

Never Trade the Fun of Scrolling for The Magic of a Real Doctor

Before we dive in, let me put my imaginary stethoscope aside and clarify – I’m no medical guru. If you’ve been wrestling with bears and injured your back while pinning the bear, you might want to speed dial your nearest Physiotherapy Centre. For the rest of us mere mortals whose back pain is courtesy of our passionate love affair with binge-watching, here’s my not-so-secret recipe for back bliss, served with a side of sports.

Swimming: The Back’s Bubble Bath

Let’s kick things off with swimming. Visualise yourself floating in the water, feeling as light as a feather – it’s pretty much a zero-gravity workout (well, almost, but we’re allowed some dramatics, right?). Plus, who doesn’t want to channel their inner sea creature? Word of caution to the newbies: steer clear of the butterfly stroke. That’s the deep end, literally!

Cycling: Pedal Away the Pain

Now, let’s pedal into the world of cycling. And no, you don’t need to be decked out in lycra for this. A stationary bike will do just fine. Picture this: pedalling away in the comfort of your living room, maybe even in your pyjamas, as you journey through the lands of your favourite fantasy series. Who said you couldn’t cycle to Narnia?

Yoga: Twist, Stretch, and Giggle

Ah, yoga – the ancient art of folding yourself like origami. But hey, it’s not just for those who can twist like pretzels. Yoga is a back’s best friend. Start with the basics – think child’s pose, think happy back. It’s not about mastering the handstand; it’s about the journey and occasionally about realising how far your toes actually are.

Pilates: Your Core’s Knight in Shining Armor

Enter Pilates, the unsung hero of core strengthening. It’s all about controlled movements, kind of like moving in slow motion. Think of it as fortifying your back with an invisible shield. Bonus: you get to lie down a lot. But don’t be fooled, this is a calorie burner exercise to create rocket strong abs!

Walking: The Underdog with a Punch

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk about walking – simple, effective, and severely underrated. Walk like you’ve got a meeting with royalty at the end of the block. It’s the perfect way to give your back some tender, loving care, and who knows, you might even make a new furry friend or two.

Valiant warriors in the battle against back pain that concludes the concoction of sports that could very well be your ticket to a happier, healthier spine. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. It’s okay to start at tortoise speed; we’re not all racing rabbits here.

Maybe one day, we’ll all be flexing those strong, pain-free backs, sharing tales of our conquests over cups of coffee. Until then, keep moving, keep smiling, and let those spirits soar – your back is on its way to a standing ovation! 



 If you would have told me a year ago that I would stop allowing people to walk over me and to stand up for myself, I would have laughed at you. 

What does it mean to stand up for yourself?

Learning to stand up for yourself means that you're looking out for your well-being and bettering your mental health. You're defending your self-worth when you take up this action. When you're too passive under difficult situations, you may feel like you've let yourself down.

 Understand that saying no can be a good thing- I have struggled with saying no all of my life because my mother is the same, she does more than she should for people, then she is tired and worn out.  I once did the same thing but the last few months I am actually saying no to anything that I do not want to do or am comfortable doing.  Saying no can be beneficial and it sets up a boundary. 

Stay true to your words- After you've set boundaries and advocated for your own needs, you may feel the need to apologize. Try your best to ignore this feeling. You can be straightforward and assertive without apology. If you feel like you need to justify your request skip the "I'm sorry, but" part. Clearly state what's on your mind.  I do this all the time, I apologize even when I have nothing to apologize for. Why, I don't know.  I've apologized to someone who has tried to make my life so miserable.  I did nothing wrong but yet I apologized.. why?

Consider how you could be giving too much- Giving your time and energy to people is great, but don’t overdo it. If you do, people will expect you to agree to any request or statement.  This weekend is crazy hectic for me, so last night I decided to take something off my plate and cancel an event that I just do not have time for. It actually felt good 

Know when to leave- If another person makes the environment toxic, it’s best to leave. You probably aren't interested in discussing the topic in a shouting match. Exit the room, get some fresh air, and make sure you're safe from physical harm. Walking out isn't a form of surrender but rather self-care. You're looking out for your well-being and safety.  I walked out of my job yesterday, I was being abused and I had enough, I was pushed beyond my limits, I got home and I beat myself up over it but the more I think of it, I put up a boundary and I am not allowing this to happen anymore.  You’re under no obligation to respond to what people say when it comes out of their mouths. If you can, take a moment to digest what kind of situation you're in and think about how you're feeling. 

Remind yourself that you deserve respect

People who allow themselves to be pushovers don't have powerful self-esteem. Think about it this way: Why don't you deserve to have people respect you and your personal boundaries? There’s no reason you can't receive respect from your coworkers, friends, family, and partners.   I used to be a pushover but I am no longer allowing it.  If you don't like my boundaries then move along, I am not the one for you. 

This all being said I have had a lot of horrible, rotten, mean, narcissistic managers in my life.  I have let them treat me like garbage- from telling me I am not worth the ink that it takes to sign my pay cheque to just rude comments. But not anymore, you treat me like a human and I will respect you, disrespect me you will lose an employee.

Not enough? And then it struck me.

Driving down the road this morning thinking about what else I can get my kids for Christmas this year.  I love to give, I try to get the gift that everyone will want and need. 

We have some presents under the tree but NOT ENOUGH! 
It was that thought - “NOT ENOUGH”- 
that stopped me in my tracks. 

Not enough? 

And then it struck me. 

I don’t remember ONE SINGLE THING I got for Christmas when I was 6 years old. I don’t remember a specific toy (for the most part) that brought me an insurmountable amount of joy or feeling a certain level of admiration for a specific gift. 

But you know what I DO remember?

The laughter. The food. The Christmas Album blasting from every speaker in the house. Going to my Aunt Penny's for Christmas dinner, The hot chocolate. The reading of the birth of Jesus . Singing ‘Silent Night’ at The Christmas Eve service every year. 

I remember the magic and wonder I felt just knowing and believing  when we woke up that there would be presents. I remember snuggling with my sister in bed on Christmas Eve having a rough time sleeping because it was to exciting.

I remember the presents, sure! But not what was inside of them. What I remember most of all are the feelings and the memories that were made during this time of year. 

And you know what,  kids aren’t going to remember the dinosaur I spent 6 days trying to track down on Amazon or the Barbie that will have her head ripped off by the dog before we even have Christmas dinner. 😂

They will only remember the way they felt and the memories we, as parents, make sure we give them! 

So, this is for the Mama (or Daddy) that may be struggling this year, worried that your children won’t have enough on Christmas morning. 

Blast those Christmas jams, bake those Christmas cookies, watch “The Santa Clause” for the 100th time, tell them the story of Jesus and let your babies see Him shining through you! 

That’s what they will remember. Trust me. 

Merry Christmas 🎄


Why you should absolutely learn to paddleboard

When it comes to exercise, it can get boring after a while. Well, that's only the case if you're pounding the pavement all the time or you're going to the gym and doing the same routines over and over again. Your workouts should be as unique as possible to keep you interested, motivated, and inspired to keep going. Sometimes you need to diversify your workouts, and that means getting out of the gym and out of the house and going outside.

One of the things that you could do is start taking your workouts to the water. If you're fortunate enough to live by a lake or by a body of water like the ocean, then making a new workout plan is going to give you a variety in your exercise and it's going to make you feel fantastic. One of the things that you should try at least once is paddle boarding. Understanding why it's become such a fantastically popular sport is important, but you should also realize that this is mostly a sport for those who want to enjoy being out in the sunshine rather than in the winter months. So taking this advice right now will serve you very well later on in the year.

Whether you decide to learn on hard paddle boards or soft paddle boards, or you go the complete opposite direction and you look at kayaking, then you need to consider why you should absolutely learn to paddle board. But like, let's take you through some of the top reasons that paddle boarding should be your next exciting thing to do.

Image source: Pexels

  • You're going to improve your balance massively. If you're somebody who is clumsy or falls over a lot, then improving your balance should be a priority of yours. However, paddleboarding is going to give you something that you've never experienced before. You will see your balance improving pretty quickly as you take up paddle boarding because you're going to be working on your core to get the board to balance itself. In the beginning, as a learner, you should be prepared to fall in the water a lot because you're going to be learning how to balance, not just how to stand up. It's not just about standing up on the board. You have to understand how to hold your core tightly and know that you're going to be able to do it. Confidence is important, but you're going to feel that burn after work.

  • Improving your fitness levels. While you're busy trying to balance on the board, successfully standing up is not the end goal. The end goal of paddleboarding, other than having fun, is that you're going to improve your fitness. You're going to work all of your muscles needed to paddle, stand and keep your balance all at the same time to improve your whole body strength. Paddleboarding gives your muscles a chance to work out in a way that it could never do with hard cardio.

  • It's good for your health. Standing on a paddle board is going to be much better for your health than standing in a queue outside a shop. You're going to have to balance your core and all of your muscles to be able to keep your paddle board steady and to stay upright while you're on the water. That alone is going to be great for your health more than just standing regularly would be. 

  • The view is amazing. Paddleboarding allows you that feeling of flying. Being able to balance yourself Standing up on a board on the water while you glide along is a completely different experience than being in a kayak or a canoe. The view that you get is fantastic because you'll be able to see right the way down the river or the body of water that you are on.

Image source: Pexels

  • You can do it anywhere. The one thing that everybody who paddleboards knows is that paddleboarding.Isn't restrictive. It doesn't matter where you live. It's a good sport for any location as you don't need to have a great swell with the sea like you would for surfing. All you need is a body of water. So whether you live close to a lake, a canal, the river or the sea, there are so many different options for you to have a beautiful experience while you paddle board.

  • It's an easy sport to get started with. The one thing that you'll find about buying a paddle board is that they are exceptionally light. If you're on your own, you'll be able to grab a board, paddle out, and go at your own pace. You don't have to rely on anybody else. This alone is an excellent reason to get started, because you don't have to worry about messing around with extra equipment or needing a second person to push you back up onto your board.It will take you somebody strength to move yourself, but that's something you can work on out of the water as well as in the water.

  • You get kissed by the sun. Unlike other water sports such as swimming, when you are paddleboarding you are standing up to move, which means you need to make sure that you are protected by the sun, but you're also being kissed by it at the same time. The sun is shining, making this a wonderful sport to be indulging in, and you get to soak up that vitamin D as you go.

  • It's not a high impact sport. Despite the level of strength you need to do paddle boarding on a regular basis, it's not a sport that has a high impact on your body .Lots of sports could have a huge impact on your body, but paddleboarding is not one of them. It's a low impact sport while being fantastic for you.

  • It's good fun. Honestly, this is really the only reason you need to get started. Paddleboarding is exciting and it's fun, and it will make you laugh hysterically while you're trying to balance yourself on a board. Once you nail it, however, it's the most exhilarating time you could have. 


A guide to selling your home quickly

While moving home is a lot of fun, it's also a relatively stressful experience. 

After all, there are a lot of boxes that must be ticked ahead of time in order to facilitate a smooth, stress-free move. For example, you first have to sell your current home, something which can be difficult in the current climate. Not only do many properties sit on the market for months on end, but 31% of all house sales fall through at least once before completion.

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

Of course, there are certain steps you can take to speed up the process. 

1. Get into the mind of the buyer. 

By now, you’ve likely attended a fair share of property viewings yourself. This puts you in a prime position when selling your home, as you know what buyers are told to look for when viewing a property or what qualifies as a good open house. This knowledge means that you can stage your home accordingly, making it appear as attractive as possible to a potential buyer. 

For example, you may begin by dealing with any glaring maintenance issues, such as mold or damaged roofing. While this does come at an extra cost, it can save you a lot of money in the long run by ensuring your property is off the market as quickly as possible. 

2. Declutter your home. 

Be sure to declutter your home before a viewing or open house. After all, this turns your home into a “blank slate” for the buyer to walk through, which means they can begin to picture themselves living in the space, as opposed to feeling as though they’re taking a tour of someone else’s home. Decluttering will also come in handy when you start packing, as you’ll no longer be taking any unnecessary junk along with you.

3. Enhance your curb appeal. 

A property viewing does not begin the moment you open the front door; it begins when the viewer steps out of their car or drives down the street - and, as first impressions go a long way, it is crucial that your property looks appealing from the outset. This often means that you need to spend some time working on your curb appeal. 

For example, you could work with a local lawn care company to ensure that your yard looks as neat and presentable as possible. This is particularly important when you consider the fact that buyers are often willing to pay more for properties with well-maintained gardens or outdoor spaces. In fact, “a nicely presented garden alone can be seen to add 20% to your house value”. You may also want to apply a fresh coat of paint to your windows and door frames.

4. Work with a trusted realtor. 

Working with a realtor can simplify the entire moving process, as they’ll take charge of everything from scheduling viewings to contract preparation. As such, this can speed up the process of selling your home, as they’ll do a lot of the difficult work on your behalf. They also have a deeper understanding of the housing market, which means they can help you make smart, economical decisions, too. 

When hiring a realtor, do plenty of research ahead of time to ensure they’re the right fit for you. For example, you may want to hire a realtor with extensive knowledge of the local area or one who has sold properties similar to your own beforehand. You can also ask friends and family for advice if they have moved within the past few years. Be sure to read all of their reviews from previous clients ahead of time too! 

5. Be realistic with your asking price. 

It's natural to want as much money as possible for your home, especially if you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into making it a nice place to live. However, it's also important that you are realistic when setting your asking price. For example, you should have your property valued by a real estate professional. When listing your property, you should also determine ahead of time the minimum amount of money you’ll accept from a buyer. This way, you don’t feel under pressure to accept the first offer that comes in.

6. Be prepared to negotiate. 

While in an ideal world, a buyer will offer up the exact asking price right away, this often isn’t the case. As such, you have to be prepared to negotiate. However, while this can be a great tactic when it comes to getting as much money as possible, you also have to know when to give in. That is, if selling your home is an urgent or time-sensitive endevor, there may be a time when it's beneficial to accept a low-ball offer from a client. However, you can protect your best interests throughout the process by learning more about the art of negotiation. Remember, you can always ask your realtor for advice during this stage, as they can help you put your best foot forward or let you know when it is time to accept an offer.

Final thoughts. 

In short, there are many things you can do to speed up the process of selling your home - which means that you can set your sights on the future (and your new property). 

For example, this can be achieved through staging your home correctly ahead of viewings or enhancing your curb appeal, as outlined above. However, you should also work to manage your expectations throughout the process. The likelihood of you receiving an offer on the same day as you list the property is incredibly minimal, and you must be prepared for this. If you’re putting together a moving timeline for the new year, then you should be mindful of the fact that it takes, on average, 25 weeks to sell a property.

Either way, try to remember that good things come to those who wait. Once you’ve sold your home and signed those contracts, you can focus on your new life in your new property. 


Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home


Pexels - CCO Licence

As a caring parent, there is no doubt that you want to keep your kids as safe as you possibly can. That’s why you hold their hands when they cross the street and why you make sure they can it right next to you on the plane. But, what about when you’re at home? 

A lot of moms and dads let their guard down a little at home because they view it as being an inherently safe space. The thing is, that is not always the case, not when it comes to kids anyway. 

That being the case, let’s look at a few things you can do to make your kids more safe at home right now.

1. Get Yourself a Gun Case: Safety First

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way, and clear the air, first – if you're a gun owner, a gun safe isn't just a good idea; it's a must-have. Think of it as Fort Knox for your firearms. It's where your guns can have a nice, long timeout away from curious little hands. Plus, it’s a great place to store other 'adult' things that kids shouldn’t mess with, like that rare comic book collection.

2. Cabinet Locks: The Baby Ninja's Arch-Nemesis

Moving on to the kitchen, it is not exaggerating to say (well okay, maybe a little) that those cabinets are like a treasure trove for tiny explorers. Cabinet locks are your new best friends. They're like secret agents keeping your pots, pans, and poisonous stuff under wraps. Trust me, the day you find your toddler wearing your best frying pan as a hat, you’ll thank me.

3. Corner Guards: Because Kids Bounce (But Not Always)

Kids run around like they’re made of rubber, but last time I checked, they’re not. Those sharp corners on tables and counters in your home? They’re accidents waiting to happen. Corner guards are like little bumper pads that keep boo-boos at bay. They might not be the height of interior design, but neither is a trip to the emergency room.

4. Door Alarms: For the Little Escape Artists

If your kid is like a tiny cute little Houdini and loves a good escape, door alarms are your guardian angels. They let out a beep (or a wail, depending on the model) whenever a door is opened. It's like an early warning system that your little one is about to go on an unsupervised adventure, probably right when you’re trying to have a cup of tea.

5. Outlet Covers: Because Curiosity Didn't Just Kill the Cat

Electric outlets are often like magnets for kids. I don’t know what it is – maybe they think it's a tiny robot face or a cute creature smiling out at them from inside the walls. Outlet covers are cheap, easy to install, and keep tiny fingers from going where they shouldn’t. Consider them the bouncers of the electrical world.

6. Non-Slip Bath Mats: Turn Your Tub into a No-Slip Zone

Bath time should be fun, not an Olympic sport where nobody wins because everyone gets splashed and things are not so safe. Non-slip bath mats keep your slippery little critters from turning bath time into a fall festival. Plus, they come in all sorts of fun colors and shapes – because who doesn’t want to bathe with a giant rubber duck?

When it comes to the little ones who live with you, you really can never be too careful or plan too much to keep them safe and happy, can you?


Word of the year 2024

Simplify: to make less complex or          complicated; make plainer or easier

Humans used to suffer from scarcity. These days lots of us in Canada and America suffer from overabundance. There's just too much in our lives, we feel -too much stuff, too much information, too many worries.

1. Learn to say no.

'No' is just a little word, but many of us still struggle to get it out of our mouths often enough. But if you want a simpler life, you're going to need to start saying no more often.  To find yourself, to find simplicity - you need to say no to everything that doesn't matter, You can't do everything.

2. Stop complaining.

Moaning about what's wrong with your life might feel like a great way to let off steam, but, in fact, science says it's just likely to make you more negative and therefore more prone to further problems and unhappiness.

3. Use the 10-year test.

Simplifying your life is as much about clearing out mental space as it is about tossing out physical clutter.  Ask yourself will it matter in 10 years?

4. Accept others' imperfections.

"Don't expect your friend/significant other/parent/colleague/children to be perfect. You aren't perfect, either," says respondent Srishti Singh, who adds. We're all here to learn from our mistakes. Don't be so critical of others (or yourself). The more you accept these imperfections, the simpler your life gets.

Don't expect too much from other people, everyone reacts differently to situations, and you never know what the other person is going through. The more you judge, worry about, or compare yourself to others, the more complicated life will be.

5. Reduce your communication channels.

How much time do you spend checking social media each day? A lot, right? This year I've gotten rid of Twitter. I've also stopped reading news articles. 

6. Have fewer opinions.

This doesn't mean be uninformed or uninvolved. It just means you should limit yourself to only forming opinions on subjects you actually care about. We would all save a lot of time and aggravation if we confined our opinions to domains over which we actually have control. 

7. Head clutter off at the pass.

It's easier to stop useless stuff from entering your home.  Get yourself off of junk mail lists, and take bills and statements electronically. Sort any mail that still arrives over a recycling bin, before you set it down. Before you buy any item, have a specific use and a specific place in mind for it."

8. Do what works for you.

The best simplifying measures and life hacks in the world won't work for you if they don't fit in with your own preferences and lifestyle,

What tips would you add to this list?


How to Squeeze Water out of Stones: Maximizing Square Footage in Your Home

Are you longing for more space in your home like Mary Poppins did with her bag, yet lacking stylish exterior styling but providing endless amounts of room within? Finding more square footage is a shared sentiment among homeowners. Here are some ingeniously creative methods of expanding it!

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

Think Vertical, not Horizontal: The Sky Is the Limit 

Before making drastic changes or incurring costly extensions, remember that your home is three dimensional space. Just as ambitious skyscrapers reach for the stars, so too should storage solutions. Don't limit yourself to looking in only one direction when looking at storage solutions: try swapping out low-slung coffee tables for tall, slim ones for immediate expansion of space - and enjoy increased headroom! Install shelves right up to the ceiling or use stackable storage; it may just make up one room of extra room that you never knew existed above you!

Portable Barns: Your Moveable Feast of Space 

Looking to add more space into your life but can't seem to find it? Portable barns provide an easy, cost-effective way of expanding square footage without extensive construction projects. Plus, the added bonus? Bringing holiday decorations indoors without risking theft! Move or rearrange them as your needs change for maximum flexibility on your property. They offer true versatility in this respect: having your cake (your new spacious barn) and eating it too (using it). Get our analogy?

Furniture With Hidden Talents: Space Agents

Just when you thought your furniture had revealed all its secrets, we offer this guide on discovering their unexplored abilities. Dual-purpose pieces are an innovative solution to space constraints. Sofa beds serve as discreet guest bedrooms while an ottoman with hollow interior can act as an inconspicuous storage bin. And don't forget about wall-mounted fold-down tables: space-saving marvels that save both floor space and time! While not in use, they become part of the wall art and later transform into full dining tables when dinner rolls around - not only saving space but also creating it! Now isn't that worthy of a spy novel?

Sky-High Dreams: Lofts as the Ultimate Space-Savers

Now let's raise our ambitions a notch higher. Lofts provide us with an opportunity to expand vertical space. Let your creativity flourish on this new stage of vertical growth! Imagine this - your room's footprint has not altered, yet you have miraculously created an entirely new floor! Convert that attic into an inviting bedroom or add a loft bed in your studio apartment; with endless options at your fingertips, nothing stands in your way of making it happen! Are you dreaming of a reading nook, extra storage space or bird's eye home office space? Look upward and let a loft bring your loft-y dreams into reality! Just think: like pulling a rabbit out of a hat... but the rabbit here represents more space; so as a metaphoric example this should work just fine!

Mirrors and Colors: Illusionists of Interior Design

Designers know all too well the power of smoke and mirrors when it comes to creating the illusion of more space. Strategically placed mirrors reflect light to make rooms seem larger than they actually are - like magic tricks by David Copperfield! Adding another magical trick, light hues have long been used by interior designers as part of an illusion strategy; making rooms appear open, airy, and larger without actually changing size.

Conclusion: The Great Space Creation Show

Expanding your living space doesn't involve breaking down walls or expanding into neighboring yards (though we wouldn't advise this!). Instead, it involves clever furniture, lofts and design illusionists working together to put on an amazing show. Your desire for extra space was always there but hidden away under cape of some magician; now that we've revealed all its secrets why not give it a try yourself? Remember not "abracadabra", but rather "smart use of space".

When to get help with mobility issues


Pexels. CCO Licensed.

Many of us experience mobility issues as we get older. Some of us may even develop mobility issues when we’re younger as a result of injuries, illness or conditions. While we may try to maintain our independence at first, there may eventually reach a point when we need help. It’s important that you don’t delay this help and end up neglecting your basic needs. Below are some signs that it could be time to look into hiring some help.

Getting around is becoming slower and more difficult

Crutches, walking sticks, walkers, wheelchairs and mobility scooters can all help us to get around - but they have limitations. If you need to drive somewhere but can no longer drive yourself, you will need someone who can drive for you. Relying on taxis could get expensive, and so you may want to consider looking into services that can help you get around.

Some people with mobility issues even find that they struggle to get around their home. If moving isn’t an option, you may need someone who can help you climb stairs or get to the bathroom. Having someone to do errands could even be useful if you find walking short distances to be painful or exhausting. There are care services that can carry out tasks for you like shopping for groceries or posting letters. 

You’re struggling to look after your personal hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene is important for our physical health. It is also important for our mental health, as it can affect the way we feel about ourselves. If taking a bath or shower is becoming challenging, it may be time to accept that you need to hire help.

There are options you may be able to explore before this such as installing a walk-in shower with a seat and grab rail if you currently don’t have one. However, this is still not enough, you may have to accept help from a carer. There are at-home care services you can look into to help with your personal hygiene needs. 

Preparing food and drinks is becoming harder

You need to be able to feed and hydrate yourself. Mobility issues combined with issues like parkinsons could make it hard to cook and prepare basic meals. Things could be particularly bad if you are struggling to pour a drink for yourself or open basic packaging. Certain kitchen modifications may be able to help make these tasks easier. However, if this is not enough or you cannot afford such modifications, you will need to look into help. 

There are care services that can come into your home and help prepare you meals or simply make a cup of tea or coffee. There are also meal delivery services that you can look into to save someone having to come into your home and cook - especially if you are unable to supply ingredients. 

Your are unable to keep on top of other basic housework

Being able to clean your home and carry out basic repairs is important. If you can no longer keep on top of housework because of mobility issues, it could be time to hire some help.

From gardening to general cleaning, there are many professional services out there to choose from. This includes services that are focused towards those with disabilities. Even if you’re just hiring someone an hour per week to carry out a few basic housework tasks, it could have a big impact on your quality of life. 

Loved ones aren’t able to cope with helping you

Loved ones may be able to step in and carry out many of the above tasks for you. However, if they do not live with you and have other commitments such as work and kids, there may come a point when you can no longer solely rely on them for help. 

None of us want to be considered a burden to our loved ones. If you feel that loved ones are helping you begrudgingly or are trying to get out of helping you, it could be time to look into some professional care to help reduce the strain. Your loved ones may be able to help you select someone appropriate. 

Of course, if a loved one is eager and willing to help you and does not want you hiring professional help, there’s no need to look into paying anyone. It will depend very much on the relationship you have with your loved one and how much time and energy they have to give.

The Shift- Movie review

From Angel Studios (The Chosen, Sound of Freedom) comes The Shift! Get your tickets to see #TheShiftMIN in theaters starting 12/1! Featuring Sean Astin (The Goonies, Rudy, The Lord of the Rings), Neal McDonough (Band of Brothers), and Elizabeth Tabish (The Chosen), THE SHIFT is a movie you and your friends won’t want to miss!

After a tense encounter with a mysterious stranger with otherworldly powers, a man is banished to a tyrannical, parallel Earth where he fights to get back to the woman he loves. In #TheShiftFilm a dystopian drama and sci-fi thriller, one man is faced with infinite worlds and impossible choices. When Kevin Garner meets a nefarious adversary known as The Benefactor and refuses his offer of wealth and power, he must escape an alternate totalitarian reality. With survival on the line, Kevin fights to make it back to the world he knows and the woman he loves.

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Many thanks to Angel Studios  and  #MomentumInfluencerNetwork for providing a sample of the product for this review.

Opinions are 100% my own.


The Best Physical Activities To Help With Mental Health

Even though you might not think about it at first, it’s important to know that your mental health is just as important as your physical health when it comes to your overall wellbeing, plus, you can take care of your mental health by doing things that are good for your physical health; it’s a win-win because you’ll be doing all the things that are good for you in one simple exercise (that you’ll hopefully enjoy as well). 

There are some exercises that are better for your mental health than others (although anything that boosts your endorphin levels is good, to be fair), so let’s take a look at what they are so you can make sure you pick the right one for you if you want better mental (and physical) health. 

Photo by JESHOOTS.com

Running And Jogging

Running and jogging are fantastic activities that can really benefit you when it comes to all aspects of your health, including your mental health. There are actually a few different reasons why this might be the case, and one that people often talk about is the fact that it’s a repetitive action - you’re just taking one step and then another and then another and so on (at varying speeds). Because you don’t have to put much thought into what you’re doing, you can let your mind go blank - which is exactly what you need to do if you want to practice mindfulness - and when that happens, all your worries and stresses can melt away, helping you feel better. 

That same repetitive motion will also trigger endorphins, which you can think of as the body’s natural mood enhancer. So you’ll feel great during and after a run, and you’ll be less stressed too - it’s perfect. 

Disc Golf 

Disc golf is a unique sport and one you might not have heard of, but it’s a lot of fun, and it can be just the thing for your mental health. The game takes the idea of traditional golf but adds the fun of throwing frisbees, which is why it’s so different and something that, once you start, you might not want to stop! 

You’ll be playing in a scenic spot with plenty of space (so you’ll feel at peace, and it’ll be relatively calm and quiet - a brilliant way to calm a busy mind), and you’ll also need to focus on what you’re doing if you want to score any points. Although having an empty mind is great, as we mentioned above, focusing on just one thing so you’re not thinking about whatever’s worrying you is also great, so disc golf is a good option for better mental health and something fun and different to do. 


Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of physical activities that can improve your mental health is yoga, and you certainly wouldn’t be wrong - yoga can do a lot for the body and mind. 

Yoga is about moving your body, holding poses, controlling your breathing, and even meditating, and if you combine all those things together, you’ll find that it adds up to good mental health. Many people use yoga as their preferred way to reduce stress, and what’s really great about it is that anyone can do it, no matter what level of physical fitness you might be at. 


Fun Hobby Ideas To Pursue In Your Spare Time

Many people will turn to cooking, reading, or scrolling through their phones in their spare time. Although these things can sometimes allow us to switch off, which is a good thing, they do not always challenge or fulfill us.

It is a good idea to pursue a hobby during some of your spare time so that your life can feel more abundant and full. 

If you are stuck for ideas when it comes to hobbies, here are some great ideas to become hobby happy.

Photo by Steve Johnson: https://www.pexels.com/photo/selective-focus-photography-of-paintbrush-near-paint-pallet-1047540/


If you have a passion for spending time outdoors and hunting, it makes sense to take up the hobby if you have a local place to do so and the right legalities in place. 

Not just anyone can own a gun. You must have a license and a safe to ensure what you are doing is legal.

Liberty Gun Safes is the best place to invest in legal safes for your hunting guns. These can be added to your home to guarantee your hobby is safe and legal.

You might wish to create a blog and write blog posts for your hobby. If so, boosting your blogging skills and working out what you want to write about will enable you to maintain successful posts and gain more benefits from blogging. 

Although you might simply wish to write blog posts for fun, you can earn money from blogging. Brands might wish to sponsor you, and you can earn a profit from affiliate links. Therefore, boost your skills and make your effort worthwhile, as in the future, you might be able to earn a good passive income from blogging.

Arts and crafts to unwind your mind

If you enjoy being creative, it can be a great idea to pursue arts and crafts. You can draw, paint, create posters, and more.

Arts and crafts is a great hobby to do after work as it allows you to release any inner creativity that you have been holding back. Plus, arts and crafts allow most people to fully unwind.

Learn a new language with a friend or tutor 

If you wish to enhance your life and cultural skills, learning a new language is a great thing to do in your spare time. 

You could use the help of a friend or hire an online tutor. You could spend a few hours a week learning a new language and, in a few months, be able to have a conversation with friends or strangers and test your skills.

Gardening and making use of your outside space

If you have a garden at home and do not often use it, it can be a great idea to garden in your spare time. 

You can learn how to grow flowers or vegetables and make your garden somewhere more convenient and fun to spend time in. It will allow you to make more use of your outside space and guarantee that you spend your time doing something mindful yet purposeful. 


Surprised by Oxford- Review

Surprised by Oxford is the movie of the year in my opinion.  I enjoyed it so much, I also got the book immediately.

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Caro Drake, a brilliant but emotionally guarded American student, arrives 
at the University of Oxford with the goal of attaining her PhD. Through a turbulent 
friendship with a charming young man, she begins to open herself up to mystery, 
vulnerability, and love.
 Step inside the beauty of Oxford University and discover a timeless story about asking life’s big questions. Mark your calendars for November and do not miss your chance to see this beautiful film!
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review- Journey to Bethlehem- a musical

This is one of the best Christmas musicals and I am not normally a musical fan, but this one caught my attention from the start. 

A young woman carrying an unimaginable responsibility. A young man torn between love and honor. A jealous king who will stop at nothing to keep his crown. 

This live-action Christmas musical adventure for the entire family weaves classic Christmas melodies with humor, faith, and new pop songs in a retelling of the greatest story ever told—the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus. A unique new entry into the collection of holiday classic movies, this epic Christmas musical is unlike any before it. See #JourneyToBethlehemMIN in theaters beginning November 10.

• Moms, buy tickets TODAY to see this family-friendly, uplifting, joyful film in theaters opening weekend, November 10!

• Whether you like musicals or not, you’ll love the brand new music in this film, Journey to Bethlehem, starring Antonio Banderas, Milo Manheim, and more!

• Christian music fans, this movie is for you! Watch Joel Smallbone (For King And 
Country), Lecrae, and Möriah in Journey to Bethlehem, in theaters starting November 10!

• This is a perfect movie to invite your friends and family to! 

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Many thanks to AFFIRM Films, Inc and #MomentumInfluencerNetwork for providing a sample of the product for this reviiew. Opinions are 100% my own.

Home Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know'

When you own a home you want it to be beautiful and comfortable. There are a few things you're going to have to do to make sure that it lives up to your expectations. 

Over time almost all houses become run down and there's no getting around this

except to make sure that you do regular home and maintenance. Here are some of the major things that you should be doing every month to make sure that your home stays in tip-top shape. 

Make Your Yard Look Good

Photo by Pixabay

Want to make sure you're keeping up with your home maintenance? Taking care of your interiors and exteriors can be a challenge, but you need to rise to it. Here are some maintenance tips you should consider.

Beautify Your Yard

Your yard is the first thing that people's eyes see. You should not make their jaws drop because they are shocked that it's in a shabby condition. Instead, you should aim to have their eyes popping because your yard is looking great. 

Keeping up with the yard work can be a chore, so you need to schedule this by putting timers and reminders on your phone, or you can outsource it to a company. Either way, you have to keep your yard looking well-dressed.

Fire Safety

You must ensure fire safety is a part of your regular maintenance checklist. Check your smoke detectors to make sure that the batteries are still working. 

You should also test your carbon dioxide detectors while you are at it. Make sure that everything has good batteries. Failure to do this can have some dire consequences. 

Check your fire extinguisher, and look at the expiration date. Also, check the parts and the components of the extinguisher as well. You want to make sure that it's ready to get up and go when the need for quenching arises.

Maintain Your Kitchen

It's a good idea to keep kitchen maintenance at the top of your list as well. The kitchen is the most used room in the home. 

This is where all the meals are prepared. It is considered the heart of the home. While you're baking those delicious apple pies and trying out several mouth-watering dishes, make sure that everything is working well in the kitchen.

Check under the sink and make sure that the plumbing is fine and not in need of maintenance. If all is not well you will need to get plumbing services

Keep track of your appliances as well. You want to make sure that everything is in good working order. If you find some repairs necessary, don't hesitate to pick up your phone and call for help.

These are the three of the major things that you should be focusing on. You might find that your home needs more attention than this. Every month you can schedule something new to keep track of, just make sure that you keep a schedule,     so you can't keep this all-important room on the pedestal where it should be.

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