Weekend Recap

My baby girl left school at 2 pm for a friends Birthday party in Bangor Maine, ( 4 hours away), they went for the night and went roller blading, laser tag, swimming, shopping etc. Sounds like a fun birthday. 
Hubby and I had a building viewing with some other members at church, we are buying a new church and it was open for a viewing.  I am one of those people who cannot see what a place is like until the renovations are done etc. 
Hubby and I were going to go out to eat but we decided to come home and watch hockey it was my team ( Bruins) vs his team ( Jets)- my team won :) 

Wide awake at 5:30 am, got up and cleaned Brooke's room while she is away , I did go back to sleep around 7 am for an hour or so, but I cleaned the rest of the house after that and relaxed, read the paper , had my morning coffee and chat with both parents , it is very slim that they are both home at the same time on a Saturday morning, it started my day off right :) 
Hubby and I went to town to get coffee and breakfast, we stopped at Monkey cakes to try their new coffee but not selling it until this coming weekend 
While we were out, my sister sent me this 

We did some christmas shopping for Brooke, the child is spoiled #perksofbeingaonlychild 
We shopped all day, my feet were so tired, it felt like they were on fire. 

It was a warm winter day, it really was with no wind chill etc.
I cooked a turkey dinner and we had invited some friends over, when we got to church we realized they were not there, I was looking around for someone to invite, we ended up asking our Assistant pastor and his wife, they are such a sweet couple and it was nice to have them in our home. 
I also made a chocolate cream pie for hubby as it is one of his favourite pies. It was a lovely sunday, we invited Moses and Corey over for turkey nachos later in the evening. 

Whats on your mind for this week? I am travelling this week, but will check in at some points. 


Wednesdays for Women- What type of Shoes are you wearing

To uplift and encourage 

1) FLATS: 

is your spirit flat? DO you need to be motivated? Many times we find ourselves moving around without much life in our steps.  The spirit of God is energizing, and the joy of the Lord is our strength, There was a time in Kind David's life when he was forced to encourage himself in the Lord


Each of us has been given a talent to use for God.  Are you using yours for the glory of God? Get involved. We all have to be active for the body of Christ to effectively accomplish his work 


are you a pump person? Do you find your self always pumping people up? What a great pair of shoes to wear.  Everyone needs and enjoys receiving a word of encouragement.


When our feet are laced up in this type of shoe, we are better equipped to walk, or run, long distances.  When putting on the full armour of God, our feet are to be shed with the preparation of the gospel of peace. 


Platform shoes make us taller then we actually are, Also. platform shoes can affect our balance if we don't walk carefully, In there kingdom of God there is no big "I's" or little "You's". We are all equal in his sight, we are told to humble himself before God, we will be exalted


These shoes are usually comfortable to wear, Sandals are often referred to as leisure wear.  Christians must never get too comfortable and leisurely in their walk with God, May we never be satisfied being "average" Christians, but always strive for higher heights and deeper depths in God


This type of shoe is very easy to slip into and out of. True Christianity is not something we slip into on Sunday and out of Monday.  It is a command consistent life style 


Work boots are usually not pretty and stylish, yet they are the proper foot wear when there is hard work to be done.  Sturdy boots protect the feet from metal, wood and stone as well as other debris that would cause injury.  Working into the harvest fields of God and going into the highways and the byways, compelling people to come into the kingdom, is not easy work. Our life of servitude to God is not just banqueting around his table but working diligently to reach the lost. 

May we endeavor to always wear the type of shoes that are befitting for a Christian, the kind of shoes that will enhance our walk with God 


Guest post- Swim Lessons

This is a great post by a great friend, one that every parent should read:
Why Kids Swim Lessons Are Essential
When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the water. I loved being in it or around it, and wanted to be at the pool with my friends whenever I could. I want to foster that same enjoyment of the water for my kids, but I believe safety is a big issue. That will mean signing them up for swim lessons, just like my Mom did for me.

The safety factor. It’s just a reality that being around water has inherent risks. Unintentional drowning is one of the greatest causes of death in small children. It is suggested that formal swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by as much as 88 percent. Even though I will supervise my children carefully around the water when they are small, good water skills provide another layer of protection in keeping them safe. Here are some great resources with more information:

A gradual introduction. If I just take my child to a first swim lesson, and they haven’t been around the water, that’s a lot for them to take in at once. It made good parenting sense to me that my children would benefit from a gradual introduction to the water. I wanted to see how they responded, because not all kids react the same to the water. We had to take baths anyway, so I smiled and laughed a lot while bathing them, to reinforce the water as a positive place. The joy of splashing was especially fun for them to learn.

The first class. When my first child was about six months old, I signed up for Mommy and Me classes. I found a class taught by someone who had studied child development, and she tailored the class to the babies. It was a great way to let my child find out about the water, and learn a few basic skills, like floating on his back while I held my hands under him. He enjoyed playing with the other babies, and I bonded with the Moms. It was a wonderful experience.
The hesitant child. My second child who I could easily see becoming a researcher some day wasnt so sure about this water thing. He wanted to study the whole process. I felt a class would move a little too quickly for him, so we did the introduction to the pool in a different way. We took him to our community pool (wearing swim diapers, of course) and my husband sat with him back from the water, just holding him and letting him watch. I went into the water and laughed, splashed and played. Patience was the key, and was rewarded when he finally reached out to me, and I took him in my arms. Now, hes just as much in love with the water as his brother. Im glad we went slow.

Formal lessons. We decided to sign our kids up for lessons in the fall. We felt the classes would be smaller, and the kids would be back into the "school" mindset and be more receptive to learning. Let’s face it, during the summer, they just want to be playing with their buddies. I went and watched a lesson in progress, and asked the instructor for his credentials. It is suggested that kids are ready for lessons when they are 3 to 4 years of age, and that’s when we started. We have continued with intermediate and advanced lessons, and I have watched the confidence of my kids steadily grow in the water.
I smile when I watch how relaxed my boys are in the water swim lessons have given them a skill that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Kaitlin Gardner started An Apple Per Day to explore her passion for a green living lifestyle, and healthy family living. She and her husband have just moved to rural Pennsylvania, where they enjoy exploring the countryside to discover interesting and out of the way places. She is also learning how to paint watercolors.


Weekend Recap

Another Weekend here and go, before we know it, it will be ( dare I say it...) Christmas. I'm excited yet nervous for our first Christmas, just the three of us.. I hope to make some new traditions and have a great time as a family.

Friday: This was a bitter sweet day, Brooke is all done at day care, after 8 years she is finally able to come home after school with me, it is a new adventure for her and we are excited to begin, she has had nothing but the best teachers both here and back home, we are so blessed.

Worked til 7 pm, I asked hubby to bring me dinner home, he didn't do it and we ran out to get dinner after work.. our presents from my in laws had arrived thru Sears so we needed to go pick it up.  I have no idea what is in the pkgs, one looks like a guitar box but it is the one for me, and I haven't asked for a guitar, so I have no idea what it is..

I ate dinner at Thai Express- but there is nothing express about it , they have 2 people working there and it is the busiest place in the mall. I also needed to return a shirt that I decided I didn't like after I got it home. My dinner was Pad sew with Chinese broccoli, so good.

After that we came home and watched hockey, great job to the Bruins who were down by 3 and came back and won in the last period.

Saturday: Early morning to go shopping in the US for the day, we are only an hour from the Border so the shopping is so much better there. We had such a great time, I bought hubby a ton of things, can't give any details on here as he reads this. I had such a great time and really I thought about taking some pictures but it slipped my mind so fast, we laughed a lot, ate some good food and got in some retail therapy= a great day.
When I got back home hubby took me to pizza delight for dinner, it was a nice family date.

Sunday: It was our christmas banquet day at 6 pm, I helped decorate and set up, it was so beautiful! The caterers are amazing, we have used them for 3 years now and it will continue Im sure, they do a full turkey dinner, the dessert is amazing. Here are some pictures of the evening:
Some of the guests

We get a band in each year, this year was great as well 

One of my favourite friends- her and I laugh a lot and we have so much fun together. 

I love this couple, they are like grandparents to me, they have spent time with Brooke for her quizzing as well, we make special memories with them 

We can take nice pictures too 

This lady makes me smile, so happy to be her mom 

My girl and I 

Brooke and her "brother" Moses 

I love this girl too, such a beautiful person inside and out. 

It was the first of many christmas parties and I am in the christmas spirit. 

Enjoy your week! 


Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie over here
Confessional Friday
1) Thanks to my pharmacist I have gotten lots of great sleep, she suggested I try extra strength melatonin, I have been sleeping 12-14 hours each night and I am so rested.

2) Wxcited for a shopping trip to the states tomorrow, for those of you who don't know, I am 1 hour from the border to the US, and shopping is so much better there, I am going with some friends.

3) Brooke is about to cost us anywhere from $3000-6000. At her dentist appointment last night, she needs to get braces on top and bottom, she is very excited, crazy kid.

4) I have almost completed my Christmas Shopping, every year we say we are not spoiling Brooke this year, but we always end up soiling her, and this year is no different.
5) Big changes coming to the blog, Won't give any details yet but it may happen early in the new year.

6) Our first christmas party is this sunday- this one will be the one of the best ones, the caterer's are amazing, the food and service is truly the best.


I Like Me

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
Maria Robinson

Do you look in the mirror in the morning and dread what you see looking back at you, do you scowl when you think about how you look... 
thats how life has been for me, for most of my life- I have struggled with it in high school and was bullied a lot, i also struggled with acne and to this day I still do,  i was called some really nasty names because of my acne- even as an adult it really bothers me that is still so bad, it is one of the major problems for me- I want a new face{ that is how I feel 99% of the time}

I always use to wonder how could my husband like me, how could he want to marry me, how can he tell me i'm beautiful when really I don't feel that way. 
I have gained about 50 lbs in the last 4 years, this is a major problem for me, 80% of it is from medication possibly, but the other 20% is because I like food, i like snacking, ice cream and chocolate, not so much chips but major weakness is ice cream... 
I am losing it right now ( i am down 9 lbs) and I am so proud of it, it isn't something that comes easily for me, I am just glad I have people that can help me get ME back. 

Not liking myself also causes anxiety and depression- because you  I always think of the bad things in life instead of the good things, my blessings. 
yes it is easy to think of the bad things, the things that stress you out but I have made it a point to think of the good things in life and it will make a difference, now if I could get this acne cleaned up, I want a clear, clean face for the next half of my life, any suggestions I am open to them. 


W4W- Panic attacks

As a person who fights anxiety on a daily basis, this has been on my mind and I really really hope it cheers you up if you feel this way. 

Explaining to someone who has never had anxiety, is very very HARD 

Telling them you end up in the emergency room with chest pains that you are sure is a heart attacks, hyperventilating while you wait for the results to come back, because you just know it is a heart attack...

My biggest trigger right now is driving in the car and I know Andrew will fall asleep while driving, I have tried to get control over it, but every time there is silence in the car, i am sure we will crash and all be killed because he has fallen to sleep, it drives him c-r-a-z-y
It is so annoying to both of us, other times I can get in the car and be ok, wont even think about this car crash, as long as there is a conversation going on, it is better for me to get a grip . 

Guide your friends in appropriate action
By being aware of these symptoms, your friends can be educated about what a panic attack is. Tell them not to rush you to the hospital unless you describe symptoms that are different from your typical panic attack. Tell them that being reassuring during the experience generally is enough.
Here are some other pointers you might want to give:
  • Don’t assume what I need, ask me.
  • Let me pace my recovery, but encourage me to get help.
  • Find something good in my achievements. When I overcome an obstacle (such as driving on the highway), make a big deal of it.
  • Don’t let me avoid life. Help me take the baby steps to live life to its fullest.
  • Don’t give up your own life to protect me. We only will grow to resent each other.
  • Don’t panic when I panic. I need you to be confident that I will get through this.
  • Don’t tell me to “Calm down” or “Get a grip on yourself.” If I could do that, don’t you think I would?
Panic disorder is a difficult problem for everyone involved. But, with care, patience and some help from your friends, you can overcome it.


Brave Mom

This is not a bible study book but I think it would be an incredible book for a mom type ladies group to read and study together.

For the first 9 years of my daughters life, I felt like a "fearful" mom and fears of being a failure, while reading this book I realize I am not alone, other moms were feeling the same.

Sherry was very practical and very open about her mom fears in this book, not only her fears but other moms felt the same way, these are real stories.

I loved the Let's get practical questions at the end of each chapter to get you digging and studying the topic.
I got this book free for my honest review from Book Sneeze


Marriage Monday's ~Lonely in Marriage

Welcome to our Marriage Monday Series-
Today I am talking about a subject that many people would rather not discuss but it is a very real thing that happens in a lot of marriages. 

I found this great podcast that you should listen to
Authentic Intimacy- scroll down to Loneliness in Marriage

Loneliness while being married
There is a lot of couples that are “happily” married on the outside, everyone thinks they have a great marriage, they are as happy as can be, they are giddy in love..
But on the inside that couple is far from happy, this couple is broken, they are wondering where their love grew cold. Wondering what is missing from there life… there is no trust there anymore, the guy is spending all of his waking hours at the office, the woman is wondering if he is really at the office or if there is “more” going on…
And how can she not…
He has no time for her, she has no time for him, she feels like a single mother, he feels like she is angry all the time, there love tank is so empty.
They sleep in the same bed, but to be honest, they do not “like” each other anymore, he feels like she wants him to give and she isn’t willing to give to him, he wonders why, he don’t see the fact that she is lonely.
It does not matter who fights who, who works later every day, their heart needs to be resubmitted to each other, we need to give up our self and trust him,
Let our self die and let the other person know how much we want to spend time together..

We need to be our spouse’s best friend

We need to make time for each other

We need to make a date night
We need to show them love, show them how much they care
We do not need to get a divorce, we need to fall back in love with the person we married.


Weekend Recap

Worked til 8 pm,from 6- 8 pm, I did the training, I have done this job for 5 years so I know the stuff, besides the trainer is far to busy to fully trained good. 

Went to bed soon after work because I was so tired and had so much kidney stone pain, can this pain be gone now. 


Hubby went out for breakfast with a friend, then he went to the office for a few hours, then he came home, we cleaned the house and then him and I went christmas shopping- i have a goal to have all presents that I need for family all bought by end of November, so far Im doing good. I have no idea what to get for my inlays... suggestions?
After we were home we invited some friends over for nachos and pizza, and apple pie and ice cream.  We ate yummy food while watching hockey and then I got baby snuggles ( they have a 4 month old) 
Had to take some more meds for pain, hoping this stone gets moving and stops being a bother. 

We had the NCC Chorale with us today - they did amazing

This is one of the guys from our church, he was 1 of the speakers today- he always does so good. 
We also did Pastor Appreciation Today 
Our Pastors wife is away because her daddy is really sick, so we presented it to him and our youth pastor- the assistant pastor was there today. 

Have a great Week 


Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie for another Confessional Friday 

Today I am confessin'

1) Spending two days in the hospital this week because of kidney stones was not how I wanted to spend my holiday and today- lots of IV's, urine test blood test, ultrasounds, x-rays and still have some pain but it is faint tonight, got some morphine and T3's.

2) Did some Christmas shopping in between hospital stays- I only have a little bit left to do, so lets hope it gets done before November ends ( singing: wake me up when September November ends.

3) I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world being married to the man I married- he came home from work to drive me to the hospital, works so hard to support us, my pay cheque isn't budget at all- this is like my "play" money- off course I don't just play, i do save a few cents, but he is so patient and loving and spoils me so much.

4) Read a book this week that EVERY mom needs to read- this is so incredible, you should go and get it now.


My Brother

                    12 Reasons Why Your Brother Is The Most Crucial Man In Your Life

Dads get a lot of credit. They have their own holiday, special gift baskets and the biggest serving at the dinner table. Too often, little brothers get overlooked. They don’t get anywhere near the kind of recognition they deserve, and that’s a shame.
At the end of the day, while your dad might be a key figure in your life, you’ll find that the person who’s right there next to you, through thick and thin, is actually your brother.
Somewhere along the way, that little goofball you never took seriously grew up to be more than just your annoying little brother; he became your best friend.
He’s really the most important man in your life and deserves to be recognized as such. Here are 12 reasons why:
1. He always knows when someone’s not good enough for you
Whenever you go through a horrible breakup, your little brother will be the first to put it all in perspective by reminding you the guy “had a gut anyway” or was “too dumb” for you.
Oddly enough, when the tears dry up and your tunnel vision clears, you’ll realize he was actually right.
2. He loves you unconditionally, even knowing all your faults
You may be daddy’s little girl, but I promise you, daddy doesn’t know half of what you’ve really been up to; whereas, your brother is the one who will hold the window open for you while you sneak out.
He’s seen you at your worst and loves you regardless.
3. He will always defend you
Who needs a bodyguard when you have a little brother? Ready to jump to your aid at a moment’s notice, he’s been playing your knight in shining armor long before Prince Charming decided to show up.
4. He makes you look good in front of your parents
If you fit the standard big sis/little bro mold, chances are your little brother makes you look good. Every time he leaves empty beer cans in the basement or fails yet another class, your parents get a little more forgiving about your own indiscretions. It’s nice to be “the good child.”
5. He’s the only other person who speaks your language
Have you ever tried to be discreet with a friend or colleague and he or she just doesn’t catch on? With your brother, you never have that problem.
You two can communicate with a look, a la “Bridesmaids,” and always know what the other is thinking. You have the same slang and inside jokes that only the two of you know, basically your own language.
6. He makes you laugh
In addition to speaking the same language, you have the same sense of humor. You grew up with the same jokes and watched the same comedians growing up.
You can feel free to laugh about or share things with your little brother that others might judge you for because he probably finds them funny, too.
7. He keeps your secrets
Your little brother knows that you’ve had shameful moments, and while he’ll tease mercilessly for them, he’ll never expose you or your secrets. You’re safe with him, even at your low points.
8. He values your advice
Your little brother looks up to you. Despite seeing you hungover or in a complete manic state, he still thinks you’re the bee’s knees and strives to be like you one day. He’ll ask for fashion advice, dating advice and even career advice when he’s ready because he values your opinion.
9. You can pick up anytime, even if you haven’t talked in weeks
Unlike a friendship, you don’t have to work at keeping a relationship with your brother alive. He will be there for you even if you talked two days ago or two months ago. Life gets busy, and we don’t always get a chance to keep up with our loved ones, especially if they live far away. You and your brother can pick up anytime, right where you left off.
10. He’s your biggest supporter
Sure, your mom is proud of you, but your little brother is in awe of you. He can’t fathom how you can be so successful at such a young age. He screams the loudest at all your graduations and brags about you to all his friends.
11. He keeps you humble
At the same time, he’s not going to let you get a big head. The minute he starts to think you’re getting a little too self-assured, he’ll bring you back to reality by referencing a repressed and mortifying moment only he remembers, making you feel like an awkward kid again.
No worries, though, since you also do the same for him.
12. He goes out of his way for you
Your little brother will stop at Ben and Jerry’s and get your favorite ice cream, even if it requires him driving 30 minutes out of his way to do so.
With a little prodding, he’d go to the ends of the earth for you because you’re his big sister and he loves you. — that, and he’s going to want you to remember that favor next time he needs you to bail him out of a jam.
Sound like your little brother? If so, shoot him a text today and tell him thank you. Maybe little brothers everywhere can start getting some of the credit they deserve.
It is also psychologically proved that understanding the bond with our brothers and sisters can improve our lives in powerful ways. After all, there’s nothing quite like a sibling bond.
Taken from here 
This is me and the most wonderful brother in the world

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