Bully To No One: Keeping Your Kids From Getting Picked On'

four children standing on dirt during daytime

While most parents work hard to make sure that their children are well behaved, it isn’t always easy for everyone to manage this sort of goal. When the little ones are at school or out and about, they will have a lot more freedom, and you won’t be able to tell what they spend their time doing. Unfortunately, though, some kids are far less disciplined than others, and bullying is always a common theme in schools. You can’t exactly go and defend you child, but there are still steps which can be taken which will help with this side of their life. Stepping in is usually a mistake, as this will alienate your kids, but you can take other steps to support them.

Teach Them Confidence

In a lot of cases, those who get bullied at school haven’t done anything which would prompt this sort of torment. Instead, when they are confronted by someone who wants to pick a fight, they will do nothing about it, and this can make them into a big target for anyone else who wants to be a bully. While your child shouldn’t be getting into physical fights with other students, they certainly shouldn’t be letting themselves be picked on, either. To combat this, you need to teach your child how to be confident in themselves, with this approach making it very difficult for a bad child find satisfaction from their bullying attempts.

Teach Them Mindfulness

It’s hard to say what makes some kids turn into bullies at school, as this can happen to even the nicest of children. In some cases, they might have a bad home life, and, in others, they may simply not like the way they look or feel, making them want to project their insecurities onto others. By teaching your child to be mindful of these issues, you can take away the power that bullying has. When someone says something mean to them, your kids should be working to understand why it was said, with this process making it easy to see through the nasty words which have been said.

Take Away A Bullies Ammunition

While it is unfortunate, bullying often occurs when a child looks or acts differently to their peers. There are some aspects of this which can’t be changed, though you may be able to make a difference in some areas. Learning the pros and cons of Invisalign will show you that this product is far better for a child than braces, as the bullies at their school won’t be able to use it as ammunition against your little one. Some bullies will be more creative than this, but this only means that you have to work harder to help your child.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling confident that you have the power to help your child to overcome any bully. This sort of behaviour can be horrible, and schools work hard to do everything they can, but it can often fall to the parents to make a difference.


4 Easy Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

In the current world of ever-growing landfills that we live in, where the overall pollution seems to be at its peak, choosing to lead a wasteful lifestyle doesn’t really make a lot of sense. That’s why more and more people are slowly turning towards a greener lifestyle.
However, deciding to make any changes to your current lifestyle can sometimes seem a bit challenging. Not knowing where to start can feel somewhat overwhelming, which can easily discourage people from even trying. On the other hand, by choosing to start small and making some easy yet very important changes, you can seriously reduce your own carbon footprint and do your part in trying to heal our planet. Here’s how you can do so.

Cut on electricity waste

The fact of the matter is that modern households are full of numerous appliances and gadgets that use up a lot of energy on a daily basis. Even when just plugged in but not actually turned on, these devices still use some electricity which is then basically being wasted. Furthermore, people tend to be quite ignorant about the amount of artificial light they use on a daily basis. Usually, people tend to leave the lights on even when there’s nobody in the room which only adds up to the overall energy waste. So, if you want to start leading an eco-friendlier lifestyle, start by unplugging all of the devices that are currently not being used. Also, try to ensure that you switch the lights off when exiting a room. These small changes won’t affect your quality of life in any way, but they will start paying off sooner than you may think. 

Stop wasting food

Another thing we keep on wasting without actually realizing it is food. Nearly 1.3 billion tons of food produced for human consumption is being wasted every year. Not only is that an insane amount of food being wasted, but all that food that ends up on the landfills increases the CO2 emissions. So, to do your part, make sure you don’t waste any food in your household. First of all, when buying groceries, make sure you buy only the amount you are sure you’ll be able to consume before they start to go bad. You should pay special attention to perishables as they have a significantly shorter lifespan. Furthermore, make sure you reheat the leftovers and use them to either make a new dish or as your meal for the day. Any food that you don’t manage to consume you can use to make your own compost. 

Say no to plastic

Plastic is certainly among top pollutants. Not only is it readily available and easily accessible, but it seems that, nowadays, almost anything is made of plastic. This material is not only full of various chemicals used in the production but it also not biodegradable. What this means is that plastic waste will stay on the landfill for a very long time. That’s why you should see to it that you reduce your own use of plastic as much as possible. Start using reusable shopping bags made of natural materials instead of plastic bags. Also, consider investing in high-quality and eco-friendly household products that will not only last longer but will also minimize your use of plastic. 


Finally, make sure you get in the habit of recycling. Sure, you will make mistakes in the beginning and simply throw something away instead of recycling it, but if you try to stay conscious about what you buy and how you dispose of things, you will be promoting a greener lifestyle. This goes for virtually anything – from food and paper to clothes and even furniture. 

Embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle and trying to do your part in preserving the environment is always a good thing. So, choose to start making some positive changes today. 


Oh, How Does Your Garden Grow?

green watering can in green house

Gardening fanatics are always excited to get their plants and shrubs down as soon as the seasons twist from stone cold to acceptably moderate. But, for many first time gardeners (welcome, by the way), there can be issues you encounter during your first growing season.

It’s easy to get discouraged and start to neglect your grow, but if you’re really passionate about creating a lush garden, perhaps all you need it a little advice. Here are some reasons why your garden may not be growing as you hoped it would. 

Not Enough Sunlight

Everyone learned back in Primary School that plants need the sun to grow, so the amount of sunlight should be the first thing you check out when getting to the bottom of your growing struggles. If obstacles are blocking the sun at peak hours, you can move the grow area to somewhere more exposed. 

However, if it’s not possible to reposition the greenhouse or patch, consider using a grow light, which you can find by following this link: https://www.amazon.com/100W-LED-Grow-Light-Bulb/dp/B07H9W1TSZ. You’ll need to hook it up to a bulb socket, but once this is done, it will provide the necessary sunlight through all growing stages. 

Too Much Water

Overwatering causes your plants to drown, lose the ability to absorb necessary nutrients, and also rot the whole plant, killing it before it gets the chance to thrive. 

There’s a fine line between too much water and not enough, and this also varies between plants, which isn’t ideal for first-timers growing multiple plants at once. You can notice the signs of overwatering by spotting wilting and brown leaves and root rot. If possible, you can install an irrigation system, but this may be too expensive for beginners, so keep an eye on your soil in the meantime. 


Unlike other issues, infestations are much easier to spot. You’ll see holes nibbled in the leaves and stems, but the damage isn’t just on the surface. 

The gaps in the plant can lead to infections through bacteria or a virus, which will affect growth. These infestations will also put the plant under stress, which just like in people can be harmful to its growth. 

The Wrong Fertiliser 

Using the wrong fertiliser for your plants causes a whole host of troubles. You risk the roots not getting enough nutrients and therefore putting stress on them, making them susceptible to other problems. If your plants are getting enough sunlight, the right amount of water, and are free from infestations, the problem could be the fertiliser.

You’ll need to get your soil checked with local companies or use a handy fertiliser testing kit if you don’t want the hassle of paying for the service. Using such options will give you an idea of where you are going wrong and how you can fix it. 

Now Does Your Garden Grow?

Like anything, you’ve got to give it time to learn the ins and outs, the secrets, the clever tricks to being successful in your new hobby. So don’t get discouraged if your plants don’t bloom immediately. Often, it’s all about patience and learning from your mistakes, and next time, you’ll have such a marvellous garden, you’ll never want to leave it. 

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy To Keep You and The Baby Safe

One of the most crucial steps to take to keep you and the baby safe during pregnancy is maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.
This might require you to cut off certain foods while still including foods from all food groups to derive the right nutrients and vitamins.
During pregnancy, particularly in your first trimester, moderation is key. Eating anything in excess poses a threat to your pregnancy. However, these particular foods are the main culprits:

Raw Sprouts

Sprouts are a favorite for most people. However, during pregnancy, you might want to stay away from raw sprouts like alfalfa, clover, mung bean, and radish sprouts because they tend to carry salmonella.
Sprouts are grown in humid conditions making them a breeding ground for salmonella bacteria. If you do feel the need to consume sprouts still, only consume them cooked.


We know how you love your seafood! However, most seafood, such as sushi, shellfish, sashimi, oysters, and prawns, are polluted with listeria. Listeria is harmful to pregnant women because it can cause preterm labor or a miscarriage. 
Raw seafood mainly puts you at a high risk of being contaminated with certain parasites like viruses and tapeworms. These parasites then expose you to infections like food poisoning, and listeriosis.
If you must consume seafood, make sure you cook it well. Be careful while dining in specific restaurants that serve raw seafood.

Unpeeled and Unwashed Vegetables

During pregnancy, women are advocated to eat green leafy vegetables. However, unwashed or raw vegetables are not healthy for pregnant women because they contain toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, a severe infection.
If infected with this parasite, a pregnant woman can easily pass it to her unborn baby. Hence, for your safety and that of your child, we recommend soaking the vegetables in clean saltwater and then wash them under running water before any consumption.
Always peels, rinse, and cook your veggies well. It is also imperative to make sure that the cutlery you use while preparing your vegetables is washed and wiped clean.

Eggs and Poultry Products

Pregnant women are advised to stay away from eggs and poultry products because they carry salmonella, bacteria that lead to specific problems like diarrhea, intestinal bleeding, food poisoning, fever, and sometimes miscarriages.
However, you never know where pregnancy cravings take you. In which case, if you must eat eggs, make sure they are thoroughly cooked until the yolk and the white is solid.
Cooking the eggs thoroughly kills this bacterium and makes them safe to consume. A pregnant woman should also stay away from certain poultry products like mayonnaise, eggnog, soufflé, mousse, and smoothies bearing raw eggs.

Processed Meats

We know this one is tough, but you have to avoid them! Eating processed meats like stuffed mat, salami, sausages, bacon, minced meat, deli meat, pate, and pepperoni while you are pregnant is unsafe.
Meats may have bacteria like listeria, Toxoplasma gondii, or salmonella, which are notorious for causing food poisoning. Hence, during your pregnancy, we advise avoiding consuming raw or undercooked meats because these bacteria can lead to severe issues like premature delivery, miscarriage, or stillbirth.
During these nine months, therefore, properly cook your meat and rewarm well before any consumption.

Unripe Papayas

Unripe papayas, as well as green papayas, should be avoided during pregnancy because they have laxatives components that can bring about premature labor.
Papaya seeds also have enzymes that propel contraction of the uterus, causing a miscarriage.

Sesame Seeds

Particularly during the early stages of your pregnancy, you should stay away from sesame seeds. Sesame seeds, especially when consumed with honey, can be harmful to you and the baby.
However, in the later stages of your pregnancy, you should look for black sesame seeds because they are believed to help with delivery.
Visit childmode.com to learn more. 


A Better You, Through And Through! The Skills You're Never Too Old To Learn

While we can think that we're “too old” to do things in life, this is a very defeatist attitude. Yes, when you have children to raise, and you see them going from strength to strength in their education and physical prowess it can make us feel a little bit on the ancient side. But, sometimes they can inspire us to pick up a new skill. But if you want to improve yourself, you are never too old! It is more about finding the right skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life. And there's plenty out there!

A Musical Instrument 
A musical instrument isn't something that is just for youngsters; in fact, if you want to pick up an instrument later in life you will see that it benefits you, not just in terms of playing the music you love but it's great for your brain. In fact, it can even stave off age-related cognitive decline. And the great thing is now there's plenty of guides online that can point you in the direction of the instrument that you have wanted to play for so long, but never have the time. The beginner's guide to playing piano is one of many, especially if you want to tinkle the ivories. But if you really want to start hitting the drums instead, why don't you?! In fact, it's a perfect workout!

Learning How To Dance 
And speaking of a physical workout, if you don't like the idea of going to the gym and pumping iron for what seems like hours on end, why don't you do something fun? Learning how to dance is a fantastic workout, but it also helps to maintain your balance and is a great way to socialize. You're never too old to learn how to dance, and it's a skill that benefits you in every single area of your life. Learning how to move a little bit more is, very simply, a great way of helping you age with grace. Your body is a machine; it was built to move!

Calming Anxieties 
While it's not a skill in a traditional sense, learning to calm anxiety is something that will benefit us in every aspect of getting old. While there is more focus on holistic healing, if we can't learn to relax, or be pragmatic in terms of what's bringing us down, then we can struggle. We have to remember that with things like depression, it can stem from a tangible reason or it can be a chemical imbalance. And we can regain control over our bodies, either by taking certain medications or finding the right practice that helps us to calm down. Something like deep breathing or meditation is always useful, and learning a skill like this as we get older doesn’t just calm us down, but could give us a bit more meaning to life.

We might think that we missed the boat in terms of learning new skills, but we have to remember that life is a learning lesson all in itself. There are skills in life we are never too old to learn, and if we really want to learn something new, then we will! This is the key to developing ourselves.

The Under-Appreciated Sides Of Body Art

Looking for a way to update your look, but sick of only making changes to your wardrobe and hair? Want something that better reflects you as an individual, or goes a little further and more adventurous? Body art can be perfect for just that, and here we’re going to take a look at some kinds of body art that deserve a little more recognition.

A gorgeous, temporary, and highly popular kind of body art, especially for those who love to travel. Henna is used widely in the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia, and is one of the most ancient kinds of body art practiced around the globe. Some even attest the Queen Cleopatra herself would decorate her body with henna. Usually, people tend to like to get it on their hands, feet, or lower legs, but you can really get it just about anywhere. The ink from the henna plant is totally natural and safe, and fades within a fortnight, too.

Permanent makeup 
When you think of tattoos, you might think mostly of gorgeous elaborate designs or simple iconography, but there are some kinds designed not to add something new to your look, but to refine what is already there. Also known as microdermabrasion, permanent makeup is a beauty treatment that can save a serious amount of time by making the effects of makeup semi-permanent. It can be done anywhere on the face, emulating the look of mascara, eyeshadow, blush and more, but some people find certain areas like the lips harder to do because those parts of the body are especially sensitive.

Body jewellery
Again, when people think of piercings, their first thoughts are likely to be rather limited to earrings and simple studs. Sometimes, the occasional bejeweled stud. However, there’s a much greater diversity of body jewellery than you might think, including shop glass plugs, bead rings, barbells, belly bars, and much more. If you’re looking for a way to add a little glitz to your body, or even a little color, then body jewellery might just the thing for you. It doesn’t have to be all that flashy either, as materials like jade and glass can add a much more natural earthy feel to it.

Body paint 
This is another tradition as old as henna, tattoos, and body jewellery. In fact, body painting might be one of the oldest forms of art still surviving to this day. Back in ancient times and still common amongst some tribes dyes would be used for religious rites, ceremonies, or to denote class and position in society. Many of the vegetable dyes used back then are still used today, but nowadays, temporary body paint has exploded to include glitter, sparkles, and a huge range of colors. This is a still growing trend, so just make sure you choose body safe products when looking around.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a touch more traditional, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the tattoo or piercing approach. Do what you’re comfortable with. After all, it’s your body and your look.


How to Have a Perfect Marriage Anniversary

Photo by Lindsey Weber on Unsplash
Time flies by very fast, and it seems that it flies by even faster while you are getting older and having fun. This is why most of our marriage anniversaries come, it seems, every other month! Jokes aside, marriage anniversaries are very important and they can be a great way to keep your marriage fresh and romantic. Organizing a marriage anniversary (or a marriage anniversary party), should not come as a burden or simply just a task, but if you’re not the person to throw something big, you can always surprise your spouse with a romantic dinner or something else that they would like. But, if you have kids, where do they fit in? Take a look at some of the most important things to consider while planning a marriage anniversary.

Recreate your wedding

The first idea would be to recreate your wedding party, but of course, a bit simplified. Namely, you do not have to invite all the guests – you will need plenty of organization and money for that, but you can always turn to the same venue where you organized the biggest day of your lives. If the venue is a restaurant, make sure to book a table where you were sitting, or have a similar (or same) meals. This will definitely bring back some memories that you want to cherish forever.

The role of your children

Photo by Irina Murza on Unsplash

If you have children, this means that you simply have to include them in the organization of your marriage anniversary. They probably haven’t been born then, so this is going to be quite interesting for them. Making them an important part of the event, either with their presence or with the role that you will give them, is a great idea. They could be the gift bearers, they could state where they would like to go and thus have a dinner party there. Is there any better way to throw an anniversary for your marriage than spending it with your immediate family?

Think of a nice present

Of course, you have to think carefully about the present for your spouse. Even though presents do not matter as much as your love, this is the time to prove your love and loyalty by giving them something they will cherish – so not a simple present. If you cannot think of a present that they will like, you can think outside of the box and think of something interesting, original and symbolic. For example, you can opt for the gift of a watch that will symbolically mean that you want to spend a lot more time with them. If this is the case, make sure to pick the best and the most fashionable, so you can browse around for high-quality Japanese watches as you want something that is pretty and long-lasting. Apart from the watches, you can also choose to give them the gift of a second honeymoon, which is very romantic.

Relive your first date

Unless you really want to recreate your wedding night in a way, you can relive your first date which might be even more interesting as it is farther in the past, and thus you will remember some of the most precious moments of your life. If you want to bring your kids as well, feel free to, as that will add a dash of new to the mix. Choose the venue where you met, take the same walks, and try to remember what you were talking about. Not only is this super romantic, but it can also be quite fun. 

Indulge in a new activity

Photo by Dương Hữu on Unsplash
Or, you can stop taking a walk down memory lane, and opt for something new and fresh instead. Indulging in new activities is a great way to spice up your life and your marriage, and to celebrate the years together by doing something new for the first time. The best idea would be to do something together as a family – whether it’s a road trip, a trip to Disneyland, or something much more extreme, it’s up to you. If it’s only the two of you, however, this is the time to opt for bungee jumping, parachuting, or something much more dangerous that will bring you closer together. Of course, you can always choose the safe path and consider a trip to an exotic place as something new and interesting.

Ah, marriage anniversaries. You might sometimes think that it is not a date worth celebrating, but then that day comes and you actually realize that it does matter. This is why you should always know these things in advance, so that you have plenty of time to think it over.


Top 5 Beauty Treatments for Busy Moms

Being a mom is a full time job. Between work, house chores, homework, football/basketball/baseball
practises, paying the bills, juggling the in-laws, date nights, and doing your taxes, little time is left for
relaxation. As rewarding as family duties can be, moms deserve a treat sometimes.
If home spa days aren’t your thing and you want something extra (you deserve it!), we give you top 5
beauty treatments that are trendy, safe, won’t take too much time, but will surely give you a confidence
boost and a refreshment!

Permanent Makeup
Once the little ones come along, the once self-indulgent morning routine goes something like this: wake
‘em up, quick shower, wake ‘em up again, slap on some foundation, feed ‘em, put on the first clean
thing you get your hands on, get ‘em dressed, slap on some mascara, get ‘em into the station wagon and
No time for meticulous makeup. Luckily, salvation comes in the form of permanent makeup treatments.
This range of procedures includes permanent eyeliner, micro blading (an eyebrow styling technique),
permanent lipstick, lash lift, etc. Basically, your local permanent makeup artist can give you an entire
makeup look that will stay on for months, years even, no need to reapply. Permanent makeup goes into
the skin, so it won’t get ruined no matter what you do. It’s a great way to save time in the morning
without sacrificing your look. And no, these are not tattoos; these procedures are much less invasive
and will fade away eventually.

Leave-in Hair Color
Let’s face it, only a very small percentage of women is totally happy with their natural hair color.
However, dying your hair gets old after a few years, as constant touch ups take so much time and
energy. Moms especially don’t have the time to waste at a hair salon every six weeks.
That’s why so many of them opt for the lived-in color technique available in many salons now. This is an
innovative way of coloring that is based on your natural hair color and meticulous positioning of several
similar shades. This way, roots are barely noticeable and you get that subtle, yet effective glam look. The
best part – you need touch ups only every 6 months!

Laser Hair Removal
Body hair – the greatest enemy of the 21 st century woman. Admittedly, the body positivity wave has
liberated us a bit, but for those who still prefer the smooth look, laser hair removal is the way to go.
Every beauty centre under the sun does it now, and the prices have dropped in the past few years.
Laser hair removal is the only way to do away with shaving, waxing and plucking. This is a way to take
care of your armpits, legs, peach fuzz, arms, bikini zone. The procedure does require some commitment,
though, as you need to have several sessions and stick to the schedule, but you will save so much time in
the long run!

Chemical Peels
A chemical peel is an all-in-one solution to all your skin problems. It improves skin texture, minimizes
fine lines, and gives you an overall glow, younger-looking skin in just one treatment. This procedure is
done by a dermatologist who adapts a cocktail of chemicals suited to your skin’s needs.
This basically removes the damaged top layer of the skin, revealing new, healthier and improved skin
underneath. This is a way to prevent countless appointments and get straight into an effective solution.
It’s worth mentioning however, to choose your dermo wisely.

Cosmetic Fillers
No more plastic surgery. It’s all cosmetic fillers now – a safer, cheaper, subtler way to enhance your
beauty and boost your confidence. Dermatologists have developed collagen and hyaluronic acid based
fillers that can be used to plump up the lips, fill in fine lines anywhere on the face, minimize the visibility
of under-eye bags, ever contour the face.
The main reason fillers have replaced botox is the fact that their origin is natural (collagen and
hyaluronic acid are already in our skin, we just need a bit more of it), and they are broken down by the
body naturally. It gives the skin fullness, yet doesn’t result in the total lack of facial expressions.


Adrienne Goodine fashion

Photo credit: Denis Duquette

Adrienne Goodine is a co worker who is crazy talented and she designs amazing things so today I wanted to show case her. Not only a designer but a wife and a mom.  Introducing Adrienne

Photo credit: Denis Duquette

1. What made you want to open your own business?

Designing and making clothing has been my dream since I was about 8 or 9 years old.  
Fashion Television played a big part. I was immediately mesmerized and knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up. My goal, graduate, go to fashion school and be a famous 
fashion designer. Easy peasy! It seriously started to pursue a career when the company I worked for for 11 years , What on Earth Jewellers, closed their doors. I knew it was time to take that leap. I would say that fear crippled me and that’s why I didn’t pursue it sooner. I also got comfortable with a steady income. So, I just did it, registered my business and built it up from there.

2. How did you get your business concept?

It’s not easy figuring out what kind of business you are, especially when you are a creative. I just wanted to make things. But after a lot of thinking, research and having a 
mentor that asked questions to get me thinking, I finally figured it out. I offer custom made designs in clothing and jewellery as well as made to order. I am currently dabbling with ready to wear but the heart of my company is the former. At the moment I design and create from start to finish, all pieces of jewellery and clothing. Eventually my goal is to have people working with me to help with this process. My goal is to have an atelier where I would have a number of people working, thus creating jobs in the province.

Photo credit: Hailley Fayle, modelled by Ashley Dearing.  

3. How do you advertise your business? 

At the moment I do my advertising on social media, word of mouth and my business cards. I am however, hoping to get some adds in magazines that fit my brand. 

4.  What do you contribute to your success?

My success is a combination of things: having a dream, believing in that dream and never giving up on making that dream come true. There is persistence, determination and 
motivation. I am also blessed to have friends and family that support me as well as great mentors who see my potential. But honestly, hard work.

Photo credit: Hailley Fayle, modelled by Ashley Dearing

5. What are your future goals?

My future goals are to be doing this full time and be a true boss lady! I will have an atelier with numerous people working with me, bringing jobs to NB and expanding the fashion industry.

Next we have a design for the Cashmere bathroom tissue held in Toronto a few weeks ago where she created this dress and was also in attendance.

Tell me more about the Fashion show:

I was one of 16 designers, chosen and invited to design a couture gown out of bathroom tissue for the  Cashmere Bathroom Tissue fashion show.   This years theme was Legends of fashion.  We were to choose our favourite legends of fashion  to inspire out piece.  For me, it was Hubert de Givenchy.   My dress was inspired by his relationship with one of my favourite style icons and a muse of mine, Audrey Hepburn.  She was his muse and they had a fabulous relationship.   I drew from the understated elegance of his designs with a focus on a few of the more iconic designs he created for Hepburn.  I of course gave it a twist of modernity and my own touch.   The event itself was amazing.  I met lots of like minded people, designers, influencers, models...etc.  It gave me a clearer vision of what I want!  And holy cow, I had my design on a runway in Toronto!  That felt incredible.   I was honoured to have been chosen to take part in this wonderful event to help raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer.  There is a vote for couture for the cure going on now until October 26th, where you can vote for your favourite dress.  And for every vote, a dollar is donated to the fight against breast cancer.

Photo is by. George Pimentel.

7. Have you created something for a famous person?

 I have made something for a famous person! I made a custom blazer for Serena Ryder a few years back. She was the headliner for the Heart and Stroke Foundations, Red Dress 
Fashion Gala, an event I have been part of for many years. It was an amazing experience. She 
is an unbelievably talented, down to earth and all around cool woman.

8. What is unique about your business? 

What is unique about my business is that I design and hand make garments and jewellery. I do this all on my own, from start to finish. For me making a custom piece is so 
personal and I put my heart and soul into it. It brings me so much joy!

9. What is one piece of advice for someone just starting a business? 

One piece of advice I can offer to someone is to stay in your lane. Focus on your goals and don’t compare your self to other people. Also, slow and steady wins the race. Take your 
time and figure out what works for you. Don’t be afraid to ask and there is no better time then now to start. One thing I read the other day was to not compare your start with someone else’s middle. Just keep on believing!

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

 I see myself living my dream.

11. What do you do in your spare time?

Thinking of designing and creating!
Lol jk
I’m usually hanging out with my family :)
But I’m always designing.  It’s everywhere I go and look.

You can find Adrienne Goodine Fashion here: 

Instagram it’s @adrienne_goodine 
Facebook is @adriennegfashion

Things To Know About Medical Supplies

Medical supplies form an integral part of medical and healthcare services. You cannot imagine a medical facility running without medical supplies. Nowadays, many people are switching to online stores for such supplies. Online stores offer competitive pricing. These supplies find application in the pathological lab, research centers, hospitals, home, healthcare units etc.

In this article, the emphasis would be on those things which are needed to look into before selecting a medical supply.


The following are the few points discussed below:



1.      Do a good research: One of the best ways to find about medical supplies is to do a thorough research on the internet. Since most of the services are available online, people can get the idea of the services very easily. Reviews can play a key role. Read through the reviews and weigh them. This will help you in understanding whether it is okay or not. One can also consult with the neighbors and use his or her social capital to know the names. In this step, we are only concerned with generating the names who can qualify.


2.      Evaluate the names: The next step is to analyze all these names. Once you have shortlisted some names of medical supply companies, you need to check their reviews and ratings. Online portals give you access to the same. You can find comprehensive details about the brands. This decision should never be made in a rush. It should always be made with a clear head. Any hesitation before finalizing, should get it cancelled.


3.      Checking the quality of services: There should be no compromise done with the quality. The services should be up to the mark. Moreover, you must also check that these companies manufacture products which are safe to use and matches the safety parameters as specified by the industry. The option that we should always choose should be the one that gives you the best quality of services. In the medical and health care department, one should never look to save his or her purse.


4.      The price factor: Price plays a key role in choosing the medical supplies. There are many online stores that will offer you competitive pricing. However, a lower price doesn’t guarantee quality products and vice-versa. You must analyses the product based on different parameters like quality, price, safety etc. You need to decide your budget first. The simplest way to decide the budget is by taking the help of the people. People who have already got it done will tell you in a better way what should be exactly done at this stage. When you take the price factor into account, then you need to know that if you are choosing an offline store , then you must choose the store which is nearby , this will save the shipping cost and if you are ordering online, check the with medical supplies provider about the shipping cost.

5.      Comfort and luxury: During the time of getting any medical supply, one thing that should be taken care of is the comfort and luxury aspect. The person should go in for any treatment with a cool and calm mindset. That is why it is important to see the comfort aspect.






For beginning with any medical supply, one needs to see a few of the valuable points. These points are to be seen before the person actually goes in. Doing good research is one of the most basic and fundamental things that one should always do. This step should never be skipped. It is always good to consider 3 to 4 names, rather than finalizing the first name that you see. Always choose the best medical supply service and spend some time researching about them, before making the final decision.


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