Thursday, December 8, 2016

My favourite shows this Christmas Season

I am a Netflix junkie,  I love to curl up with the lights on the tree, warm Pj's, my honey and some junk food and watch my favourite shows 

What are you watching this Christmas? 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Little things go a long way

It really doesn't take much effort to ... 
1. Send a cute or flirty text
2. Give an extra tight hug
3. Give an extra long kiss
4. Hold hands
5. Forehead and neck kisses
6. Touch
7. Say, "I am so lucky to be married to you."
8. Go on a date
9. Cuddle on the couch
10. Go for a walk
These things mean a LOT without requiring a lot of effort. AND all these things say, "I love you."
Which 3 are your favorite?

Monday, December 5, 2016


HUSBANDS: What your WIFE wants ... 
1. MAKE DATE NIGHTS A PRIORITY: Check your calendar, find a babysitter and go out on a date every week.
2. WRITE HER A SWEET NOTE: Whether you use paper and pen, or text it to her, just get it done. Tell her 10 things you like about her or remind her that she still rocks your world.
3. ALWAYS TALK ABOUT HER IN A POSITIVE LIGHT: Say praising things to others about her … especially if she’s present. Find something to compliment her on everyday.
4. TOUCH HER ... A LOT: She needs you to hold her hand, to cuddle with her on the couch or to rub her shoulder’s ... it's is called affection, and it may be your wife’s number one need.
5. PRAY FOR HER: Spend some time during your day praying for your wife, and then tell her that you did, or even better, pray with her.
6. HELP HER AROUND THE HOUSE: We’re not talking about changing the oil in the car, but more like running a vacuum, washing the dishes or helping out with the kids on a regular basis.
7. TAKE AN INTEREST IN SOMETHING YOUR WIFE LIKES: You did this before you were married, why not do it again. Go shopping with her or watch a television show with her that she likes, but take an interest in her likes.
8. BE THE LEADER: Do more than just provide for your family, be the leader in the home by modeling values and integrity.
9. VALUE YOUR MARRIAGE: What we put into our relationships and marriage is what we’ll get out of them. Make your marriage a priority and find value in it.
10. COOK & CLEAN UP: Occasionally cook dinner and don't forget to clean up after yourself when you’re done; or take her out.

WIVES: What your HUSBAND wants ... 
1. PROMISE TO NEVER USE THE SILENT TREATMENT AGAIN: Instead of the silent treatment, just try sharing your heart in a kind way.
2. GIVE YOUR HUBBY LOTS OF PRAISE, BOTH PRIVATELY AND PUBLICLY: Your husband LOVES to be bragged on, and if you can’t find something to brag on him about, you’re not looking hard enough.
3. PUT YOUR MARRIAGE ON THE FRONT BURNER: Jobs, children, and hobbies all come second to your relationship with your husband. The only relationship more important than your marriage is your relationship with God.
4. MAKE YOUR LOVE SIZZLE. Most likely your husband’s number one need is sexual fulfillment. Fulfilling his needs should never come across as a chore, but as a priority.
5. DRESS TO PLEASE YOUR HUSBAND: Your husband is very visual, so you be visually generous.
6. TAKE AN INTEREST IN SOMETHING HE LIKES TO DO: Educate yourself on your husband’s hobbies so you can talk about things he likes to talk about. If your husband likes to fish, hunt, golf, work on cars, etc. … learn to take interest in those things.
7. FLIRT ... A LOT. Before you were married, you flirted with your husband to let him know you were interested in him. Don't stop after you've won him. He still loves it.
8. MAKE HIM A COUPON BOOK. Whether they’re naughty or nice, every husband would love a little book of handmade coupons for everything from a night out on the town to a bedtime massage.
10. KISS HIM: Make it a habit to start every day with a kiss … and then greet him with a hug and kiss when he arrives home too.
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Still wondering what to get your kids this Christmas? Here are 5 perfect gifts that will really last a lifetime...
1. THE GIFT OF A GOOD MARRIAGE: We wish as parents we’d realize that a vital marriage between you and your spouse is the best gift you could ever give your kids. It’s better than a Wii or an X-Box, and it’s the gift that would really last their lifetime.
2. THE GIFT OF TIME: We wish as parents we’d stop believing the lie that quality time is enough for your children. The only way to give quality time is to invest quantity time in your children’s lives.
3. THE GIFT OF DISCIPLINE: We wish as parents we’d see that discipline is a debt that we owe our children. I thought it was interesting that a recent survey showed that eighty-seven percent of college students said their parents weren’t strict enough on them. Make rules and set boundaries and stick to them.
4. THE GIFT OF SPIRITUAL TRAINING: We wish as parents we’d see that spiritual training is not optional but essential. Families today don’t need a small dose of God, they need a large dose of God. Children need spiritual training.
5. THE GIFT OF INTEGRITY: We wish as parents we’d practice what we preach. I wish we wouldn’t tell our children one thing and then do just the opposite. That has to be so confusing to our children. Practice what you preach and model values and integrity!