Operation Surprise Party

July 29 is my Brooke's 14th birthday so I wanted to do something special for her, she had no idea what she wanted to do for her birthday.  So this momma threw her a surprise party with the help of her best friends. Thankfully I can access them on Facebook :)  She went to her friends for the day while we prepped the party. 

I am not a decorator.  It started out being a green, black theme but I added in other colors just because I am crazy like that 😔

Thankful for a swimming pool, we had pizza, swimming and cake 

She wanted ice cream cake 

Fresh out of the pool face 

My daughter collects giraffes, this picture made her so happy 

They got matching shirts with avocados saying " You are my other half" they have been Best friends since we moved here 

a few days ago while she was at the lake, her phone broke and she wanted a iphone. We are not an apple phone family but she got her wish. 

We will celebrate her actual BIRTHday on Saturday with family. 


5 Things to start saving for once you turn 20 for

5. HOUSE- you really do not want to rent forever, owning is so much more fun, but it is also very expensive. With home ownership comes: property fees,  insurance, you have to furnish it, etc etc.  You really need a good pillow and mattress
4) CAR- you do not want to use public transportation forever... HELLO- it can get super expensive, your car will need gas,  insurance etc. 

3) RETIREMENT- yes start early, you need to. Retirements do not just happen, you need to save for it. 

2) VACATIONS- You will want to take fun vacations especially if all your friends are going on cruises or trips. 

1) EMERGENCIES- it always happens.. your car breaks down, you have a family emergency and you need to get home right away. We started saving what we call an Emergency fund, it was in a bank account that we could not just withdraw without going into the bank, we each had access to it and we kept the other accountable… we had several times when we had to use it, but then you start to build it back up. A good amount to save up is $1000 and you may think that is a lot but if you add to it often, it will be there before you know it. 

Be prepared, save your money.  You never know what the future can hold.  You may think you do not know how to save- get a financial planning book- Dave Ramsey has a great one, check it out. 



It's not just for teens, its really for everybody. I bought this as a gift to myself and I don't regret it. It's a larger print so it's easy to read and the graphics are gorgeous. It's so well put together. 

The Bible needs to be interactive and this is it! There's quizzes and surveys, everything a girl loves to do. 

My daughter has been using this one for youth group, church etc. 

I review for BookLook Bloggers

Get out of that Pit-- Straight Talk- Beth Moore - Book review

Like many of her books, this work was filled with biblical truths, but above that I felt like she was talking specifically to me. I could imagine her hand reaching out to help me out of my pit. Please note, it was not that she was reaching DOWN to me. Beth shows herself to be much like me, and crawling out of our pits is a journey we both take.
If you are having problems that you see no way out, this gives you a way to deal with them

I review for BookLook Bloggers

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