Wednesdays for Women- What type of Shoes are you wearing

To uplift and encourage 

1) FLATS: 

is your spirit flat? DO you need to be motivated? Many times we find ourselves moving around without much life in our steps.  The spirit of God is energizing, and the joy of the Lord is our strength, There was a time in Kind David's life when he was forced to encourage himself in the Lord


Each of us has been given a talent to use for God.  Are you using yours for the glory of God? Get involved. We all have to be active for the body of Christ to effectively accomplish his work 


are you a pump person? Do you find your self always pumping people up? What a great pair of shoes to wear.  Everyone needs and enjoys receiving a word of encouragement.


When our feet are laced up in this type of shoe, we are better equipped to walk, or run, long distances.  When putting on the full armour of God, our feet are to be shed with the preparation of the gospel of peace. 


Platform shoes make us taller then we actually are, Also. platform shoes can affect our balance if we don't walk carefully, In there kingdom of God there is no big "I's" or little "You's". We are all equal in his sight, we are told to humble himself before God, we will be exalted


These shoes are usually comfortable to wear, Sandals are often referred to as leisure wear.  Christians must never get too comfortable and leisurely in their walk with God, May we never be satisfied being "average" Christians, but always strive for higher heights and deeper depths in God


This type of shoe is very easy to slip into and out of. True Christianity is not something we slip into on Sunday and out of Monday.  It is a command consistent life style 


Work boots are usually not pretty and stylish, yet they are the proper foot wear when there is hard work to be done.  Sturdy boots protect the feet from metal, wood and stone as well as other debris that would cause injury.  Working into the harvest fields of God and going into the highways and the byways, compelling people to come into the kingdom, is not easy work. Our life of servitude to God is not just banqueting around his table but working diligently to reach the lost. 

May we endeavor to always wear the type of shoes that are befitting for a Christian, the kind of shoes that will enhance our walk with God 


  1. Love your correlations between footwear and scripture. xx

  2. I enjoyed reading your metaphors for each of the shoes. In a non-metaphorical sense, the slip on shoes, boots or tennis shoes are my style right now with four 4 year-old children running around!

  3. Love your shoe metaphors! Great job!

  4. Some good thoughts with a neat metaphor. I love how God speaks to us through the little things.

  5. I'm pretty much always in flip flops, slip ons or tennis shoes. I also think pumps are gorgeous. I have several pairs.

  6. I wear EVERYTHING!!! One day I will wear super-high heels to work and the next trainers or combat boots! People wonder how I wear heels all the time-to be honest, I find them just as comfortable as flats ;-)

  7. This is adorable and so creative! I loved the bit on wearing loafers. Definitely don't want to "loafer" about. :-)

  8. I love those flats! I really NEED a pair now that I have seen them.

  9. I'm a birkenstocks type of girl around the house and a sketchers girl in public. :)


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