Job opp and alzhemiers

Your prayers and well wishes are working because
i got a call from a past employer from Newfoundland ( worked there for 5 years) 
they were wondering if i was interested in a position with the Nursing Association
Off Course i said yes 
they forwarded my resume off to the correct people and put in a great word for me
now all i need to do is wait, they said they may have an answer for me before the day was thru
but the work day is almost done here, so i am hoping it will be within the hour.

I go stir crazy when im not working 
I get so bored and irritable.

Thanks for your prayers and i am sorry for complaining to you all. 
on a different note: 
I did want to mention
i came in contact with 
my grandma who some know her story, was my best friend and died at 56 with alzhemiers, they asked me to submit a little writing on my grandma, so i did, they are creating a book that will help people feel support and love as they deal with someone dealing with this. 
I am so glad i found them and they are amazing to work with :) 
Check them out here 
Amazing job they are doing and makes me wanna help them more and more.

Cheers, xo


  1. Good luck with the new job opportunity!! :)

    And thank you for the info on the Alzheimers group. I am going to check out their Facebook page now. My husband's mother has been diagnosed with it, & it has been pretty hard on the family. <3

  2. Yea!! I knew it would all work out for you!!

    As an employee of the an Alzheimer Society in Ontario (ASiO), from taking a quick look at the website and Facebook page, it seems that this is an American endeavour. It's important to know that while Alzheimer Societies (Canadian) and Associations (American), both do amazing and much need work, they do have different mandates.

    For support, education and information, you should contact your local Alzheimer Society/Association. www.alzheimer.ca and www.alz.org

  3. It looks like work is coming together quickly for you! all the best- M

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing our website Terri and congrats on the job possibility!!!

    I did want to say that our works for Alzheimers we hope would benefit anyone caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's Americans and Canadians alike =) Thanks to all for checking it out!

  5. The stars are aligning themselves for you Ms.Terri. Congrats

  6. Prayer is a powerful tool!! ;0 Congrats!

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