Marriage Monday's-Hudson & Emily

Sharing our Love stories or some Marital Advice, today I introduce to you:

Hi, I’m Emily! Special thanks to Terri for allowing me to guest post again here today!!
 I blog with my husband Hudson at HudsonAndEmily.com.

You can read our love story if you’d like, but the basics of it are this: we met in 6th proposal, and finally got married 10 years after we met! One thing that a lot of people don’t know about us, though, is that we saved our first kiss until the day we got engaged. WOAH. So the kiss happened right after Hudson proposed, walked me down a memory lane he had created in the woods, and sat me down on a picnic blanket covered in roses. It was the most special thing ever. And then it started pouring rain. HAHA. That would happen. We went from having this beautiful, special kiss to running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to pick up all of the memory lane stuff before having to sprint a mile back to the car. I'm guessing this was definitely not Hudson's plan, but hey, I was just thrilled to be engaged so it didn't phase me. It was the best day of my life (until my wedding)! But so many people have asked us, why?

Why save your first kiss until you got engaged? Before I answer, I need to give disclaimers.
 (1) In no way do we think kissing is "wrong.” I am not writing this to judge anyone or make anyone feel bad. I am writing this so that single people might read our story and be encouraged to stay pure. (2) Waiting to kiss wasn't something we "had" to do. We chose it. Yes, we are Christians and God does call us to be pure. But He doesn't say kissing in and of itself is wrong. For me and Hudson, saving our first kiss signified that we were committed to being pure. We didn't want to JUST be virgins on our wedding day and get as close to the line as possible -- we wanted to be as pure as we could. Also, although when we were dating I was like 99% sure I'd marry Hudson, I wanted to know for sure that my future husband was the only person who I shared something so personal as a kiss with. Everyone's experience is different, and some of my friends have said that through dating other people they actually learned more about who they wanted to marry. But for us, dating only each other and waiting to kiss really worked -- and I am so thankful that we did what we did. Yes, it was difficult. Really difficult at times.
 We had to set strong guidelines and make intentional decisions to not be alone together for too long. And to do “fun” dates more than romantic ones, which has carried over to now – we’ve compiled an entire list of dates for every season of the year: spring dates, summer dates, fall dates, and winter dates. My recommendation is this. If you are currently in a relationship, take some time to talk with your boyfriend about your boundaries for purity. Or if you are single, take time to think about what you want your boundaries to be. Write them down now, because believe me, the longer you date the more difficult it gets! (Married women out there, let us know if you agree!) grade, became best friends, had a very emotionally-charge.

If you have questions about purity or want to discuss something, feel free to contact me -- I would be happy to talk with you! And thank you so much again, Terri, for allowing me to blog here today!!


Weekend Recap

Finally was able to go back to the scanning part of my job, now that I am 2 weeks behind, i was pooped at the end of the day though, hubby picked me up and he was feeling the same way- exhausted. 
I decided to go to Summer Summit, we have a week of services each year, for the entire province, it is a nice time to see people we have not seen in a long time. 
I went with some friends because Brooke needed some more rest, so my friend came to get me, they make me laugh so much, we have so much fun together. 
Service was a healing service, it was powerful, so many miracles took place. 
Got home and my hubby and baby girl was in bed asleep, i enjoyed the quiet of the house. 

We woke up rather mid morning and did some errands in town, then we did a bunch of yard work and got the patio all ready, now that our pool is ready

I love Summer here in our new house, the pool and AC helps the winter heat. 
I invited some friends over for dinner, we just grilled burgers and had salads, and she brought dessert that was so so yummy. 
We went to evening service of Summer Summit as well, while there, this girl came in and gave me the biggest hug, it was a girl I used to babysit, she is dating a guy from here, it was so amazing to see her, Brooke loves her as well as the pic shows, we were going to go out to eat after but decided to go home and meet on Sunday Night.

Another night when I could not sleep, I am so tired of no sleep, it is hard to deal with, I am so tired and starting to feel sick from not getting enough sleep.
Our Pastor is away so we had to be at church early to set up ( we rent a community centre), so we did that with some help from a couple of guys, we only had the one service so we didn’t set up for the cafĂ© etc, it was just the basic things we needed for the service.
I was exhausted from not sleeping well and so I took a afternoon nap while Andrew and Brooke cleaned up the kitchen for me, I am so blessed with such an awesome family.
Went to PM service of Summer Summit and it was so packed and HOT – but it was nice to see some friends, Brooke was excited to see Erica, her mom used to babysit me, and now Brooke and Erica are the best of friends,

after service we went out to eat with some friends, we were gonna go for pizza but went to Jungle Jim’s instead and I had nachos, I love hanging out with friends.

I am at work right now, but tomorrow is a holiday and we have a BBQ planned at our house, I am excited to host and have friends over.


Confessional Friday

I’m late with my Confessional Friday today, oops. I usually have it ready to go first thing in the morning, but work is so busy today

·        I am glad Daddy is home, I have been home all week with a sick girl, we were glad when daddy got home last night.

·        We have our annual summer summit this week, services all week; I haven’t gone yet because of Confession 1- maybe tonight.

·        I am finding my French course very difficult right now. I need to get a tutor I think.. The French language is a hard one to learn or so I’m told.

·        I have lost 9 lbs on my current diet plan and I am loving it so far- what sucks a little bit is the fact that I bought a ton of new clothes while on vacation last month and now I have to sell it or give it away… oh well, new wardrobe coming up.

·        Time to get back to work – 2 days behind … eek.


Your face with Social Media

We all use it, I use it far to much, I am always signed in to Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest... I am always there, I have had people ask me if I do anything else besides Social Media, then i explain that I am always there as it is always signed in on my phone and or computer. 

Does it portray our lives as perfect?  Is this true of us? Is it what we are trying to do, are we trying to be someone we are not? 
Is it showing a fake version of us?
As women we are competitive, we want to show other women just how much we have it all together, we organize play dates, cook amazing meals, make play dough every day, every time we show a pic it shows nothing but a clean house… when in reality this is not the case
{True Story- one night I needed to take a pic for something, I cleaned a specific place just for the picture, because I did not want them to see the real side of me, the horrible house wife that I am}
We choose what we share, we choose what we want people to see

So what, what is the big deal? When we tend to put up a veneer in one part of our life, it is usually a symptom that we are hiding something, there are a lot of people that go online to look for advice, it allows us to put something in between us- the perfect picture up on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter etc, we are hiding our true self, we are portraying a fake person, the person we are not really.
Can we really have significant relationships online?  How can you really know someone online, to me its like a false intimacy, when we are face to face I can see how you react to certain things  I could not tell you how you react to bad news, or issues in your life.
If I am believer, my life is revolving around the Lord- I have really been challenged with what I share on social media- people are not drawn to you if you are not authentic, we need to share the happy times, things we struggle with, people who are not believers want people that are not perfect, they want you to be real…
Like the scripture says: Love him- Love People
Super happy posts, or super sad posts.. what are we showing people? 
A great way to see where your heart is or what’s important to you - look at your social media, what are you posting about, what are you sharing? Is this what you want to be remembered for should you pass tomorrow, if you printed your social media for the past month, would you be proud of it, would people be proud of you?
I am really thankful for men and women who share their stories to glorify Jesus to remind us we are not alone in our struggles.
It used to bother me if I did not have a hourly “awesome” Facebook status- I am being honest here, it bothered me, I wanted comments, likes etc, now I really don't care, there are so many more important things to worry about
What are you consuming on social media? Who are you following, and why are you following those people what are you following, we need to be careful to not create comparisons, do you compare yourself to a popular blogger, a hollywood star, someone that isn't someone that you should compare yourself to?

Did you know that 75-80% of social media is leading to divorces- imagine that.. it is so wrong when we think of what social media is doing to our world, off course there are also good things about social media, but the statistics don't show the good things. 
We can keep up with family members, we can stay in touch with old friends, we can shop and support small businesses, we can find jobs etc, there is so so much we can do, but there is so much we should not do. 

How we use social media has a lot more to say about who we are then who social media is


Wednesdays for Women

Wednesdays are for Women
To Inspire and to Encourage

Always Give Thanks?

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)
When bad things happen to me, my first reaction is not to be joyful. I don't feel like giving thanks when I'm hurt by a good friend, or when I fight with my parents or things are not the way I think they should be I feel like saying, "If God really loved me, this wouldn't be happening!"
But then I look at all the ways God has blessed me. God gives me great, amazing gifts all the time, and I hardly ever remember to say, "Thank you." If I paid more attention to praising God and less attention to my problems, I'd be a lot more joyful person.

What about You?

Think back to a time when something bad happened. What were your prayers like then?


Marriage Monday- Money and Marriage

First comes love, then comes marriage."

However, what comes after marriage? Aside from the baby in a baby carriage, many couples do not look past the wedding day and all of the planning and hoopla involved to what exactly "happily ever after" entails. Statistics have reported for decades that approximately 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. While these statistics go up and down over the years, the figure remains relatively stable.

Communication is key to any successful marriage, so it would follow that communication about assets and debts is key to successful marriages, as well. Remaining honest and open regarding bank account balances, credit card balances, and spending are a necessity for good financial relationships in marriages.

It is very important to make a budget, it is also very important to stay within the budget.. talk to your spouse, do not spend anything that isn't budgeted for, if you have money remaining once bills are paid, this is not fun money, you could keep it and save for something. 
We follow Dave Ramsey over here and we are firm believers that the $1000 emergency fund is very important, it is there in case some emergency comes up. 

I also do a menu plan- this prevents you from buying things you do not need... 

you should also give your self spending money or an allowance, when that money is gone, don't go take more out, wait until you do a new budget again, once you start taking from other things, you are going to have late charges for unpaid bills etc. 

Spend Wisely, do not make any big purchases unless the both of you are on board with it.  
Do not go shopping just because you have available funds on your Visa- not what it was for, in fact my hubby and I have a "travel" credit card, so that he can book hotels, flights etc, we do not use it otherwise, its just what works for us. 

What about you?
Do you fight and argue over money or if you have some tips please share them below. 


Weekend Recap

Friday: I cannot believe another weekend is up on us… how time really flies… before we know it Christmas will be here again. 
I worked from 8:30- 1pm, then we all got the afternoon off because this week it is public service week so we all got to go to a local park and have a BBQ and games, etc.. it was such a freezing cold day, I did not stay very long because of that, but the food was so good and being with all co workers was also nice. 
I also officially moved into my new office, I took a new position when I came back from vacation because the position I was in; I was filling in for a lady on leave for 90 days and she is back on Monday, so I took the new position and I was not liking it at first but now I am liking it more, the co worker who is in same office as me, I really like her and she told me I was put in the new position to be her friend, I am so happy to hear that. 

I came home from work and took a long nap, hubby came home at 4:30 and we both napped til 7:30- {Brooke was at end of school year bash with friends from school, they had a party from 2 pm- 11pm, we did pick her up a little early around 10:30 because hubby was ready for bed}
We then went out to pub for some wings and nachos, and the company was the best, I love the man I married 12 years ago, he makes me so happy. 

We told each other we were having a sleep in day- well he was up just after 9, me I slept til 11 am- I love sleeping in on Saturday mornings, it's like it's me time for me.. and i just look forward to it. 
We went and got groceries after showers, I also went to Michael's ( like Hobby Lobby) to get some scrapbooking supplies, I am working on a little something to make my mom smile- she is having a tough time since my Grandpa died, so hoping this helps her. 
I may have taken another nap in the afternoon but I'd never admit to it ;) 
I went out last night with some friends I use to work with, it has been a while since i have been out late so I was exhausted, but it was fun. 


During sunday morning service the quizzing team got their trophies 

So proud of the girls, they did a great job this year. 

Here is a video of Brooke singing and playing piano today, she makes me proud. 

How was your weekend?


Vacation Recap

We left our house at 7 am on May 17 to travel to Boston,  Mass for our first night,
{ SO happy with my purchase from Boston- i look kinda ghosty and deformed in this picture}

( the hotel wasn't the greatest but the beds were comfy)
Then off to Ontario to get my Mother in Law as she was travelling to Minnesota with us, we stayed with friends there and we toured Niagara Falls


Confessional Friday

It's Confessing time again and here we go 

Today I am confessing that:

1) I have had a very emotional week with Brooke's graduation, and last day of Elementary school.. makes me feel like my baby is all grown up and she really is but I got lots of years with her yet. 

2)  I had a bitter sweet departure since I moved to a new position ( same building, just a new floor), it is hard when you have to meet people after working with some for months now. I miss those wonderful girls.

3) I am excited to be out of the office for the afternoon today, it is Publis Service week and we are considered public service workers so we get the afternoon out of the office to go to a park play games and have a BBQ.

4) I am excited that Brooke has a end of school bash tonight and we are going to have a date.

What's on your mind today Ladies?

Vacation Part 3

Another stop while on Vacation was in Beautiful Ontario.
My Inlaws have been living there for a couple months and we stopped by to get my mother in law as she was taking the trip with us, it was the first time there, so there was much to see and do.

We visited the beautiful and majestic Niagara Falls... I am still in awe yet of the beautiful falls, we went there on Victoria Day ( like Memorial day), there were so many people but what a great time we had, here are some pictures as they speak better then I can.

 Here is the sky wheel that we went up in, we stopped right at the top when there were gorgeous fire works going on, we had such an incredible view of the falls 

Here we are in the sky wheel 

Here is Brooke in the sky wheel, she had so much fun.  She says her favourite stop was Niagara Falls. 

It is so beautiful at night as I said. 

Here we are as a family in front of the beautiful falls

We also stopped back there when we were on our way home again, we bought a pass for beautiful Niagara Falls and only got to visit one item on the pass, so we went again to finish it off... we went in the evening this time, we got to see the falls in all it's glory lit up with gorgeous lights, there were fire works and we also went on the sky wheel

Another fun part of our Niagara Visit, was getting to see my friend Krys- we grew up together, she moved to Ontario for nursing school and she got married to a guy in politics and they have 2 gorgeous kids, she cooked us a delicious supper, it was so good to see her.

This is not in Niagara but it is in St Catherine's and it was so gorgeous.  it was an old flour mill, although if I'm not mistaking it may still be used.. it was so gorgeous there

You can also read about me meeting my first blogger while in Ontario here 

Check back for more vacation recaps next week.


Graduation Day Pic

Graduation Day 

Ready for the day

With the school secretary- she was so kind to us when we moved here, she truly is sweet 

Sitting at her desk for the final time 

One of her closest friends

With the most amazing teacher there ever was 

grad cake

She is so beautiful 

her teacher the first year here, they got along so well and she is so awesome

Brooke and Principal 

my beautiful girl with her diploma

Proud Mom and Dad 
C0ngratulations Brooke, we are so proud of you 

Graduation Day

Dear Brooke,

It seems like only yesterday that I was dropping you off on your first day of kindergarten. One of the moms said, “Well, this is it. We had our chance.” I cried all the way home, because you were growing up too fast. Little did I know that was just the beginning. 
On this milestone day, know that I am so proud of you. Every day, I am in awe that I get the privilege of being your mom.
Today is a big day for you, and for your class mates, for your school, its your graduation from elementary school and you are going on to Middle School, you have worked hard to get to where you are today..
Today, as you take ride off on another kind of journey- Middle School with your refined determination, this is my advice to you. It seems so inadequate, but it comes from my heart.
Take chances. Be willing to risk bumps and bruises to go after the things that you really want. When fear is holding you back, and you need an extra dose of courage, know that I will always be there cheering you on, and I will always give you a soft place to land. Stand up. Speak out. Try. Fail. Try again. Always remember who you are and where you came from. Love. Live. Fly.
My heart is full of pride as we watch you walk and get your diploma, my heart is bursting with pride for you. You make mommy and Daddy so incredibly proud, before we know it, it will be your grade 12 graduation, then university, time really flies so fast. 
You have learned so much this year... and you have grown and matured. 

You make us proud every day!! 

Reach for the Stars baby Girl!! 

I love you more than I could ever express. I will be the one in the audience who starts crying when I hear the first note of Dynamite,  They will be tears of pride and joy. Congratulations baby girl. Today is the first day of middle school come September.


Marriage Mondays- Your Spouse- Your Best Friend

Your Spouse- Your Best Friend

I remember growing up if someone wasn’t your best friend, you were insulted..

You needed this person to be your Best friend because well you just did and you need that special friend growing up

Then when you grow up and realized this person really is not your best friend, you have not talked to them in several years, now you realize the person you really thought was your best friend, really could care less about you, you are facebook friends but yet you have no idea what’s going on in her life.

Then you meet the Love of your Life- the person you have waited forever for, the person you want to spend the rest of your forever with, you know that you can share everything with this person… or can you…

Most females can name another female that they are really close with, like myself- my friend Ashley is my best friend and she is perfect for the role, but besides her, things I tell no one but my spouse shows me that he is my best friend, Ashley and I are friends and we have things we only talk to each other about, but at the end of the day, my best friend is the man who owns my heart..

It was not always like this for me, I always felt to ‘shy’ to share my deep dark secrets with, then one night I was very upset over things that had happened to me in the past, that  no one knew, not Ashley, not my parents, then I realized it is ok I can share it with him, he needs to know this part of me, he needs to understand why I feel the way I do, after I shared that with him, I felt so good, he held me while I cried, even though it was something from my child hood, he was right there while I got thru it.

Now I do not hesitate to tell him anything, because you know what, he is my ROCK, he is the one I can turn to when the storms of life are pounding me,  and I also have Jesus as my ultimate best friend but my husband is def top of the list.


Weekend Recap

I worked for a little while til lunch time, then I went to the Emergency Room because I felt to horrible.. I had high blood pressure, high sugars, heart rate was to the roof and I felt so miserable, thankfully I was there in and out very quickly, they told me I was dehydrated, so they changed my medication and home I went.
I went out to eat with some girls from church, it was a lovely time and I was feeling fine, we went out for chinese food, it was a great time. I am so blessed with the great ladies from our church, they encourage me and uplift me all the time.
We went to Sour Grape for dessert, I ordered oreo cheesecake
came home and watched the last hockey game of the season, NY rangers lost :( but it was a great season and now come on next year. 

Early morning for Brooke's quizzing, I am still getting use to those new medications and I slept the 2 hours there and the 2 hours back... 
They did really good, here are some pictures

I was supposed to go to a baby shower when I got home, but I was way to tired, I cleaned my house and did some scrapbooking, just relaxed and did nothing really. 

Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to my honey, the best Dad I know. Also to my Dad, I wish we could be together today. 
Some one left me a present today 
I was very excited but I have no idea who it is from, but thank you so much 
We went to morning service, grilled steak, grilled potatoes, chef salad, it was so so good. 
I took a sunday nap, what is wrong with me, I cannot stay awake.
We went to evening service as well. 
We have a very busy week coming up here, so I'm off to bed. 


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