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How To Update Your Home Office In Time For Spring '


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If you have spent the last twelve months working from home due to coronavirus, you aren’t alone. Thousands of workers around the world have done exactly the same; what used to be a job that involved a commute, seeing colleagues each day, social interaction and in-person meetings is now a solo position that is operated from home. Love it or loathe it, remote working seems to be the norm nowadays - and as the pandemic rages on, the situation doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

Working from home is no fun without an office space to call your own. If you have tried working from the kitchen table, you will know that working without your own designated space can be a nightmare to say the least. 

Here’s how to update, or even create, a home office in time for spring 2021!

  1. Focus on comfort

Whatever your version of a comfortable space looks like, that’s what your office should be. While many people leave their office space as cold and dull, without a sense of ease or relaxation, this can actually make you less motivated. Your office should be a place you want to be, not a place you actively avoid because it’s uncomfortable and boring.

Here are a few comfort ideas for a home office.

  • Get an office chair that helps your spine. There’s nothing like dealing with backache to ruin a day at work, right? Invest in an office chair that supports you.

  • Keep the temperature comfortable. If you are anticipating hot weather in spring and summer, speak to an air conditioning company about keeping your home office cool.

  • Bring a few of your favorite pillows or throws into the space. Don’t reserve your favorite items for your sitting room or bedroom - bring a few of them to work with you!

  1. Remove distractions

When working from home, it can be very easy to become distracted. After all, your home is usually the place you relax with family and switch off from a hard day at the office. When the home is combined with the office, these associations can get muddled, and you can wind up sitting on the couch at 10am with no motivation to work whatsoever!

When it comes to designing a home office that will help your productivity and keep you focused, removing distractions is essential. This means that the room you designate as your home office shouldn’t contain objects that you know will tease your focus away from the work at hand. This includes TVs, personal devices like playstations, or magazines.

  1. Decorate!

Last but not least, it’s time to decorate! If you love bright colors, make sure to implement them into your office space. If you love muted, neutral tones, do that! Put house plants, scented candles and fun pictures in there for good measure. After all, you are going to spend at least eight hours per day in that room; you might as well make it a space you enjoy being in.

Making a space you love takes effort, but by the end, you will have created a comfortable space that helps your productivity levels!


Trafficked- a parents worst nightmare- Review


Human Trafficking is an underground crime, so it’s difficult to measure, and more research is desperately needed. But we know the problem is real. We know the problem is big. And behind every estimate is a real person who cannot be dismissed

I was very happy to watch and review "Trafficked".  the more people who are aware of sex trafficking, the more people who become aware and we can help these people.

On the eve of her 16th birthday, Allison Riley (Sophie Bolen) disappears. 

When the police refuse their requests, her parents, Joanna (Kristy Swanson) and Case (Mark Boyd), reluctantly hire John Belton (Dean Cain), a private investigator with a reputation for questionable procedures and a dark past. 

Quickly, Belton realizes that Allison was coerced by a young handsome boy she met on social media and had been trafficked, and they are on a race against time to get her back.

After a month they feel it is hopeless, but when all hope feels gone, they get some hope,  she is rescued and her family are so happy to see her, what a great reunion but oh what a long recovery she has. 

If you are looking for a great movie, check this one out #TraffickedFilmMIN this is one that you should watch, you will cry, you will laugh and you will cry some more. 


Thank you to #MomentumInfluencerNetwork. for the opportunity to view this movie.  

Important Ways To Maintain A Good Relationship '


A good loving relationship is the biggest privilege in life. To have a healthy relationship with a person who loves you unconditionally is amazing - but it is important to know that it is not effortless. 

Maintaining a relationship is hard work and many people often fail at this during their lives. To partner with another person and share your life with them is a big commitment - and to do this successfully for decades of your life is a challenge. 

If you are in a relationship or you are looking to be in one soon - here are some of the important tips that will help you to maintain a strong relationship this year. 

Always communicate 

One of the first signs of relationship trouble is a lack of communication between both parties. It is more important than you think to communicate with your other half - and you must always be honest with them. Don’t hide things from your partner because this is a sure fire way to ruin your relationship. Talk about your hopes and dreams, your fears and doubts, share everything together and open up to them. Your partner should be the person you trust with everything, and if you don’t, this is a sign it’s not meant to be. 

Be affectionate 

Affection is something that is underrated in long term relationships. Of course, sex is something that you likely still partake in together - but other forms of affection such as holding hands, a kiss on the cheek, or a random hug are what makes a good relationship. Show your partner how much you love them every single day with these small signs of affection and they will likely return this to you. Physical connection is one of the best parts of a relationship and showing affection each day is a great way to strengthen your bond. 

Appreciate the small things 

Did your spouse make you a cup of coffee this morning? Did they wake up early to feed the dogs while you stayed in bed? Did they wash up after dinner? All of these small things deserve appreciation. Whenever you or your partner do small things for eachother or for the household - they should be appreciated and acknowledged. A common issue with marriages is where one of the partners feels unappreciated and neglected - and this is often the root. If your partner goes out of their way to make your life or your home better, tell them how grateful you are and they will return the favour and feel valued. 

Support each other's goals 

It is so important as a partner to support the dreams of the person you love. Your partner is the person closest to you and you should want them to be happy. This could mean a change in career, a move elsewhere, or a delve into a creative pursuit. Whatever your partner wants to achieve - you should be there holding their hand and egging them on. The best relationships are the ones where the couple supports each other and acts as their cheerleader. You should be the biggest fan of your partner and their biggest advocate. 


'3 Simple Home Renovations That Don't Break The Bank

 If you are eager to begin 2021 by giving your home a makeover but you don’t have the bank balance to match your lofty interior dreams, don’t feel disheartened. While the granite quartz kitchen worktop may have to wait, there are plenty of simple renovations that you can busy yourself with to help lift your living spaces. All too often, we put off giving our interiors a boost because we don’t have the budget. However, follow this simple guide and you can discover three very simple renovations you can do to help your fall in love with your home all over again.

Pixabay - CC0 License


Just because the dining table is a decade old and the armchair in the study has been scratched up by the cat doesn’t mean that you have to throw them out and replace them. The art of upcycling is more on trend than ever before. Consider heading online and look for some renovating inspiration for your furniture. You might want to consider stripping your armchair back to its frame and reupholstering to give your seating a brand new look. With a cheap foam insert and some fabric and studs, you won’t be breaking the bank to create something new for the home. You will also end up with a one-off piece that you created all by yourself giving you a sense of pride in what you have made.

Alternatively, if your furniture is just looking a little shabby after years of use, a good bit of elbow grease might be all you need. Think about investigating sofa cleaning for your leather three seater. Rather than looking tired, your comfy sofa can soon look as good as new without breaking the bank.


Your kitchen is the hub of your home. Here, you might watch the kids do homework as you cook up a storm for the family, you might chat with pals over coffee, or you might enjoy a romantic meal with your partner. Peeling paint on doors, wonky hinges and stained flooring can make your kitchen a more unpleasant place to be. Fix up your kitchen by painting the doors and replacing the handles. This can make your cabinetry look brand new especially if the integral frames are still decent. Purchase some new tile effect lino flooring to replace your current laminate effect lino. Enjoy a whole new vibe to your kitchen without spending thousands on a brand new one.

Pixabay - CC0 License


If you are keen to give your home’s exterior a facelift, think about whipping out the render paint, painting the front door and adding some window boxes to your uPVC fascias. By adding new jolts of colour, you can make the entrance to your pad so much more welcoming. You might be eager to enjoy a more vibrant style for your humble abode. Not everything needs to be brand new and you can uplift your facade with some simple cheap hacks.

Follow these simple steps and you can enjoy a whole new look for your home without spending a small fortune.


How to Have a Smooth Divorce after 50


The process of divorce, especially when it comes to a long marriage, can definitely leave you shaken up. Getting separated from your spouse after 50 can leave a financial and emotional toll on you, but it can also teach you many good life lessons. If you’re hoping for a smooth divorce after a long marriage, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Create an inventory of assets

Many times, one partner handles the couple’s finances while the other one has no clue about what’s happening. The person handling finances usually has a good idea of how much money they hold, how valuable are your assets and how much cash is in your savings accounts. If you’re the partner that needs to get up to speed with your finances, make sure to take inventory of all your assets before you start splitting them. Check your bank account as well, together with tracking your retirement accounts and life insurance policies.

Study the legal process of divorce

One of the most important decisions you need to make is on the subject of the type of your divorce. This is a legal process that requires lawyerly input and it can be done in various ways. It also depends on if you are having an amicable divorce or a bitter one. For the latter, you can choose a traditional divorce that involves the couple hiring lawyers and heading to court without prior mediation. If you think you can work out a solution then you can find a solicitor who assists with marital mediation such as Jennifer Croker. If you enlist attorneys and engage in four-way sessions to resolve issues in an attempt to agree to an out-of-court settlement, you can choose a collaborative divorce. In places like Australia, you can’t engage in fast divorce, so consider that as well.

Hire professionals

As you can see from the previous bullet point, divorce is not easy. Actually, you and your lawyer might work together for months to go over all the sensitive issues of divorce. Also, every country has different divorce laws. In Australia, the law is that you need to make parenting and property arrangements outside of divorce, so you’ll need to hire a lawyer. Luckily, you can easily find a family lawyer in Brisbane ready to help with every step of the process. Experienced professionals will help with splitting assets, negotiating child custody arrangements, obtaining spousal support and child support, applying or responding to a protection order application and other. Make sure to choose a lawyer who fits your budget and is trained according to your needs. Whether you find the best family law firms melbourne, Brisbane, or wherever in the world you are, or you decide to go it solo and represent yourself, always be prepared for what could potentially happen. Some people do go to court and represent themselves, however, if you are not that aware of family law, then you will need legal support.

Consider whether you want to keep the house

Oftentimes, both parties want to keep the family home, but make sure to think long and hard about whether you really want to keep it. Sure, it might be your refuge and moving might disrupt your life, but a house can be a serious money pit, especially with only just one person close to retirement paying for upkeep, taxes and repairs. Before you decide to stay in your family home or go to court for it, consider whether you can afford the mortgage and other costs associated with the property.

Go to therapy

Divorces after 50 usually involve breaking a marriage that lasted for decades, so it can introduce many changes in your life. Before you start freaking out, examine your feelings (are you angry, scared, sad, happy?) and act accordingly. Understanding your emotions is always easier with the help of a trained therapist. A professional will help you make the right decisions and proceed with the divorce and the rest of your life.

Getting a late-life divorce can help people learn a lot of unexpected lessons about life and ourselves. You will discover a whole new world of identities and strengths you have and learn how to appreciate the time spent alone. Also, these tips above will help you get your share of the money and properties so you can enjoy your newly-found freedom without any worries.


Saving The Pennies Where It Counts In 2021'

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Many of us have had to make renewed and difficult financial decisions in the last year. Some have lost their jobs on account of Covid-19 and its associated societal lockdowns. Some may have found themselves having to cope with a reduced workload, or in spending renewed time looking after their children now that they cannot rely on childminding services, or perhaps simply having more people at home at one time means that feeding the family with full meals three times a day is placing a little more strain on your weekly grocery costs.

Odds are, you’re spending more right now. That’s why taking some time to figure out how to save there pennies where you can could potentially help you enjoy a better, more confident and more enjoyable sense of relief at the end of the week, when you come to budget your spending power.

Of course, we must also keep in mind that many of us are living home-led lifestyles at the moment, which also suggests that we can’t restrict our spending too much for fear of ‘going without.’ Let’s see what this might mean in practice:

Making Your Own Home Repairs

It can be worthwhile to make your own home repairs, if you can spend the time, energy and know-how doing so. For instance, it might be that reading this article on lawn mower sharpening at The Art of Doing Stuff allows you to save potentially hundreds in unnecessarily replacing this unit. 

Simple things, such as sanding and revarnishing a damaged table, or restructuring a hanging bracket in your wardrobe - these things can help save time and ensure you don’t have to spend wantonly, at least this year.

Using Promotional Discounts At Stores

There’s no shame in shopping off-brand, or waiting until certain promotional discounts are applied, or waiting for sales, or using coupons. Right now, they can provide a very necessary survival effort for people trying to help pay for their family’s way. You may also find that using loyalty points and schemes offered by subscriptions you already utilize can be important. For instance, you might decide to shop your groceries with Amazon, as a subscription already helps you gain free delivery. This kind of enterprising effort, viewing your options where they can be found, can really help you and your home in the long run.

Supporting Businesses In Their Covid Promotions

It can be a good idea to support businesses through their Covid-specific promotions. What does this mean? Well, many small businesses are putting together deals, enhanced services (like delivery for free), and bundle offers that can help you save money, and it also ensures you can support your local enterprise. For instance, it might be that to negotiate a great deal with a butcher you purchase a freezer’s worth of meet at once, helping them lift their stock, and helping you save plenty of money in the long run. Further examples like this show how careful prioritisation of your spending often bears fruit.

With this advice, we hope you can save the pennies where it counts, especially in 2021.


Home Maintenance - It's A Project!'

 It doesn’t matter if you own or rent your home; there are some things that every person needs to keep on top of. There is nothing worse than having items in your home breakdown or be broken when they could have been maintained. Of course, some of those items are easier said than done, and most of them will need a professional.

Owning or renting a whole is a pretty big responsibility; however, it can become more like smooth sailing with a simple checklist of regular things to do.

You need to make sure that you have simple things like batteries in your smoke alarm, look at how you can make your home mode resistant, how do you clean your roof and more.

Setting yourself simple seasonal goals can make looking after your home more comfortable. It can also help you avoid some of those more significant and costly repairs.

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Here are a few of the things that you need to check in on regularly

  • Exterior walls

  • All of your large appliances

  • AC and heating

  • Security systems

  • Your garden

  • Electrics

  • Plumbing

There are some jobs on this list that you can tackle yourself simply by checking out some YouTube tutorials. There are some on here that you’re going to need a professional for instead.

Monthly checklist

If you stay on top of each of these tasks every month, you are more likely to be able to spot a repair that needs to be done. From time to time, there will be emergency repair jobs, so it is also worth making sure that you have the number for an emergency electrician and emergency plumber

  • Run your taps for a few seconds, listen for any strange noises like banging, check for debris that has built up inside of the faucet, unblock all of the drains inside and outside of the property.

  • Give the showerhead a deep clean, use white vinegar and bicarbonate soda for this.

  • Check all of your visible cables and chords for words tears, nibbles, and damage.

  • Test all of your smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and test carbon monoxide alarms. Most of these do you have a button you can press to test them.

  • If you have garbage disposal units, make sure you clean them thoroughly, using the manufacturers’ instructions or crushed ice cubes. After you have done this, you can then flush it with baking soda and hot water.


A general tip to keep on top of the cleaning is to make it a regular thing. Most of us tidy almost every day, but a deep clean takes more time. If you don’t happen to have work or other commitments, a Sunday is usually one of the best days to clean

Try to do all of the bedsheets, vacuuming, and all of those places that you miss during a general tidy. This also means that you will start every Monday with a beautifully clean home. Cleaning up regularly, in this case weekly, will stop any buildup of the jobs that you hate, making them much easier to tackle.

Having a clean one valve maintained home might get a place that you are want to be.


How To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

 There’s often nothing worse than opening your front door to be greeted with a foul odour, especially if you’re accompanied by guests or planning on inviting friends and family round. It can seem really difficult to keep your home smelling fresh and clean, as there are many features which can encourage a long lasting bad smell that lingers like nothing else can. Luckily, there are an equal number of handy tips and useful tricks that you can make the most of to combat any odour inside your property, and it’s never been easier to get started today. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best steps that you can follow today to encourage your home to smell as fresh as possible in no time at all. 

Image Source - Pexels 

Open A Window 

One of the worst decisions that you can make when it comes to keeping your home smelling fresh is to close all of your windows, as you need to leave at least one open even if it’s just a little crack. Leaving a window open will open up the opportunity for the breeze to flow through, taking any old stale air from inside and replacing it with fresh air from outside. It’s a good idea to keep two windows open, one at each side of your property, as this will create a kind of flow that encourages the correct circulation. It’s also a good idea to open your windows wide in the morning when you throw the covers back after leaving the bed, as this will help to refresh your bedroom after a long night. The morning breeze can be extremely refreshing, so it’s particularly helpful to make the most of such an opportunity in the hot summer months. 

Vacuum Often 

A great way to stay on top of the cleaning whilst also maintaining a fresh scent inside your home is by vacuuming often. Visiting a website such as www.bestvacuumfor.com will show you just how many options are available to help you perform your home maintenance, as there are hundreds of different choices that suit each individual home. For example, you may require a high power suction vacuum if you have pets who leave their fur around, whilst a wet and dry vacuum can be great for families whose children often cause spills and other smelly messes. Vacuuming will help to remove the surface layer of dirt inside your property that often carries a heavy scent, helping to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. You needn’t spend hours vacuuming behind television sets and underneath sofas, as the main surface area inside each room (ie the floor) is likely to carry the most dirt and bacteria. 

Utilise Candles & More 

There are so many different options when it comes to adding a glorious scent to your home, as you can utilise candles, wax melts, incense, room spray, diffusers and so much more. It’s a brilliant idea to head down to your local home based store to identify some of your favourite scents, as they often create entire ranges that you can purchase to really make your house smell like a home. Lighting a candle can release a slow scent that can fill a room over several hours, whilst something such as incense is far more intense and fast acting. Utilising a room spray or fabric mist can refresh any space in an instant, so it’s perfect for a last minute spritz before your guests arrive. A brilliant creation that’s taken the home care world by storm in recent years is the plug in diffuser, as you can now purchase electronic scent boosters that you can attach into your wall for a super long lasting sweet smell. If you want to take it back to basics and avoid any posh or expensive products, simply utilised essential oils around your home can make a huge difference. Dab some essential oil or extract onto a towel and place this over your radiator the next time you turn it on, or simply dip some tissue and leave in on your windowsill to dry and evaporate in the sunshine. 

Keeping your home smelling fresh and clean has never been so simple when you can take the time to make the most of the brilliant tips and tricks that have been carefully detailed above. Start off by allowing a breeze to flow through your home to circulate some fresh air, and always vacuum to remove dust and dirt. 

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