Mom, Can You Hear Me? A Guide To Ear Health And Hearing Loss

Moooommmmm! It's a regular refrain for most mothers to hear and it can be easy to dream being unable to listen to the constant shouts for your help and assistance. In fact, many mothers often exclaim that their name is no longer Mom, on a particularly bad day! However, while we might fantasize about this, if we are genuinely struggling with our hearing and ear health it can be worrying. Happily, there are actions you can take to deal with hearing issues, just read on to find out more about them.

Ears are important

Trying to find enough time to look after our health as a busy mom can be a nightmare! Some days you can't even get to go to the toilet on your own let alone make it to the doctors for a checkup. Sadly this often means that the less pressing issues such as an ear infection or a small loss in hearing don't get dealt with straight away.

Of course, this isn't good because your ears are as crucial as any other part of your body. In fact, problems with your outer and inner ear can cause issues with balance, hearing, vertigo and be pretty painful to boot. That is why it is important to include regular ear check-ups in your medical routine for you, as well as for the kids.


In particular, one issue that can cause a lot of difficulty in the ear is an infection. The most common form is usually one that occurs in the outer ear, and it happens when water cannot drain out after a bath, shower, or swimming.

Know as swimmer’s ear or acute external otitis the bacteria in the water can take up residence in the outer part of the ear and start to multiply causing the problem. To deal with this it can be useful to rinse out the ear to ensure all pool, or bath water is removed after water activities. To do this, you can use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar as this will kill the bacteria and stop it from taking up residence in your outer ear.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is obviously another concern that many mothers of all ages have to deal with. Often, the first signs are that you are missing parts of conversations even though you are concentrating on what people are saying. Also, having the TV or your music up so loud that others are complaining can be a good hint that something is going wrong with your hearing.

The first step here is to investigate what is causing this hearing loss. For many people, they will find that it is a build up of wax, something that can be removed relatively easily by a medical professional.

However, for others, hearing loss may be caused by an underlying problem with the inner ear that isn't so easily fixed. Although, it is worth bearing in mind that the latest technology in hearing aids can help many people suffering from a loss of hearing. Something that can help them restore their hearing to an average level and live their life, as usual, meaning it is well worth investigating even if your hearing loss can be completely cured.


Lastly, it is worth mentioning Tinnitus, another ear-related health problem that is quite common. This usually presents as a ringing or hissing in the ears that happens even though there is no outside input responsible for the sound.

Some researchers suggest that it is caused by damage to the hair follicles in the cochlea which makes them vibrate even when no sound waves are entering. This vibration is then picked up by the brain as noise which can be very unpleasant and be distracting for the sufferer.  Tinnitus can also be caused by a reaction to medication that the suffer is on, so it is worth mentioning this to your medical professional, as ceasing the meds can stop this problem.

However, if you cannot find the cause of the issue then using white or pink noise can be something that is helpful in relieving the condition, allowing suffers to get some sleep and rest.

Pink noise can help Tinnitus sufferers relieve their symptoms.

Also, any Tinnitus sufferers can also have trouble with their balance, a condition known as vertigo where they feel that the room is spinning and they can fall over even though they are not at height. If this is something that you are struggling with it can seriously interfere with the quality of your life, so be sure to see a doctor or audiologist as soon as possible to get the appropriate treatment.

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