NIV Bible for Teen Girls: Growing in Faith, Hope, and Love Review

When I saw this bible I knew my preteen ( she is 12) would love it. 
The quality is nice, the cover seems sturdy and durable, the pages are a nice thick texture and the text is a good size for reading. The chapter numbers and headings throughout are pink as are the daily readings and character profiles of the women in the Bible.
I’m really impressed, I would I recommend this book to preteens like 10 and up, and would even consider keeping it for myself had I not promised it as a gift already. I really think they should have a second one available with a cover that says women instead of teen girls. This is the best attempt at a teen Bible that actually comes out age appropriate that I’ve seen yet.

I love to study the women of the Bible, so having the "Women of the Bible" section is something I personally found to be very enlightening. Not to mention the beautifully designed pages filled with a pleasing pink background and funky edging, what's not to love about this edition?

This bible will make a wonderful edition for any 13- 18 year old on your list. This is not a "Study Bible" but a wonderful every day bible, sturdy with its hard cover and durable pages. All in all I would highly recommend this Bible for your teen girls.  

I was given this bible in exchange for my honest review. 


Confessional Friday

Time to Confess: 

1) This has been a busy week- here is how it went: 
Monday: Worked 8-4 then went to the radio station where I have been working from 5-9 on Monday nights, got home around 10 pm, Mondays are my long days espicially since I have been sick, I need to rest more but I love what I do and don't want to stop. 
Tuesday: Worked 8-5- then went to help a friend set up for her parents 25th Anniversary  party that was at 6 pm 
Wednesday: Worked 8-5- then had bible study 
Thursday: Worked 8-6, then Norwex Party 
Friday: worked 8-5- family night 

2) It was so nice to get off work at 1 pm yesterday- I came home took a nap, cleaned, went for a walk, made dinner and just relaxed 

3) I am addicted to the game 10-10, it is like a back ward tetris, I didn't think I was gonna like it, but I am addicted. 

4) My contract for my job is coming to a close and no job prospects ins right at all, something will come up, it always does. 

Cheers and have great weekend! 

Date Night Idea 8

Idea 8 

Curl up on the couch and watch a movie together

My husband is not a movie person at all, so here is what we do sometimes
He will pick a movie or a show to watch, I will sit and watch with him even if i don't enjoy it because  it is about Compromise, he does the same for me, trust me he isn't a Momma Mia person ;)


Weekend Recap

Worked til 5 pm, came home and laid in bed for a rest( it has been another bad health week), I woke just after 7 pm and then I took a hot bath, watched hockey and then some foot ball with hubby.

Went to brunch with hubby and a friend, it was nice to catch up with her... she got Brooke a lovely eiffel tower while in Paris last month, Brooke was quiet happy with it.

I finally have been able to get my mac book working better, I had what I thought was a good virus scanner ( yes a virus on a mac,imagine) turns out it seemed to have been causing the problem, thankfully now I have an AVG virus scan installed. and hoping this solves the problem, i don't wanna take it to the shop but if this don't help I will have to

Hubby and I went shopping, then I stayed at the mall and met a friend- we got dinner and then we went shopping, she loves shoe shopping and I do too, we had a great time, I got some brown dress boots,

A friend back home got married today, she looked absolutely beautiful 

They are going to be here on Nov 6th for a reception here, so we can get to that one, I was so disappointed to miss my darling girl... I remember the day she was born, i changed her diapers, watched her take her first steps etc etc, now she is a dental hygienist and so beautiful, so proud of you Shauna Danielle. 

We did the normal sunday things with church, I helped in the nursery I must be getting old because I had three babies and I was so exhausted at the end. 

It was a pretty low key weekend around here. 

Have a great week friends. 


Confessional Friday

Time for a confessional Friday 
Today I Confess to you: 

1) I haven't done a Confessional Friday in a few weeks not because I wanted to but I have been thinking about Leslie a lot and I just had to take some time away from Confessional Friday's, I have been missing her so much...she sure was a special person 

2) Spent another day and a bit in the hospital this week, I am so ready for this to be behind me and move on with life as a wife and a mom

3) I am so frustrated with my Mac book- it seems to have a virus or just running very slow, I cannot get it fixed. 


Date Night Idea 7

Idea 7

Find a new restaurant or a coffee shop, try a new food- something that you normally would not try

I am the type who usually got the same thing no matter the resturant for example:
Mcdonalds: Quarter Pounder
Diplomat: Chinese
The Cabin: Pancakes

Then i decided to branch out and try something else, I realized there are a lot of new yummy foods that I love like this summer I tried Clams and mussels for the first time and it was so good.
Try it, you will have fun doing it


To My Nephew

Today you turn 8 Curtis... 

I will never ever forget finding out you were on your way, I could not wait to meet you <3

You make Auntie laugh at your silly knock knock jokes, you are the cutest when you want Auntie to give you a present, you make me laugh, make me cry when you say cute things. 
It is so hard to be so far away from you on your birthday but soon you will have a month in Canada with us, Auntie cannot wait to see you. 

We will play lego's, play silly games, laugh a lot and spoil you so much. 

Have a Happy Birthday bud, I love you 


Weekend Recap

I worked til 5 pm and had the scariest day of my life.. 
I went and had blood work done, then went back to work 
at 9 am a call came in that there was a person very close to my work with a gun in his hand, we immediately got put on lock down as did all the schools in the area, Brooke was at school and the same thing there, it was hard on me knowing I couldn't get to her to make sure she was ok... 
We were on lock down til 2 pm and of all days I didn't bring lunch and I couldn't go get anything. 

Brooke had a youth retreat this weekend so when hubby picked me up, he had her and 2 of her friends so they could all go together, we went to the mall where I bought some new casual shoes, then we ate dinner there. 
Brooke was at the retreat til around 3 am, they had a lock in where they played games, ate food and had lots of fun. 

It was a very quiet day at home until about 4:30 when we went to town to take Brooke to meet her drive. 
Hubby and I went grocery shopping, I made a stop to Starbucks for a birthday cake pop and a vanilla bean frappe, my absolute favourite. Once we got home, I cleaned, made some home made turkey soup for lunches, cooked a ham for the pot luck at church. 
Watched some hockey and stayed up far to late. 

Happy Birthday to the first man I ever loved, who loves me like no one else and is my biggest fan, I love you Daddy 
We were at our second location today for Pastor Appreciation, we have two locations and there are a couple of Sundays a year that it is rented out to another group.. today was one of those days.. so we did all services at our other location, we had a nice Pastor Appreciation dinner and i made a presentation and made them cry. 

We went to Wendy's after PM service

Shout out to Chelsea for my new signature, it is just what I wanted and once again I am a pleased customer. Need some design work, check her out. 

Have a great week Friends

Review: Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9

When my daughter was 5-9- she was not allowed to turn on the TV or Netflix without someone being in the room with her, now that she is 12, she knows right from wrong and I do trust her, I also am still monitoring what she watches, children are what they say and hear. 

I want her to hear good things, things that shows the Love of Jesus, I want her to be kind and considerate to others, and a wonderful message that not just includes God, but it is totally about God.

I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review this movie, she watched it with me and together we loved every minute of it. 
Buck who is the main character is bored in his christian walk and wants to do more , something big for God, and is dissatisfied with his job at a ministry. He became so  focused on his dream of becoming a space ship captain and getting away from his desk job that he pushes himself into a very dangerous situation by taking risk and ignoring warning signs that is in the path for him. 
Much like Buck we do this in our Christian journey, we try to live for God yet we take risks and give into peer pressure and try to do things our own way but thankfully God is a loving and caring God who will love us and protect us. We need to stop with our own desires and let God love us and let him be in control of our lives. 

Galaxy Buck is available now on JellyTelly, an online streaming site featuring shows and movies to teach your kids about God, The Bible, and Faith.  

We are all familiar with VeggieTales creator PHIL VISCHER, this is the same guy that did this movie and we all Loved Veggie Tales, trust me this is a must see and you should race to the theatre to see this one, I am also giving away a copy here on the blog to one of you, Enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Date Night Idea 6

Another fun date night is a Sushi Night, you can either make it at home, or you can order in, you can also go out for sushi, so many options and all so delicious. 
Don't say that is gross, raw fish, but sushi is so much more then raw fish, there are so many types and ways you can make it, we do seldom eat the raw fish, but so many options. 



Today I turn 33.
I remember turning 30 and having a break down because I felt so old and it felt like I needed to now grow up etc etc...

I don't think I have changed to much in the years, not like a baby who changes each month ;)
I wanted to post 33 random things, whether it be a quote, something about me, things I like etc..


1) I am 33 and had one boyfriend and I married him

2) I am a nail biter

3) I do not drive

4) I am addicted to ice cream

5) I own way to many pairs of shoes- maybe more then 75 pairs

6) Be yourself! In the end you are the one you can make you happy.

7) I love chocolate cake

8) I have to go to Tim Hortons every morning and a diet pepsi in the after noon

9) Laugh your way to happiness, work on you

10) I binge watch Netflix

11) Hanging out with friends is my favourite

12) I cannot make cookies, my daughter makes the best chocolate chip ones

13) I love to travel- my fav place is probably Minneapolis, MN

14) Hanging out with my Best Friend 

15) I love to sleep in 

16) I am a night owl, hence why #15 

17) Doing random acts of kindness 

18) My fav social Media outlet is Instagram 

19) I cannot get into pinterest, I feel overwhelmed 

20) my church and my faith 

21) Never stop reaching for your dream 

22)  Daddy's Girl 

23) Live, Love, Laugh 

24) Laugh a lot! 

25) I would love to own a farm house with a garden full of fresh veggies 

26) I love mexican food 

27) I had major lung surgery at 29 

28) I have a incurable bladder disease 

29) but I live life to the fullest 

30) Meeting new people is something I always look forward to doing. I’m a very social person.

31) I want one more conversation with my grandpa, just one more 

32) 32 was a great year. 

33) Here's to 33, bring it on. 


Weekend Recap

I went to work but probably should not have, it was day that was filled with a lot of pain die to some wonky thing going on, 
hubby said he was taking me on a date after work, so we went to a diner and it was nice, the food was yummy and the company was handsome, came home and we watched some hockey, it was my Bruins against his Jets, Bruins lost

It was a relaxing morning at home, and pain free, it is a rare thing with lately, I have some wonky health things going on, spent all day last Tuesday in the emergency room, they are running tests but I am hoping it gets better for me.  Brooke had a photo shoot that she was gifted for her birthday back in July and it has been so busy here, we decided to go today , well I never went, it was a girl from our church so they came and got her and got her all ready, she looked so beautiful, I will share with you as soon as I get them back.
Hubby and I went to the mall, we got coffee and walked around Walmart, bought some groceries and came home, on the way home, the pain started, so I took some pain meds and took a nap which resulted in going longer then I wanted to, I was feeling better so I made dinner, our normal Hockey night food with nachos and wings, I was up to late because of my nap, but I got things prepped for dinner for tomorrow.

We celebrated Thanksgiving- I made a turkey dinner and we had our Pastor and his family over, I was so busy that I never did take pictures. 
I made turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrot, corn, rolls and gravy, it was so very good. 
I made cheesecake and apple pie for dessert, it was a great meal. 

My birthday present arrived from my mom so I wore it today, I am not one to post selfies, but here I am 

Moses and Kim came over later for dessert, we watched hockey and just hung out. 

Check back tomorrow for my 33rd birthday post. 


Date Night week 5

Idea 5:


6 ways to be your spouse's best friend

1. HAVE FUN TOGETHER. Don’t just do the work together or raise kids together ... do the fun together too!

2. GET EXCITED ABOUT THE THINGS THEY GET EXCITED ABOUT. If it isn’t necessarily your ‘cup of tea’, so what! Try a sip! You may just like it. If you husband loves baseball ... take an interest in it. If you wife likes gardening ... take an interest in it.

3. KNOW THEIR WEAKNESSES ... AND LOVE THEM ANYWAY. Isn’t that what best friends are for? “A friend loves at all times…” (Proverbs 17:17). 

4. PRAISE THEM. Make them feel good about themselves. Would you want to spend time with someone who only makes you feel worthless and insecure? Certainly not. So, affirm your spouse's best qualities. Celebrate their wins. 

5. EXTEND GRACE AND FORGIVENESS. Even the best of friends have a bad day, say a hurtful things or disappoint us in some way. Offer the grace in those moments that you’d want in return. If you want a friendship that lasts, a marriage that endures, you must forgive both big and small. 

6. PUT THEM FIRST. Don’t let your spouse just be one of your friends. Don’t just let your spouse be a best friend. Make them your most important friend. Your relationship with your spouse should come before any other relationship in your life, short of your relationship with the Lord.


Norah Rose is 1 Year

One year ago at 10:26 am, weighing 7 lbs, 6 ounces Norah Rose was born and she stole our heart forever.

The moment that positive test surprised us we fell in love with you. 
Your every smile, laugh, shy face look. 

You are such a happy baby who seldom cries, you love your big brother, you love your sister when she is being nice to you. 

Auntie loves you so much Norah 
Happy Birthday and I cannot wait to watch you grow. 


Weekend Recap

I was feeling under the weather so hubby picked up pizza and we went home to eat, I never did eat, I took some meds for my head cold and watched mindless netflix,I fell asleep and then woke up because I was feeling hungry, my sister also face time me because she was decorating for my niece’s birthday and she wanted me to be a “part” of it as much as I can of course… only 73 days until we see them for Christmas. 

We were supposed to be at the church for a cleaning day but we all slept in until noon-ish, we hung around at home for some time, then we went to the meat market, walmart for groceries, once home I made a cheesecake for a friend, he loves my cheesecakes and I took it to him, they have been at their summer cottage so I wanted to make and take it to him today. 

My Niece had her 1st Birthday party today
This kid is the most precious. 

Hubby and I dropped Brooke of at youth night, then took the cheesecake to Dale, then he took me on a date to a Mexican place, it was so nice, we had 7 layer dip and Honey Chipotle Dip

We did the normal Sunday service, had a leadership meeting after morning service, we always have a potluck on those days, so hubby made Chilli, it was perfect weather for chilli. 
Brooke went to the apple orchard for the afternoon with her school friend. 

My two big babies! 
Moses is moving to Guatamaula in December for three months as a missionary, we are going to miss that boy really bad, we love him like our own. 

Have a great week Friends  


A Christmas Carol- Review

This book had to come to my house the minute I saw it, I love Christmas, and I love the little lessons that are in this book, it makes you in the mood for Christmas even in September.  

When the Christmas period comes people make various plans and purchase various things which are necessary for Christmas. These days’ people are much busy in preparation of Christmas because 2015 Christmas is coming. Everyone knows that’s carols play a very important role during Christmas. A few people purchase Christmas carol books. I love setting them out around the house, so people can pick it up look at it, read if they wish. 
I love books anyway and this is a great addition to our christmas books. 

I received this booking exchange for my honest review. 


Confessional Friday

Today I confess: 

1) I am out of shows to watch on Netflix and I need a new one, have any suggestions?

2) I am still feeling pretty under the weather

3) Leslie has been in heaven for 2 months, I would love another chat with her, wouldn't that be cool to see what heaven is like from her eyes? 

What's on your mind?


Date Night Idea 4

Go on a Mini Weekend Road Trip
We do this one a couple times a year but my favourite is the one we go in December, we do it two weeks before christmas, we go about 2 hours away, we stay at a fancy hotel, we eat delicious food, we have a good time, sometimes we hang out with friends, sometimes we just hang out with each other, we watch TV, go to bed late, sleep late, go to brunch and then go shopping. We have a great time, it is one of the highlights of my year.

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