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The security of our homes is so important in so many ways. Not only does it keep us and our properties safe, but it also provides us with a feeling of psychological safety too. According to the FBI, there were over 1.1 million burglaries in the US in 2019. 

Yes, that does sound like a huge number, but it is a huge decrease of 48 per cent compared to figures published in 2010. One of the reasons for this decrease is the advancement of home security technology. 

The good news is, this technology is becoming more affordable all the time, so everyone can take extra steps to make their home more secure. 

  1. Strengthen potential points of entry

Getting into the habit of locking your doors and windows is one of the easiest ways to prevent opportunistic thieves from getting into your home. An unlocked door or open window is an invitation you don’t want to send. 

If you have any damaged and broken doors or windows, you need to get these fixed as a priority. Your new windows and replacements should comply with the latest safety and security standards. In fact, many home insurance policies require a certain standard of locks to be fitted to your windows and doors. If you try to claim and you’re found not to have these, your insurance could be invalidated. 

  1. Install an alarm

Home burglar alarms are a great deterrent against unwanted visitors when you’re not home. Alarm system homes is one of the  newer models that can be controlled from your smartphone. So if you forget to set the alarm on your way out, you can do it remotely. You can also receive alerts if your alarm is triggered, allowing you to call the authorities. 

There are also alarms that connect you directly to the alarm company, who can alert the police on your behalf. 

  1. Use external security lights

Fitting a few motion-sensitive lights to the outside of your home can make it a less appealing prospect for people looking to break in. Not only will the bright light potentially attract the attention of you or your neighbors, no one wants to try and break into a home when an intense spotlight is shining directly on them. 

  1. Connect-security cameras

Camera technology has come so far in the last ten years. A CCTV system would have cost you thousands of dollars in the past, but now you can buy excellent quality, internet-connected cameras from places like Amazon and build your own security network. 

Depending on the model you buy, you can have motion-activated, night vision and other features. Cameras are not only good for deterring crime but if your property is broken into or damaged, then you have a recording of it that can be used to catch the people responsible and used as evidence. 

  1. Use automation when you’re on vacation

If you’re away from home for a while, then you’re house is going to stick out like a sore thumb and will be vulnerable to break-ins. You want people to think that you’re still at home. In the past, people have used light timers to switch a lamp or two on, but home automation has come a long way since then. Using your home assistants such as an Amazon Alexa or Google Home Hub. You can make it seems more convincing. With the addition of a few smart bulbs and plugs, you can control many items inside of your home. 

There are apps you can use to simulate being at home. You can have lights turn on and off at random in different rooms and even turn on TVs and radios. 

  1. Secure your wi-fi

A number of these security tips rely on the tech that needs to be connected to your internet connection. If your wi-fi network is not secure, then it is vulnerable to being hacked. Not only could someone access your personal and financial data, but could potentially control your security devices. 

Some simple ways to keep your wi-fi secure include: 

  • Changing the default username and password 

  • Use a complicated password you don’t use on any other account

  • Limiting access

  • Enabling encryption

Apply good password security on all of your devices as they will contain the details of your wireless network too.  Accordingly, if you are concerned about the security of your WiFi network then switching to a high-speed option such as HTC internet can provide additional peace of mind that your network is safe. Some internet service providers offer more security features than others and therefore it is important to research a few different ISPs to ensure that you get the network security that you need.

  1. Install a safe 

A safe is a good idea if you have items that are very valuable or are of sentimental value. Most home thieves won’t have the skills to break into a safe, even if they find it. 

  1. Buy the right insurance

Many people make the mistake of focussing on price alone when it comes to buying home insurance, assuming that they will be covered. Policies can be very different across different insurance companies. When considering which one to buy, it’s important that you check all of the terms and conditions. 

Many policies require you to have certain security measures in place already, such as specific door and window locks. High-value items often need to be valued and recorded on the policy individually.  These can include antiques, collectables, jewellery and technology. 


Securing your home against break-ins is an important part of keeping your home safe. The key to keeping your home secure is to start with the basics, such as upgrading your door and window locks, a then building from there. Getting into the habit of always locking your doors and windows is a good idea too as no amount of locks will help if you don’t use them. 

Depending on the size of your property, and your budget, there are a number of systems you can choose. If you are comfortable with technology, you can implement a lot of these systems yourself. If on the other hand, you aren’t good with that kind of thing, then it might be a better choice to get a security company in that can set everything up for you and show you how to use it. 

By putting even a few of these measures in place, you can be a little more confident about the safety of your home and possessions. 

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