How to keep track of your health at home

Your everyday health is important to maintain, especially if you don’t have daily access to a personal trainer or nutritionist. So here’s how to keep track of your health at home in order to ensure that your body is feeling its best all day, every day.

At-Home Health Tests
We don’t always have the availability to visit our doctors, and there may be something playing on your mind that you just want to check before consulting a professional. Nowadays, you can get at-home health tests that can cover an extensive list of problems that might crop up including STD’s, allergies, and more. There’s a review of Everlywell that’s worth looking at as an example of testing your general health in the comfort of your own home.

Keep Hydrated
Water is the number one thing that keeps our body performing at it’s best. Without it, we tend to find that we have less energy or there’s more risk of us becoming run down. By keeping hydrated, you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to do the day to day tasks effectively. You should be drinking around 1.5 liters a day and if you do any exercise, make sure you drink plenty more. The more water you drink, the better you’ll feel!

Get Plenty Of Rest
Getting rest is something that everyone needs and depending on how many hours you need, you may be able to function on as a little as five hours a night. However, it’s good to listen to your body and get plenty of rest. There might be particular times in your life where it gets busier, but you shouldn’t sacrifice sleep because of it. The lack of sleep will mean that your body isn’t repairing and recovering well.

Keep Track Of Body Measurements
A great way of keeping track of your health at home is with body measurements. Weight loss or gain happens with all of us, but it’s making sure that we don’t go too far on either side to cause health issues for our body. Simply using a measuring tape to keep track of body measurements and noting them down can be beneficial. That way, if you notice that you’re losing too much weight or gaining too much, it will hopefully make you aware that you need to do something about it.

Invest In A Fit Bit
Technology has certainly come a long way, and a Fit Bit seems to be on many peoples wrists currently as a device that helps monitor your heartbeat and count the steps you do on a daily basis. It’s a useful device that could come in handy if you workout at home or just want something that measures your body’s health in general.

Keeping track of your health at home is very important to keep an eye on you and your body on a daily basis. So invest in a fit bit, make sure to get plenty of rest each night and hydration is key!


Home amd Garden Improvements

If you’re looking to improve your home and/or garden, here are some things you should consider…

Reasons To Hire A Professional Window Cleaner

Window cleaning services are popular with both business owners and homeowners. If you currently clean your windows yourself, you may be wondering whether it is worth paying for a professional window cleaner. Below, we reveal the reasons why it is.

One of the main reasons why people do not hire a window cleaner, is because they don’t want the expense. But, is it really more expensive? Just think about how much money it would cost you to buy all of the high standard cleaning equipment yourself. A professional window cleaner has all of the right tools for the job. Different windows have different requirements, for example, stained glass windows and leaded windows can be damaged if you use cleaning products that are ammonia-based. You could easily accidentally damage your windows without experience and training.

A professional cleaner will also have an eye for detail. It is likely that that they will pick up on things that you may have overlooked. For example, they will notice any malfunctions or damage, which could lead to a dangerous situation or expensive repair bill if left untreated. This includes everything from rotted wooden window sills to an ill-fitting window. You will also save a considerable amount of time by hiring a window cleaner. Nowadays, most of us are time poor, and it is hard to find the time to blink or sneeze, let alone do some window cleaning.

Outdoor Decking

Decking options are varied. This is the type of service that will enhance your outdoor area, and it can do so in a number of different ways, as there are numerous materials, patterns, and styles to choose from.

Of course, the professional you choose will be able to advise you on the different decking options that are available, as well as the best solution for you. However, it is advisable to have a good understanding, as the professional you consider may only have one type of decking material, and thus they may try to push you in that direction.

Pressure-treated wood is one of the most popular options, as this is one of the most affordable decking materials. This type of wood has been chemically treated, meaning it will resist insects, mold, and rot. In most cases, it will be made from fir or pine, and maintenance will be needed.

Instead, you may want to go for one of the more high-quality woods, such as cedar or redwood. Cedar is the natural choice for aficionados of natural wood. It is lightweight yet strong, and widely available too. Plus, it makes a beautiful deck. Finally, you can choose composite decking boards. This is a segment of the decking board industry that is fast-growing. These boards are made from recycled plastics and wood fibres; they don’t splinter or warp.

Great Reasons To Hire A Gardener

Gardening services are available to help people enhance the outside of their property and to ensure they get the most from their garden. Below, we take a look at some of the best reasons why you should consider hiring the services of a gardener.

One of the main reasons why you may want to hire a gardener is so that you can roll with the seasons. A gardener will know exactly how to get the most out of your exterior space depending on the months. They will know what flowers well during the different seasons, and they will be able to provide you with expert advice on taking care of your garden during this period. You can then carry it on by buying succulents online and any other supplies you need and keep it up. Of course, you can also improve the look of your garden. A gardener can help you to fall in love with your home all over again. You will want to spend more time outside, relaxing with your partner or having guests around for barbecues and such like.

Perhaps you need someone to carry out a specialist job? There are numerous reasons for irreparable damage occurring to shrubs and trees, and an expert gardener will be able to take care of this. You can take advantage of their in-depth knowledge. There is nothing worse than spending money on plants, trees, and such like, and then being disappointed when your garden does not flourish as you had imagined. This is something you will no longer have to worry about when you hire this type of gardener.


How to get the Perfect Tan right through your swimsuit

One of the easiest ways to take your natural beauty to the next level is by getting a gorgeous tan. The perfect tan should  look even and natural but have a really nice glow that lets you shine from the inside out. But actually achieving that natural, sunkissed tan can be way more difficult than people might think.. Between sticky tanning lotions and sprays, expensive tanning beds, and streaky tan lines you will get from most swimsuits, it can seem downright impossible to get a killer tan! That’s why we were so excited when we found out about the company CoolTanⓇ and their amazing line of TanThrough swimwear that you get a tan right through your swimsuit- no more tan lines required.

Getting a tan has never been easier thanks to CoolTan’s uniquely formulated fabric that lets you get a tan right through your suit. The secret to what makes TanThrough so amazing is their Microsol V fabric. This specially formulated fabric is knitted to create millions of tiny pores to let around half of the sun’s rays through the suit. This will allow you to get you an even tan in approximately the same time as you would with a medium level SPF sunscreen. This means getting a tan can be as effortless as hanging out by the pool, walking along the beach, or going boating with friends.

The porous fabric in each swimsuit also filters air and water through the suit to keep you nice and cool, even on the hottest of days, and dries up to 3x faster than normal fabric. That means these swimsuits are the perfect choice for traveling or bringing to the gym or beach because you won’t have to agonizingly wait for your suit to dry and won’t have to worry about throwing a wet suit back in your bag to get all moldy and gross. The suits are constructed to be incredibly comfortable, so you can wear your suit all day without having to worry about the straps digging in or being too tight.

One feature we particularly love about the TanThrough swimsuits is that they’re are all machine washable. This is such a great feature to get out all that salt, sand and chlorine to keep your suit nice and clean. This can also help prolong the life of your suit, not to mention you won’t be finding grains of sand scattered throughout the house months after going to the beach.

We all know how great it is to have an amazing tan, but it’s not always possible to hit up the beach or spend hours out in the sun to get one, which is why CoolTan also created a line of TanThrough shirts to make tanning easier and more comfortable while going about your daily activities. You can be playing a round of golf or tennis, gardening, or even just running errands and be getting a great tan without even thinking about it. TanThrough shirts are also made using that amazing Microsol fabric so they’re super comfortable and moisture-wicking while also giving you an effortless tan. Each shirt also has a base layer of sun protection of SPF 6-10 so you won’t have to worry about getting sun damage or dealing with an unsightly Farmer’s Tan. CoolTan has many style options to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find a style perfect for your favorite activities.

CoolTan has a variety of swim styles, sizes, and colors to choose from so you are sure to find your new favorite swimsuit. Whether you prefer monokinis or one-piece suits or halter and string bikinis, CoolTan has the ladies covered. Men can choose between briefs, hipsters, jammers, board shorts, and trunks to find the most comfortable styles for all their favorite activities. Plus, each suit comes with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee so you can ensure you will get the absolute best fit and style for you. Make sure to check out CoolTan’s website and Instagram, @cooltansportwear to keep up to date on new styles and sales and to see for yourself just how easy it can be to get a tan, right through your swimwear or shirt!


Five ways to improve your health and well being

It’s important to look after our health and wellbeing at all stages of our life. It can be so easy to slip off the wagon, and as we only get the one shot at life, we want to make sure it’s a long, happy and healthy one. So here are five ways to improve your health and wellbeing.

Cut Drinking Down
Alcohol in moderation is fine but having too much of it can affect both your physical health but your mental health also. It’s important to know when you’re in the right frame of mind to have alcohol and when not to. Alcohol doesn’t make a situation better, it only aids towards spiraling it out of control. Reduce your intake as best you can, perhaps starting with a no drinking rule on certain days so that you give your body a rest.

Take Alternative Medicines
Alternative medicines and treatments have become more prominent in the market nowadays because they’re known to help with body pain and on the mind. So a place like Thrive Nevada has increased in popularity thanks to CBD products that are now slowly streaming into the mainstream eye. A lot of Chinese medicines are now becoming increasingly popular due to many of us wanting natural or organic products when it comes to ingesting it.

Hydrate Yourself
Hydration is certainly important to make sure your body can perform at it’s best. Water helps with keeping you focused on busy days and providing you with the energy you need to get you through the day. It also has an effect on your skin too because skin cells require water in order to keep it looking plump and glowy. Try to have a bottle of water by your side constantly and aim to drink around 1.5 liters of water every day. Drink more if you’re exercising on one day.

Manage Your Stress Levels
Stress is a big factor that can affect your overall wellbeing and stress can also come from a variety of places. It might be work and perhaps the workload you are being given or dealing with a colleague you don’t like. It could be a family situation that’s ongoing and that you’re stuck in the middle of. You can manage your stress levels to some degree by doing things to help you to relax. Indulge in some self-care, and that’s anything that you enjoy and helps to minimize your stress levels.

Exercise Regularly
Exercise is one that’s pretty obvious, but it’s one of the most impacting when it comes to helping with your health and wellbeing. We all need to exercise to some degree to keep our body feeling fit and reducing any risks of illnesses. For our mental health, it’s a good distraction and a way of venting out your feelings. Look for exercise that you enjoy and do it on a regular basis, start off small and slowly increase the amount you do.

Why not try these tips and give yourself more attention when improving your health and wellbeing.

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