5 Innovative Hotel Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

If you want your hotel to meet the highest standards and boost its ratings, then it’s high time to
investigate what the latest design trends are. What’s interesting, the most famous interior designers
from around the world have already presented their predictions for the year 2019, and we can’t wait to
share them with you. These will not only help you stay ahead of the competition, but will effectively
increase the number of guests coming to stay at your fine establishment. In order to help you transform
your existing hotel into a state-of-the-art one, we have singled out top trends for the upcoming year.
Let’s take a look and get inspired.

Personalized smart hotels
First things first, Scandinavian hotels have shown a great interest for creating a personalized experience
for each visitor. For instance, they are focusing on installing personalized smart home gadgets in the
rooms which will allow the guests to operate the lights, curtains and various appliances in the room per
voice. Additionally, hotels will even offer their guests high-end home entertainment devices with access
to premium streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video. Lastly, in 2019, we will also see a new
means of communication with the hotel’s staff that will allow the guests to voice their room
temperature preferences, manage food and drink orders and more via apps and smart cloud services.
This will allow the visitors to customize their experience at the establishment even when they leave
their room to explore the town.

Multi-functional spaces

Interior designers from Asia now predict that simple and lifeless lobby areas as we know them will
disappear and will instead be replaced by multifunctional spaces which can serve as workplaces, casual
restaurants and meeting places simultaneously. More importantly, experts specializing in the unique
Hong Kong interior design are focused on creating functional spaces in which ambient lighting, glass
exterior walls and high-tech amenities will serve to attract guests to come and stay. On top of that,
communal tables should be placed here with individual seating instead of the usual benches which will
both allow for a flow of communication and a chance for guests to work alone in an environment rich
with activities. Additionally, a Wi-Fi internet connection has to be made available for business and
entertainment purposes, as well as USB charging stations.

Dramatic colour schemes
Research shows that more and more hotels will have to switch to brighter nuances and vivacious colours
for their interior design if they want to attract more customers. The first reason for this is that nowadays
a large number of people read reviews and look at photos of hotels online. This means that if the
accommodation seems too sterile and mundane, their interest for it fades away faster. In order to break
the monotony, hotel owners are painting accent walls in contrasting colours. They’re additionally mixing
and matching upholstery designs and furniture styles to achieve the biggest wow effect possible. Most
importantly, lounge spaces and dining areas can be equipped with warm-coloured lights to create an
inviting atmosphere and to set the right mood.

Eco-friendly implementations

Another important trend currently practised by hotels in South Africa is the implementation of eco-
friendly practices. By honouring and caring for nature, modern hotels will be able to attract a bigger
millennial clientele while giving back to the environment at the same time. To start off with,
accommodations will reduce water waste by installing low-flow toilets, sinks and showers. Furthermore,
electrical consumption will also be decreased by installing energy-saving LED light bulbs in all rooms
along with smart motion sensors which will turn off the lights when the room is empty. Finally, high-end
furniture and cabinetry will be built from sustainable materials such as recycled wood, plastic and
natural stone. These materials can add a natural touch to each part of the hotel and make it look more

The boutique hotel effect
Last but not least, hotel chains in the USA are cutting down on homogenized looks for their rooms and
opting for a more natural and idiosyncratic style typical of boutique accommodations. By paying tribute
to local cultures in every suite with artisan crafts and art pieces from the region where they’re located,
hotels can provide their visitors with a powerful immersive experience. The same effect can further be
achieved by introducing flowers and plants indigenous to that region. Special attention also has to be
paid when designing the exterior so that it doesn’t convey the message of being “one in a series”.
Furthermore, boutique hotels boast with individually designed rooms in a quirky modern style where
traditional elements are balanced out with modern features for a timeless look.

As you can see, 2019 will bring a lot of fresh ideas to the way hotels are designed. By following these
changes closely and implementing them in your own design, you will be able to attract a wide range of
customers and meet all their individual needs. We wish you all the best in the upcoming year.


The shocking ways smoking negatively affects your health

Everyone knows that smoking is a seriously bad habit. It’s long been associated with lung cancer, but the health effects extend far beyond this. It’s one of the worst things you could possibly do with regards to your body and health. To help demonstrate this, here are a few shocking things that can happen when you smoke regularly:

Smoking speeds up menopause

For women, this is a very serious health issue as it affects your ability to have children. All women go through a stage where they, unfortunately, lose the ability to have kids. But, this tends to happen long after you’ve already had kids, so it’s not so much of an issue. However, when you smoke, you can speed up the process and bring it earlier than scheduled. Women in their 30’s are going through early menopause almost exclusively because they smoke. If you’re yet to have children, then this is as good a reason as any to quit your bad habit.

Smoking has been linked with MS

Multiple Sclerosis is one of the worst diseases anyone can get. It affects your brain and spinal cord, causing issues with your vision, balance, and general health. Many things could cause this, but it’s strongly suggested that regular smoking increases your chances of contracting this life-changing problem. The problem with MS is that there are lots of different symptoms and various types of this disease. You can have a look on sites like Shift MS that contain forums for people with this condition as it will give more information on symptoms, what to look out for, and what to do if you fear you have this problem. If you smoke, then there’s every chance you could contract this condition in the future - so cut it out.

Smoking causes COPD

COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which is essentially a breathing condition. People with COPD will have severe asthma symptoms, and daily activities can be hard as you need an inhaler all the time. A shocking 80% of COPD cases are linked to smoking. It’s pretty much the number one cause of this disease, which is hardly a surprise when you think about it. After all, you’re inhaling toxic smoke into your lungs. It’s terrible for your breathing, so cut it out before you develop a disease that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Smoking raises your cholesterol

If you have too much bad cholesterol in your body, then it essentially clogs up your blood vessels and increases the chance of all kinds of heart problems. There’s a reason you see so many food products on the market that claim to lower your cholesterol - it’s not something you want a lot of! Smoking raises bad cholesterol and reduces the good one. This can cause so many illnesses that are so severe they may end your life early.

My whole point is that smoking is the worst habit you could possibly have. If you’re aiming to make 2019 a year full of good health and happiness, then cut out this habit!

Strike back against back pain

Many people experience back pain in their lives. This could be anything from a small injury to a chronic condition. Whilst not all back pain can be cured, it’s always possible to relieve the pain, helping to make life more comfortable. Here are just a few ways to strike back against back pain.

Seek professional help

Getting professional help should always be the first course of action. In the case of an injury, you should see a doctor straight away. If it’s been a gradual problem, it could still be worth seeing a doctor to explore options when it comes to medication.

Other forms of professional help could also be useful. It could be worth seeing a chiropractor in the case of certain chronic conditions – such professionals may be able to use techniques such as a spinal adjustment to relieve or even cure the pain. In the case of sports injuries, a physical therapist could be more useful for helping to recommend exercises and stretches.

If you don’t have the money for these services, there may be ways to get financial help. In the case of injuries, it’s sometimes possible to get legal compensation with the help of a Colorado personal injury lawyer assisting you with any claims you may have. Alternatively, certain charities may also be able to provide funding.
Stay active

Doctors used to recommend resting in bed to cure a bad back. However, it’s now thought that this could cause more harm than good – physical activity can sometimes be beneficial by keeping muscles and joints active and preventing inflammation. Exercise can also release endorphins that in turn can provide short-term pain relief.

Obviously, you need to be careful of the types of physical activity you take up. Low-impact exercises are the best type of exercise to stick to as they generally won’t aggravate injuries – such exercises include walking, swimming, pilates and yoga.  

Get a massage

Booking a professional massage could be worthwhile for helping to fight back pain. Massaging the area could help muscles to relax and reduce inflammation in most cases.

If you can’t afford a professional massage, then you may still be able to massage yourself. You could do this by buying a massaging armchair or by buying a foam roller which you can then roll against your back whilst lying on the ground.

Try herbal supplements

Ingesting certain nutrients can also help the body to fight pain. Herbs and spices such as ginger, cinnamon and turmeric all have anti-inflammatory properties. You can sprinkle these herbs onto foods or drink them in the form of herbal teas.

Also, you could try natural herbal products such as those offered on this website. Kratom is a herb from Southeast Asia and you can take it as a capsule or powder supplement to get relief from back pain. 

Try acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of holistic therapy that could also be worth trying out. It involves inserting tiny needles into pressure points in order to stimulate nerve endings. Many people with back pain claim that it works for them.

You'll want to find the best acupuncturist in nyc (or wherever you are) to ensure you're getting the best treatment possible. There are many other types of holistic therapy that could be worth looking into too such as hydrotherapy and acupressure.

Upgrade your bedding

You may find that sleeping with regular bedding makes your back pain worse. Harder mattresses tend to be better for supporting the back and alleviating pain. You could even consider investing in an orthopaedic mattress if you have a chronic condition.

Some people may find that sleeping with pillows for extra support also helps. This could include putting a pillow under the legs to alleviate lower back pain or placing pillows each side to prevent rolling in the night.

Take a hot bath

A hot bath can also do wonders for back pain. The buoyancy of the water combined with the heat can help to relax tension in muscles and ease inflammation. Having a hot bath also provides us with an endorphin rush by stimulating every nerve ending in the body - this can have temporary numbing effects against pain.

Some people find that using bath salts can help to further alleviate pain. You can buy bath salts online.


Turn a house into a home with these tips

When it comes to taking on a house renovation, there is a lot to think about. More so if it is your first foray into ‘flipping houses,’ or any type of non-stock investment. There are a number of reasons people choose to get into real estate. For some it’s the designing of your idea, seeing them brought to life, others it is purely profit - truth is, it is probably best to be a mix of both of those things. That way you care about the project and will see a testy return on your investment.

But how can you ensure it will be a profitable renovation? Let’s take a look!

Be Selfless
When it comes to dressing the property, remember that what you love not everyone else will. Opting for less controversial and bright colors will allow people to paint and decorate mentally. Your job here is to make a space that someone you have never met can walk into and decorate. And, during the viewing process could picture where they are going to be putting the couch. Think about how limitless a white room is, and build on that.

Work it Out
When you are making your first investments there used to a be a general rule of spend 20% of the property value to accrue 40% profit. However, that isn’t always likely or possible on a lower value property. So, when it comes to how much you want to spend you should aim for around 10%, that way you have more room when it comes to selling or renting the property over a longer term.

Hire Professionals
Yes, DIY will save you money but unless you know how to spot squirrel infestation signs, weakened supporting walls, or wood rot then you’re running the risk of more significant issues down the line. Get in touch with builders and partners and get some quotes together. Ideally, you should get at least three quotes per job that needs doing - and get them in writing. At the end of each conversation be sure to ask how much work they currently have on. Busy firms won’t be in a hurry to get to you. Once you have decided on the companies you're going to work with, get an agreement written up that quotes the price and the how long they say the job will take.

Photo by Laurie Shaw from Pexels

Don’t Be Slow
The property market moves fast. January used to be considered the ‘low’ buying month, but with everyone relaxing and scrolling their iPads over the festive period, plenty of properties are snapped up super quickly. In fact, many people ‘window shop’ properties on places live Rightmove and Zoopla all the time. So if you see something you like, in budget arrange a viewing as soon as you can, because you won’t be the only one on the hunt.

When you hit up some auctions, you don’t want to dilly dally on those bids either. If you make sure there is a cooling off period and have checked out a couple of the listings, then use that paddle freely.

Breath Life Into It
The idea of renovating a building should be more than just putting it back together, or ironing out the kinks. You should be looking to create something fresh and new. Taking a barn and turning it into an open plan house with multiple rooms.  Finding a broken down gem, and fixing it up isn’t going to be a quick process, but it will be rewarding. Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud says “Everyone approaching a project like this should spend three years on planning, and six months on the really expensive bit – the building.” - Although that only works out if you have a very big budget, or you don’t mind not seeing any returns for a while.

Value Added
If you manage to purchase a sweet 3 bedroom with loft space, turn that loft into a bedroom. Large garden? Think Annex or conservatory. Ideally, whatever area you started with, you want to build more. A loft conversion will likely cost you between 15-30k, but you will see an increase of around 50k on the asking price, which isn’t to be sniffed at. Once you have the quotes from the builders, you will have a better idea of what will give you the most significant profit.

But, you should always be asking - how can I make this incredible?

Another thing you should consider is the white goods in the kitchen. Showing a completed kitchen is something that most families will swoon at. Dishwasher, oven or aga, fridge, and a decent washing machine. Not only with the promotional pictures look phenomenal, but you will encourage new buyers to put their money down on the table.

Once you have done everything that you want to the property, you should get planning permission for extras. That way you don’t have to do anything personally, but the buyer will be excited at the prospect of what they can do, without all that red tape.

Be Smart
Planning on preparing a 5 bedroom house? How many bathrooms are you going to have? How will you layout the kitchen to maximize space for the right size dining table? Most people won’t be prepared to accept more bedrooms but fewer places to use the toilet or have a morning shower - can you imagine the cues in the morning?  

Walk through the house and try to picture what makes the most sense for each amount on people. Is there anywhere that you could improve?

Not everyone loves gardening, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on something breathtaking. Working with the right landscape gardening firm will mean that you can create a low maintenance garden, with just the right amount of paving to the green area. With space to grow if they should want to.
It comes down to that old cliche - you can please everyone. But on this occasion, you’re going to try and please as many people as possible.

Hey There Sunshine
Never underestimate the power of good lighting. The more light you can bring into the house the better, but there might be occasions you need to create it. For example in the more significant living areas, swap walls for large windows. Or sliding doors into the garden when possible. Skylights have a glorious way of flooding rooms with light, even when they aren’t particularly significant. Lighter spaces tend to look bigger, so it is worth the time to get a professional in to talk about how to make it work.

Clean Up Your Act
Cleanliness is nice, but gleaming is better. Make sure your windows are shiny and clear. The carpets are plush and clean. No dust in the corners and not a mark on the walls. Once you’ve got the property looking all new and beautiful - you’re ready to show it off.

After every open house, you’re going to need to clean the floor and handles that have been walked on or touched.

Keep the garden swept down, and the path and driveways clear too - because your dream home probably didn’t have a muddy footprint on the carpet.

Knock, Knock
Who's there? A potential buyer! On the walk up to your door, have some neatly trimmed evergreens, in pots. Install some lighting along the paving so that if you have late viewings or are showing the house in the winter months, your visitors will already feel welcome. And it makes sure that they won’t be tripping over on your watch.

Around the door, itself put some seasonal flowers, something bright and welcoming. It is a simple touch, but it is elegant and adds a touch of hominess.

One of the most significant impacts you can make is a floor to ceiling door. They look grand, and often will be something people remember as they aren’t all that common. This is one of those jobs that you could do yourself without too much expense - but as it is the first thing people will see, why risk it?

Throw in something unexpected. A swimming pool, a tree house, a basement conversion into the perfect playroom or office. Throw in something fun, unusual but not too wacky… like a shark sticking out of the roof or anything.

Renovating a house to make a profit isn’t an overnight process, and there aren’t any quick routes to producing something that is safe and beautiful. It is a fine line between putting your personal touches and making it suitable for someone else to walk into and say ‘home.’ Much like other investments, what you put in, you might not get back if you don’t pay attention to the little details. A small piece of you will be in every house that you turn into a forever home or great rental, and hopefully, that will show in the delight of the new owners and those numbers in your bank account. Don’t invest more money than you actually have to use on a project like this that is a quick route into serious debt.

Tackling The Challenges Which Come With Being Self-Conscious

woman covering mouth with sweater

Whether you’ve been out of shape in the past or you’re not happy with your body at the moment, you will have some experience when it comes to feeling self-conscious. Being worried about what people may think of you simply based on your outside appearances or first impressions is a horrible thing to live with, making loads of the different parts of your life harder. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring life as a self-conscious person, giving some pointers to push you in the right direction.

Recognising The Problem

Like any problem, you have to be able to recognise that it is there before you’re able to solve it. A lot of people assume that everyone feels worried when they are talking to others or meeting them for the first time. In reality, though, these situations are very normal, and leave most people feeling just fine at the end of it. If you find yourself feeling anxious during conversations, it could be worth thinking about how you view yourself. People who are overly self-conscious will often have a poor image of themselves, and this can make it hard to feel confident.

Finding The Source

Of course, though, knowing you have an issue to deal with is only part of the process, and you will need to do more if you want to make yourself feel confident. To achieve this, finding the source of your anxiety can be a great idea. For example, you may feel worried about how people will judge you for your weight, and this will make initial conversations very challenging. Overcoming something like this can take a lot of work, but it will be worth it once you are feeling better about yourself.

Working Towards A Solution

The solution you choose for the area which is bugging you will depend on the results you want. If you have a spotty face, for example, drinking more water and eating healthier food could help you, and would be a good route to go down. To find your options, you will need to browse around the web for a little while. There are loads of blogs and forums scattered around the internet which are designed to make it easier to adapt your body. It should be easy to keep your motivated once you’ve gotten started with this.

Avoiding The Extreme

On your path towards making yourself feel more confident, it can be very tempting to go down routes which most people would consider to be far too extreme. A lot of people end up finding themselves with issues like eating disorders when they focus too much on their weight. You can find loads of posts around the web which help with this, and can check out this one from Tapestry to learn about the route to recovery from this. It will be horrible to get out of one issue and fall straight into another.

Get Some Practice

Not a lot of people realise, but controlling your confidence is far easier than it seems. Most people feel anxious before things like meetings, introductions to new people, and other social activities, but will simply ignore the way they feel. The more you act confident, the easier it will be to feel that way, making it a great option when you don’t have anywhere else to turn. Your friends can help with this, with their mere presence being enough to make it easier to turn on your smile and act confident.

Keeping It Up

Like a lot of the skills you have, you will need to keep working at this if you want to maintain your improvements. If you leave it for too long without talking to someone new, for example, it will be harder to throw yourself back into the social arena again. It can be easy to neglect this when you have long periods of work, school, or other busyness, but this certainly isn’t worth it. Even if it means having to remind yourself to do it, it will always be worth taking your confidence out for a spin, especially when you’ve overcome big challenges to get there.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of making yourself feel less self-conscious. A lot of people struggle with this part of life alone. In reality, though, there are loads of people out there who can help you, and getting the support you need may just be a couple of clicks away.


What Is Mental Health?

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

Over the course of your life, if you experience mental health problems, your thinking, mood, and behavior could be affected. Many factors contribute to mental health problems, including:

  • Biological factors, such as genes or brain chemistry
  • Life experiences, such as trauma or abuse
  • Family history of mental health problems

Early Warning Signs
Not sure if you or someone you know is living with mental health problems? Experiencing one or more of the following feelings or behaviors can be an early warning sign of a problem:

  • Eating or sleeping too much or too little
  • Pulling away from people and usual activities
  • Having low or no energy
  • Feeling numb or like nothing matters
  • Having unexplained aches and pains
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Smoking, drinking, or using drugs more than usual
  • Feeling unusually confused, forgetful, on edge, angry, upset, worried, or scared
  • Yelling or fighting with family and friends
  • Experiencing severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships
  • Having persistent thoughts and memories you can't get out of your head
  • Hearing voices or believing things that are not true
  • Thinking of harming yourself or others
  • Inability to perform daily tasks like taking care of your kids or getting to work or school

Mental Health and Wellness
Positive mental health allows people to:
  1. Realize their full potential
  2. Cope with the stresses of life
  3. Work productively
  4. Make meaningful contributions to their communities
  5. Ways to maintain positive mental health include:
Getting professional help if you need it
  • Connecting with others
  • Staying positive
  • Getting physically active
  • Helping others
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Developing coping skills
Why is mental health important in the workplace?
Having strong resilience in the workplace is fundamental to maintaining positive strategies for maintaining mental health and gives individuals the ability to self-generate positive emotions from physical activity, which forms a biological resource for habitual, long-term physical and psychological health benefits.

Do not feel ashamed or upset, seek the help that is available to you. There is Betterhelp for you. “This stuff is real, and it’s OK to not be OK. I’ve been home for treatment for over a year, and I’ve had multiple panic attacks, but they’re way more manageable. It’s OK to just admit you need help.”
Mental health concerns are often not “clear-cut” or “straight-forward”; mental health issues are more than just receiving a diagnosis and then going to treatment – they involve a lot of ups and downs, learning, growing, and a lot of hard work. Open this topic up for discussion provides an opportunity for everyone to learn more about mental illnesses, their symptoms, and effective treatment options so that we can all work towards living a happier, healthier life.

Discussing the topic of mental health can open a person’s support network. For example, telling a close friend or family member about a mental illness can provide a person with yet another person to share their worries and concerns with, and someone to reach out to if they need immediate help.

It can happen to anyone

Many times in our lives we feel like we are not going to make it.. we struggle with our jobs, our marriages, finances, etc. We then feel sad and alone and before we know it we are ill mentally.  This starts a downward spiral of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.  Mental health illnesses can happen to anyone, anywhere or anytime.

We hate the thought of leaving our houses to go and get help with a medical professional so we keep it to ourselves and let it fester and then we explode and mess up relationships around us...

no, just me...

ok then ;)

The world of counseling is diverse and offers many types of therapy. Each person who enters treatment has different mental health issues and thus different emotional needs. All human beings have struggles and life challenges. Depending on what an individual is dealing with or which mental illness the person has, can determine what sort of therapy will work best for them.

When I first got sick with depression and anxiety, I dreaded having to leave my house and go out anywhere especially to a doctor and have to tell my story all over and over.  Almost every day I had wished there was a way to reach out to my dr digitally,  I only had a phone, I could not even email and the receptionist would never let me talk to them and sometimes I had to wait weeks to get in to see them.

If you struggle with mental health you need to reach out to someone, with the technology that is available now it is so much easier to reach out to someone and you can reach out to them thru Telehealth.

This is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely and manage your health care. These may be technologies you use from home or that your doctor uses to improve or support health care services.

Some people are hesitant because they feel online help may not be "real", who are you really giving your money to, will this information be shared online somewhere?  The answer is YES, it is real and NO they do not share your information it is the same as going to an office somewhere, still confidential.

As with anything you can do online, why not get advice online, no one has to know where you go or who you see, it is a win for us all especially if some days it is hard to go out in the real world, I am not saying to hide out every day but some days it is much easier to hide out than to face people and be judged.

Like anything online, you do have to be careful, just because they say they are a counselor and you give them your payment info and then your identity is stolen etc, you have to be careful and make sure they are who they say they are, there are ways you can find that out of course a quick search with google can help with that :)

Good luck to all of us who fight this disease.

Trait maker: giving your kids a positive attitude

Being a parent can often be a very daunting journey to embark upon. With all of the new things you have to learn, the problems which you can cause for yourself along the way, and the time which has to go into something like this all make for a very involved process, making new parents feel worried that they’ll make mistakes along the way. When you’re going through this process, though, it’s usually best to focus on what you can do right, rather than what might go wrong. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the work which can be done to promote a positive attitude amongst your kids.

two boys walking on grasses during daytime

Give Them Perspective

One of the biggest issues which a child will face will be the fact that they don’t have very much perspective for the things which happen to them. For example, if your child is called a name at school, this could be the worst insult they’ve ever had to deal with, making it overly traumatic for them. To overcome this sort of issue, being honest with your child is crucial. While they may have been made to feel bad, they still have a friend, and that is the most important thing.

Treat To Teach

Kids are very easy to teach when you have the right tools, and some people are able to master this area very well. By using treats to teach your children, you can help them to develop skills which are directly related to being generous and charitable, while also helping them to value the things they have. Raising generous kids is something which most parents like the sound of. Of course, though, you have to walk a balance with this, as not all little ones will respond well to it.

Inspire Them

A lot of kids find it hard to concentrate at school, finding the lessons they have to be pointless or too challenging to engage with. In reality, though, the time they spend in places like this is incredibly important. To inspire them to work harder, giving them something to work for can be a great approach to take. As you get to know your kids, it will get easier to find things which you know they will enjoy, in turn giving you the power to introduce them to potential careers.

Lead By Example

While they might not realise it, a large part of your child’s life revolves around trying to imitate mom and dad. This is an important part of learning, and it makes sense that you would be their starting point in education, but it also means that you have to put a lot of effort into living the life you’d like your child to have in the future. Simply working to be happy can be a great way to achieve a goal like this.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of helping your kids to grow up with the right kind of attitude. A lot of parents struggle in areas like this, finding it very hard to know how to keep their kids positive, while also having to battle their own emotions.


5 Mistakes You Make During Winter that Prevent Happiness

The dredges of winter can be a difficult time for many. Shorter days, dropping temperatures and bothersome conditions all contribute to fatigue. Another detrimental side effect of the winter season can be seasonal affective disorder, communicated by the spot-on acronym SAD. 

Seasonal effective disorder is an extremely common condition with more than 3 million people suffering each year. Symptoms often include depression, sadness, weight gain, excess sleepiness and fatigue.

There are many ways to combat these symptoms, however, countless people continue to agonize their way through winter. There’s one popular Scandinavian trend that may give you all the answers and save a lot of heartache: hygge. 

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish principle that encompasses coziness through simplicity and contentment. Most recently, hygge has transformed into a practical lifestyle that is often utilized during colder seasons as a way to beat cabin fever. 

So, what exactly are we doing to exacerbate the winter blues? Use these helpful hints to recognize mistakes in your behavior that may contribute to a SAD season. 

1. Restless Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is a common problem many people suffer from. A lack of restful zzz’s can be annoying during other seasons, but during winter it can have a serious effect on both mental and physical health. 

Make sure your mattress is comfortable and supportive to ensure you’re not tossing and turning at night. There are plenty of great choices for mattresses you can find online so choose something that is both high quality and affordable. 

2. Closing Off From Light

As much as you may think, you are not capable of enclosing yourself in a cave (or pillow fort for that matter) only to emerge when spring flowers begin to bloom. Open up the shades and soak in the natural light. 

Keep candles close by to fill your home with your favorite scent. Use soft lighting at night to create an atmosphere worthy of repetition. Twinkle lights are an amazing way to create a mood that is both comfy and calming. 

3. Forgetting About Self-Care

Your mind is not the only thing that takes a beating during winter. Make sure to take care of your body as well. A great way to do this is to focus on your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body yet often overlooked when one considers health. 

Keep your skin soft and supple with a hydrating cream. Focus on your feet and face as problem areas that experience the most wear and tear during cold seasons. With a healthy moisturizing routine, you’re sure to keep detrimental SAD symptoms at bay. 

4. Hibernating

Save it for the bears. It’s important to get fresh air, especially on days with plenty of sunshine. Take the dog for a walk, go for a jog or simple sit on the porch with a warm blanket a cup of coffee. Whatever your preference, your body and mind will thank you.

Stay active and take advantage of this time by incorporating some great ideas to aid in self-improvement

5. Living Under A Rock

Winter is a time when many people hoard themselves indoors without any consideration for positive human interaction. A major principle of hygge is companionship. Open your doors to friends and loved ones to keep conversation flowing. 

Considering hosting hygge dinner parties or book clubs once a month. Connecting with others (and complaining about the current weather conditions) is a great way to interact and stimulate the mind. 


30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders.

30 Days to Understanding the Bible (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition) by Max Anders lives up to its promise of unlocking the Scriptures in 15 minutes a day 

Each day builds upon anther so that at the end of Thirty Days you will have a greater understanding of the elements of the Bible. For someone who is new to the Bible it gives you a great foundation that you will come to relay on as you continue to study. 

This book is laid out well for a thorough review and it will help you to remember what you've read with activities and fill in the blanks at the end of each chapter. The information is very high level but it is a good summary of the information presented. 

I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  

Steps To Take To Get Your Life Back On Track After Injury Or Illness

If you have had an accident that led to injury or you have had a long term illness it can be hard to get back to your normal life during and after your recovery.  It can be hard to also see anything positive at the end of your road to recovery which can have an impact not only on you mentally but your life around you too.The first thing you should do is find an attorney to help you with all the unknowns, so if you are from Nashville, use this attorney here So here are a few tips to get you back on track after an injury or illness.
Be positive
When you are recovering whether it be from injury or illness it is vital to stay positive throughout. If you start to get negative about the situation you find yourself in,  then it can lead to issues with your mental health and also problems within your personal life at home. It is easy to get into a rut and become down about the issues you have but surrounding yourself with the right people and staying positive will help you through the tough times.
Don’t dwell, focus on the future

When it comes to recovering it is easy to dwell on what happened to you or what could have happened to you. This can lead to a strain on you and stop you moving forward in life as you get into a spiral downwards which will not aid in your recovery. Instead of dwelling on the present and the past, look forward to your future, start planning for what you want to do when you are back to full health. Look at whether you will be able to go back into the job you left before the injury or illness, if not then think about what career you can branch into to make sure you have something to go back to when you have fully recovered.

Focus on financial security

While you are away from your job it is imperative that you think about your finances and start saving for anything you need to pay for during your recovery and covering anything you may need while you search for another job if you have been let go from your current one. It is also a good idea to look into whether you are entitled to take legal proceedings against the other party involved if it was a non-fault accident that led to your injury. There are firms out there like Hupy and Abraham personal injury lawyers, who will be able to sit down and look at your case and see if you have a claim or not. If you do then this can help you financially while you are recovering and not working.

Recovering from injury or illness is hard enough without having to worry about what is happening with your job and with your finances. Unfortunately, though these are important things to think about but they don’t have to be a burden as there are businesses and people out there that can help you get through it all. The main thing is to remain positive and keep pushing forward looking towards your future and not thinking about what could have been.
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