I was honoured when I was asked to review ASAPSKINNY Detox Tea/Teatox 
It made me feel light on my feet, gave me all day energy, less bloated, after 2 weeks my friends noticed that I looked thinner, it made me feel good about myself. 

I'm pretty sure everyone is skeptical when they see things like teas and pills online promoting things like weight loss and speeding metabolisms and such, and I was a part of that group as well. But the tea gave me the motivation I had never gotten before to count my calorie intake and eat healthy even if it was only for two weeks! I don't know how much weight I lost since I didn't have the chance to weigh myself but my friends noticed that I looked thinner (it was a great feeling!) Edit: I have lost 6 lbs so far. 

There are so many diet pills, wraps,  and I am not bad mouthing any of these things because they all have a place, but this tea is tasty, cheap and it really works.. you can do a detox as often as you like, I know this will be finding a place in my house at all times, I am already ordering another package because when you get results like this you know it works, you will love the taste and the results will even taste better for you. 
This tea will help you build that solid immune system, do you know that when you allow all this sugar that I was referring to up there in soda's etc, it is breaking down your immune system slowly but over time you will find you will get more colds, flu's etc, the first few days I started the tea I was getting over a cold, once I started it I got better so fast because it was providing me with things my body was lacking, things that make you even happier.. 

if you walk into my house in the morning, this is what you will see on my counter 

I let it steep while I am getting ready for work then I sit and enjoy it 

I was feeling so tired by 2 pm at work, then I started drinking this tea and there was no such thing as feeling tired by 2 pm,I would also go for a long walk on my lunch break because I had the energy to do that, before the tea it was not a thing, you would find me in the lunch room sitting playing on my phone, drinking a soda..now you won't  simply because it gave me more energy, it cleans the digestive system out, it takes away the bloating which of course leads along with helping the digestive system. Also, there is no bad aftertaste or that dry mouth feeling that some detox things leave.  It gives you the will power to continue to stay healthier after the detox. 

I was having some problems with sleeping at night but when I started this teatox it sure made a difference to  my sleep patterns, so at night this is one of the last things I do before bed 

My kitchen will forever have both of this two teas sitting beside the kettle so I can make a tea in the morning and one at night 

It makes drinking tea fun when you have an adorable cup like this, you can take it to go and not worry about spilling or anything, I actually threw this in my purse and it was still dry when I pulled it out a while later. 

You can find all this wonderful tea here 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/asapskinnyofficial

I was given this tea for my honest review. 


Christmas in August

Anyone who knows me knows I love to entertain, in fact, I think it is part of my love language to entertain and share my home with my friends and family. 

I was thinking just how fun Christmas in August would be. 

We could have all our friends and family at our house this year now that we have recently purchased our new home, I wanted to share some ways that I would decorate for Christmas in Summer 

I would put up our tree decorated with my mother in laws help, she always has the nicest Christmas trees.  I would put some decor around the house and make it look festive 

What is Christmas without food right 
Our Menu would look different than a December Menu as it is Summer and we could grill steaks, so we would have: 

Guest List: 

                                                       Family on both sides
close friends 
Keep it small but intimate 

Iced tea 
hot chocolate as that feels like Christmas 

While everyone is enjoying the night together, I will tell them about the Christmas card selection I am looking to be getting for December Christmas,  and I need to get family photos for the perfect card... you can find some great selections at Paperless Post


Weekend Recap

I worked til 2 am- thankfully this coming Monday my schedule changes, I am working 1pm- 9 pm, thank goodness. 

My day off. I had so much to do but also needed to sleep from working the night before so I did not get  much sleep. we had some errands to run and some groceries to get. 
We had invited friends who just got married over for dinner
We had a fun night. 
Hubby and I spent some time hanging out after they had left. 

I got to go to church, I haven't got to go for so long because of work. 
We went to lunch after church at Mary Brown's. 
Came home, napped and went to the Sunday school picnic, I did not get a lot of pictures but here are some

It has been nice to have my friend from Ontario here, I miss her so much. 
We had a great Sunday night together. 


Summer Time Fun

One of our favourite things about summer is firing up the BBQ and grilling anything.. honestly in the summer time I rarely cook inside, I try to grill everything

I also LOVE having friends over and entertaining, I LOVE a good party and I found some amazing tips on how to throw a delicious party by my friends over at Chobani

1) Keep your guest list small but large enough that you have a good turn out if half the group cannot come 
2) Timing: Host on a weekend so people do not have to rush from work or rush home for bed because of work 
3) Have enough food- make sure you have two servings per person

4) Keep those drinks chilled. You can even have cute baskets set up with ice to keep the drinks cold 

5) Keep it cool- have lots of ice around espicially on super hot days. 

6) Keep the atmosphere warm and inviting. 
7) Keep some food on hand for those late night snackers- some good ideas are Chobani Meze dips with chips or crackers. 

Weekend Recap

Back to work after my two days off, time flies when were off especially with still organizing and unpacking etc, but we are getting there.  Only 2 boxes remain and they belong in the office which I am slowly setting up.
I also have a craft room that I am loving. It is nice to go in there and work on things and leave it all there when I am done :)
Work was good, after work hubby and I went to Mcdonalds as Brooke was at a sleepover, so we had a mini date.
Cleaned house at 2 am when I got off and just relaxed before bed.
Woke up and went grocery shopping, went to a few shops around with hubby and went home, took a shower and got ready for work. Work wasn't bad, semi quiet which is nice.
I worked again, one more night shift then off for one, three more and off all weekend, Bliss!!
I may not blog much when I am working weekends unless something exciting happens.
Have a good week.


Held By God- Book review

Twin sisters share some of their personal stories and how God helped them handle these events. They had health issues that they had to deal with, not only their own health, but the health issue of family members. Their story is one that is full of inspiration and shows how God works in our lives and shows His love. The sisters give a detailed description about what they went through.

I found the writing easy to read and following the story was not hard. Some of medical information shared is highly detailed because they use their writings to help others going through the same health issues. I liked it when they took a stand and insisted on second opinions on certain diagnosis.  

Unreasonable Hope- Book review

“Where was God when ____? How could God allow ____? Why?” Have you ever asked those questions?
Off course they have we are human and these questions flood our minds when bad things happen.
. When things go horribly wrong and the world seems to be unraveling, how do you believe in God’s goodness? How do you cling to hope?
Chad Veach directs readers away from clich├ęd Sunday school answers that fail to offer real comfort or provide faith-building insights. Instead, he draws from God’s promises in the Bible and from the story of his own daughter’s diagnosis of a devastating and debilitating disease to reveal simple, purposeful steps for dealing with pain. Resting in God’s love, remembering his past faithfulness, and realizing the distinction between having faith and clinging to hope are just some of these steps.

The author  reminds us that because we know who God is, we know there is hope.

With All Due Respect: Book Review

With All Due Respect: 40 Days to a More Fulfilling Relationship with Your Teens & Tweens is a parenting book written by Nina Roesner and Debbie Hitchcock. The book is divided into forty amazing chapters, each chapter focusing on a different “dare,” such as Avoid the Blame Game, Coach Your Kids on Navigating Conflict, and Deal with the Person Before the Issue. The authors focus on fostering communication, showing love, and healthily parenting teenagers as they make the transition from children to young adults.

Each chapter starts with a story about a anonymous family – such as the mother who was preoccupied with what others thought of her parenting – and then the authors use each story to illustrate their main point of the chapter.

Real Life Every Day Kitchens

Linking up with Kelly's Korner for show us your kitchens today. We have only been in this house one week but I am in love with my kitchen all ready.

I am going to get some red accents with it 

Our new table and chairs that we bought when we moved in. 


Happy Birthday Moses

Dear Moses, 

Happy Birthday to my favourite son. 

The Son I never birthed but the son I love as if I did 

4 years ago you came into our life and there is no backing out. 

You are a gift from our Heavenly Father and I believe that God made you for us, for Brooke to have a older brother, my son. 

25 Years old. This year you will also become a husband, and a son in law and we are so proud of you and all that you are. 

Thanks for being our "son". 
Hope you enjoy the surprise we have planned this week ;) 

Momma T


Weekend Recap

I was off all day as I took 4 days vacation which gave me most of the time that our family was here of, (my parents arrived a week ago and my in-laws arrived Saturday night), they all wanted to help us move so we were thankful for the help.
My pastors wife came over for coffee with us, then myself, my hubby and my inlaws went downtown so her and I could do coffee while the men did hair cuts, we browsed some downtown and just walked around.
Got some sushi for lunch and then went home.
My parents wanted me to go to the mall with them as they wanted to buy Brooke some things and they wanted me to go along with them.
Andrew went to pass in keys to the landlord who sent me back a beautiful handmade present  for the new house, so nice of her.
Friends of ours brought dinner to us and it was so good.
We had a fire later in the evening and Kim and Moses came over, there were a lot of bugs so we didn't stay out very long but it was nice.

My parents left.
My mother in law wanted to go to chapters with Brooke so I went with them and the men went lawn mower shopping. I bought a new mug and coffee mug for work, I wanted a book for reading at work when it isn't busy... after that we went for Chinese food, did some sight seeing and then I went to bed as I am working night shift for the next 4 days. Yawn.

I slept most of the day away as I worked Sat night so once I was awake I tidied up the house a little and moved some things around to make it like I want it to look. I am thankful for the help unpacking though but something's I want other places to make it the way I want it.

Have a great week. 


Moving Week

Hey guys,

I am moving to my new house this week so I am taking a break from the blog.

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