Thinking about the future: 3 challenges we should all try at least

Life is full of magical moments and mysteries to be discovered, yet many of us still live a fairly sheltered life when it comes to challenging ourselves to be the best version of us that we can. It’s all too easy to be overwhelmed with negative thoughts and doubts about your own capabilities, and it’s not uncommon to find it hard to see yourself in a better place in the future. However, with some hard work and dedication anything is possible. We recently sadly lost Professor Stephen Hawking due to his motor neuron disease, and as you probably already know, he never let his problems get in the way of what he wanted to do, so there’s no reason why you can’t too! Here are 3 challenges we should all try at least once in our lives.

One of the biggest challenges that we can face is to take the leap and become a homeowner. Compared to a few decades ago it’s now extremely hard to get your foot on the property ladder, but once you do it’s totally worth all of the hard work that you’ve put in to get yourself there. Many people shy away from it because they don’t have all of the information they need, but luckily we have found this great guide on real estate for dummies that can explain everything you need to know about becoming a home or land owner. It might take a good few years of saving but once you’ve achieved it, you’ve given yourself a little bit more of financial stability for the rest of your life!

Children are a wonderful part of the world, but they are certainly not an easy part of life to deal with. It’s hard to explain what being a parent feels like truly because you can never understand it until you are one. You can go from being mad as hell to crying with love and joy in a matter of seconds. It’s hard work but it’s the most rewarding challenge anyone can achieve in their lives!

One challenge that many people shy away from is to start their own business. It’s a daunting thought having to take control over so much in one go, but if you’ve got the passion and the drive for it then it’s all worth it when the profits begin rolling in. If running your own business sounds like something you’ve always wanted to do, get yourself in the know about what it takes to run a successful business and take the leap! Life is too short to regret not doing something in your later years!

There are of course, many more challenges in life that we should all try, but being a homeowner, having children, and running your own successful business are the top three that people should be considering as they are the most rewarding things anyone can do. Remember that even the sky doesn’t limit your capabilities, and you can do this!

Quick and Budget-friendly Home Improvement Ideas


After the year that saw lots of activity in some of Australia’s hottest property markets, explosive housing prices have geared-down to a trickle in Melbourne and even reversed in Sydney. Much of it can be attributed to new policies adopted to safeguard some of the economy cornerstones – property prices and debt levels. Figures from property data group Corelogic show that in 2018, the national median house price index declined most severely in Sydney and Darwin and moderately in Melbourne and Perth. Their head of research, Tim Lawless, said that the transition had been driven by capital cities. Faced with such prospects, homeowners looking to sell are finding new affordable ways of making their properties more attractive to buyers. Here’s a list of six most effective, yet budget-friendly projects that increase the appeal of your home.

Interior trim and paint

Create an awesome two-colour combination by adding only two simple trim lines – a chair rail and crown moulding. A painted trim is easier to install, as you don’t have to cut perfect joints – a bit of paint and filler can make them look perfect. Make a new chair rail 60-70% of the width of your baseboard by using a two-piece combination that mimics the windowsill and its apron. Centre it at one-third of the wall height. Choose a crown moulding profile that is 30-40% of the baseboard width.

Little bathroom makeover

For under $500, you can create an amazing change in your bathroom. Not everyone can go the whole hog with natural stone, but a new granite vanity top is an affordable alternative. Home centres and similar stores will have them in stock, with prices depending on the size. The makeover is complete only with a new faucet set and mirror. The key is to order all the pieces and not start with the project until they all arrive. Inspect them for flaws, which unfortunately aren’t uncommon. If you need to repaint the old vanity, use spray paint for smoother finish and to avoid brush marks.

Wallpapered accent wall

Since the country-wide interest for wallpaper has been reborn, stores have been offering an enormous range of choices, some of them with staggering prices. Far from having to cover every single wall to achieve the effect – if you cover only one wall, even an expensive wallpaper or fabric will turn out to be affordable. Wallpapers are an exceptionally good choice for rooms with plain walls, slim baseboards and window trims. Make the best choice by taking a photo of your room to an interior-design store and ask a specialist to help you with the options.  

Improved curb appeal

Even if you’re not in the market for selling, a good-looking and inspiring entry can impress your guests, please the neighbours, and most importantly, make your home a nicer place to return to after work. You don’t need full landscaping and an earthwork makeover. Simple solutions like a brick walkway border and an interesting light fixture or a quirky house number can instantly lift improve the look of your home. Focus on your front door, maybe a new paintjob, hinges and doorknobs. While you’re at it, consider hiring a reliable locksmith Meadowbank to upgrade your front door locks – an affordable improvement with lasting results. 

$0 cabinet remodel

Worn out kitchen cabinets? Why not ditch the doors completely and open up to a new contemporary look. They have built-in shelves that can take all your kitchenware, but also make your kitchen look bigger. This is an improvement that literally takes only a screwdriver and a little patience to complete. However, if you want to make a true change, coat the exposed shelves with bright paint that stands out from the cabinet walls. 

Landscaping made easy

You don’t need a team of professional landscapers to make an eye-catching change. Even a single afternoon of landscaping can transform the appearance of your backyard. Pick up a few small native trees or shrubs, along with some pretty flower bulbs. Just make sure you choose perennials, so you don’t have to re-plant them every spring.  Instead of re-planting the whole garden, create an appealing scenery with a few select pieces. There are plenty of landscape design plans on the Internet, as well as dedicated landscaping apps to help you with ideas.

Whether you are preparing your house for a stream of potential buyers or simply looking for an affordable improvement this spring, quick and easy micro-makeovers like these are all it takes to make a positive change.


Fitness Tips for a Strong and Healthy Body


Since we were little, we’ve been taught about the importance of a good diet and exercise. But when you’re a kid, you don’t think about looking like your favorite Instagram model. And let’s be real – you shouldn’t think like that when you’re an adult either. The whole point of eating right and exercising is to have a great body: one that can carry you through your daily life, help you recover from disease and injury and walk you up those three flights of stairs. So let’s see how you can actually get that body that will help you achieve your goals in life with ease.

                        Habits are the key

Doing an impossibly long and difficult workout only once biweekly is, besides impossible, very ineffective. You need to have good habits that will become a part of your daily routine – and not something that you put in between your daily tasks. The easiest way to do this is to find a time every day, or every other day, when you will get some exercise in. You can go to the gym or simply follow a workout video at home, but you want to make sure you are sticking to that routine, no matter what. This is why group classes are a great thing, because they are always at the same time, you pay in advance and you want to go and catch up with the other members of your group. Besides having a regular exercise routine, you want to have a healthy eating routine. Of course, there are exceptions to these habits, like when you get sick or go on vacation, but if you stick to it most of the time, then the times you sway from the routine (unless you let it get you off track completely) don’t matter that much at all!

                        Balanced nutrition

There has been so much talk about different diets, eating plans and food rules, but if you are simply eating several balanced meals that contain the fuel you need for your body and not much else – you will be on the right track. However, if you are working on building up muscle strength or body stamina, then your workouts might drain your body, and you will need something extra to replenish it. Before you go to the gym, it is a good idea to prepare a smoothie that is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and with added good protein powder to make sure you have something that will get you through that workout. You can drink half before you start, for energy, and then drink the second half afterwards, to help your muscles heal and regenerate. If you are not sure whether or not your diet is good enough, you can visit a nutritionist to go over it and see if there are some things you can improve.

                        Change your workouts regularly

One mistake people often make is getting stuck in the same workout routine. When they first do it, it is hard, but every next time it gets easier – and after a while, they can breeze through it like it’s nothing. But this doesn’t mean that your body has reached a higher fitness level, it just means that it got used to the workout so it isn’t doing you any good anymore. Try to make your routine different every time. It can be by raising the number of reps, but ideally you will often switch between exercising different muscle groups, training your stamina and endurance. If you’re not sure how to change the workout yourself and hit all the major muscle groups, you can do an activity like swimming, which constantly trains your entire body, or you can work with a trainer who will guide your hand through the world of fitness and exercise.

Having a fit, healthy body is possible for anyone, as long as we remember that a fit body doesn’t look a certain way, and isn’t defined by a certain number. Being healthy is far more important than anything else that a fit body can offer, and as long as you keep that as your main focus, you will be motivated enough to achieve any goals you may set for yourself. So don’t wait for the next season or even next week. Get up and start working for a healthier lifestyle today.


Tiny tweaks that will improve your sleep environment

Our bedrooms should be an oasis in the storm of life. They should be the place that we can retire to when things get a bit much, and we just need to rest and recuperate. However, if we are truly honest with ourselves, are they like that in real life? Probably not, but that doesn't mean they can't be. In fact, there are some tiny tweaks you can make in your bedroom that result in it being a much better environment for sleep. Just read on to find out what they are.

Clear Clutter

Very few people enjoy living in a cluttered environment, and if you ask them about it, they will always say they prefer and tidy and organized space. However, real life can often get in the way of this and because of lack of time, and a normalizing of the clutter some folks can stop seeing it. This is problematic in the bedroom because once they start to block the mess out, it gets left there and can continue to build up and cause a negative sleep environment.

That is why it is vital to make time every few months to remove any mess in the bedroom space. If you aren't sure what counts as clutter, it can help to use an organizational system like the KonMari method. Although, as a general rule anything that is being stored rather than used or displayed can be packed away or got rid of entirely.

Abolish Allergens

Another aspect of improving your sleep environment to be aware of is the problem of allergens. Allergens are particles that can cause a negative reaction in the body, just by coming in contact with it. In fact, there are many of these within the bedroom, such as some cloth fibers, dust mites, and dander particles that can cause those that are sensitive to them to react. Something that can interfere with their ability to sleep and rest.

Happily, there are some ways of dealing with them as well. The first is to pick a something like this hypoallergenic mattress that is designed to repel dust mites. It can also be useful to ban pets from the bedroom area to prevent dander getting onto the covers, and don't forget that you can use a HEPA air filter to remove any airborne allergens as well. All actions that if taken can significantly increase your chances of getting a better and more restful night's sleep.

Lights Out

Last, of all, our bodies work on an internal clock system that is known as a circadian rhythm. This is something that responds to the change from day to night and is why we find ourselves becoming more sleepy when it gets dark.

There are even some things that you can do in your bedroom to encourage this rhythm, and so make it a much better environment for sleep.

In particular, a tactic that can be useful is to use blackout curtains to prevent any light getting into the room. Such curtains are helpful because no matter what time of year it is your body will still respond to the darkness of the room and feel more sleepy. Which is, after all, precisely what you want from an effective sleep environment!

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