Review: Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife

The title of this book caught my eye... 
There are many people who suffer from Domestic abuse. 

In 1967 Ruth Tucker fell in love. She was at Word of Life Island in the heart of the Adirondacks when she met a tall, handsome young man who swept her off her feet. Romance blossomed and was followed by walks, talks, letters, and courtship. Even at this time she began to notice concerns, little warning signs that perhaps this man was too demanding and controlling. But in the blush of young love she overlooked his flaws and soon they were married. 

They settled into life together, she as an academic and he as a pastor. It did not take long before she was exposed to all manner of abuse—emotional, spiritual, physical, and sexual. For 19 years she endured this marriage before she finally escaped. They were later divorced. She tells this biographical account throughout the book, pausing often to draw lessons from it.

Review: If my people

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of the book If My People: A Prayer Guide for Our Nation to review.  This lovely little book is a forty day journey of prayer for our nation. The focus of the book is religious freedoms.  The author makes the point that many of our forefathers went to great lengths to protect the ability to worship freely, and now those freedoms are in jeopardy of being taken away for Christians.

In terms of its organization and structure, the book as a whole contains 40 days worth of prayer along with various other interludes that examine how American leaders, including several presidents, saw God’s word 

Each of the 40 days of devotion take two very small pocket-sized pages beginning with a short prayer, then showing a verse or short passage on the first page, then the second page begins with a different verse or short passage and a short explanation of the need for that particular prayer. 

There are insets on Roosevelt’s four freedoms, the foundation of much of the contemporary push for socialism in the name of justice within our society, and also insets on why we should vote, a subject that many of the explanations discuss in one form or another. The book, as a whole, takes less than 120 pages to give 40 days worth of praying over the political fate of our country.


Weekend Recap

Another weekend that past way to fast.
It was the last weekend with my mom so we made the most of it,  Friday evening her and I went to a Ladies Retreat, it was a great weekend and the speaker was a 90 year old lady, she did amazing so here are some pictures

My mom and I with a lady from church 

My mom and I with her... 
so inspiring and encouraging at 90 years old. 

Mom and I 

My Pastor's wife and I 

After it was done we went to a Chinese restaurant next door, it was a late night but a good night 

A early morning because we had decided to go for breakfast to Cora's.. here is what I had

a mountain of fruit waffle it was so good. 

We went back to the conference for the morning sessions,  I bought 3 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses, a tank top and a plaid shirt as well as a purse... then lunch and then we had to leave to take my mom back to meet my aunt for the next week then she is back home 
We decided to take a visit to Bass Pro Shop.. it was a cool spot 

Then we said our good bye's and until July Momma. 

We had morning service, then went to lunch at Swiss Chalet, 
and I needed to get groceries but I never did go, came home and took a long nap and will get groceries tomorrow. 

Have a great week friends. Love you all 


Home Owners

When we moved here almost 4 years ago I don't think either of realized that we would be here for much more then the contract date, it was initially for 3 years, now we are far into year 4 and no end date in sight, so we decided we are staying here, hubby can work from home come June so we needed a office space for him… 
So we just made a big purchase and here it is:
Here is the most beautiful sign.

Chateau Grothe. We do not move in until the 2nd of August, very long closing date but we needed that because of our lease in here

Living room.

Dining room 

My Kitchen that I am in love with

another view of kitchen 

Hall way 

Entry way 

Powder room with laundry room

Main bath 

Master bedroom- it isn't as big as ours now and the closet is small but we will make it work.

Brooke's bedroom

Hubby's office 

Back patio


Fire pit. 

we are very excited and may secretly wishing the summer away. 


Picture Heavy- Weekend Recap

One week at my job and so far I really do like it, I am doing a lot of simply accounting which keeps me very busy, time flies and I like it that way. 

After work we went out to celebrate ur new home, my job and hubby’s raise. Great week all around. it is hard for me to eat because I had dental surgery yesterday, face isn’t swollen like it was yesterday. 

We met some friends there who are in town , we had a good time with much laughter. They also came over last night for a fun night as well. I grew up with Melissa who is the second on the right. Beautiful girl. 

Official Home Owners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today we made the announcement to everyone when we went with the realtor to put the SOLD sign out front. 

My Mom with Brooke and I 

Home is where ever I am with those two <3 
I will be sharing more pictures very soon. 
We then had to come back to our current home with the realtor to get it listed and on the market, we then met up with friends at the market for a fun time. 

We did some shopping then she left to go home to her babies... Come back soon Melissa. 

My adopted sister and her family came for the first BBQ of the season. 
Her sweet little boy is 4 months now and so so precious

He is so precious. He loved grandma 

We were not not he set up team today so we slept in an extra hour, thankfully. 
We had morning service then came home and had lunch and naps, then we went back for music practice and evening service. We went to Burger King after PM service. 

Now another week has begun and it has turned out to be a full packed week. 

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