Top reasons to rent over buying

It’s on most people’s life-goal list to get on the property ladder, and that’s understandable. While being a homeowner does have its advantages from an investment point of view, there are also plenty of situations whereby renting may actually be a better choice; whether for economic or personal factors. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the top reasons that renting may actually fare better. Additionally when considering renting, it's important to note things to ask letting agents about, such as key factors like lease terms, maintenance responsibilities, and rental trends in the area.


It’s no secret that buying a home is a big financial commitment, and there’s currently a trend amongst millennials for putting this commitment on hold somewhat. Homeownership has long been a part of what it means to be successful or to achieve the concept of the ‘American Dream'. Yet our current generations are redefining the concept of what happiness and success are and often seeking experiences that involve, travel, career hopping and exploring life more spontaneously. These individuals are only opting to buy a house later on when they are absolutely ready to commit to staying in one place. We all have different ideas of happiness and different life goals, and that’s okay, yet there’s no denying the freedom renters have to easily change the plan without being tied down.
Insurance & Taxes

As a homeowner, you’ll experience some added costs in the form of insurance that you’ll need to protect your property. In addition to this, you’ll be paying homeowner taxes every year. As a renter, you don’t have to worry about these costs nor about any maintenance issues. What’s more, if the economy is bad this arguably puts more pressure on homeowners or those pursuing homeownership. With this in mind, you’ll want to think carefully before making a final decision here. This local report is a perfect example of data that can be helpful when renting a house. It’s best to do your research and map this against your monthly budget plus make a list of pros and cons to help you assess your wants and needs.

Entrepreneurs & Net Worth

Swift advancements in technology over the last few years have aided the rise of the entrepreneur; it couldn’t be easier these days to start your own website and adopt digital marketing practices to get your side projects off the ground and turn them into full-time businesses. If you’re someone with this kind of ambition, many aspiring entrepreneurs are choosing to get their businesses started first and go for homeownership later on. This makes excellent sense from a financial point of view as well as when you consider how you may have less free time when emerged in the process of buying a house. While purchasing a home can be a great way to increase your net worth, it isn’t the only way to do so; there are plenty of opportunities to invest money elsewhere.  

Opting to continue renting now does not mean that you will never get on the property ladder, it just means that you are still assessing whether this is the right time for you and your family before jumping in the deep end. There are many attractive rental options that could end up suiting you a little better until you are ready to commit.


How to create a vertical garden

Vertical gardens not only help save and better utilize space, but they also keep the plants secure from children and pets. They can also be full of creativeness and visually stunning. Who doesn’t enjoy admiring a beautiful garden?

Home gardens are a great way to boost the look of your home and outdoor spaces. Not everyone is a seasoned veteran when it comes to gardening, and that’s okay. If you’re a beginner looking to create a vertical garden, no worries. Here are some useful tips to get you started.    

Garden Types

  1. Gutter Gardens
Gutter gardens are an interesting and inexpensive choice for planting herbs and other small plants. To build the vertical garden, you need some rain gutters and supports. Make sure the gutters have end caps to contain the soil. Besides attaching the gutters to the wall, you can also find frames made for gutter gardens, or build them yourself. Here’s an idea for the frame from Lowes. Drill a couple of holes in the bottom of the gutter to drain the water, and tilt the pieces slightly to help with the water transfer. Also, keep enough space between the pieces on the wall or frame so all the plants receive enough sunshine. Since the quantity of soil is small, it’s better to plant smaller plants. Here’s a guide for designing a DIY rain gutter garden.

  1. Bottle Gardens
Recycle your bottles into a functional and attractive bottle garden. Create a colorful garden by combining bottles of different colors. Cut the top of the bottle but don't discard it because you’ll need it later. Also, make drainage holes in the bottom of the bottle. Before planting the seeds, check the recommended depth for them. You can attach the bottles to the garden wall or hang them with a string. Here’s a guide for converting a bottle into a pot.

  1. Hanging Pots
If you're looking for the simplest solution, then you can't go wrong with a hanging pots garden. Find a good, sunny spot for the garden and hang your pots with proper support. Make sure that the pots have drainage holes in them. Also, check that the frame for hanging the pots is strong enough to handle their weight.

Ensuring Proper Drainage
Make sure the pots drain well by making enough holes and keeping the holes unclogged. You can use a wire screen in the bottom to keep the holes open.

Watering the Plants
You have to be precise with the watering to maintain a healthy vertical garden. If you’re using top-down watering, check if the lower portions are receiving enough water and the upper portion doesn’t have it in excess. Using a water pump or timer can help you be more precise with the process.

Directed Growth
Encourage the plant to grow in the right direction. To achieve directed growth, support the plant and, if needed, trim it as well.

Choices of Plants
The best choices will vary depending on the way you want your home environment to feel, and the amount of space your plants will have. In regards to your vertical garden, House Method recommends using vegetables and herbs that don’t have sprawling root systems. Plants with shallow root systems also tend to be lighter, which will work in your favor. Some popular choices include:

Herbs and Vegetables: Grow your own outside or inside the home. As mentioned above, herbs can grow in smaller containers as well. Growing some vegetables vertically will need more support structures. Here are more tips for making a vertical vegetable garden.

Succulents: Succulents, like various types of Cacti, look beautiful and exotic. They also have compact root structures, making them a good choice.

Tropical Plants: Tropical plants, like bromeliads, palms and elephant ears, look stylish and provide good coverage as well.  

A vertical garden allows you to use your creativity, green thumb, and DIY savviness all at once. It is also a fun project to get your children involved in!

Learning New Things Has Never Been So Easy

Seems strange to think that learning can be fun. A lot of the times, young children can’t wait for their school days to be over. But as they get older, they start to realize that they actually need to learn something new or even improve their skill at work. Learning can be fun, and it can also be hugely beneficial to you. You no longer have to pour over every book you can find, but thanks to technology learning has never been so easy. Learning is now fun and interactive for all ages. It’s so easy to learn new things that nothing should get in the way of you broadening your knowledge.
Learning by Doing
Gone are the days where you are just sat listening to your teacher for hours on end. Some people easily switch off when they are in this sort of learning environment. It can be very hard to sit still and listen to someone else talk on and on. Learning by doing is a great way to interact and actually use your brain. This works in both the classroom and in everyday life. In a classroom, the teacher might present the children with a real-life problem and then the teacher would guide the children to a solution.
The same thing can happen in a real-life. So, if you are adult, learning doesn’t just stop in the classroom, but it occurs in your everyday life. Sometimes, just getting thrown into the deep end can be a quick and easy way to help you figure out what to do. It can also feel like quite an accomplishment if you successful find a solution to something that you had no idea about before.
Learning by Technology
Technology has made learning so much easier now. It means that everyone, at any point in their life can learn if they want to. This might be through online textbooks, or online courses like the ones found on Learning Cloud . It doesn’t have to be expensive; you can get financial aid for most online courses. Most people say that using online courses has really helped to benefit them, so it is definitely something that you should consider doing.
You’ll also probably find that most information on the internet is free. So, if you are interested in online learning and are happy to be an independent learner then you could probably learn a lot just from one google search. However, there is only so much you can learn from a google search, you might find it more beneficial to use an online course where you can have a teacher to help support and guide you.
Learning by Seeing
There are some people who prefer just watching others when it comes to learning something first. This is why at a lot of companies, they let the new people shadow others on their first day. If you are interested in picking up a new skill, then this can be a great way to actually figure out what needs to be done. A lot of people are happy to allow people to shadow them at work if you ask them nicely. A lot of young people do this to help them gain experience. By being able to do this just means that you can now learn exactly what you want to learn. What can be more fun than learning about a certain skill that you have an interest in?
There are so many ways that people can now learn. You don’t have to be in school to learn, you just have to have the determination to want to learn more if you want to. With so many different ways of learning, people can easily find the right fit for them. Even schools have started to consider the best ways to help with learning with things like technology and specializing in different learning types.


Everything you need to know about Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a very common hearing condition and affects around 300 million people worldwide. Sufferers hear a phantom noise, even when they are in a completely silent place. For most people, these noises will come and go, and they are usually brought on if something triggers them, but there are some people who hear it all the time.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for tinnitus at this moment in time, but that doesn’t bother sufferers too much. Once they get used to the sounds, they find that having tinnitus isn’t all that difficult to live with.

If you have recently been diagnosed with this condition, you will no doubt want to learn as much as possible about it. Here’s our quick guide to everything you need to know.

The Causes Of Tinnitus

Firstly, let’s look at what exactly causes tinnitus. Unfortunately, it just develops in some people and there are no definitive causes for it. In most people, though, it is often brought on after being exposed to high volume levels for prolonged periods of time. For instance, some people develop it after repeatedly going to loud converts without wearing the correct kinds of ear protection. There are a few other causes of it, which can be less common, including old-age, a build-up of wax, high blood pressure, and stress.

What Does Tinnitus Sound Like?
You might be wondering what the sound of tinnitus is. There isn’t one definitive noise that all sufferers hear - everyone has a different phantom sound in their head! Here are some of the most common noises that tinnitus sufferers claim to hear:

  • Buzzing
  • Hissing
  • Whirring
  • Clicking
  • Ringing

What You Can Do About Tinnitus

When people are first diagnosed with tinnitus, they initially worry that the sounds they hear will take over their lives. Thankfully, things don’t usually get that bad. There is plenty of great tips for tinnitus relief that you can use, which should prevent the phantom noises in your head driving you insane! Here are a few things you might like to try:

  • Speak to an ENT doctor. They will be able to make sure that there are no underlying medical factors that are actually causing the tinnitus. If there are and they are treatable then the tinnitus should disappear once the medical factors are sorted.
  • Try to relax. Stress can make tinnitus flair up - the noises might become louder than usual and a lot more constant when you are on edge. If you take plenty of breaks throughout the day and make sure that you fully relax in the evenings and at weekends, then you should be able to eliminate a lot of stress. Hopefully, this should make your tinnitus a lot more manageable.
  • Speak to someone. There are a lot of support groups for tinnitus sufferers up and down the country. It could be worth joining one so that you can meet people in a similar position to you.

All of these tips should help you adapt to life with tinnitus.

Make health appointments less scary for the kids

If you are someone that experiences even a little anxiety when heading to the doctor, dentist, or other specialists, then it's not so hard to empathize with the little one when they get scared. In fact, being really scared at medical appointments can easily turn into a lifelong phobia that can make taking care of their health harder as they grow older. That is why it's vital that as parents, we do everything we can to make health appointments as calm as possible. Something you can get some help with in the post below.

Set a good example.

One of the best things you can do for your kids when it comes to health appointment is to lead by example. After all, kids learn by what you do, and that means if you are visibly terrified before your doctors or dentist appointment, they will pick up on it.

They will also pick up on any conversations that you have at home, especially ones where you end up Googling your symptoms, so even if you aren't feeling too brave, make an effort to do your best. Alternatively, if you know that some medical visits are harder for you, it may be better not to take the kids along if at all possible. Then they won't end up making those negative associations that could ramp up their own fear.

Go through what to expect.

Next, it's a smart move to go through what to expect with your kids in each appointment they need to attend. Now, some parents shy away from this because they don't want to scare the little ones, and of course, you do need to tread the line between being honest, and making them even more scared.

However, it can be an advantageous strategy to let your kids know what to expect when a medical appointment comes around. To that end, it's well worth finding information like this piece on what happens at a hearing evaluation so you then can explain it to them before they attend. Something that can help them to not only mentally prepare for it, but feel more in control as well.

Introduce them to breathing exercises.

Next, it can be constructive to acknowledge your child's anxiety rather than try to avoid it altogether. In fact, by letting them know that many people get a little nervous when attending a medical appointment and that it's totally OK, you can actually help to stop it escalating.

You may even want to introduce your kids to some deep and diaphragmatic breathing exercises as well. This being something that can not only help them relieve their anxiety but also give them something to focus on during uncomfortable producers.

Let them know you will be there with them.

Lastly, when it comes to making health appointment less scary for kids, letting them know that you will be there for them through the whole thing can be very beneficial too.

In fact, just the knowledge that you will be there to protect them, and comfort them can make the whole experience seem so much less scary.


8 Benefits of Timber Double Glazed Windows

Timber Double Glazed Windows, as the name suggests, these are windows with double glazes which are made out of timber frames with two panes of glass instead of one. By investing in Timber Double Glazed Windows, you can significantly reduce your energy bills and add an aesthetic value to your home.

Some Benefits Of Timber Double Glazed Windows Are:

1. Helps in brightening the appearance of your home:
Apart from decorating your interior or renovating your kitchen, the other worth remembering things that your guests might see when they visit your home is the doors and windows. The Timber Double Glazed Windows that come with a wide range of styles and patterns are the perfect choice that can brighten up the appearance of your home and add an aesthetic value to your interior as well as your exterior.
2. Helps to make your home a more energy efficient:
Timber Double Glazed Windows are more energy efficient that help in limiting the amount of heat loss and by reducing energy consumption in the process. They allow you to enjoy a cozy and warmer home with lower energy bills and in this way, they help in reducing the emission of carbon also. Timber Double Glazed Windows also allow you to enjoy a consistent and balanced temperature inside your home by making you feel warmer in winters and cooler in summer months.
3. Ensures your safety and security:
Unlike the traditional single pane windows, Timber Double Glazed Windows are stronger and secured for your home. The frames of Timber Double Glazed Windows are more rigid and hard with make is difficult for outside intruders to break into. They can also provide you security from thieves and restrain the entry of other potential trespassers.
4. They are sustainable and environmentally friendly:

Timber Double Glazed Windows are made from natural trees and therefore they emit less harmful gasses in the manufacturing process which makes them an eco-friendly choice. It should be taken into consideration that thicker Timber Double Glazed Windows are stronger and more durable in a structure which also helps in increasing thermal insulation. Thus, this type of windows can give lasting value to your window replacement.
5. They add an aesthetic value to your home:
With its classical and traditional look, Timber Double Glazed Windows can beautify any type of property and can raise your home comfort level. This is because timber has a natural aesthetic quality that can please everyone visually and also raises the value of your property.
6. They provide long-lasting expectancy:
As timber is a renewable material, the Timber Double Glazed Windows can last for a longer period of time and they are also eco-friendly. Because of the presence of cellulose and fiber, the timber windows remain consistent even under bad weather condition which makes them extremely durable and easy to repair. Hence, Timber Double Glazed Windows are strong enough to remain constant for years to come.
7. They are very easy to maintain:
Timber Double Glazed Windows offer greater ease of maintenance. As timber is a naturally occurring architectural wood, it looks more beautiful and elegant when kept in its original form. There is no need for extra painting on the Timber Double Glazed Windows. All you need to do is just washing or wiping them with warm soapy water regularly to keep your Timber Double Glazed Windows look fresh and new for years to come.
8. They can prevent you from unwanted noises:
When you are at home, you always try to avoid the unwanted noises from outside. By installing Timber Double Glazed windows, you can reduce such noises and can enjoy peace inside your home.
Thus, by looking into these benefits, you can make your decision on getting your Timber Double Glazed Windows that best suits your home comfort.


Subtle Ways to help your parents live their best life

Our parents have been there for us our entire lives, making sure that we’ve always had everything we need to be happy and thrived. But as they and we get older, the roles begin to change somewhat. By the time we’re a full-fledged adult, they’re entering their later years, and it’s time for us to give them a little bit of help. There are a whole host of issues that can present themselves later on in life, and it’ll be up to use, dutiful sons and daughters, to help our parents overcome them. Remember, however, that there’s a need to be subtle: parents won’t like being controlled!

Source: Pexels.com

Promote Their Interests

It can be a little bit traumatic to enter retirement. Even though many people say that they’re looking forward to it, when it arrives, they’re not always sure what they should do with themselves. It can feel like they’ve lost their purpose in life somewhat. As such, one of the best ways you can help them is to bring out their inner being somewhat, those interests and passions that they might have forgotten about. While it’s important to include them in your own world, try to get them to create a new world of their own. It’ll be something that provides many years of happiness.

Handling Issues

There are a few common complaints that people in retirement share. The number one is loneliness. Many older people feel cut off from the rest of the world. Because they’re not as mobile as they used to be, and they no longer have a job to go to, they can sometimes spend more time sitting indoors than they’d like. And over time, this begins to have a negative impact on their mental well-being. You can help them to overcome this issue by, first, inviting them out. Second, get them involved with local groups -- no matter where you live, there’ll be meetups organized for retirement people.

Everything They Need

It becomes more difficult to live our best life as we age, mostly because our body begins to work against us. We can have issues, mobility can be more difficult, and things like our hearing can weaken, too. You can help your parents to handle these issues by simply doing what you can. For example, you could drive them to their doctor’s appointment. You could buy batteries for hearing aids, so they always have them to hand. Even things like grocery shopping you can help with. If they’ve got the basics in order, then they’ll be on their way to living their best life.

Be a Presence

Finally, by far the best thing you can do for your parents is to simply be a presence in their lives. From Sunday afternoons to daily phone calls and days out, they’ll appreciate knowing that there’s someone nearby who is on hand to help them and boost their mood should they need it. They’ve done it for you in the past, now’s the time to do it for them.

How to Sit Down and Enjoy your Garden

When the weather is warm all that you will probably want to do is sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. But if you don’t have a nice garden to sit in, it can become quite a struggle to enjoy yourself. It’s not even just the appearance of your garden that you need to worry about. Instead, you need to also figure out what to do when it rains or even when the heat gets too much. It can become quite a task to look after a garden, but it’s even harder to try and get the garden that you want. Only a few people seem to be blessed with having green fingers that it can often be more appropriate to make use of professionals to help you get the garden that you want.
Define What you Really Want from your Outdoor Space
You might have watched some amazing garden shows on the television, but even though all those gardens might look visually appealing, they might not actually be the right one for you. The best thing that you can do when it comes to getting the garden you want; is to know exactly what it is that you want from your garden. Perhaps, you’re looking for a nice outdoor dining area or maybe you want to sit out and enjoy the sunshine.
If you decide that you want a nice seating area out in your garden so that you can enjoy the sunshine, then you should settle on that idea. You might learn that you’ll need to get the help of a Specialist Tree Surgeon if your garden is hidden underneath a lot of trees. By getting someone to help you, you can get the most out of your garden, which will help benefit you in the long run, as you can enjoy it more.
The only way to get what you really want from your outdoor space is to actually define it. You have to know what you want before you can do anything. This might sound obvious, but so many people just start changing their garden without any real purpose and this can cause a lot of problems in the future. So, make your decision first.
Boost Lighting for Night-time
Most people might only think that gardens can be enjoyed in the daytime, when the sun is out. But surprisingly a lot more people now enjoy an evening sat outside. Now if it’s snowing or raining heavily then you might not enjoy sitting out. But even though it will probably be a little chillier in the evening, you can always have a box of blankets ready to be used for people. It’s not impossible to sit outside and you should be able to enjoy your outside space as much as possible. This is why you should make sure that you get the right sort of lightening outside.
You can place lights under the bench that you are sitting on, as this might create a more subtle illumination. You can even get create and place lights far away as this will make your garden feel bigger and more mysterious. A lot of people like hanging lanterns above their seating area as this makes the outdoor place look more fun.
Remember to Sit Down and Enjoy
If you decide to update your garden by yourself, then it can be really hard to sit down and enjoy it. Sometimes you might be too tired to even think about going outside when you can. However, there is nothing more rewarding then sitting out in your garden and knowing that all your hard work is paying off. Of course, you can still enjoy your garden, even if you get a professional to help you. Don’t just collapse in bed inside your house, there’s something really relaxing about just being outside and being at one with nature.
Sitting outside can be a great way to relax and unwind from a long day. Everybody dreams of having that perfect garden, but if you’re a person who doesn’t enjoy gardening then it’s not the end of the world. You can either hire someone to help you or you can read this article here to learn how to get the perfect garden for a non-gardener.

7 Ways to Make Chores More Enjoyable

Chores can be some of the least anticipated tasks in the home and yet, they still
need to get done! Fortunately, making chores more enjoyable may be easier than
you think.
Here are seven ways to get you and your family into the groove of cleaning.

1. Get Your Kids Involved
One of the first mistakes many parents make is to assume all of the chore responsibility
on their own. However, that can quickly lead to burnout. As your kids grow and
understand the importance of taking care of their space, get them involved with the
cleaning process. This will lighten your workload and help instill strong values in your
kids for years to come.

2. Create a Fair Chore System
When the chores become a family affair, some family members may feel like they are
constantly getting the short end of the stick. Make chores fair by swapping out duties on
a weekly or monthly basis.

3. Make It a Game
If your kids are complaining about chore duty, it’s time to make things a little more exciting.
Create a game out of your chores to keep everyone engaged. You could have your kids
play a scavenger hunt to find all the clothes, newspapers, or any other items that need to
be gathered and organized. It will feel like play time, while in reality, it will leave your house
looking spotless and brand new.

4. Do What You Love
If you have a chore you love to do, make sure you do it as often as you can.
According to House Method, doing your favorite chore on a regular basis can bring you
joy and make you feel more accomplished. Even if you only have 10 minutes a day, see
if you can fit in an extra load of laundry, a vacuum session, or any other of your favorite tasks.
It’s the small acts of cleaning that make a big difference in the long-run.

5. Crank Up the Tunes
There’s nothing worse than feeling like chores are a punishment. Make them more fun by
playing music, turning on a favorite show, or listening to a new podcast. This will keep
your mind engaged and your spirits high.

6. Invest in Cute Cleaning Supplies
If your sponges, gloves, spray bottles, and other cleaning supplies have seen better days,
it may be time for an update. Buy yourself a few cute cleaning items you’ll look forward to
using. And remember, they don’t have to be expensive to get the job done.  

7. Don’t Strive for Perfection
Ultimately, cleaning doesn’t have to be an Olympic sport. If you’re always aiming to create a
perfect house, you may never feel satisfied with your efforts. Instead, let yourself be okay
with things turning out “good enough.” This is especially important to keep in mind when
cleaning with your kids, since the tasks may not be done to the highest standards.
At the end of the day, if everyone has made their best effort, then you can consider it a
job well done.

There’s no reason to get bogged down by your chores.
Before your next cleaning day, consider incorporating a few of these tips to see
how much more enjoyable tidying up can be.
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