Vacation Recap Part 1

The main reason for our trip this year was because Andrew’s uncle was turning 60 and my mother in law and Aunt Cindy ( his wife) was planning a surprise party for him. 

We had so much fun in Minnesota, it really is a beautiful city. 

Thursday: We visited the Como zoo, it was a cool zoo, it had penguins which of course was where I wanted to stay, those guys are adorable. 

Uncle Dave, Aunt Cindy, and my mother in law went with us, it was so much fun, then we took hubby out for his birthday to a Hibachi, sushi bar… it was an amazing experience, they come and cook the food right in front of you, they start you with soup and salad, then they grill your veggies and give ya that, next is the rice( you can have fried or white), I had fried, then they cook your meats i had chicken, we all had different meats, from chicken - scallops and salmon,they do different things while they are cooking, the pictures will show you more of the trikes,  they came out and sang Happy Birthday and gave him this weird hat to put on, he was a good sport and wore it, then they brought out some birthday dessert, they don’t just do free dessert for the birthday person, they give everyone a free dessert, it was very nice. 

Friday Andrew, Brooke and I went to Mall of America- i was not impressed, it is so big and so many stores, but the prices of things were really high, i guess it has to be to keep their expenses paid, i did buy Brooke’s graduation dress, it is so pretty. 

We then went downtown and visited some more shops, but it was the rich people shopping ;) 
When we got back to the house, my mother in law made her famous spaghetti, it was so delicious.
Andrew and I went out to the pharmacy for some Advil,, we didn’t get much alone time on the trip, so we took advantage of a few mins together. 

Saturday: Happy 33rd Birthday to my Husband
The BIG day was here. 
Andrew took uncle Dave and the kids to mall of america to go to on the rides and such while we got everything ready for the party, he had no idea anything was happening. 
There was so much food, we did good though, everyone was mostly there when Andrew brought him home. 

(He had invited family over for a BBQ for Andrew’s birthday)- too funny. 
The highlight of the day for me was for Brooke to meet her great Grandma and get a 4 generation picture taken, this is a picture I will forever treasure, in fact it will be printed and sent to Grandma, my Mother in law and i will proudly hang it in my home. We also got a picture of her with Grandpa, this is another treasure, this is all the great grandparents she will know.
4 Generations

Brooke, Grandma, my MIL and I- Mother/Daughter Photo 

This is Brooke, Andrew and Grandpa

There was tons of food and drinks, we had a great time. 
Andrew and I did go out after the party to celebrate him, we went to Komo Grill- they have the best coffee in the entire world, we also had pot stickers, and a brownie dessert, it was all so good. 
Went home and crashed into bed and slept

Sunday: we left for Kansas city- this will include a post all of its own 


  1. Thanks for sharing. That looks like an awesome vacay!!!

  2. This looks like a fun place to visit. The mall would be cool to see.

  3. I've only ever been to Florida and New York. One of my goals is to visit every State in the US. One day. Hopefully. :)

  4. Happy 33rd to your husband! It sounds like a nice vacay. I think it's cool to find a place that serves dessert to everyone on the birthday celebration! I've never been to the Mall of America either, but I suspect I would not be overly fond of it. ;)


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