So thanks to COVID 19 turning the world upside down, I am jobless.  I was only at the last job for 9 months, just getting comfortable and then my world got turned upside down and I am jobless... and likely will remain jobless until the world is back to normal when ever that will be... 


Things I'm Learning During Covid 19 Quarantine

1. I spend a lot more time being present. This weekend my husband, daughter and I spent time coloring, making puzzles, playing games.    

2. I'm so grateful for technology. I think I just took it for granted in the past. But, how amazing is it that we can watch pretty much any TV show or movie we want from any time ever from the comfort of our own couch? Being stuck inside isn't all that bad.

3. My home is a filthy place. Seriously. I am so bored here we're doing deep, and I do mean DEEP clean.  Spring cleaning is now done.

4.Your mindset matters most. There are two kinds of people going through 'self isolation' right now. People who will sleep in all day, eat what they want and take a vacation from their health. And, then there are people who are going to use this time to become a better version of themselves. They'll eat right, exercise now that they have the time, etc. Your mindset matters. After all of this is over, come out of it being a better person.

5. I'm never going to complain about going to a family function again. Seriously, I don't care how far away it is, how unimportant the event is, etc. I'm not missing another family event again if I can help it.

6. A lot more time cooking- although last night we did support a local restaurant and got take out,( it was completely safe so hold the nasty comments) 

What are you learning during this season? 


Let's go shopping

We are now going into Prom and wedding season as well as Easter.  When I was growing up Easter was special in our house, where mom always made sure we had new dresses for church on Sunday and I do the same with my daughter. 

I found a website that have great dresses for all occasions… now that the whole world is in Quarantine no one is able to go out and shop so I can bring the shopping right to your computer… 

If you are looking for a short formal dresses, a rehearsal dinner dress, a mother of the bride dress, an evening dress, we have casual midi dress for every occasion you can want. 

Next year my daughter will be graduating and we are looking at dresses, there are so many here that I can get lost in them, but the website is very organized.  Also, all new arrivals are 50% off.
Not just dresses but shirts, swim wear, bottoms etc, they have great selections and i love how they show the dresses with matching shoes, purse etc.
They also have a plus size sections, so there is something for everyone.

My favourite part of the website may be vacation dresses- we all will want to go on a vacation when this is over, we all will want to get away from our homes, and we will all deserve a vacation. So the Vacation dresses really caught my eye, I know some weddings got cancelled or postponed so they all need a nice dress or multiple for that honeymoon once we can all leave our homes again.  plus, every girl needs multiple nice dresses and price of these dresses are great, most are below $100, so we can all do that once this is over and we all want to socialize. 


Caring For Your Kids and Your Parents: Finding Balance

You are now at an age where you find yourself taking care of both your children and your aging parents. All of a sudden you are under a lot of pressure to keep several households ticking over seamlessly. Your main goal is to keep everybody happy, but you need to consider your own health as a priority too. You want your family to lead happy and healthy lives without risking your personal life and creating an overwhelming amount of work for yourself. You can strike a balance between caring for all of the important people in your life; you just need a few simple strategies to help you through this time of change.

Seek Out Advice and Support

Although your parents would prefer you to personally help you, there are other ways in which you can support them during this time. You don’t need to spend everyday at their house cooking dinner and caring for their health. With family home health they can offer in home nursing care and medical management so you don’t have to worry. Taking on this burden when you don’t have any professional experience is a huge ask, so make sure you seek out advice and support. Of course you can go and help your parents with cleaning or make them a cup of tea, but you don’t have to do it all. 

Be Present With Your Children

Although your mind might be everywhere right now, it is so important to be present with your children in every way you can. The precious time you get to spend with your little ones will fly by so quickly, so you need to treasure every moment you have with them. Put down your phone, switch off the television and enjoy each other's company as much as possible.

Be Kind to Yourself and Check in With Your Own Health

When you allow yourself time and space to breathe, you are giving yourself freedom. Being kind to yourself isn’t always easy when you have so much on your plate, but you need to make this a priority. Checking in with your own health is also extremely important as this will ensure that you aren’t overworking yourself during this time. Although you always strive to put other people before yourself, right now is the time to look after number one. Once your needs are taken care of, everything else will happen with ease.

Hopefully these ideas resonate with you and you can find a way to confidently and calmly take care of the people closest to you. Now more than ever your vulnerable family members need you, but it is important to take note of your own wellbeing first and foremost. If your health isn’t in check you won’t have the energy or ability to look after your children and the rest of your family. Give yourself plenty of time to relax whenever you can and you will soon be able to strike the perfect balance of caring for those you love.

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