How to improve online marketing and generate results

Online marketing is, on the one hand, a fairly understood field with so many experts and experienced marketers within the niche. 

On the other hand, it is a very saturated field and so taking your game to the next level to get ahead of the competitors can be very difficult.

Here, we will discuss some of the key ways to improve your online marketing performance and generate better results. 

1.Define Better Goals

One of the biggest mistakes you can do in implementing online marketing is pursuing the wrong goals/objectives—or don’t have any objectives at all—.

Not having proper marketing goals can produce many detrimental effects, but here are two main disadvantages: 

  1. Your marketing efforts might not go in the right direction—so you essentially waste time and money—
  2. If you don’t know your goals, you can’t measure the performance of your online marketing efforts, and can’t improve.

Efforts without the right direction and purpose are more often than not, meaningless, so if you haven’t already, defining the right marketing goals is probably what’s missing in improving your digital marketing performance.

In general, our marketing goals should be specific, realistic, and measurable:

  • Specific: the objective(s) must be clear and specific, and easy enough to elaborate to your marketing team.
  • Realistic: the objective(s) must be attainable. This is important to maintain the morale of your team, giving them a sense of achievement. If necessary, break down big goals into smaller milestones.
  • Measurable: we can assign KPIs to evaluate the goals by measuring the right metrics.

2. Know Your Audience Better

Marketing, in many ways, is about knowing our audience’s needs and pain points, and address these needs. By providing value, we can trigger favorable emotional responses from our target audience and generate more conversions.

So, one of the best ways to improve digital marketing strategy—and any marketing efforts at all—, is to gain more insights into our audience’s needs, behaviors, and issues (both in quantity and quality). The idea is to align our marketing efforts and utilize marketing channels that can better address our audience’s needs.

There are various approaches we can use to know our audience better, but here are some common ones in this age of social media transparency:

  • Conduct interactive quizzes, interviews, and surveys. Interviews with your existing (real) customers are often the most valuable insights you can have
  • Monitor online conversations on mediums like Reddit, online forums, Quora, and other major social media platforms
  • Check online reviews of your product and your competitors’. This can be a useful approach to find out what they liked about the product and how the product can solve their problems
  • Develop a buyer persona, a classic, but still effective approach

3.Communicate Unique Value Proposition

It’s important to understand one key fact about marketing, sales, and business in general: people don’t actually buy your product or service, but they purchase the benefits tied to the product and/or service.

So, if you want to sell more products/services, communicate their unique benefits better.

This is the main idea behind the unique value proposition: which is essentially a description of how your audience can benefit from purchasing your product/service, and how your product/service is unique compared to your competitors’.

If you haven’t already, communicating your unique value proposition (UVP) can improve your online marketing performance. An ideal UVP should cover these areas:

  • Ideal audience: again, the key is understanding your ideal customers and their needs.
  • Specific needs: what is the need(s) your product/service is going to address and how you can provide a solution
  • Impact: rational and emotional values provided by solving these needs
  • Proof of concept: how you can communicate these benefits, how can we substantiate the claims
  • Uniqueness: how your offer is distinct compared to your competitors, is there anything special that is worth sharing?

4. Create a Sense of Urgency and Scarcity

Here’s the deal about human psychology: we need to realize that something is urgent. If not, we tend to procrastinate (we even still procrastinate after we understand it’s urgent, after all).

A prospect or customer might already understand the values and benefits of your products/services, but if there’s no perceived sense of urgency (or scarcity), they might not make the purchase. 

So, if you feel your product/service is already good enough and it’s already marketed well, probably communicating a sense of scarcity—and urgency— is the missing ingredient. 

There are various approaches you can use to create and communicate a sense of urgency, but it will depend on your product/service and provided benefits. Here are the common ones:

  • Offer: urgency is only as strong as how valuable the offer is in the audience’s perception.
  • Limited time offer: set a deadline, and show your audience how many days, hours, and minutes they have to make a decision. 
  • Limited stock: another common way to create urgency is to announce that you only have a limited number left in stock, or you can show that you get a certain number of buyers
  • Added value: for example, offer extra discounts for a limited time, or the first number of buyers may get a surprise bonus

5. Giving Something For Free

Last but not least, is that giving something valuable for free might be the most effective method to cut through all the noises of this saturated market. This is why the freemium business model is widely popular in the past decade or so. 

The main idea behind giving stuff away is fairly simple: capturing the audience’s attention and generate interest so they make a purchase for the real thing. And contrary to popular belief, free giveaways are virtually guaranteed to boost sales. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • People feel obligated to return a favor, the basic of the reciprocity principle in marketing.
  • We perceive getting more as superior to a discount. People prefer getting 33% more coffee than a 33% discount on the coffee’s regular price
  • People love mystery and will buy more when a mystery is involved. This is why offering a free (mysterious) gift with purchase is effective. 
  • People talk more about freebies, especially on social media. People tend to talk about a product 20% more when they get it for free.

In online marketing, we can, for example, offer something valuable for free in exchange for the visitor’s contact information, which is a common lead generation practice. 

End Words

The best way to improve your online digital marketing efforts is to first define your objectives, and assign KPIs to measure your performance according to these objectives. Evaluating your progress objectively is the key to achieving improvements. 


Decorating after the holidays

It’s been a whirlwind hasn’t it? The crazy busy holiday season has finally come to an end and now your home looks BARE!
When the Christmas tree is put away and the guests have left you alone to a cold house, it’s easy to let the chill of winter settle into the soul. How do you decorate for a season that has no particular appeal? You can’t very well put a bowl of snow on the table. Well let me give you a word to focus on when you begin thinking about decorating your home for winter: cozy. Yes, try to think of everything cozy and infuse it into your home for the season. Here are 10 tips to help you have the warmest decorating at the coldest time of year.

When I look at my home after the holidays I am met with mixed emotions. On one hand, I am overjoyed with how crisp and clean everything looks. The rooms that were decorated for the season now feel so open and spacious! But then I look at those that were not touched over the holidays and I feel as if they are screaming for a refresh.
Is “wintery” decor still allowed?? I mean, winter just arrived but a large majority of winter decor can feel “Christmas-y.” The answer is YES, and we’re all in luck because there are a ton of chic and cozy ideas for decorating after the holidays.

I want to share 7 tips of how to decorate after the holidays 

1)     Bring out the white.. White dishes, white d├ęcor and you can add splashes of your favorite color

2)     Add some greenery, personally I love the look of fresh crisp greenery. It is so pretty and styled just right it really adds even a romantic touch.

3)     2 words- Cozy THROWS- keep them around, keep them out, let them add the warmth to your home on those cold Christmas evenings when you and your love cuddle while watching a movie or in my case your fav team playing hockey

4)     Add some fresh new pieces of furniture with Furniture box.. I recently came across this and already my shopping cart is overflowing because the pieces are gorgeous.
a.     Like this coffee table
b) or this dining room table and chairs: 

5)     Keep the counter clutter free, get some new organizational pieces and let the creativity flow.

6)      Get Creative and set up a  Hot Cocoa Bar... Set up this log cabin-inspired hot cocoa bar for a winter party or a cozy night indoors. 

7)  Decorate Your Front Door for Winter
Wreaths and door hangings are a great way to celebrate every season. You'll love this winter wreath basket tutorial by DIY Inspired. It's easy to customize this winter-bouquet-in-a-basket and use whatever decorative elements you have on hand. Once winter is over, switch up the contents with dried flowers and you have a new look for spring. 

When Old Man Winter is howling outside, it's a good idea to add a dose of cheer to your home. Luckily, it's easy to decorate for winter—the key is to use natural elements, touches of greenery, a bit of shine, and the soothing hue of winter white

Christmas for a Health-Conscious Family

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Christmas is usually the time for indulging in delicious food, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows, and making peace with that little voice telling you that you’ll have to go on a diet as soon as the 1st of January comes. However, there are ways to have a merry Christmas without stressing over your waistline and trying to ease the stomachache of your kids who had one too many candy canes. With that in mind, here’s how you can make your Christmas both fun and healthy for your whole family. 

Control your eating

Even though this season is all about celebrations, it doesn’t mean you have to indulge every day. Allow yourself some freedom during Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and for a day or two after the celebrations. However, when you’re not celebrating, stick to your usual healthy diet. Also, try to watch your potions – you can still try everything, but you don’t have to eat an entire plate of every dish. Opt for smaller portions, and eat slowly, so you can both enjoy your food and control your eating. As for your kids, keeping them away from all the sweets and unhealthy snacks might be a bit tricky, but you can always encourage them to spend more time outside playing in the snow to burn the extra calories. 

Make healthy treats

Photo by Aldyth Moyla on Unsplash
Speaking of sweets and snacks, nobody says that they have to be unhealthy and packed with sugar. You can easily make some treats that are healthy, delicious, and appealing to kids. For example, you can make peppermint meringues, which are just as festive as candy canes, but they contain much less sugar. Or, you can be creative and make strawberry and banana Santas that your kids will surely love. You can even make breakfast more fun by serving snowmen made of hard-boiled eggs, carrots, and peppercorns. In general, try to include as many fruits and veggies in your dishes, as your family will need vitamins to keep colds at bay. 


Staying mentally healthy is just as important as staying physically healthy. Preparing all the meals, making treats, decorating your home, and packing the gifts can glue you to your home for some time. This can make you feel a bit lonely, as you might not have the time to meet up with your friends and actually enjoy the season. However, you’d still have all the technology, and during busy times like these, it can help you feel less alone. For example, you can use apps that help build communities where moms meet and share experiences, learn from each other, exchange ideas about healthy treats, etc.

Stay hydrated

Photo by Pratik Gupta on Unsplash
All the social gatherings usually include a lot of drinking as well, which can put your liver under a lot of pressure. So, to help your body deal with alcohol, stay hydrated – by actually drinking more water, not more alcohol. Green tea is also a good choice, as it has antioxidant properties that can help your body flush out all the toxins found in alcohol. Moreover, berries and cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage and broccoli, can also help your body handle alcohol, so try to add them to your Christmas meals too.

Be active

Christmas often includes sitting in front of the TV and watching holiday specials, resting after meals, skipping your exercise, and not moving too much in general. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. It’s okay to give yourself a break and skip your workout, but you shouldn’t stop moving altogether. So, encourage your family to go for short walks after dinner, as it can help your digestion, and the fresh air can help clear your mind. If there is snow, play outside with your kids – have a snowball fight, make a snowman, and let your inner child out to play. 
‘Tis the season to be jolly, but you’re not going to be jolly for long if you ruin your health. So, choose to have a healthier Christmas by paying more attention to what your family eats and drinks, staying active, and socializing. This way, you’re more likely to start the new year feeling good about yourself, and the first thing on your New Year’s resolution list might not be losing weight.


Being Healthy does not mean giving up enjoyable things

If you are seeking to try and get a little healthier, perhaps for the new year, then you might be worrying about the possibility of how this might affect your life, and in particular the things that you enjoy. A lot of people worry about this, but when you look closely at it, it often appears to be no more than just a means of trying to avoid the issue of getting healthier. The truth is, you rarely have to give up many enjoyable things to become healthy, as long as you know what you are doing. In this article, we will look at how that might be the case.

Learn To Cook

If you can’t already cook well, then you will find that this is one of the main things you want to do in order to be able to be healthy while still also enjoying what you eat. That’s because those who are skilled in cooking are able to produce meals which are healthy and yet delicious, or at the very least you can control the amount of sugar, fat and so on that goes into your food. So even if you bake these easy sweet baking recipes, you can make sure that you know exactly what is going into them.


A big part of trying to become healthier is allowing yourself the chance to relax regularly. The good news here is that this is something which is, in itself, incredibly restorative for you, and also something that is easy to enjoy. For most people, the relaxing part of the day is the more enjoyable part overall. So this is one way in which you can find that health and fun go hand-in-hand very neatly, and that is a wonderful thing to be able to take advantage of.

Finding The Fun In Exercise

For many people, exercise is the least enjoyable thing that they can think of doing. But that is probably only because they are thinking of it as something that is a chore. In fact, there are plenty of ways of exercising which are actually going to be very enjoyable indeed, and you will need to make sure that you are focused on these and that you manage to find the fun in exercise that is there to be had. A good way to do this is to take up a sport, and that way you might not even be thinking about the exercise itself - you’ll just be playing a sport you love to play.

Socializing While Exercising

Again on the exercise front: if you can find a way to make it a social event, then you are bound to enjoy it that much more, and that is probably going to mean that you have a much better time of it on the whole. That could be as simple as spending time with a jogging partner, or as we have already seen, getting into a team sport. Either way, it’s a useful way to ensure that you exercise much more.
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