Taming Old Mother Time! Coping With The Emotional Repercussions Of Aging

Every time we hit some sort of age milestone, we think that we're getting over the hill, and the inevitable decline is only around the corner. But we have to get over ourselves and realize this is a fact of life. Yes, you may have a few gray hairs, but what's more important in aging is the mental health aspect of it. It's not how old you are, it is how you are old. If you feel yourself to be getting on in years and this is getting you down, what can you do to cope with the emotional repercussions of aging?

Dealing With The Afflictions Head-on
The signs of aging show up early; gray hair, wrinkles, but also our hearing and eyesight begin to deteriorate. But don't let hearing impairment bring you down, because there are an abundance of tools to help us. Hearing aids aren't necessarily relegated to those that are approaching their end of life. And besides, most of us wear glasses from such a young age, so why should we treat the fact that part of our faculties is supposedly weakening? We can work to make them function at their best, not just in terms of our hearing, but there are exercises we can do to improve our focus and strengthen our eyes. But also a lot of people believe their muscles to get weaker as they get older, and there's “nothing” you can do about it. Resistance training has been shown to improve strength, without the high impact of lifting free weights. If there's a problem, we can get around it!

Dealing With The Isolation Aspect
As we get older, we start to think more about how fleeting life is. Maybe a friend passed away, or we start to lose relatives, and it all adds up to a melting pot of concern, but we also realize that our time on this planet is short. But on the other hand, if we take all this to heart, and let it worry us a lot, we won't live life to its fullest. In addition to this, as we get older, we can feel bound by isolation, which is a very common thing in much older people. But instead, we've got to realize what's important to us, and this could be family, friendship, or even or our career. What we have to keep an eye on as we get older is that we are happy in what we're doing and the path we are on. Because this is what will help us cope with the more isolating aspects of aging. And besides, nobody's in it alone, but there are people who worry about their first gray hair, and then there are others that accept the fact that it is a part of life. Which one do you believe at the moment?

It doesn't have to be a major worry. But when we get older, we can feel an overwhelming sense of worry, either because we're getting old and it shows up on our face, or we realize we haven't done as much as we wanted to with our lives. But you are the master of your domain, so it's your responsibility to deal with this head-on. It doesn't have to be anxiety-inducing, and in fact, it can be the wake-up call that you need.


How to decide on your wedding venue

When it comes to your wedding, the venue is pretty much one of the main parts since it’s actually where you celebrate your new marriage, and oftentimes it’s the same place you actually get married, so it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

The thing with picking a wedding venue is that it can be quite overwhelming since there’s simply so much choice, and let’s be honest, most places - even the most simple of ones are just stunning. Not to mention there’s then the question of whether you want to get married locally or in another city or country - or even have a destination wedding on the beach.

Whilst there’s certainly no right or wrong choice when it comes to where you get married and where your reception venue is if they’re not the same place, it’s certainly something you need to have decided upon before you start planning the rest of the wedding since everything else is pretty much going to depend on this and be worked around it.

Pick your location:

The very first step in starting to narrow down your potential wedding venue is to decide on the location in which you’ll get married. So, for example, if you want to get married in your home town or city then you can start visiting some places like hotels or venues that may offer wedding packages and see which ones you like most. If it’s a destination wedding you’re after, then you’re going to want to decide on the places you would consider and start researching those options.

Pick your climate:

If you can’t make a decision on whether to get married at home or abroad, then a quick trick to help you narrow this down and make your decision a bit easier is to choose which kind of climate you’d like to be in when you get married, which will make it easier to pick the location and help you narrow down your venues that could be possible contenders for your wedding. So, for example, although the weather is unfortunately one of the things we really have no control over, there are definitelty better chances of some climates having nicer and warmer weather for your wedding than others, so if you’re set on getting married outdoors in a warm climate, then a destination wedding on a beach is likely to be a good bet for this.

Think of the size of wedding you want to have:

The size of your wedding will have a big impact on where you get married, so it’s a good idea to know roughly the kind of wedding you want to have, since this will give you more freedom to narrrow your venue choices down and also make things like choosing your catering and even picking your band through AliveNetwork.com. Figuring out the size of your wedding will really help you when it comes to picking your location because for a destination wedding it’s likely to be smaller, so if you want a few hundred people to attend, then this is pretty much out.

Think of the cost of the venue versus your budget:

Every wedding should have an allocated budget, so you need to be aware of how much the venue is going to cost in comparison.

How to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Place for Children

Childhood stress has increased over the past few decades, with around 40 percent of kids reporting that they worry too much. A certain amount of stress is normal and can help children develop skills that are needed to deal with daily situations, however, too much stress can disrupt early brain development and lead to a variety of health problems. Here are a few ways you can make your home a stress-free place for children.

1. Remove all clutter
The National Institute of Mental Health found that kids living in a severely cluttered environment often have elevated levels of distress, experience less happiness, and have more difficulty forming relationships and making friends. Not to mention, clutter can also foster unhealthy eating habits, trigger respiratory issues, and encourage feelings of isolation. Keep your home as clean as possible by routinely throwing away junk, keeping items stored in the appropriate places, vacuuming floors, and wiping down counters.

2. Have open conversations
Some children experience stress from traumatic events, such as a loved one passing, a big move, divorce, or a debilitating illness. Take the time to talk to your child about any big changes happening in his or her life and try to get them to tell you how they’re feeling. If they don’t feel like talking, encourage them to keep a journal where they can write and get their emotions out on paper. Letting your child know that you’re there as a pillar of support is a great form of reassurance and allows them to shove off some of the stress that’s been building inside of them.

3. Address stimulating factors
Some children can display over-sensitivity to home stimuli like fluorescent lighting, pungent odors, or loud sounds. Reducing these distractions can help decrease stress levels and make your child more comfortable in the home. Block out bright outdoor light with blackout curtains, repair any appliances that are giving off loud sounds, soundproof your child’s room with a sound-absorbing rug or door blocker, and avoid using household cleaning products with strong scents.

4. Create a safe space for your child
If your child has anxiety or gets stressed often, create a space where your child can have some downtime and enjoy doing something they love. This space could be your child’s bedroom, a sunny kitchen nook, or even a tucked away alcove in a playroom or living room. Stock this area with books if your child likes to read, art supplies as a way of expressing creativity, and pillows and blankets to create a sense of coziness and comfort.

5. Encourage sleep
Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest culprits for stress and anxiety and can be remedied by getting at least eight hours of sleep every night. Make sure the mattress in your child’s bedroom is comfortable, swap out lumpy or old pillows for comfortable, supportive ones, set the room temperature between 60 and 67 degrees, and have your child stick to a consistent sleep schedule, even on the weekends.


The Best Travel Friendly Swimwear From CoolTan

When going on holiday one of the most essential travel items you definitely don’t want to forget
to pack is a great swimsuit or two. Even if you’re heading off to a wintery wonderland or jetting
off to a tropical island, you just never know when you might need a swimsuit. Swimming in the
ocean, taking a dip in the pool, or hitting up the jacuzzi or spa, a great swimsuit can make or
break your vacation. You want something that is going to be comfortable enough to wear all
day, without having to worry about wardrobe malfunctions or digging in straps, and you want to
look and feel great while wearing it. Plus, for most of us one of the best parts about going on
vacation is coming home with a nice glow, but swimsuits can often ruin what could be a great
tan because you are left with annoying tan lines that just won’t budge. That’s why I was super
excited when I found out about the company CoolTanⓇ and their amazing line of TanThrough
swimwear that lets you get a tan right through your swimsuit and is the best travel-friendly
swimwear for all your adventures!

CoolTan is doing what was previously thought of as impossible: getting a tan right through your
swimsuit. No more having to deal with messy tanning lotions and sprays, expensive tanning
beds, or pesky tan lines. With CoolTan you can get the most even, natural tan comfortably and

The secret to what makes CoolTan’s TanThrough swimwear so amazing is their specially
formulated and uniquely patented Microsol V fabric. This Microsol fabric is knitted to create
millions of tiny pores that allow approximately half the sun’s rays through to get you a tan in
about the same time as you would with a medium-level SPF. But unlike a medium-level SPF
sunscreen you won’t have to worry about applying and reapplying, missing a spot and getting a
weird sunburnt patch, or streaky tan lines that can ruin a tan. The Microsol fabric means you will

get the most even and natural tan without even having to think about it, making getting the
perfect tan as easy as walking along the beach, lounging by the pool, or going boating with

The porous fabric in TanThrough swimwear is also great at letting air and water pass freely
through the suit to keep you cool and comfortable, even on the hottest of summer days, while
wicking moisture to dry up to 3x faster than normal fabric. This is such a great feature,
particularly when traveling, because it means you won’t have to wait hours and hours for your
swimsuit to dry before being able to pack it back in your bag. Because we all know there’s
nothing more annoying than a stubbornly wet swimsuit that refuses to dry and running the risk of
getting the remainder of your packed items wet and moldy. Plus, all of CoolTan’s swimwear is
machine washable so you can keep your suit super clean and get out all that salt and sand you
might bring home with you from the beach!

In addition to their line of TanThrough swimwear, CoolTan also has a variety of TanThrough
shirts that make tanning through your everyday activities even more comfortable and easy.
TanThrough shirts are made using that amazing Microsol fabric making them super comfortable
and moisture-wicking while also letting you get an effortless tan. The fabric also contains SPF 6-
10 so you can have a base layer of sun protection without even thinking about while getting an
even tan without tan lines, no more Farmer’s Tan! With a choice between Polos, Henleys, V-
Necks, and T-Shirts you have plenty of choices and style options that we are sure will become
your new go-to travel and everyday shirts!

I was really impressed and amazed at just how comfortable CoolTan’s TanThrough swimwear
was and I definitely think these are the best travel-friendly swimwear out there! CoolTan has a
variety of sizes, styles, and patterns to choose from for both men and women so everyone in the

family can find their new favorite swimwear for any occasion. Whether you prefer one-pieces,
structured suits or monokinis or more revealing halter and string bikinis women can find a
swimsuit that makes them look and feel fabulous! Men can choose between racers, fitted shorts,
swim trunks, and board shorts to suit their style preference and comfort level. Make sure to
check out CoolTan’s website and Instagram, @cooltansportwear to keep up to date on new
styles and sales and to see for yourself just how easy it can be to get a tan, right through your
swimwear or shirt!


The Most Exciting Destinations for Travelers Who Like to Explor

Photo by Liam Simpson on Unsplash
Exploring remote destinations, immersing yourself in diverse cultures and going on adventurous, life-changing trips quite possibly may be the best form of travel there is. Exciting adventures in unfamiliar places often lead to profound experiences that shape your perspective of the world, as well as yourself. If you want to explore the Earth and appreciate everything it has to offer, take a look at some of the most exciting travel destinations you should visit at least once in your lifetime:

Sri Lanka

Photo by Louise Burton on Unsplash
There aren’t many places in the world that have as many Unesco World Heritage Sites packed in such a small area. Sri Lanka’s proud 2000-year-old culture can be discovered at ancient sites of legendary temples and evocative colonial fortresses. Apart from endless dazzlingly white beaches that attract surfers from all around the world, Sri Lanka is filled with verdant tea plantations and rainforested peaks that fascinate trekkers with their astonishing views. Across the island, a number of Safari tours are held through the country’s pleasant and relaxing national parks, where you get the chance to encounter leopards, elephants, water buffaloes, a variety of beautiful birds and a passel of primates. No matter where you go in this stunning country, you are always just a short hop away from something utterly new and completely incredible.


Photo by Lukasz Saczek on Unsplash
A beautiful country with a completely unique culture you simply have to experience at least once in your lifetime, Vietnam is the perfect travel destination for any wandering explorer. Its bewildering natural beauty and the eclectic combination of preserved heritage and tradition and luxurious modern resorts will truly leave you speechless. From the Red River Delta in the north to the Mekong Delta down south, this country boasts countless gorgeous unspoiled beaches, luscious forests and awe-inspiring landscapes. But amidst the wonders of the untouched wilderness, surrounded by breathtaking mountains, there are numerous urban towns situated in Central Vietnam, such as Dalat, Hoi An, Danang, Hue, Quy Nhon and Nha Trang. Often referred to as ‘Le Petit Paris’, Dalat is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Vietnam. A lot of tourists often choose to go on a Dalat motorbike route and experience the joy of adventurous exploration of the town’s surroundings and the wonders of the Central Highlands. From spectacular waterfalls to picturesque colonial buildings and wonderful traditional temples, Dalat truly offers the whole experience. So why not visit Vietnam and go on some Dalat motorbike adventures of your own?


Photo by Daniel Burka on Unsplash
Representing the true Middle Eastern values of tolerance, acceptance and hospitality, Jordan also boasts some of the most incredible scenery in the world. From Crusader castles to Christian mosaics and Roman amphitheatres, the different civilizations passing through Jordan throughout history have left behind impressive monuments that have fascinated travelers from all around the world. But the natural wonders of this beautiful country are what attracts explorers the most. The desert landscapes of weathered sandstone and reddened dunes encompass a salt sea at the lowest point on Earth, canyons flowing with seasonal water and oases of palm trees and springtime flowers scattered across parched hills. But in the midst of it all, ancient Nabataean towns are the jewels in the crown of the country’s many antiquities that have left even the most travel-weary of visitors astonished.


While it may not be the first destination that springs to mind, Zimbabwe has always been a country that adventurous travelers have raved about. The people of Zimbabwe are celebrated for their politeness, grace and hospitality and the natural wonders of this beautiful country are famous worldwide. A journey to Zimbabwe will take you through a stunning array of landscapes, from Highveld boulders and flamboyant Msasa trees to serene towns, splendid mountains and vivacious rivers. Here you can see a number of exotic animals, such as lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos, in their natural habitat, discover numerous Unesco-protected archeological sites and stand in awe of one of the world’s seven natural wonders – Victoria Falls.
No matter what your reason for traveling is, this list of exciting destinations is sure to inspire at least one life-changing journey. All you have to do is get out there with a willingness to unwind, experience and explore and find your own adventure.


Garden tricks and tips

A lot of people underestimate how important landscaping is. In fact, it is something that is very much taken for granted. It’s not until we lay our eyes upon a truly magical garden that we stop and think to ourselves ‘wow’. Nonetheless, your garden doesn’t need to look like it has been taken from a magazine in order to create a positive impact on you and others. Read on to discover just how important landscaping is in the current day…

Improve your garden, improve your wellbeing

One of the reasons landscaping is held in such high regard is because your garden is a place whereby you can relax and unwind. Nevertheless, this is only true if the landscape has been beautifully designed. At the end of the day, who is going to be able to relax in a garden with no colour and lots of weeds? In the modern day when you consider how fast paced life is, you can acknowledge just how important it is to find some downtime to yourself. This is imperative for your health and your mental wellbeing. Your garden can provide the perfect place for this relaxation as long as the landscape has been given a considerable amount of contemplation.

Increasing the value of your property

Not only is it important to improve the aesthetics of your garden for the sake of aiding your wellbeing, but you can also increase the look and value of your property. You may have a beautiful and grand home, but if the garden is not kept and looks unappealing then it has a detrimental impact on your home too. After all, there is nothing worse than a boring and bland outdoor area. Well, except for one filled to the brim with weeds! Nonetheless, if your garden looks beautiful then it will take your home to a whole new level. Not only this, but it will also increase the value of your property too. This is highly important at present, especially when you consider how poor the housing market has been over the past few years. If you are looking to sell then you need to do everything in your power to seal the deal.

Furthermore, another benefit associated with giving your garden a makeover is the fact that you will attract some marvellous wildlife. This will of course be down to the new and fresh plants, grasses, and trees you have added to your outdoor space. Why not encourage these animals to make the trip to your garden more often by encouraging them through the implementation of a bird table and alike?

As you can tell; there are many benefits people can reap by engaging in the landscaping of their outdoor space. Landscaping actually offers a lot more than creating a picture of beauty. Your garden space can be transformed into an area providing you with relaxation and tranquillity. Not only this, but it can attract a wealth of fantastic wildlife. And this is without mentioning the fact that the value of your property is likely to increase dramatically. However, it’s not just about creating a pretty picture, it’s about creating a healthy one, which is why we are going to discuss mulching too.

What is mulching?

Mulching is the process which involves layering a material over the top of your soil. There is a vast selection of different mulch options to select from, including the likes of bark, grass clippings, hay and compost. What are the benefits?

One of the main benefits of mulching is that it gives your soil a level of moisture and it retains this. This means that there is no risk of your plants or any vegetation drying out quickly. This is something which is particularly beneficial in locations whereby the climate and the air is very dry. However, as you know, weather can be very unpredictable and so individuals are bound to experience dry periods at some point in time. Therefore, the moisture retaining that mulch supplies is something which is advantageous to all. If you did not have mulching then the water in your soil would evaporate very quickly. You would need to remember to water your soil substantially, and in the busy modern day life this is a lot more difficult than imagined.

Aids healthy plants
This is something which is dependent on the tip of mulching you utilise. Plus, you will need some form of pest control to stop them destroying your plants too! Nevertheless if you opt for something like compost then you will benefit from added nutrients being given to the plants. This is extremely beneficial because it ensures your vegetation is getting everything that it needs in order to grow and flourish beautifully.

Say goodbye to weeds
Nobody likes weeds; they are annoying and ugly. In addition to this, they actually steal the nutrients from your garden plants and thus their growth is inhibited because of the presence of weeds. Moreover, there is quite simply nothing more frustrating than having to weed the garden every weekend. However, you don’t have to worry about that if you seek mulching services. This is because the layer of material actually prevents the germination process and the growth of weeds. And, if a few weeds do creep through then you will be pleased to know that these should be very easy to pull out.

Temperature control
Mulching is great because it keeps your soil cool and maintains a steady temperature. Cool soil is important for several reasons; first and foremost it is great for the roots and provides the optimum environment for them. Moreover, fluctuation in temperature is extremely detrimental to your plants and can be harmful to their condition. This is especially the case when we experience the change in temperature from one season to another.

All things considered, it is quite evident to see that the importance of mulching is something which should not be overlooked. If you want your plants and your soil to be healthy and look fantastic then mulching is an essential.


4 surprising effects that stress can have

We all know that stress is not something you want to have too much of in your life. But you might not be fully aware on exactly what it might actually be doing in your mind and body. Not having a full understanding of what stress might be doing to you could mean that you are not going to find it quite as easy to take steps to keep it at bay, and for that reason alone this is something that you will probably want to look into. As it turns out, there are some particularly surprising things that an overabundance of stress - or even just a little of it - might be doing to you in your daily life. Let’s look now to some particular examples, so that you might feel more resolved about doing something about the stress in your life.

Worsened Memory

If you find that you cannot remember as much as you used to be able to, or not commit information to memory quite as easily, you are not alone. A lot of people find this as time goes on, and it can be down to a number of factors - including things as diverse as lack of sleep, overuse of mobile devices and cognitive problems. But one thing that is bound to make your memory worse over time is stress, particularly if you are subjected to a high degree of it over a long period of time. The way this works is clear. Stress produces spikes in the chemical cortisol, which can be useful in the short-term as an evolutionary way of encouraging your body to make a move in a potentially dangerous situation, but is also damaging in the long term. There have been many problems linked to long-term increased cortisol levels, and worsened memory is one of the most common. In fact, it has such a pronounced effect here that being stressed is one of the main causes of dementia in later life. That’s one very good reason to keep your stress - and cortisol - levels down.

Dulled Senses

It would be no kind of life at all if you found your senses gradually or rapidly getting worse, but for a lot of people this is exactly what does happen. Again, there are a huge number of factors which might prove to be relevant here, but one of the most important that you need to consider is stress. If you find yourself being stressed out routinely, this will inevitably mean that the way your senses function is not as full or complete as it could be. It affects everything, from your taste to your sight and even your hearing. Thankfully, you can easily find affordable hearing aids these days without trouble, but you will still rather avoid such problems in the first place if you can help it - and you can help it, by making a point of managing whatever stress might be present in your life as well as you can.


Skin problems are not quite the serious problem as something like dementia or lost hearing, of course, but for many people they can still make life difficult. If you have ever had a long period of bad skin, you will know full well that it leads to a lower self-esteem, which could even result in a considerable episode of depression for many. There is also the social stigma, which can be particularly bad amongst certain groups such as the young. Being stressed has a direct link to having acne, given the way in which stress causes inflammation of the body, and in which inflammation causes acne and other skin problems. You should therefore make sure that you are mastering your stress in whatever way you can if you wish to have clear, and healthy skin.

Teeth Problems

Oral issues are the kind of thing which crop up for everyone from time to time no matter what they do, but as is always the case there are many things which you might be doing to make this worse without knowing it. If you have a considerable amount of stress in your life, it is almost certainly worsening any dental problems you might have, and possibly even creating some new ones. One of the ways this happens is that when you are stressed, you might be clenching your jaw in your sleep, possibly to the point of creating cavities. Moreover, stress is also strongly linked to gum disease - and given that gum disease is itself a likely precursor to Alzheimer’s, this is certainly something you want to avoid.

So take up meditation, learn some deep breathing exercises, or better yet - do away with your source of stress altogether. You’ll find you are much healthier on the whole.


Financial management for mom's

According to US Census Bureau research, women earn 80 cents for every dollar a man earns.  This gap in paychecks is made worse because women take time off work to have children, which means over their lifetime there are less able to save as much as men can. This can have a significant effect on their lives, and for some women who have to struggle on their own because of divorce, for example, the long term consequences can be financially disastrous.

A stay-at-home mom could suddenly find herself single because of the breakdown of a relationship or because they become a widow. The main wage earner could be seriously injured or become unemployed, but even if she goes back to work, the mom will not earn as much as a man in the same job.

Insure The Main Wage Earner

It is best to make sure that the main wage earner in the household is insured. They should be covered for disability in case of an accident or illness and there should be life cover in case of a death. The insurance will help to replace the income of the primary wage earner if a disaster happens.

Protect Yourself

If you are not married to your spouse, it is important that you protect yourself in case your relationship ends, getting a cohabitation agreement, or some kind of legally-binding document that lays out exactly who is entitled to what should the worst happen is the sensible thing to do for you all.

Consider Family Finances

The way couples handle their finances varies greatly. Some leave one spouse to pay all the bills and others have an agreement that specifies who will pay what. There are couples that have joint accounts but some prefer to keep their money separate. All this is a matter for the couple to decide, but it is important that they both understand the household finances, including the details of any debts and any investments.

If a financial advisor is engaged both parties should be involved in any meetings and decisions so that if the occasion happens where the mom finds herself on her own, she will be aware of the families financial situation.

Earning Potential

Whichever partner stays at home to raise the children, they could have some potential to make some money by working from home.  This can help to keep them up to date with the line of business they have always worked in. It could be as a freelancer or by finding a job that lets them work remotely.

More and more moms are starting their own online businesses as they have realized that they can make some cash when the children are at school or in bed in the evenings. Some of them have been very successful and apart from the money they have earned, they have found the experience personally rewarding.

Moms who have been out of the workforce for a while can lose their confidence when it comes to getting a job. Technology and new innovations have made the workplace a different world. There are online resources where they can hone their skills though, and this will help to give them their confidence back.

Most moms do a grand job raising their children, but there are times when finances can be a problem for them and then they should ask for help and advice if they need it, as friends and family will always be there for them.

Channeling your childrens energy into something productive

We love our kids, but we might not love the amount of unlimited energy they have - running around with heavy footfall and knocking you over whilst you have drinks in your hands, making all kinds of noise at all hours, potentially disturbing the neighbors, and then coming to you with cries of ‘I’m bored!’ And that’s only part of the reason being a parent is exhausting!

But of course, you wouldn’t have it any other way, but you would like to know how to better channel your child’s energy and happy spirit. Maybe into a talent or a skill they could use later on in life, maybe into being nice to their friends and family, maybe just into going outside a little bit more. Well, thankfully, there’s plenty of ways you can do all of these kinds of things!

So with that in mind, let’s explore some of the most productive ways you and your children can work together to have a household that’s just as energetic, but with none of that spirit going to waste. Kids should have fun whilst they’re young, but let’s make sure they carry that fun and fresh feeling all the way into adulthood as well.

Kids have a lot of energy to get through by the end of the day, and encouraging their use of it is going to make bedtime a lot easier to manage! (Image)

Make Up a Weekly Sports Club

Sports are a big thing in a kid’s world. They have PE classes at school, they have a playground to run around on with their friends at break and lunch times, and they've got a backyard back at home to put to good use. All in all, they’re going to be expending their energy in very physical ways more often than not, and that’s something you should encourage as much as possible. Not only does it help to strengthen their muscles and bones at a young age, making sure they’re a lot healthier as a teenager and a young adult, but it’s also the best way to get them off to bed at night with little protest!

After all, they’re going to get less and less active as they get older. But if you take the time now to instill a love of sport or physical activity in them whilst they’re young, they’re going to retain that sense of passion when they’re reaching a career age. And one of the best ways to encourage this passion is to get them enrolled in a sports club, or to come up with one of your own. You can even get your own track uniforms, if going cross country is something your little one likes the sound of!

Starting your own club means you can get other parents and their children involved as well, and you can put on real matches with plenty of players and pitch support. You can make it a weekly thing, to make sure you get into a routine of it with your child, and to make sure there’s a regular chance for progress. Your kids need consistency, if they’re going to keep up with an activity and use up their energy whilst doing it, and a club is a great structure for that!

Get Them to Help Out Around the House

Do your kids like to help you out around the house? Maybe they just like to let you get on with it, as they get stuck into a serious session with their dollhouse in the living room, or they run outside as soon as they see you open the dishwasher? Maybe they like to offer their help, and you love watching them stand on their tiptoes to try and reach the cupboard to put plates away? Either way, one of the best ways to get your kids to direct their energy into something more productive is to give them chores to do on a regular basis, and make sure they understand why.

Maybe they stomp their feet over the fact that they have to scrape their own plate whilst you sit down in the living room - explain to them that you cooked the meal and set the table, and that your part of the dinner time job is done. Tell them they’re helping you out tremendously by cleaning their own plate and putting it into the sink. Let them know that the chores you’re asking them to do are a good thing, and even task them to find more creative ways to get them done.

Maybe you can get them to choose a chore to do from a piece of paper out of a bucket. Maybe you can offer a rewards system for the amount of chores they get done over a week, and stamp a little card every time they complete a task you’ve set. Make sure they’re always got their minds turning over on how to get the house work done as fast and efficiently as possible, and they’re going to be pros by the time they’re teenagers!

Give Them an Alternative

Your child has a lot of energy, and that means they’ve got a lot of energy and willpower to argue and persist with. And if you’ve just woken up and not had your coffee yet, or you’ve had a long day and just want to relax for a few moments in the quiet, this kind of persistence can be very hard to take! At times like these, you’re going to want to come up with an alternative to the thing the child in front of you is demanding to have, and offer it up as a revolutionary idea.

Say they want to have another cookie, despite dinner being on the way in a few minutes, or they want to go outside but their room is littered with toys they’re tired of playing with - get them to compromise with you. Tell them they need to eat at least half their plate, and then they’ll get another cookie as their pudding, or tell them they need to put away at least five of their dolls or put their crayons back in the pack before you go outside with them.

This way, you’re not banning the activity they want to do, and you’re not making them hard graft for it either. Kids will certainly let you know when they don’t want to do something, so make sure you present things like healthy eating and chores bit by bit! It’s an alternative system that they’ll begin to understand more and more, and redirect their energy towards working with it.

Talk to Them

Of course you talk to your children, everyone who has kids will! But you need to be sure the conversations you’re offering are ones of substance, have something for the both of you to be interested in, and leave as little of a bad taste in your mouth as possible. After all, not all talks are going to be ones you want to have, or they’re going to be challenging to get through, but you need to have them. You don’t want your children using their curious and creative energy in the wrong way, and if you don’t answer the tough questions they bring to you, they’re going to have to find out from someone else!

Talking to your kids can make you laugh, and it can make you a little sad from time to time, and maybe a little disappointed when they come to you with a quickly spun tale of how your favorite vase got broken. But at the end of the day, talking to your children is a great way for them to expend some of the energy they’ve got so much of: make sure they always know they can come to you when they’ve got both big and little news, and when they’re got questions and need answers.

At the same time, make sure you’re always answering their attempts at conversation with enthusiastic answers. Kids can get excited about all kinds of things, and as adults, you probably don’t, but you’re still going to want to pretend! Maybe it’s a new video game they liked playing, maybe their teacher gave them a really nice comment on their homework, maybe they just have a toy they want to show you - ask them questions about why they love the toy, what they have to do on that game to complete it, or if their teacher has ever said something like that before.

So, Your Child Has a Lot of Energy…

And you wouldn’t want them to lose it! Instead, you want to encourage and redirect it, to make sure your kids are growing up with the right head on their shoulders and plenty of ways to deal with the energy they have and the emotions associated with it. Hopefully you can put some tips like these to good use in your own household, and there's a good chance you’re already using a few of them!

Fighting the good fight: we should engage our children in conflict from time to time

We all want a healthy relationship with our children, but at the same time, we can struggle with the conflict of, well, conflict. While we may want a quiet life, we still have to lay down the law so our children know what is right and wrong, but this means we've got to learn how to say no to our kids. And in life, there are some big conflicts that we will have with our children, but we have to know that these little battles will benefit our relationship with the kids in the long-term.

Starting Them Young
We can feel tempted to give up with something as banal as teeth brushing. After all, they say that you don't really have to worry about your children's teeth until they turn 3, but if you can take advantage of the situation when they're young, and get them into the habit of brushing their teeth, even if it's a superficial practice, this gets them into the habit of brushing and you can then focus on making their skills better in this department. Sometimes, it's about certain concessions, especially if we are in a rush in the mornings, and while we can feel that we don't have to worry about this when they are toddlers, it's this attitude that we'll have difficulty breaking. Making it a habit now, even if it is just a quick brush and some fluoride varnish, will at least ensure that their teeth are healthy to an extent. And brushing their teeth should be a twice-daily habit, so this is the perfect opportunity to start engaging our children in those battles that we could be so tempted to give up on.

Not Following The Herd
As your children get older, they will come home from school wanting a specific brand of product, no matter how expensive it is. Once we give in to this, they start to push it further and further until we demand the need for a quiet life, and placate them with these presents. But, the buck stops with us. In life, it's easier to say yes, but at the same time, we don't want our children to feel intimidated by other kids in school because they haven’t got a certain item. This is where compromise comes into play. You don't necessarily have to say no, but it's about seeing it from their point of view, and then seeing it from yours, which is something we don't always address with our children. This is especially true for those parents that say no, and further clarify this with a “because I said so”. This is not a justifiable reason!

As far as engaging our children in conflict is concerned, we have to remember that this form of conflict can help our children prepare for the big wide world. And at the same time, it hammers the point home for us, that we don't need to say “yes” and give them what they want all of the time. Because we've all seen those children who get everything they want, and it's not pretty!

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