Job opp and alzhemiers

Your prayers and well wishes are working because
i got a call from a past employer from Newfoundland ( worked there for 5 years) 
they were wondering if i was interested in a position with the Nursing Association
Off Course i said yes 
they forwarded my resume off to the correct people and put in a great word for me
now all i need to do is wait, they said they may have an answer for me before the day was thru
but the work day is almost done here, so i am hoping it will be within the hour.

I go stir crazy when im not working 
I get so bored and irritable.

Thanks for your prayers and i am sorry for complaining to you all. 
on a different note: 
I did want to mention
i came in contact with 
my grandma who some know her story, was my best friend and died at 56 with alzhemiers, they asked me to submit a little writing on my grandma, so i did, they are creating a book that will help people feel support and love as they deal with someone dealing with this. 
I am so glad i found them and they are amazing to work with :) 
Check them out here 
Amazing job they are doing and makes me wanna help them more and more.

Cheers, xo



Why is it so hard to have faith and completely trust that God wont let you down

I feel like a few weeks ago i had so much faith that i would get a job and now i am feeling so let down and i need a job, there isnt even any to be applying for here right now..

this is causing me to be very depressed, too much time to think when im not working...
there is only so much cleaning you can do before you feel done in .
only so many blogs to read
only so often to do your nails
only so much knitting i can do before i start seeing weird :p

so i appreciate all the prayers that you can offer for a job to come up for me, we need me to have a job very very soon.


Vacations on a budget

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Potty Covers for Children

This will be very exciting for moms who are potty training or about to take on the route...

i came across "Potty Covers" thru a website and i immediately thought of my niece's and how this could help them stay "germ" free while using the potty anywhere...

See it covers all the toilet seat, even the front where the clothes could touch, and they are bright beautiful polka dots which kids love colorful things. These are a must for the potty trainer especially if you use public washrooms...

We are in love with them and you can buy them from several places like: 
buybuybaby and bed, bath and beyond, also here are a list of places that you can get them

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Weekend Recap

Friday: my first full day of no work, i am already feeling the stress, i had a good lead on a job but i need to go away for 2 weeks to train for it....i can stay with my aunt. So i might do that, i hate the thought of being away from my hubby and Brooke for that long, but they may be able to come visit me on the weekends...
We had a Family Sleigh Ride with our church at 7:00 pm, i had to go to the church before to get some things i needed for the baby shower i was hosting on Saturday night, the horses were ready to go when we got there, first time to ever be on a horse drawn sleigh, it was so Romantic ( i think) 
My huney and i- yes he has his eyes closed, but he is still super cute :p 

The kids =) 

some of the people and the kids off the sleigh when we stopped for a break for the horses 

Our Family 

It was about 45 mins long and it was a beautiful night, the stars were shining brightly, it was amazing and we were with our church people, what better way to spend the night?

Everyone came back to our house after for Hot Chocolate, peanut butter oatmeal cookies, doughnuts, it was fun :) 

Jaradine and Marissa came over for the night around 11:30 pm- they were out of town and came over after they got back, Brooke went for a sleepover. 

We slept in as per usual..
around 1 pm we had to run some errands and get some things we needed for the baby shower at 7 pm... 
a single mom who has been coming t o our church has a 6 mth old little girl, we decided we would give her a baby shower... pictures below: it started at 7 pm, so we decided to make it a tea party- so we had cookies, kabob( veggie) and cheese/crackers, also some potato chips, it was lovely. It was at my house and i hosted with two other ladies ( Marissa and Jaradine) 

the cake table 

the cake on the cake table :p

some of the food

the "tea" table, we had 4 different kinds
cinnamon spice
tetley decaf

some of the presents, i forgot to get some pictures of the people and all the presents, its hard to do it all when your a hostess. 

a name sign- Lucy with a quote 

The guest of honour- Miss Lucy
such a great baby, she loves to smile and laugh. 

I was so exhausted after the shower was over and i cleaned everything up, then i realized i needed to finish a scarf for Sunday because she could only get it on Sunday, so i watched a movie the wedding singer...it is so very hard to get a movie that has no language in it, frustrating in fact. 

Sunday School- the kids had fun today we set up a first aid centre and let them take turns being the doctor etc, the story was about Jesus Heals- so we had them all act out a paralyzed person and we took turns praying for them and they would be healed, it was fun, the kids enjoyed it.
We went to a little restaurant after service with 10 people from our church, it was called the Blue Canoe - i had pulled pork and fries and a slaw, sure was delicious, i also got a coconut cream pie for dessert, why did i eat that much, i have no idea but it was good. 
Came home and napped for an hour and a bit, then evening service, it was powerful, we have an amazing church, we went to Dairy queen after for a "Hailey's dream blizzard" which is- a 6 year old girl who has a terminal illness- DQ is giving her money from the sale of the blizzard to help her with expenses etc. 
I am proud of my sister in law for being a surrogate mother- i know a lot of people dont agree, but i am proud of her, check it out here http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Canada/NL/Featured/ID/2338105109/
That does it for me, tomorrow i am job hunting again, i need a job soon 


Review of Unglued Lysa TerKeurst

When i first saw the opportunity to review Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst- i knew i had to have this book and off course i wasn't disappointed.
There are times in the life of women when we fell so tightly glued, we have everything together, supper is being made, laundry is done, dishes are done, house is cleaned, we even managed to shower today- hubby will be so proud when he gets home...
then the phone rings or someone knocks at the door, supper gets burnt, house smells of burnt food, we then become emotional because we did have everything together and in a minute everything falls apart. 
Sometimes we dont tell anyone how we feel, we keep it all inside, we stuff ourselves with it, then it all explodes...
it is ok to become Unglued from time to time, in fact i think we all should- it is good for us. 

Read this book and you will not be able to put it down. 

It's Ok...

Whitney inspired me to do an "It's ok Post "

*It is ok that i am in love with Hummus (sundried tomato is my favorite)
*it is ok that i am being super lazy today and wanting to do nothing at all
* it is ok that i am sitting here blogging instead of doing laundry
*its ok that i am still in my Pj's at 12:54 pm
*it is ok that i got fired from my job yesterday for no reason at all
*it is ok that i feel a hole in my heart from losing my job


I lost my job this morning
The Owner was in a fowl mood and she started attacking me right away and told me i was'nt learning fast enough...after all it has been a month. ( i was told i need 3 months of training for the job in the beginning)


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We go thru things in life for a reason
We never know why
we may complain and grumble
then God sends someone into our lives to say you were thru that to help me
Very, Very true.
They help and encourage you without even knowing they did...could be a quick "how, how are you" email....or simple as "ill pray for you"
that my friends helps in more ways then you can tell. 

Thank you. you know who you are. 



Hey ya'all.

How did my weekend end already....i wish weekends were 5 days and week days were 2- that makes more sense.

We were gonna have a family night here on Friday night but instead came home and i made spicy pasta ( big mistake- more in a min) we hung out and had a fun family night being home alone with nothing to do, no where to go, it was fun.
Around 11 pm- i started having major pain down there... it is normal for me to have bladder pain especially after eating spicy food because i have Interstitial cystitis and normally it goes away within 30-45 mins, i have a pill i can take if it gets to unbearable, well Friday night i had to take 2 of these and no relief, around 1:30 pm i told Andrew i was heading to the ER because it was unbearable, i was crying in pain and nothing was helping it...
got to ER by 1:45 and they took me back to triage and started doing blood pressure, temp, etc..they look at me and asked how long i was in pain i told them, they said my blood pressure was at a very scary rate and i needed to be take back to get it down to normal...took me back to a room and got me relaxed enough to get my bp down...the pain was getting worst and worst..they gave me a shot in the bum of Demerol and gravel- nothing changed, pain was so bad, i was sending my bp back up again, they finally got me a shot of morphine and i went to sleep, when i woke up the pain was gone and they told me i could go home, they also gave me a prescription for new medication, i was home around 7 am, slept til after 1 pm- all that medication will make ya sleep and sleep.

Saturday i was groggy most of the day - i did manage to go grocery shopping around 4 pm and then i made nachos and wings for dinner, i was falling asleep again by 9:30, hubby made me go to bed and rest....i finally feel more normal today though. 

Sunday: my first Sunday as a Sunday school teacher and we never had the full hour like normally because we had a baptism today, our pastors daughter got baptised, was so good to see her have her sins washed away and be ready for heaven, we thought maybe Brooke was gonna too but she wasn't ready she said- when she is ready she will, not gonna force her or do it just because.
We went out for lunch with a friend from church, i had very little because i am scared of more pain happening again, but i realized something, i got prayed over in church this morning and i have had no pain since then, Praise God!
Service tonight was cancelled because we are in the middle of a major, snow blizzard, check out these pic 

but no snow day for me tomorrow I'm sure, my work rarely closes ever, tomorrow i have an assistant starting, I'm excited for some help with the front counter, it can get busy and over bearing at times. 

Well that does it for me, im off to bed because morning comes early. Night and I love you ladies so much, you mean the world to me, Rhonda says thanks for the prayers for her as she laid her baby girl to rest, keep her in your prayers she isn't doing well at all 


RIP Everlee

My heart is heavy and i feel torn in shreds and i ask WHY
Why do 2 people that would make awesome parents have to go thru this...
Why would she have to lay her princess to rest before she even got to see her pretty blue eyes...

Life is so unfair.
Yesterday a friend of mine Rhonda who has been trying for 5 years to get pregnant- was delivering her precious baby girl EverLee Rose ( such a sweet name), well Baby Everlee was already sleeping when she was delivered...

Read more here:
Everlee Rose "McBaby" McMeekin was born sleeping at 1:16pm on February 13th. She was just too perfect for our world and has gone to heaven to watch over and love us. She is our angel and our saint.

There will be a funeral and wake on Saturday at Carnell's on freshwater road Wake from 12-2 and then service at 2:15 -3:15. Flowers will be gratefully accepted, or donations can be made in Everlee's memory to the St John's Ronald McDonald House. We welcome everyone to come celebrate her much too short time with us.

Thank you to everyone for your support and understanding in these darkest days of our lives. We love you all dearly. 

Rhonda and Darcy

Here is her funeral announcement:
MCMEEKIN, EVERLEE ROSE- Everlee Rose (McMeekin) was born sleeping on February 13, 2013 at 1:16 PM. Precious and beloved by parents, Rhonda and Darcy McMeekin; grandparents, Dennis and Kathryn McMeekin (Goderich, ON) and Ray and Ita Pittman (Goulds, NL); and very special Aunt, Raylene Pittman; as well as a large circle of family and friends across the country and around the world. Everlee gave us such joy and hope for the last eight and a half months as we anxiously awaited her arrival. Everlee was just too perfect for this world and has gone on to the next world to have new adventures. Many thanks to the nurses, doctors and staff who have shown such care and respect for our family during this dark time. A celebration of our beautiful Everlee Rose is planned for Saturday February 16th, 2013 taking place at Carnell’s Funeral Home, 329 Freshwater Rd. Visitation to take place from 12 - 2 pm and service to begin at 2:15 pm from The Carnell Memorial Chapel. Flowers gratefully accepted or gifts may be made in Everlee's memory to St. John's Ronald McDonald House in the hopes that other families may be helped. To send a message of condolence or to sign the memorial guest book, please visit www.carnells.com "If there ever comes a day we can't be together, put me in your heart, I'll stay there forever". - AA Milne "Winnie the Pooh"

Why do they have to go thru this, WHY, WHY, WHY?

I am not sure when i will have the strength to blog again, my heart is just so broken. They will no longer be able to look at her physically after tomorrow... i just wish i could be there with her tomorrow, we have talked, sent text, but it isnt the same as a real life hug, I really feel shattered.

Dear Everlee,

I have never gotten the chance to see your beautiful face in real life but my love is no less, you were loved by thousands of people, you are our angel now, you are looking down from the arms of Jesus and telling us to not cry for you because you are happy and you are an angel.
I love you always and forever my sunshine Baby. xox

Dear Rhonda,
Words fail me, there are no words to describe the pain i feel for you,  i feel so shattered, i wish i could hug you, wrap my arms around you, let you cry in my arms, let your tears fall on me, because that's what friends do, they care for each other.
I am here for you anytime of the day or night, tomorrow will not be a easy day for you, but feel loved and surrounded by friends and family who love you both. My heart is there with you.
xox T

If you would like to see this momma's broken heart and send her the love she needs, check her out here https://twitter.com/rhondamcmeekin


My favorite Valentine's Yet...

This day 10 years ago we "officially" got engaged- I remember going into my bedroom that morning after getting ready for work ( we lived together, just didn't sleep together til marriage ) he was acting nervous( wasn't sure why)- he then gave me my ring and we made it official, even though he popped the question a month prior to that. He then asked me for my ring finger and placed my ring on my finger. I was so excited all day.
Mount Pearl-20120214-00122
Went and showed my parents( my parents didn't think pple should wear jewellery( another post for another day) my dad wasn't impressed but oh well. My mom loved it and went into full fledge wedding planning mode.

I love you Andrew always and forever, my Valentine

I fall more in love with him every day- he makes my life so full of excitement and love.
Here is my roses for this Valentines day

I'm the luckiest woman in the world, I have two Valentines, one calls me mommy and the other calls me hunny. :) Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


GFC Blog Hop

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Weekend Recap

Friday: Work was much better then it had been all week, thankful for that, not sure i could survive another bad day. Was also my first pay day, felt so good to get money again. 
I promised Brooke i would take her to a movie after work...
Well i should have checked to see if there was anything kid friendly playing- so i took her out to Taco Bell and let her buy whatever she wanted to the total of what a ticket would be, so she spent $13 on 2 books- my little book worm. 
we came home and Jaredene came for the night, we watched a movie and chatted because we have'nt caught up in forever, i fell asleep half way thru the movie...been a long week and i was exhausted. 

Saturday: Woke up to a blizzard 

It was such a mess...... we did'nt do a lot but relaxed and i did some knitting... story of my life 

Sunday: There was no church in the morning because of the blizzard from the night before 

There are pictures of our house and all the snow we got yesterday. Our Pastor was stuck in Conneticut and he got home just before service tonight, so the storm was almost over  here then, but we have spent all day cleaning it up... i am so ready for Spring now 

Here is Brooke at church tonight

Have a good week my friends <3 


Hey Friends,

I feel  like since i went back to work, my blog has been put on the back burner and nothing exciting is happening...
I apologize because i miss you guys and i know you miss me too :p

This weekend i thought i could do some catch up but it hasn't happened yet.

I have so much happening right now
~Working full time
~ being a full time wife and mommy
~ housework
~Sunday School teacher
~ Valentines Banquet on Tuesday
~ 30 orders for scarves
~ staff appreciation at Brooke's school and i need to make cookies for that
~sleigh ride coming up
~ youth retreat next weekend

Where do i find time to do all this....



Amazing Biorhythms Review

I recently came upon the most amazing thing for a last minute present..

Have you ever heard of this


Here is the one they created for me, i really really enjoyed this so much, it was a different type of review for me, but it is so much fun and would be an awesome last minute present. you receive it normally in 24 hours, so a very quick time to buy and send :)

They were so easy to work with and prompt to answer any questions i may add and now they want to give 2 of my readers  the opportunity to win a free Biorhythms.

a Rafflecopter giveaway I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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Introducing Mallory

Hello Rambling Momma readers! I am Mallory and I blog over at The Grace of Southern Charm. I am very excited to be over here today introducing myself to all of you!
As you all know it's almost Valentine's Day. The day of love. Oooh la la. But love isn't all about romance and when the romance is gone what do you do?

My husband's church required us to go to pre-marriage counseling and the main thing I took away from it is to be life-giving daily. What does it mean to be life-giving? It means doing the small, self-sacrificing things for one another and not only doing those things but at the end of the day thanking one another for doing those things. God sacrificed for us and showed us the ultimate love and by sacrificing, even a little, we show a glimmer of that love.

Some examples...
-When I stop on the way to work and get him a limeade from Sonic just because I know he loves them and it will make his day.

-When he does the dishes so I can get in 5 more minutes of blogging.

-When I send him an encouraging text through a rough day.

-When he cleans my horse's stall so I can soak in the tub.

All of those are life-giving moments. It breathes life into the relationship. It gives the other person a boost in life. It shows love. We thank one another for these moments because we know they are not necessary. I encourage you to do something life-giving for someone you care for. And remember, if someone does something life-giving for you, thank them for showing you love.


My Best friend

I met you when i was 13 and i instantly knew i wanted you as my best friend forever
I fell madly in love with you and have never fallen out

You are my soul Mate
My best friend,
you hold me when i cry
you make me laugh
You are an amazing daddy to our baby girl
you love Jesus and you bring us to church 

You are my everything and I love you 
You are the love of my life and i am anxious to spend Forever with you 


Weekend Recap

 Was another great day at work, i finally feel like i am learning more and more and can now remember how to do some things alone, the owner (Debbie and my boss) keeps complimenting me on how well i am doing, this makes me feel good and i like this a lot, we all need compliments from time to time.
I heard from a new friend earlier in the day- she has started coming to our church and she is a single mom with a 4 month old baby girl "Lucy" - she wanted to get together for Coffee, so hubby took me to meet her for 7 pm, and we had a great chat, she has come from a very very hard life - i wanna take her and teach her everything, she don't have a mom in her life and she wants to give her baby girl the best life she can, so proud of her for making the choice to have God in her life and to begin to let him be in control of her life, we talked for several hours and hubby and Brooke went fish shopping, they came home with 2 beauties, i love my pet fish.  
I was so exhausted from laughing, crying and chatting with my friend that i watched some hockey and went to bed rather early for a friday night. 

We had to be up and on the road for 9 am to go to a Bible Quizzing Tournament that Brooke was part of, she has been practicing for this since September and she did so well, came in 2 place...here are some pictures

they were on a team together and then Brooke got this:

So proud of my girl <3

I then went to the US shopping with my sister, we are only 15 mins away from the border and things are so much cheaper down there, will definitely be going back more often for groceries etc. I was knitting the drive there and back, i have so many orders to get done. 
Hubby took us out for dinner when we got back in town- went to a new Fish/chips place- it was good but not sure if i will go back there...
Then had to get groceries and make a dessert for sunday

I made this: 

it is truly amazing, here is the recipe http://pinterest.com/pin/90705379967155618/?fb_action_ids=10152505323020045&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=246965925417366

Brooke then went to Destiny's for a sleepover and i was sitting while watching hockey and was falling to sleep at 9:30 pm- i was exhausted. 

Woke up to a snowy day :( I am ready for Spring now...
we were later then normal getting to church because we were being lazy and slept in later and then i needed to get veggies ready for lunch because we were having company, prepped my veggies and headed to church, i went down to Sunday school today to watch what they do and see what i can add to it or take from it, it was different to be down in the classrooms then up in the adult service, i love when i hear good preaching which our pastor does all the time, we are blessed with an amazing pastor and his wife. 

We had company here for lunch, friends from church, lunch was so tasty today, i was proud. 
We went t pick up the single mom Rachel for service and i held her baby all night long, she is so sweet and so quiet, she dont make a sound.
We are having a baby shower for her on Feb 23. 

Tomorrow is Monday again, im not ready for it....

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