Review: If my people

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of the book If My People: A Prayer Guide for Our Nation to review.  This lovely little book is a forty day journey of prayer for our nation. The focus of the book is religious freedoms.  The author makes the point that many of our forefathers went to great lengths to protect the ability to worship freely, and now those freedoms are in jeopardy of being taken away for Christians.

In terms of its organization and structure, the book as a whole contains 40 days worth of prayer along with various other interludes that examine how American leaders, including several presidents, saw God’s word 

Each of the 40 days of devotion take two very small pocket-sized pages beginning with a short prayer, then showing a verse or short passage on the first page, then the second page begins with a different verse or short passage and a short explanation of the need for that particular prayer. 

There are insets on Roosevelt’s four freedoms, the foundation of much of the contemporary push for socialism in the name of justice within our society, and also insets on why we should vote, a subject that many of the explanations discuss in one form or another. The book, as a whole, takes less than 120 pages to give 40 days worth of praying over the political fate of our country.

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