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Hey, its ok if...

1) I am feeling very lazy and do not want to do anything at all right now.. all i want to do is get some blogs scheduled and watch TV

2) i am super pumped about these babies that I got online and cannot wait til they arrive

3) I came home from work today and hubby cooked dinner, he made chilli- great dinner for a cold rainy day
( I always feel guilty when he cooks, but he does so good)

4) I need to take time for myself, away from everything and technology

5) i am so excited for my birthday to come, I just like to be able to eat cake without feeling guilty

Whats "OK" in your world this week??


  1. That chili looks good! I'll be making some soon when it gets cold in this neck of the woods! :)

  2. Love those heels Terri! And yes, I was just contemplating making chili for dinner tonight, such a good fall meal. It looks delicious. Thanks for linking up to It's Okay :)

  3. I love those shoes. Gorgeous. :)

    It is absolutely okay to take some time out for yourself. You are honouring your soul which is never a bad thing. xo Tami

  4. Love the shoes and now I want some cake too! It's ok to take time for yourself .

  5. That cake looks delicious and with a massive sweet tooth, I might just consume the whole thing!

  6. Feeling a little less-than-motivated this week too. Perhaps it's the change in weather, not sure!

  7. Ohhh, birthdays ARE a good reason to eat cake without guilt!! :) I'm remembering that next year too, guaranteed. :)

  8. LOVE those shoes!!!!!!!!!!! and yes, get the h*** away from computers, social media and even tv at least one night a week. I've been doing it regularly for a month now and it's amazing how refreshed I feel after my night off!


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