Wednesdays for Women: Are you half price or Full price

Wednesdays for Women 

Half Price or Full Price 

This has been on my mind for a few days so when I couldn't sleep, I got up to write it out, then I couldn't get the words to form correctly... so i went to bed, then I wrote it all out on a notebook because i find I can write words on paper

As a full time working wife and mother- I like to get things on the half price rack, I don't like to see my whole pay cheque go for things that I can easily wait a few weeks and get it on the half price rack, especially at Wal Mart, you will always get the product marked down in a few weeks, I have proven this time and again...
I also buy things just because it is on sale and you never know when someone will need it, or you can gift it to someone.

This got me to thinking..
When it comes to Jesus, are we giving him us at half price or do we give him full , Im talking about us here as people, do we give him all of us or do we keep some of us back, do we say- well he wont mind if if I don't go to church this sunday or its ok to give him one service a month.
Jesus wants all of us, he wants us to give him all, he isn't satisfied with just a little, he gave us so much, he gave us all of him, he died for us, for you, for me, and yet we want to give him us at half price.

We need to give him all of us at Full cost

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