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- I am working an 11 hour shift today on 4 hours sleep #cranky much

- Im wishing today was over already so I could be snuggled up in my bed watching hockey

- there is alot of candy treats on my desk #incentives

-I am dreading the next two days without my supervisor

- that i got upset with another supervisor today bc i am tired of him picking on people on our team, we are awesome and we rock it and he isnt happy, so I had enough and kindly told him if my supervisor has an issue she can come to us #badmood


  1. Four hours of sleep! You must be exhausted! Hang in there mama! Tomorrow is a new day. xx

  2. Yikes, four hours sleep with an 11 hour shift. No fun. Hope you get nice restful sleep tonight!

  3. Oh Terri ~ I totally feel your pain on only 4 hours of sleep! I know how it is. Although do you think it's bad that I'm getting used to those 4 hours being enough? Yikes! Hope you're getting more restful sleep now...and thanks for linking up to It's Okay :)


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