Confessional Friday

Linking up from Leslie 

Today I am confessing 

1) I am ready for fall already so the mosquitos can be gone, they love my blood i guess
I have had to put after bite on me, take hot showers, bath in epsom salts, and take allergy pills, its so frustrating and itchy... grrrrr 

2) I am in such a blogging slump- i am so glad I have lilt 75 draft posts- yes I talk a lot. In fact i write blog post while we were driving on vacation, i also wrote post while at work on breaks, but never had the right time to post it, I am using all those posts right now because I don't want to have my followers leave. 

3) I need a date with my hubby in the worst kind of way, it feels like forever since it was just him and I laughing across the table, or just making small chit chat, I know we just had 18 days in a car but that isn't the same, we did have 2 nights along in the hotel, and a date for the two of us on his birthday, but it isn't the same.... i want to go somewhere in our city and walk the walking bridge and hang out together

4) We have a busy weekend and week coming up ...
We have Brooke final quizzing tournament - it has been a long season but we are at the end and she has done so well. 
I have a baby shower, then fathers day
Next week we have:
Band Concert
Brooke's Graduation 
Family Picnic 
End of School Year Party at a friends house. 
So much to do

When it is over- I will fall in bed and sleep ;) 

Have a great week my friends, I will try to post a couple of times but no promises. 
I love you all so much though


  1. Mosquitos are the worst! They love me too and then I end up with huge welts cause I'm allergic to their bites. Not fun! Luckily (knock on wood) I have yet to get any this season. Fingers crossed they avoid me all summer LOL!

  2. My whole thigh is covered in bites! How did this happen?! I'm dreaming of fall!

  3. This is supposed to be a really bad year for mosquitos too! :( I'm in a bit of blogging slump too - maybe it's the summer! ;)

  4. I've been struggling with the blogging slump myself!! It's awful!

  5. I'm so ready for fall too! These seasonal allergies are killing!
    I hope you and your husband get a night out soon! I know how you feel. I need a date night as well!


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