Saving The Pennies Where It Counts In 2021'

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Many of us have had to make renewed and difficult financial decisions in the last year. Some have lost their jobs on account of Covid-19 and its associated societal lockdowns. Some may have found themselves having to cope with a reduced workload, or in spending renewed time looking after their children now that they cannot rely on childminding services, or perhaps simply having more people at home at one time means that feeding the family with full meals three times a day is placing a little more strain on your weekly grocery costs.

Odds are, you’re spending more right now. That’s why taking some time to figure out how to save there pennies where you can could potentially help you enjoy a better, more confident and more enjoyable sense of relief at the end of the week, when you come to budget your spending power.

Of course, we must also keep in mind that many of us are living home-led lifestyles at the moment, which also suggests that we can’t restrict our spending too much for fear of ‘going without.’ Let’s see what this might mean in practice:

Making Your Own Home Repairs

It can be worthwhile to make your own home repairs, if you can spend the time, energy and know-how doing so. For instance, it might be that reading this article on lawn mower sharpening at The Art of Doing Stuff allows you to save potentially hundreds in unnecessarily replacing this unit. 

Simple things, such as sanding and revarnishing a damaged table, or restructuring a hanging bracket in your wardrobe - these things can help save time and ensure you don’t have to spend wantonly, at least this year.

Using Promotional Discounts At Stores

There’s no shame in shopping off-brand, or waiting until certain promotional discounts are applied, or waiting for sales, or using coupons. Right now, they can provide a very necessary survival effort for people trying to help pay for their family’s way. You may also find that using loyalty points and schemes offered by subscriptions you already utilize can be important. For instance, you might decide to shop your groceries with Amazon, as a subscription already helps you gain free delivery. This kind of enterprising effort, viewing your options where they can be found, can really help you and your home in the long run.

Supporting Businesses In Their Covid Promotions

It can be a good idea to support businesses through their Covid-specific promotions. What does this mean? Well, many small businesses are putting together deals, enhanced services (like delivery for free), and bundle offers that can help you save money, and it also ensures you can support your local enterprise. For instance, it might be that to negotiate a great deal with a butcher you purchase a freezer’s worth of meet at once, helping them lift their stock, and helping you save plenty of money in the long run. Further examples like this show how careful prioritisation of your spending often bears fruit.

With this advice, we hope you can save the pennies where it counts, especially in 2021.

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