How to help children and young people build respectful relationships?

1. Let Your Child Know You're Interested in His Activities- spend time each day doing an activity that they would like to do, even if it is the same puzzle for the 25th time that day. Show your interest, do not show you are bored of tired of it. 
2. Allow for Unstructured, Uninterrupted Time With Your Child Each Day-spend one on one with each child, they could be hurting and your time is what they need 

3. Encourage Children to Express Their Feelings in Age-Appropriate Ways- no matter the age we have feelings and those feelings are usually better to be spoken out, if a child is angry and they keep it to them self, it can cause serious health issues. 

4. Respect Your Child's Feelings- Respect, Respect, Respect!!! 

5. Let your kids know you care and remain approachable- I want my daughter to know she can talk to me about anything at any time. it is crucial to have a relationship with your kids, let them feel you are their friend, they will need you in their lives. 
6. Honesty- Honesty is encouraged in relationships where there is trust and acceptance. You can encourage honesty in your children by being honest with yourself and true to your own feelings. Young people learn there is no need to lie when they are able to openly express themselves to others and feel accepted even when their choices may have been questionable. Young people will be more open to exploring constructive options with an adult when the reasoning behind their earlier choices has been listened to respectfully.

Parenting brings joys and challenges. Stay strong and love your kids.


STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!

  STRESSED spelled   backwards is DESSERTS!

am i alone here?
Rough day- chocolate
Rough night- extra caffeine
Rough Life- desserts/sugar etc.

I eat when I am stressed... Why do we do that?
Then we step on the scales and are like, how did that happen... where did those pounds come from when in reality we already know.. that ice cream, chocolate bars, chips etc is where.  

I am writing this post for me and to try and keep myself accountable. I have gained WAY to much weight in the past year, I blame stress because I could sit and eat as much junk food as I wanted and told myself no calories as I am stressed. 

Then I tell myself, you don't want to lose weight then you have to buy a new ward robe, LAME Terri Lame! 

So today I will begin, I am not waiting for Monday or a new month, no it begins now. 
I am not following any particular plan, I will drink more water ( I will likely still have 1 pepsi per day), I will cut back on food and junk food.  Instead of chips I will eat fruit.  

I have about 50 lbs to lose and I cannot wait to come back next month and give you an update! 


Keeping Up with Modern Health Trends

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One of the most valuable things that you can do when it comes to looking after your own health is to keep up with modern trends. After all, medical science is an area which is advancing and developing at a rapid rate, and you may well be able to find some products or practices which are beneficial to you. But you may be asking exactly how you can keep up with these modern health trends. Well, this article is here to give you a few ideas to make sure that your knowledge stays both fresh and up to date.

Read the News

Many modern health trends are reported widely in the news, so you should be able to follow them simply by keeping up with what is going on. You could sign up to specific alerts which tell you when a new story is trending. However, you also need to approach many of these stories with a sceptical eye. While you will find some useful information, there are so many studies being conducted all the time which have different results that you can’t change your health habits based on the strength of a single story.

Check Out Websites

In days gone by, you would have to get all your information in print form. These days, it is easier to get what you are looking for such as information about dabbing cbd online. Of course, you should make sure that you are using reputable websites to ensure that the information that you are getting is accurate. There are plenty of trade journals and consumer magazines which are available for reading online which you could check out.

Speak to People in the Industry

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While reading is a great way of finding out new information and digesting it, speaking to people first-hand is a good way of getting your questions answered directly. Of course, doctors are going to be able to give you a medical opinion, but you can also discuss with people in the pharmaceutical industry who may be at the front line of developments which are being made. And if you are wondering about health trends with regards to fitness, you can find out a lot simply by speaking to a personal trainer or someone similar. Ultimately, developing this sort of network of contacts is going to help you out in a big way.

Listen to Podcasts and Watch Videos

While it can be challenging to read some medical journals, you can often get the key points boiled down and simplified in a podcast or a video. And if you can’t get access to people in the industry yourself, this is often the next best thing as you can listen to them being interviewed as to their points of views on the different types of treatment and medication which are out there these days.

So, there you have just a few of the easiest ways which can help you out when it comes to keeping up with modern health trends.

3 shocking reasons your lawn is in bad shape

When you think about a beautiful garden, you think about a gorgeous green lawn. We all want a lawn that’s evenly cut looks a deep green and is free from any issues. When problems occur with our lawn, then the whole garden suffers as a consequence.

If you’re reading this, then your lawn is probably in bad shape - and you don’t know why! So, here are a few common reasons behind this predicament:

A Buzz Cut

Those of you familiar with hairdressing will understand that a buzz cut is when someone has their hair shaved very short and close to their scalp. This is also a lawn mowing method that too many people choose to do. Cutting your grass really close to the surface is a terrible idea. You end up creating the perfect conditions for things like crabgrass and weeds to grow. Not only that, but you can actually rip up the surface and cause muddy patches that turn the grass brown and pale. These lawn mowing tips from diynetwork.com will come in very handy and teach you how to cut the grass accurately and avoid these issues.

Insect Infestations

Believe it or not but insects could be the reason behind your lawns poor performance. There are loads of different insects and bugs that infest your lawn and make little nests in it. This damages the soil and creates patches in your lawn because the grass can’t grow in these areas. As the lawn care service from Myrtle-Beach-Landscaping.com shows, you mainly get insect problems in the summer. So, if you notice your lawn is patchy, and some dusty mounds are popping up everywhere, then it’s mostly due to these insects. Get rid of them, and you can get back to work ensuring the grass is always greener.

Summer Weather

Every keen gardener loves the summer because it means we can go out and enjoy our yards in the lovely sun. However, this weather could also be the reason behind your lawns problems. Too much sun will scorch your lawn and almost burn it. It will severely dry it up, meaning you’re left with a pale green, almost yellow, lawn. It will pretty much look and feel as though your lawn is made of straw! This issue will probably happen to all homeowners during heatwaves or periods of sunny weather where there’s never any rain. Without rain, our garden doesn’t get as much water as it usually would. To counter this, you have to continually water your lawn. I suggest getting a lawn sprinkler to do this job, as you will ensure it keeps getting watered even with the sun beating down on it.

So, there you go; three shocking reasons your lawn is in bad shape. Don’t let these things get you down, as they can all be fixed! Take care of your lawn, and it will have a positive impact on your garden as a whole. The visual appearance will be vastly improved, which is excellent news for you!

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