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When we moved here almost 4 years ago I don't think either of realized that we would be here for much more then the contract date, it was initially for 3 years, now we are far into year 4 and no end date in sight, so we decided we are staying here, hubby can work from home come June so we needed a office space for him… 
So we just made a big purchase and here it is:
Here is the most beautiful sign.

Chateau Grothe. We do not move in until the 2nd of August, very long closing date but we needed that because of our lease in here

Living room.

Dining room 

My Kitchen that I am in love with

another view of kitchen 

Hall way 

Entry way 

Powder room with laundry room

Main bath 

Master bedroom- it isn't as big as ours now and the closet is small but we will make it work.

Brooke's bedroom

Hubby's office 

Back patio


Fire pit. 

we are very excited and may secretly wishing the summer away. 


  1. So very exciting! Congratulations and here is to many beautiful memories in your new home!

  2. So exciting! What a lovely home! I miss having a back yard. We are living in an apartment for 2 years. *sigh*

  3. Congratulations - such a sweet and pretty home! Love those wood floors... so exciting! :)

  4. Nothing like a new home to build more memories :-)


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