Picture Heavy- Weekend Recap

One week at my job and so far I really do like it, I am doing a lot of simply accounting which keeps me very busy, time flies and I like it that way. 

After work we went out to celebrate ur new home, my job and hubby’s raise. Great week all around. it is hard for me to eat because I had dental surgery yesterday, face isn’t swollen like it was yesterday. 

We met some friends there who are in town , we had a good time with much laughter. They also came over last night for a fun night as well. I grew up with Melissa who is the second on the right. Beautiful girl. 

Official Home Owners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today we made the announcement to everyone when we went with the realtor to put the SOLD sign out front. 

My Mom with Brooke and I 

Home is where ever I am with those two <3 
I will be sharing more pictures very soon. 
We then had to come back to our current home with the realtor to get it listed and on the market, we then met up with friends at the market for a fun time. 

We did some shopping then she left to go home to her babies... Come back soon Melissa. 

My adopted sister and her family came for the first BBQ of the season. 
Her sweet little boy is 4 months now and so so precious

He is so precious. He loved grandma 

We were not not he set up team today so we slept in an extra hour, thankfully. 
We had morning service then came home and had lunch and naps, then we went back for music practice and evening service. We went to Burger King after PM service. 

Now another week has begun and it has turned out to be a full packed week. 


  1. We bought our new home recently as well - fun! Congratulations!

  2. It looks like that you guys had a busy weekend!

  3. Congratulations on all the great things happening in your life! Enjoy this season and good luck at your new job!


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