Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy 13th Birthday Brooke Lynn

Happy 13th Birthday to my baby girl 

 As my baby I loved dressing you up, caring for you, holding you close.  I so wanted to do everything right, yet it was all so new.  You were such a compliant child.  You took great joy in helping me wherever you could.  You were born a thinker.  You loved to help me bake in the kitchen... donning the cutest little aprons that were way too big on you. Now you take over my the kitchen....

You loved to play dress up and wore your way-too-big princess shoes all around the house... clanking away, dancing and singing songs.

Somehow... I'm not exactly sure when... or how... you grew up.  I look at you now.  You're 13.  Those princess shoes couldn't even fit on your hands now.  I'm a bit weepy today... and yet so happy.  I'm thinking of how the years have flown by.  I always heard they would... yet in the midst of it, that's hard to believe. They really do.  I won't walk into your room and catch you using bright blue kid's toothpaste as lotion all over your body.  Now you wear perfume and do your own hair.  The mismatched outfits that you were so proud of as a little girl have been replaced with carefully thought out ensambles in which you look beautiful in.  You don't hide behind a chair in my room to go to the bathroom or color with a sharpie all over my carpet floor.  You don't cut up my curtains with your kid's scissors or dump out all of the toys in the toy chest so you can lay down in it.  You don't say "bye bye poo poo...  as you flush the potty anymore.  Little've grown up.  

I remember being 13.  I remember the excitement of growing up yet being so frustrated in my own skin.  I remember my body changing and not liking it.   I remember not being able to sort out my emotions which were on the fiercest of roller coasters... so happy then so sad or mad a few minutes later.  I see some of the same battles going on inside of you.  Life is hard.  You're a perfectionist and feel "less than" if you can't get things just right.  Although it's a wonderful thing to try your best, you'll need to learn that your best IS good enough.  Do your best, give glory to God and learn what you can when you fall down or mess something up.  Get up, try again.  You've got this girl.  I'm so proud of you.  I always will be.

You are a people pleaser.  You love people.  You see the best in them.  You want to be looked up to and admired.  You have an amazing God-given gift.  People, even those you don't know, are drawn to you. I love how you put people at ease.  You're compassionate and sympathize with others.  You feel... deep.  All of this sets the perfect stage, though, for falling hard when someone hurts you.  Oh little one... you'll be hurt in this life.  It's inevitable.  I hate seeing you hurting.  A Momma will never find joy in their child's hurting heart.  I so want to walk through these hurts with you.  I am here for you to talk to.  About anything... I think you know that.  I love our open communication and how we do talk about so many different things with ease.  Yet I know you may not always want to talk to me.  We're starting to discover that even now.  I pray you'll have people in your life that will be honest with you... that you'll have a heart to hear things that will be hard to hear.  I want you to have mentors and encouragers in your life and that His voice will be the one you hear above all.  I pray that you'll be able to discipher between what's truth and what's a lie.  That you'll understand and speak truth with authority.  I pray that your feet will remain on the solid rock and that you'll come to know Jesus in deeper and deeper ways.  I love your heart, little one.  I love the way you're navigating the disappointments and joys in life.  I love how you desire to read your Bible and want to know all you can.  I love how you want answers to life's questions and how you're not afraid to ask them.  You're making so many right choices.  You've got a good head on your shoulders.

You are kind.  You are creative.   You're in inventor.  You're a scientist.  You're full of love and place a lot of value on people and relationships.  You want to help the less fortunate and your heart breaks for hurting people.  You wish you had more resources to help every ministry or organization you hear about.  You're a rescuer. You can't understand why anyone could hurt another person in the terrible ways they do nowadays. You're growing up in such a beautiful way.  Watching you walk in this world that's unfolding before you has been a real blessing... bringing me so much joy.  You are growing up so quickly and already speak of university but  I'm in no hurry for that to happen, but I do pray that you'll keep your feet on the path of life no matter where the Lord leads you.  I'm so proud of you, Nummers, for the grace you're giving us through the many mistakes that we make while learning to parent each new stage.  You're a treasure, Brooke Lynn. 

Happy 13th Birthday, Beauty!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Dear Leslie, 

It has been one year of you being in heaven, one year of you being an angel. 

The pain this year has been hard, there have been so many times when I wished I could have messaged you, times I needed advice, times when I went to your instagram looking for a glimpse of the girls only to realize you are not able to update from heaven. Your sister in laws are posting little snippets of them for us. 

Stephen is doing a great job of raising them, you would be so proud of him. 
We miss you and the pain is still so real. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekend Recap


Big Day for Andrew. After 4 years he was done at the contract that he had moved here for has been complete and he is now working from home. Proud of my man <3 

I worked til 9:30 pm and I felt like I got all the angry customers, what a rough day. Then we had a pot luck at work because we are almost done training so a little celebration. 

We were both in bed by 9:45 as Brooke is camping and we were so exhausted. 


Andrew and I both went to town, he let me out at the mall so I could grab starbucks and meet my best friend Cristie. We had planned to go to the market to grab some food at the food trucks and shop. 

It was a fun morning. It was so hot though but good food and friendship. 

I met andrew back at the mall as he hung out with his friend and then we got some groceries and came home 

I took a nap and he made dinner, I am fighting some sort of something and I feel really under the weather. 

Kim and Moses came over to hang out and eat dinner with us. 

Our Pastor is away on vacation so we had a visiting minister and we took him to East Side Marios for lunch and just hung out, Moses went with us

My kids at the restaurant, and they matched. 

Then this is is then after service, with matching sunglasses... crazy kids. 

Have a great week. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


When I said I do, I meant forever.
In sickness and in health, for better or for worst, richer or poor, I promised to love , honour and cherish him.

We have been married for 14 years and when I say it gets better every day, it really does, it gets better and sweeter every day.  I miss him when we are apart and I long to be back in his arms, he is my best friend and makes everything better.

The reason our marriage is so great is the fast that we have worked at it, 5 years ago I was stressed all the time from a crazy job I was working, I was working over time every chance I got as that's what I do when I'm stressed. This put a strain on our marriage as we never saw each other and when we were together it seemed we argued non stop about petty things like his laundry on the floor, it was because I was so exhausted and moody.

Then a new job opened up, a job where I worked 9-5 Monday to Friday with no over time available, it was a dream job, it really was, I was there for 8 months when we got a job transfer to another province ( same as State to Americans) so I had to leave my job, so sad.

Since moving here almost 4 years... our marriage has truly been the best it has ever been, we communicate, we have grown and we have matured.

Marriage isn't easy, no one ever said it was. Marriage is fun though, you get a permanent sleep over with your best friend.

That being said I want to bring back Marriage Monday's to the blog, are their any topics you would like to see...
I would also like to bring back Date Night Friday's.

Let me know the topics you are interested in reading about, I am an open book and will share any thoughts I have about any topic you wish for.