2019 Wood Flooring Trends

The start of a new year is always an exciting time. For some people, it’s a time of renewal; a
fresh start that is full of possibilities. For others, it’s a time for improvement, and many will
be adding positive changes to their list of new year’s resolutions.
No matter how you view the new year, it’s undeniably a great time to make some all-
important home improvements! 2019 is set to bring along a whole new set of interior
trends, so it’s best to get a head start early.
One thing many homeowners overlook is their flooring. Whilst it is true that installing new
floors can be a difficult undertaking, the truth is that it can provide a huge upgrade to your
interior, both aesthetically and practically.
Wood flooring has always been in vogue, but there are several ways that this timeless look
can be updated for the contemporary home.
Need some inspiration? Check out our list of 2019 wood flooring trends below!

Stylish, streamlined, and sophisticated.
Walnut flooring brings a touch of class to any
interior scenario. With hues ranging from dark chocolate to autumnal reds, there are
countless ways to get individualistic home design. The smooth grains of walnut feel right at
home in both affluent and modest setting alike, and can impart a comforting atmosphere
for the winter months. This cosy alternative to traditional oak is quickly gaining popularity,
and will stay trending well beyond 2019.

Grey and neutral palates were a huge contender in 2018 interior fashion, and due to their
lasting impression, they’re set to stick around for 2019 too! Adding a splash of grey paint to
your wood flooring can make for a nice twist on this popular design choice. Whether you’re
looking to provide a neutral foundation for bolder features, or prefer a more minimalist
approach, grey wood flooring can be an effective addition.

Parquet patterns elevate the already stunning intricacies of wood flooring to a whole new
dimension. Whilst parquet comes in many forms, each uses geometric designs to create a
bespoke feature. Classic patterns such as herringbone and chevron have been around since
the early 17 th century, adorning French palaces and European stately houses. In 2019,
they’re a striking feature in any family home. The decorative, angular appearance of
parquet is unmistakably attractive, and will quickly become the envy of your friends and

Rustic Grade
Authenticity is everything in 2019, and this includes your wood flooring. Rustic and
distressed grades of wood provide a natural realism that you can feel with every step. The
higher variation of knots, blemishes, and imperfections bring another level of complexity
and depth to your interior aesthetic, encouraging visible textures to become a focal point
within your living space. With this type of wood flooring, you’ll be transported to a classic
country cottage or winter woodland lodge with ease!

Eco-Friendly Alternatives
It has never been more important to start looking towards making positive ecological
change. In recent years, there has been a growing consciousness surrounding the
environment, and this is only set to grow in 2019. Thankfully, there are a number of eco-
friendly wood flooring alternatives that boast the same style and grace as traditional
hardwoods. Whilst it is true that many wood flooring manufacturers are looking towards
more sustainable methods of production, materials

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