30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders.

30 Days to Understanding the Bible (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition) by Max Anders lives up to its promise of unlocking the Scriptures in 15 minutes a day 

Each day builds upon anther so that at the end of Thirty Days you will have a greater understanding of the elements of the Bible. For someone who is new to the Bible it gives you a great foundation that you will come to relay on as you continue to study. 

This book is laid out well for a thorough review and it will help you to remember what you've read with activities and fill in the blanks at the end of each chapter. The information is very high level but it is a good summary of the information presented. 

I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  

Steps To Take To Get Your Life Back On Track After Injury Or Illness

If you have had an accident that led to injury or you have had a long term illness it can be hard to get back to your normal life during and after your recovery. It can be hard to also see anything positive at the end of your road to recovery which can have an impact not only on you mentally but your life around you too. So here are a few tips to get you back on track after an injury or illness.
Be positive
When you are recovering whether it be from injury or illness it is vital to stay positive throughout. If you start to get negative about the situation you find yourself in,  then it can lead to issues with your mental health and also problems within your personal life at home. It is easy to get into a rut and become down about the issues you have but surrounding yourself with the right people and staying positive will help you through the tough times.
Don’t dwell, focus on the future

When it comes to recovering it is easy to dwell on what happened to you or what could have happened to you. This can lead to a strain on you and stop you moving forward in life as you get into a spiral downwards which will not aid in your recovery. Instead of dwelling on the present and the past, look forward to your future, start planning for what you want to do when you are back to full health. Look at whether you will be able to go back into the job you left before the injury or illness, if not then think about what career you can branch into to make sure you have something to go back to when you have fully recovered.

Focus on financial security

While you are away from your job it is imperative that you think about your finances and start saving for anything you need to pay for during your recovery and covering anything you may need while you search for another job if you have been let go from your current one. It is also a good idea to look into whether you are entitled to take legal proceedings against the other party involved if it was a non-fault accident that led to your injury. There are firms out there like Hupy and Abraham personal injury lawyers, who will be able to sit down and look at your case and see if you have a claim or not. If you do then this can help you financially while you are recovering and not working.

Recovering from injury or illness is hard enough without having to worry about what is happening with your job and with your finances. Unfortunately, though these are important things to think about but they don’t have to be a burden as there are businesses and people out there that can help you get through it all. The main thing is to remain positive and keep pushing forward looking towards your future and not thinking about what could have been.

The best ways to improve ypurself and your life

One of the most challenging things we can ever do in our lives is try to start a fresh and make ourselves into better and more functioning people. When it comes to trying to better ourselves every day it can be incredibly hard for us to focus and stay on track with our goals. Today we are going to have a look at some small and some larger ways that you can better yourself in the new year and be a happier person.

1. Read a book

We might think that reading is just another hobby that people do now and again, but it can be a valuable thing to do. When we read books we are transported to another world for a time and this world can give us insights into the wider culture and wisdom of everyone. It can actually be something which is completely invaluable to us because it will allow us to think outside the box, escape stress for a little while and learn to think about situations in a more rounded point of view. It can be a brilliant thing for us to do and something which we benefit from greatly in our lives.

2. Learn a language

This might sound like something a bit extreme, but bettering ourselves can sometimes involve widening our knowledge and being able to speak to more people in the world with ease. If you want to get ahead in your life and career you can make it your goal to learn a new language this year and impress everyone who meets you. It can be a difficult task and one which will take some time, but once you do it and you can speak a new language, a whole new portion of the world will open up to you.

3. Try a new hobby.
If learning another language isn’t really your thing, that’s okay! You can spend your time instead this year learning a new language and becoming more skilled in a new area of your life. For example a great idea for a hobby would be something like art or music where you can learn how to paint or draw or play a musical instrument. These creative pursuits can always be good for you mentally and it will allow you to express yourself and feel more confident as a result of this.

4. Take a course

Whether you want to better your career and be able to be promoted much faster or you simply want to look at taking a cooking class for your own life, courses can be great. Taking a course alone or with your partner can be a good way to better yourselves and give you some extra skills and knowledge which can be invaluable for your career and for your personal life too. Make sure you take the time to really think about the course you want to do and choose something which will genuinely add some value to your life.

5. Make an inspiration room

There seems to be one room in every house which acts as a dumping ground instead of an office, and this room can be a huge waste if you don’t use it to its full potential. To make a room which is an inspiration you will want to think about your hobbies and your goals. If you enjoy creating art then you’ll want a light and bright room filled with colour and life. Play around and you can end up feeling more than ready to do your own things.

6. Overcome your fears

The hardest thing for us to to as humans is to stand up to the things which scare us and make a change. If you are scared of making new friends you might lose out on lifelong pals, if you don’t take domestic violence advice things could be fatal. There are many levels to fear and when we are finally able to strip it back and see things for what they really are, this is when we will be able to stand up and move on with our lives.

7. Grow your skills

Just because you have certain skills already doesn’t mean that you are the best of the best. Sure, you can cook a mean steak but does this mean you are suddenly a great chef? If you want to better yourself even further this year, build on the skills you already have in your life and make them even better than they were before. Doing this can be more valuable than you think and you can really benefit from it.

8. Wake up early

Yes, we’ve come to this dreaded statement. No one likes the idea of having to wake up when the sun isn’t even out yet, but the sad fact is that waking up earlier is better for us both mentally and physically. When we wake up even half an hour earlier in the morning it gives us more time to be productive and to really nail down our plans for the day. We have time to eat a good balanced breakfast and to plan out our day before it really starts. If you can make it a habit to wake up just a little bit earlier each day you will soon see a big difference in your life.

9. Have an exercise routine

Staying fit and healthy can be hard enough sometimes before even adding in a regular fitness routine. Staying fit and exercising can be difficult for a lot of people and finding the motivation to move more and be active can be hard for us. This is why it can be a good idea for us to find classes and sports to play each week at the same time on the same day. By adding this into our routine it will make a huge difference to our happiness and this can make staying this way much easier going forward.

10. Make a plan

One thing which can be super helpful for us when we are trying to be more productive and better ourselves in life is to make a list of the things we want to achieve in the next few years and where we want to be. If you can make a list like this and place it on your fridge or somewhere you see every day, it will always be something you have in the back of your mind and this will help you to live every day with a view to going in the right direction.

11. Write a diary

Writing in a diary might seem like something which only teenagers do, but actually it can be a super helpful thing for us in our lives as it will allow us to see our own thought process and help ourselves when we are in need of it. Writing things down can lift a huge weight off your shoulders but it can also mean that you are able to see your own destructive patterns and put a stop to them.

12. Try something new

Too many of us spend a lot of time in our own little bubble at home and we don’t take enough time to try new things which could show us who we really are. It is so important that we take the time to try new things now and again because it can show us a new side of ourselves and will be something we can enjoy with our friends and family. If you feel stuck in the same routine this year, go and book something you’ve never tried before and give it a go!

13. Compete

Whether it is a video game, a sport or something else entirely, a bit of friendly competition can always be a good thing for our mind and for our skills. You can challenge a friend or family member to something and this can be a really great way for you to hone your skills and make sure that you are doing the best you can.

14. Know your weaknesses

As strong as we all like to think we are, everyone has a weakness and we all have blind spots which can be bad for us mentally and physically if we give into our temptations and don’t conquer our fears. It is always a good idea for you to know what your weaknesses are and identify them when it comes to it.

15. Relax

If you want to be a better you this year and you are looking to make a major change in your life, the best thing you can really do for yourself is smile more and just let life take you where it wants to go. If we spend all of our time over analysing every detail this can be the worst thing for or mental health and it won’t help us be better. Just let life give you lessons and take them on board as much as you can. The rest will fall into place.


Making your home exterior look pretty

We’ve all strolled by some gorgeous houses while we have been on holiday and dreamed of living in a house that looks like that. The magnificent wood paneling. Or the style of windows. Something about a pretty house seems expensive, classy and so well maintained. It looks difficult, but like most things a bit of effort and some time (and cash) investments - people will walk by your house as say ‘I wonder what it is like living there.’

Think about what matters to you the most. Is it the exterior itself? If so you should take a look at siding contractor, Lifetime Exteriors. Do you want a stone look? That beautiful Swedish style? Bright wooden cabin in the woods look? Whatever it is - that will likely be the first job for you to take care of. Once you know the style you hanker after, you can design the rest to fit the house - and not the other way around.

Have a walk around your neighborhood and see if there is a theme that people tend to stick to. Do you want to blend in or stand out? The first step will probably be getting rid of whatever render you have and a few weeks worth of rubble - but it will be worth it in the end.

Think about your front lawn. If the outside of your house is looking quite stunning, then don’t let your grassy patch give you down. Get some ideas together on how to make you front garden presentable and pretty. You could consider the following:

  • Adding some rose bushes
  • Placing some garden ornaments
  • Removing all of the weeds
  • Keeping the grass trimmed and neat
  • Place potted plants outside your front door

Windows are an essential feature. Somehow shutters tend to look classy and effortless. Although you will have to keep them clean for them to have that impact. If exterior shutters just aren’t to your taste. Consider a fancy trim instead.

Something you will find on most houses that make your heart flutter a little is windows boxes. Fill them with ivy, some mini evergreens, or pansies. A common trend right now is succulents, which are beautiful and hardy - perfect for the long haul of window box living.

Replacing your path a steps with something more in keeping with your ideas. You could opt for rustic style pavings stones of an inconsistent size and shape, or you could have super smooth black tarmac.

You might need planning permission but think about something like a dormer window. It allows you to add extra light inside the property and gives a lot of character on the outside. It’s a bit like a magic trick really, but they make your home appear much more significant from the outside.

Sometimes it really is all about the outside of a property. If you are going to be selling your property any time soon, then you’ll certainly boost the value and interest with a few of these simple tips.
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