Today is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for this year

My family: 

My parents, my in-laws, my sister my brother, and my best friend Andrew and my perfect daughter Brooke. I wouldn’t be here without you. I mean that. Life wouldn’t be worth living anymore if I didn’t have you. For everything you have done, and everything you continue to do to make me believe that life is worth getting out of bed for in the morning. You continue to shape who I am and how I grow as a person. Thank you.

 Friends are the family you get to choose. And you are all the best decisions I have ever made. I have had a lot of the same best friends for over 20 years. Through my highest highs, and my lowest lows. I love you more than life. I also have a lot of friends who have recently come into my life, over just the last few years. They didn’t need to stick by me. They weren’t obligated by time and circumstance to do so. But they did. And they have shown how truly blessed I am to have each and every one of them in my life. I have never been somebody who trusts, or lets people in easily. But you are here for a reason. I only hope that someday I am able to be the kind of friend to you that you have been to me. You have believed in me so much, that I am actually starting to believe in myself. You love me for simply being me. You are once in a lifetime kind of people. 

My Church and my Church Family:
Moving here we knew a couple people but when we found our now home church, we have met some of the most amazing people, they make us feel loved and wanted, we are so blessed. 

I wrote this blog expecting no one to read it but my close family and friends. And they’re here. But so are so many other people who only know me in passing, or don’t know me at all.  Over 600 regular readers.  I love each of you so much and I am so thankful for you. 

Another Year:
We are not even promised tomorrow so we need to be thankful for each day as they come and make the most of it. 

Have a Great Monday my friends, we are spending the day with some  church friends who wanted to make sure we wouldn't be alone for the holiday and she is an amazing cook 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Terri! It's always nice to see people list the things they are thankful for. How sweet of your church to spend the holiday with you, too.

  2. It is heartwarming that you are so reflective of all that you are grateful for. I've been setting a daily mantra of waking up with gratitude for a brand new day. We do need to be thankful - as no day is guaranteed. xx

  3. Great post!! Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  4. You always seem so thankful for the great things in your life! This is a nice post. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving.


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