Review- Where Has Polly Gone?

What an adorable little story for kids, I read it numerous times my self, read it to my daughter and she was loving it.

Where Has Polly Gone? is a comedic adventure story based on Math and it promotes ADD/ADHD awareness.

There are 4 characters
Mrs Heed
Netta's Mother

Check this book out, it will have your kids falling in love with Math and realizing Polygons are all around them. 
Where to buy this book

I was given this book in exchange for my honest review, all thoughts are my own 


The End

Beginning Jan' 14
This blog will be no more
relax.. it is time to move on..
Why you ask....
1) The anonymous/ hate comments and hate mail is to much , so a fresh new start.

2) I have decided I want to purchase my own domain and change things up around here, it has been almost 2 years here and I am ready to purchase my own domain.

So take part and help me out, I have compiled a lists of names that have come forward, please select your favourite one/s, it is all anonymous and I just want to know what you guys think because you are all special to me :)

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Family Pictures

I am framing this to go above our bed ~ He is All Mine 


Wednesdays for Women- 23 things women should stop doing

It is conventional wisdom that we’re our own worst enemies and despite the cliche, the idea rings true. We often drive ourselves insane striving for perfection in our experiences, relationships and selves, and honestly it just becomes exhausting. 
1. Apologizing all the time. Research has shown that women actually do say “sorry” more often than men. We’re all for taking responsibility when you make a mistake -- but constantly apologizing for having your waiter split the check or asking a date to hang out on a different night or telling a friend about your problems, does more harm than good. There’s no need to qualify everything you do. Own your preferences and decisions.
2. Saying “yes” to everyone else. Yes, I will meet you for coffee even though I’m exhausted and just want to go home and crawl into bed. Yes, I will edit your resume even though I’m swamped with my own work. Yes, I will go on a double date with you, your almost-boyfriend and his awful friend who’s in town. Stop saying “yes” when you don’t truly mean it. People actually respect you more when you set boundaries.
3. Saying “no” to yourself. A lot of women spend a whole lot of time deciding what we can’t do or shouldn’t do or aren’t good enough to do. Don’t allow your insecurities and anxieties to make your decisions for you -- you’ll only end up missing out on worthwhile experiences. So go talk to that group of people you think you won’t fit in with, stay out late against your better judgment every once in awhile and treat yourself to that blowout even if you don’t really need it.
4. Viewing food as the enemy. Women often receive the message that our ultimate worth lies in our looks. Our hair should be smoothed or perfectly curled, our makeup on at all times -- but natural-looking -- and our bodies bangin’ (read: thin). In the quest to achieve these impossible standards, it’s easy to see food as something to contend with rather than to enjoy. Be cognizant of what you put in your body -- after all, it’s the only one you have -- but try to do away with the guilt. Savor every bite of that gnocchi with gorgonzola or that Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream or those fresh cherry tomatoes. Food should not come with regrets. As Nora Ephron wrote, “I have made a lot of mistakes falling in love, and regretted most of them, but never the potatoes that went with them.”
postres de cada signo
5. Body-snarking -- out loud or in your own head. Stop putting your looks down, period. Nothing good will ever come of it, unless you’re working through body issues with your therapist.
6. Feeling like an impostor when you accomplish something professionally. Women are more likely than men to feel like “impostors” at work, often doubting whether we deserve the successes we achieve. Start taking your accomplishments at face value. You got that new job or promotion or grade or public recognition because you were worthy of it.
7. Obsessively untagging every “unflattering” photo of you that ever existed online. While it makes sense that you don’t want that photo of you blinking showing up all over your Facebook profile, we probably cause ourselves more anxiety than necessary making sure every image that doesn’t show us in perfect lighting doing something totally amazing goes away. It’s not only just one more way for us to obsess about our looks -- after all, people will post what they’ll post and we have little control -- but online photo albums have largely replaced physical ones. You may not want to remember the unflattering face you made at your brother’s graduation party now, but down the line you might want to conjure the moment.
internet addiction
8. Comparing your real life to someone else’s virtual one. Spending a ton of time obsessing over your own online life can be anxiety-provoking -- but so can obsessing over other peoples’ virtual personas. Research has shown that Facebook addiction is correlated with lower self-esteem. And who wouldn’t feel bad sitting in bed on a Monday night scrolling through your ex’s vacation photo album or the enthusiastic statuses your friend in the fashion industry posted during a celeb-filled party? Instead of playing a constant game of comparison, which studies have shown can actually magnify feelings of depression, just close your laptop and enjoy the present. At least it’s real.
9. Holding on to regrets and guilt. “I’m pretty anti-regret,” Lena Dunham said at the 2012 New Yorker Festival. Guilt and regret are two emotions that usually serve to torture the person feeling them. Acknowledge your regrets and guilts, and then move on to the best of your ability.
10. Wearing heels every day. We love a gorgeous pair of pumps, but embracing comfort (most of the time) will not only make your commute a whole lot more pleasant, but your feet a whole lot happier for years to come. Plus, flat shoes can be super stylish.
heels dress code
11. Judging other women’s sex lives. No woman deserves to be put down for who she sleeps with, how many people she sleeps with or how she chooses to express her sexuality. Next time you’re about to call another woman a “prude” or a “slut” just zip your lips. Even Miley Cyrus and her twerking shouldn’t be slut-shamed.
12. Judging your own sex life. No one needs to know your “number.” And honestly, you probably care a whole lot more about what the sex you’re having (or not having) supposedly says about you than anyone else does.
13. Trying to be “chill.” Maybe you truly are the “cool girl” who loves nothing more than kicking back with a six-pack and a movie. But for those of us who don’t possess the “chill” gene, let’s stop trying. Striving to be the mellow girl at all times keeps us from expressing our needs, desires and opinions.
14. Fearing the label “crazy.” There is no easier way to discredit a woman’s opinion or feelings than to accuse her of being overly emotional. “I don't think this idea that women are ‘crazy,’ is based in some sort of massive conspiracy,” wrote author Yashar Ali in a blog for The Huffington Post in 2011. “Rather, I believe it's connected to the slow and steady drumbeat of women being undermined and dismissed, on a daily basis.” Being scared of the label only encourages women to silence themselves. Plus, everyone has a little bit of crazy inside of them -- regardless of gender.
15. WebMD-ing everything. Your glands may have been swollen for a week but it does not automatically mean that you have a massive tumor in your neck. Step away from the Internet doctor and go see a real one if you’re truly worried.
16. Worrying that your life doesn’t look like Pinterest. You are not Martha Stewart. You will probably never make that DIY floating bookshelf.pinterest
17. Fearing being alone. There are certain things you have control over -- like trying to go on dates, and actively meeting new people -- and others which you simply don’t. Finding a life partner (or even a temporary one) is one of those things. You can’t pinpoint when or where or how you’ll meet someone to spend your life with, so stop freaking yourself out over the idea that you never will. And there are far worse things than being alone. “The most profound relationship we'll ever have is the one with ourselves,” Shirley MacLaine once said. Preach.
18. Being in relationships for the sake of having a relationship. If you’re terrified of being alone, the worst thing you can do is jump into a relationship you don’t really want. Nothing good comes from tying yourself to a person who isn’t right for you simply because you feel the need to couple up. As Nora Ephron wrote when she launched HuffPost Divorce: “Marriages come and go, but divorce is forever.”
19. Not taking advantage of your vacation days. More Americans than ever are for going their (already meager) paid vacation days -- despite the fact that we know that people who take time off are more likely to be healthy, happy and productive workers. We swear, no one will die if you turn off your cell phone and head to the mountains for a long weekend.
20. Holding on to toxic friendships. Banish any Regina George-like frenemies from your life ASAP. Life is too short to waste time with people who make you feel like crap.
21. Spending time with people out of obligation. Just because you spent every waking moment of your elementary school days with someone doesn’t mean you have anything in common with her now. There’s no need to see every old friend and third cousin who passes through your city. Be intentional about who you spend your time with and allow yourself to let some relationships fade away naturally.
22. Being embarrassed about your interests. “ Take a cue from the actress and stop caring what you “should” look like/care about/talk about. If you love girly things, love girly things. If you don’t, don’t. Embrace your lack of knowledge about music, your hockey obsession and your weakness for both “Breaking Bad” and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” And if there’s a particular subject area you don’t know about but you encounter someone who does? Take the opportunity to ask questions.
23. Setting deadlines for major life events. Don’t try to meticulously plan out when you should find love or have babies or get that dream job or buy that amazing brownstone. Enjoy the uncertainty of life and allow yourself to be overjoyed when you hit those milestones or pleasantly surprised when you realize you want to skip out on some of them altogether.


Self Worth

Source ( google search) 

When you look in the mirror and the reflection looking back at you
What do you say about what you see?
Do You look inside and see deeper then what the reflection shows you
What does your heart say about you
How do you view your self

This video has been floating around Social Media and I wanted to share it here with you all, It has a powerful message and as women it is so easy to get down on our selves, espicially when your still single, it is such an amazing feeling when you hear every day that you are beautiful, that they love you etc, I still get weak in the knees.

Watch this video and let it speak to you


Curtis you are 6

Happy Birthday My Sweet Nephew

Dear Curtis,

(dressed as Abraham Lincoln for dress up day) 

I still remember waiting patiently 6 years ago for the call from Mommy that you had arrived, We had no idea if you were going to be a boy or a girl, I cried lots of tears the day you were born, I loved you from the very moment your mommy said she was expecting you. 

I am so proud to be your Auntie, when you came to visit us last summer we had so much fun playing at the park, laughing at your sweet stories, holding your hand, having a sleep over with Brooke in aunties bed, you make us smile and you brighten up our days. 
Auntie loves face timing with you, you always make us laugh a lot. You are a special boy, a big brother now and you love your sister and you let everyone know that she is your sister. 

I love you as if you were my own son, you make me proud just by being you, you are so perfect... 
6 random things about you for your 6th birthday:
You are mommy's special helper. 
You love coffee ( asked for a Starbucks gift card for his bday)
You love school
You sing in the choir now
You make friends easily
You love to run and jump a true boy 

Have the best birthday ever my sweet boy, I would love to be there to celebrate with you but that isn't possible so a face time date it will be. 

Love you so much, to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond. xoxoxo

Auntie T and uncle A
and best cousin Brooke ( only cousin so i can say that)


Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday to the First Man i ever loved

My Daddy 

Dear Dad,

So glad to have spent another year with you on this earth, your accident last week had us all scared but so glad you are ok.

I thank you for every thing you have ever did from when I was first born to now 31 years later, you still say i'm your little girl even though I am the oldest, I get spoiled by you, I can confide in you, I can share secrets with you. 

You always make sure we are home before you can sleep and you have always been that way. 
Thank you for raising me to know Jesus, for bringing me to church, for teaching me to follow my heart, thank you for saying Yes when Andrew asked you for me, walking me down the aisle, giving me away. It was the happiest day of my life to have you by my side

When we told you, you were going to be a Grandpa- you were so excited for that first baby, you treat her like a princess, you spoil her in all the right ways . When she was born you drove 9 hours to see her so you could see her for her first day on this earth, i still remember at 10 pm when you came into my room at the hospital and held her for the first time.

How you prayed for me when I was going for my lung surgery, having you walk to the OR doors gave me a peace over the situation. 
I could sit here all night and write all the reasons I am thankful for you. 

Dad we are so fortunate to have you in our lives. 
May this be the best birthday year for you. 



It's Ok Link Up

Nugget On A Budget
It's Ok
- I am working an 11 hour shift today on 4 hours sleep #cranky much

- Im wishing today was over already so I could be snuggled up in my bed watching hockey

- there is alot of candy treats on my desk #incentives

-I am dreading the next two days without my supervisor

- that i got upset with another supervisor today bc i am tired of him picking on people on our team, we are awesome and we rock it and he isnt happy, so I had enough and kindly told him if my supervisor has an issue she can come to us #badmood


Weekend Recap

Woke up to a sick baby girl who had no school today but couldn't go to day care, she felt like she was going to be puking, so i gave her medication and we went back to bed for another hour or so and then Daddy stayed home with her while I went to work- So thankful that he is able to stay home when it's needed, my hubby has the best job in the world, he works hard for us and it shows how much his employer respects him from his pay scale and the raises he gets.
When I got to work I realized I was an hour late, I was supposed to work at 8 am and I didn't get there til 9, I couldn't believe I was late, I always work 9-5:30, oh well it happens. I made up for it though bc I had a great sales day, so my supervisor was ok with it, not that she wouldn't be anyway, I can't say it enough she is incredible. a Co worker brought me an early present

Left at 2 pm for treatment, it was one of the better ones for sure, came home and took a nap with my baby girl while we sent daddy out to get groceries ( i am not a grocery shopper, worst chore ever) for dinner we just did
Honey garlic wings, BBQ wings, jalepeno poppers and mozza sticks while we watched the game.
I then did some more work to a slide show presentation that i am working on for Pastor Appreciation Sunday (20th), I am not the best at doing those things, but i am hoping i can get it to work out

Saturday: the day i become another year older- I felt so much love, facebook was blown up all day with over 200 people sending me wishes, plus the private messages and the text message, the phone calls and the in person messages i got so emotional because I had no idea I was so loved.
Brooke made me breakfast in bed this morning
this was the best french toast i have ever eaten, It is one of my favourite things to have for breakfast. 
We went into town and did some shopping,  went and visited the new Super Centre Wal Mart- it was crazy busy but it was nice and great prices, I wanted to find some shoes for my birthday but I couldn't find anything I liked.. so I'll keep my birthday money from my parents and wait til I find something. 
Brooke had a birthday party at 2 pm, so we dropped her off and hubby and I had a date, we had a great time together, love that man so much, Brooke got the coolest Tattoo while at the party
it is the first time i have seen this and it is amazing and cool. 
We went to dinner at Montana's, i got their fajitas and this apple cobbler for dessert
We went shopping at the fish store after dinner, I wanted a new fish and I got one, I will share pictures later but right now i'm to lazy to go down stairs and take one. 
Birthday Presents were:
3 dresses
1 jacket
Iphone case
stationery stuff
some of the girls at work got me some things as well. They treat me well 
Tidied the house a bit when I got home- I didn't do any deep cleaning because its my birthday and I shouldn't have to right :p

This sweet baby girl {Melita} was born today at 8:06 pm on my birthday, her momma is a great friend of mine that works with me, I am so ticked and I cannot wait to meet her tomorrow
it made my birthday that much more special to share it with her. 
Congrats Tara, I am so proud of you. 

I helped out in Sunday School today because of the long weekend here, the SS teacher that took over my class has gone away for the weekend for a wedding, so I helped out. 
The kids had a cake for me and sang Happy Birthday, was so nice to be there again. 
My Secret Sister gave me a birthday present as well, I feel so loved. 
Moses and his girlfriend came over after sunday night service and we had nachos and watched hockey:) 
I fell asleep early and felt so rude but I couldn't stay awake. 

Thanksgiving here in Canada-
WE got invited out for Thanksgiving lunch, it is a big deal here to have a turkey with all the fixings for Thanksgiving, it was a lovely time. 
There were beautiful desserts as well
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pumpkin Pie
apple Crumble that was truly the best I have ever eaten.

We had a great time then we took a drive to this place

I love Covered bridges, this isn't a great picture because it was dusk and it was raining, I was so excited that it is so close to us 

We had a great Long weekend, Have you?


Today is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for this year

My family: 

My parents, my in-laws, my sister my brother, and my best friend Andrew and my perfect daughter Brooke. I wouldn’t be here without you. I mean that. Life wouldn’t be worth living anymore if I didn’t have you. For everything you have done, and everything you continue to do to make me believe that life is worth getting out of bed for in the morning. You continue to shape who I am and how I grow as a person. Thank you.

 Friends are the family you get to choose. And you are all the best decisions I have ever made. I have had a lot of the same best friends for over 20 years. Through my highest highs, and my lowest lows. I love you more than life. I also have a lot of friends who have recently come into my life, over just the last few years. They didn’t need to stick by me. They weren’t obligated by time and circumstance to do so. But they did. And they have shown how truly blessed I am to have each and every one of them in my life. I have never been somebody who trusts, or lets people in easily. But you are here for a reason. I only hope that someday I am able to be the kind of friend to you that you have been to me. You have believed in me so much, that I am actually starting to believe in myself. You love me for simply being me. You are once in a lifetime kind of people. 

My Church and my Church Family:
Moving here we knew a couple people but when we found our now home church, we have met some of the most amazing people, they make us feel loved and wanted, we are so blessed. 

I wrote this blog expecting no one to read it but my close family and friends. And they’re here. But so are so many other people who only know me in passing, or don’t know me at all.  Over 600 regular readers.  I love each of you so much and I am so thankful for you. 

Another Year:
We are not even promised tomorrow so we need to be thankful for each day as they come and make the most of it. 

Have a Great Monday my friends, we are spending the day with some  church friends who wanted to make sure we wouldn't be alone for the holiday and she is an amazing cook 


31 years

In celebration of my 31st Birthday, I decided to list 31 random facts about me

1) I love my birthday, love the day to be all about me :p
2) I do not drive- have no desire to get my drivers license
3) I love Michael Jackson 
4) I love to spoil people with presents 
5) I love to socialize, but it totally exhausts me.
6) I dont know how to swim
7) I collect keychains and notebooks
8) I used to have 80 pairs of shoes, now I'm down to about 40
9) I am a shopper and could spend hours in the mall 
10) I love Orange juice with ice
11) My drink of choice would be milk
12) I love to laugh
13) I would love to have another baby
14) I am a Apple product girl
15) I would love to travel the world, like buy a RV and just travel, hubby thinks i'm crazy
16) Lady bugs really scare me
17) I use to be scared to stay alone, now i don't mind it, how things changes when your a mom
18) I dont have any allergies
19) I dont particularly enjoy music, what i mean is I don't have to have music on to clean etc 
20) I cried when i first got my period- i thought there was something seriously wrong with my body 
21) I dropped out of University because I got homesick 
22) My only ever boyfriend was my husband 
23) I love to drink tea
24) I am a Boston Bruins Fan
25) I am addicted to the game show " Minute to win it"
26) I play clarinet
27) I love to go camping
28) The first meal i made as a new wife was a boxed pizza and sliced my finger open while doing it 
29) I knew i was going to marry him when i met him at 13
30) I love spicy food but due to IC i cannot have it
31) My go to food is Pizza- Yum, anytime of the day or night 

My wish for me this year is to have the best year yet. 

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