Keeping chaos to a minimum when renovating your home

You can't really get through a home renovation without a little chaos. There's no avoiding the fact that it's going to disrupt your life, whether it's for a few days, weeks, or even months. What you can do is take steps to try and keep the chaos to a minimum. If your renovation is well organized, and you prepare for it smartly, you can contain all of the disruption as much as possible. To make this happen, you have to think carefully about how to protect your home and ensure the work will go smoothly. Here are some steps to help you pull it off.

Remove Items Where Necessary

Renovations are likely to involve a lot of dust and general messiness. You don't want any of your furniture or other possessions to be damaged, so it's important to consider how you're going to protect them. Sometimes it's necessary to remove items, not just to protect them but also to allow space for the work to be completed. Looking for storage near me is a smart way to get somewhere to put some of your stuff. If you can't just shuffle it around within your home, it makes sense to find somewhere else you can store it.

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Protect Anything That Remains

You probably won't want to completely empty your home, so you also have to make plans for anything that you don't remove. For larger items of furniture, it's pretty simple to cover everything up with dust sheets. This should keep the majority of dust and debris away so your furniture is protected. Smaller items might need to be boxed up and moved somewhere out of the way. That could just mean moving them to another room or storing them in your attic, basement, or wherever else you might have space.

Choose the Right Contractors

If you want to ensure your renovation goes as smoothly as possible, you definitely need to hire the right contractors. Of course, you need to hire people who will get you the results you want. But their process when they're working matters too. You need them to be considerate of their surroundings and careful about cleaning up after themselves. They should be able to work with you to develop a schedule that works. When you're looking for contractors, make sure you pay attention to their reviews and what their past customers have to say about their processes.

Stay Out of the Way

Once you've found contractors you can trust, you need to let them get on with the work. It can be tempting to micromanage or watch them working, but doing this could mean they work slower. They could even end up making mistakes if you're breathing down their necks. So try to stay out of their way while they're working if you want them to stay on schedule and get the job done right.

Renovations don't have to be complete chaos. They might be disruptive, but you can take steps to ensure they go smoothly.


heartfelt ways to celebrate your husband on his birthday

Most wives know that finding the perfect way to celebrate their husband’s birthday can be both a joy and a headache. Some are really gifted, and find it easy to do something special, while others tend to struggle with it. With every year that passes, the desire to make it more special than the last one grows. After all, this is the man who’s been by your side through thick and thin. It’s his special day, and you want to celebrate it in a way that captures the essence of your shared journey. Today, we’re highlighting some ideas to help you with this journey. 

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Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

If it is within reach, organize a surprise trip to visit places that have been significant in your journey together. Think of the spot where you first met, had your first date, or where he proposed. Revisiting those memories and taking a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come can be very special. 

A Playlist Of Memories

Music has a unique way of capturing memories and taking you back in time. Create a playlist of songs from different stages of your relationship, starting from high school. Play it during dinner, a quiet evening together, or while driving on a trip, and reminisce about the moments they remind you of. The value here is that the music unlocks the memories, which you can experience again together by talking about those memories. 

Commission A Personalized Art Piece

If you have an iconic photograph of a special moment between you and your husband, you could try to find a local artist and ask them to recreate that iconic image in a painting or a sketch. It’s not just about the finished product, but the thought behind it. 

A Day Off

This is an option not all men will want to take, but let’s face it, adulting is hard! Give him a complete day off. If you can handle his responsibilities for the day and let him enjoy whatever he wishes to - be it a day out with friends, catching up on his favorite series, or just lazing around.

Plan A Surprise Activity

Pick something he’s never done before but has shown interest in. Maybe it’s bungee jumping, an escape room, or a track day with a sports car. It’s the thrill of the unknown that makes it exciting for most men. The key is to keep your ear on the ground throughout the year to find out what those interests are. 

Get Him The Gift He Wants

Men can often surprise you with the lamest gift requests. From things like new socks to that new chainsaw from Redback Tools. Those requests often seem silly to us, but the reality is that those gifts do mean a lot to them, and that’s what matters. So pay attention to their requests. If you feel that the gift they want is too small or insignificant, then bundle it together with other things you can think of, but make sure you get them what they want.

A birthday isn’t just about the gifts or the party; it’s about celebrating the person and the memories you’ve built together. By personalizing his day, you’re telling him how much he means to you. So, while these are just a few suggestions, always remember it’s the thought and love behind the gesture that truly counts.



Now more than ever, health-minded people are interested in more than just calories and macronutrients—they’re interested in ingredient quality, too.

Sports supplements often feature notoriously long ingredient labels, full of unfamiliar ingredients that can sound more industrial than nutritional.

These ingredients aren’t necessarily harmful, but there’s a huge and growing demand for sports supplements with simple, traceable ingredients.

That’s where Naked Nutrition comes in. This brand’s original Naked Whey isa protein powdermade with just one ingredient: whey protein from grass-fed cows.

Key Features

  • Made with minimal ingredients, like grass-fed whey and organic coconut sugar
  • Informed Choice certified for sport
  • Free of artificial ingredients
  • Provides 25 grams of protein per serving

Naked Whey Protein Ingredients

Naked Whey is made with simple, high-quality ingredients that are as minimally processed as possible for a protein powder. All the flavors are gluten-free, GMO-free, soy-free and free of artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors. The whey in every flavor is also sourced from grass-fed cows that aren’t given supplemental growth hormones.

The powder is cold-processed, which according to Naked Nutrition is a gentler form of processing that preserves the quality of the ingredients.

Also, Naked Whey grass-fed whey protein powder is Informed Choice certified for sport—meaning it is free of all banned substances identified by the World Anti-Doping Agency. This certification ensures that it can be used without issue by competitive athletes, and what you see on the label is what you get.

Here’s the ingredient list for each flavor:
Original: whey protein concentrate
Chocolate: whey protein concentrate, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao powder
Vanilla: whey protein concentrate, organic coconut sugar, organic natural flavor
Strawberry: whey protein concentrate, organic coconut sugar, organic dried strawberries 

Every teacher needs to start their day with a protein drink

Satisfy your chocolate cravings and increase daily protein intake on a busy schedule. Chocolate Coconut Almond Naked Shake starts with our best-selling pea protein, adds MCT oil, and natural plant-based flavors. The result is a crave-worthy shake that delivers 20g of protein and only 3g of sugar. Naked Shake only contains the premium ingredients you need to maintain optimal energy levels and manage a healthy weight.

At Naked Nutrition, we are committed to shortening the steps between our farms and you.


Why you're child might be having trouble at school.

You may know that your child is bright and full of potential, but the realities of school can sometimes have a pretty disheartening way of really pushing them to the grindstone. Just because your child is not currently doing well at school does not mean that they’re not capable. But rather, there are a lot of factors that could be getting in the way of the potential they could reach.

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A poor routine

Managing a family can be tough, there’s no doubt about it. However, if your child doesn’t get the time they need to work, sleep, and get ready in the morning, they could be getting into school unprepared and low in energy. Creating a real family routine and being a little more organized in how they spend their time can help them be a lot more prepared and energized for the day of learning.

Neglecting the studies

Children don’t need to spend hours studying every single day, but it is true that if a little too much time is spent away from certain topics and subjects, then your child will forget them. As such, you should make sure that you’re aware of the topics that your kids are understanding, and to try and layer some additional learning for them to be able to keep on top of it. You can make it fun, too, for instance, with educational family trips.

A mismatch of learning styles

Sometimes, it’s all about learning what methods and modes of learning might best suit your child compared to others. For instance, some children tend to be more kinetic learners, others more audial, and others more kinetic. If you can get a good idea of what kind of learning style fits your child, then you can help adapt their curriculum so they might better engage with it at home.

Undiagnosed learning difficulties

Learning needs change from child to child and can develop or be noticed at any age. As well as issues like ADHD, you should also consider options like dyslexia if your child has trouble reading, or even hyperlexia if they have excellent reading abilities, but seem to lag elsewhere. Getting a diagnosis and learning more about the condition can open up the road to therapeutic plans, as well as tools and tips you and your child’s teachers can use to reduce the barrier that such difficulties present.

A poor learning environment

You don’t have a lot of control over the kind of learning environment your child is provided in school (unless you plan to move schools), but you can make sure that they’re not riddled with distractions at home. Creating a study space at home, and making sure that distractions like the TV, video games, or your other kids are kept out can make it a lot easier for them to focus on homework and studying when they get home.

If your child is having trouble at school, before you point any fingers, take the time to investigate the examples mentioned above, first and foremost. It could be that finding and exploring the cause could prove a major help.


A Complete Back to School Guide

A guest has taken over my blog today ( my favourite guest).. she wrote a back to school guide and I liked it so I thought it would be beneficial.   

A Complete Back to School Guide 

From a 3rd year university student...

Here’s a little background information on me. I’m a 3rd year university student double majoring in Music and French. I have figured out what works for me, it may not work for everyone.


There are really not many things that you need to survive and thrive in university, at least as far as school supplies are concerned. The biggest necessity is a laptop. We are living in the digital age and everything that you do in university is online. Some other essentials include:

  • Notebooks 

  • Folders/binders

  • Pens/pencils

  • Highlighters

  • Planner/calendar

  • Graph paper

I prefer to take notes on paper, I find that I retain the information better. However, others prefer taking notes digitally using a laptop or tablet. I like to keep any handouts given to me in folders, a binder with dividers would work just as well. In university, there are bound to be readings and textbooks, highlighters and pens are great to write in margins. If you are taking any math or stats classes, graph paper is super important. My favourite option is graph notebooks, keeps everything bound together nicely. After a laptop, the most important school supply is a planner or calendar. There will be plenty of assignments and due dates that are important to keep track of.

To keep organized, I colour code each class. Each notebook and folder are matching, and I like to write all due dates and assignments in the same colour as well. For this semester my colours are red, blue, orange, green, and purple. 

Before Starting School

I have several things that I like to do in the weeks leading up to school starting. The biggest thing is that I like to do a deep clean of my room. If you are moving into a dorm, this will be the equivalent of that step. If you are living at home, like me, or in an apartment, having a clean and organized living space is a fresh way to start your school year.  Shopping for your supplies and getting them prepared for back to school is a good way to get into the school mindset. 

First Week

Your first week of school can be incredibly scary. There are a few things that will help to ease the transition. 

  1. Read all of the syllabi and write the due dates down in your planner. 

  2. Get to know the school and your classes right away.

  3. If possible, get to know your profs/teachers. Not everyone can do this, especially in larger schools. But it is good to try.

  4. Set a routine right away. Consistency is great and getting in good study and lifestyle habits is important to start right away.

Important Tips and Tricks

  • The most important thing is your physical and mental health. Everyone wants good grades, but your health is the most important thing. Prioritize at least an hour a week to do something for yourself.

  • Make sure to socialize with your classmates. Plan a study date or a time to get together with others in your program.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for an extension on assignments. Life happens, professors are usually pretty accommodating with giving extensions.

  • Get your assignments started early. It’s easy to say that you will do this, however actually doing it is much more difficult. The hardest part of any task is starting it, just do it.

  • Utilize your schools’ resources. The study spaces, the tutoring services, anything may offer is there to help.

Happy back to school season, go out there and do your best!


The Hill

NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! Whatever your dream is, you have to pursue it and make it a reality, it will take hard work but you can do it if you try.  Even with a disability, it can happen.  People will try to knock you down, but you have to keep going, keep dreaming and pursuing that dream. 

Growing up impoverished in small-town Texas, young Rickey Hill shows an extraordinary ability for hitting a baseball, despite being burdened by leg braces from a degenerative spinal disease. His stern, pastor father (DENNIS QUAID) discourages Rickey from playing baseball to protect him from injury, and to have him follow in his footsteps and become a preacher. 

As a young man, Rickey (COLIN FORD) becomes a baseball phenomenon. His desire to participate in a try-out for a legendary major league scout divides the family and threatens Rickey’s dream of playing professional baseball. Based on a true story. 

The Hill is 
• Directed by: Jeff Celentano
• Produced by: Warren Ostergard, Jeff Celentano
• Starring: Dennis Quaid, Colin Ford, Joelle Carter, Randy Houser, Bonnie Bedelia, 
Scott Glen

Buy tickets today to see #TheHillMIN only in theaters starting August 25th!

Website/Ticketing Page: LINK
Trailer: LINK

Many thanks to Briarcliff Entertainment, LLC for providing a sample of the product for this review as well as a special thank you to #MomentumInfluencerNetwork . Opinions are 100% my own.


ordinary Angels

This is an incredible movie. Coming soon.

Based on a remarkable true story, ORDINARY ANGELS centers on Sharon (Hilary Swank), a fierce but struggling hairdresser in small-town Kentucky who discovers a renewed sense of purpose when she meets Ed (Alan Ritchson), a widower working hard to make ends meet for his two daughters. With his youngest daughter waiting for a liver transplant, Sharon sets her mind to helping the family and will move mountains to do it. What unfolds is the inspiring tale of faith, everyday miracles, and ordinary angels.


How to transform a garden you have left to grow wild

It’s a habit that many people have when they’re not green-thumbed or enjoy using their garden on a regular basis. Chances are, if you’re not someone who likes to garden or you’re not out in the garden as often as you could be, you’ve left it to grow a little wild.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, especially when it comes to encouraging wildlife, it ends up being a space on the property that’s underutilized. As a household, getting outside is beneficial to your health and well-being. It’s a great mood booster to get outside but when your garden looks unkept and uninviting, you’re less like to want to go out there.

With that being said, here are a few tips that might help when it comes to transforming your garden and changing it from a jungle to a relaxing oasis.

Image Source

Invest in the right tools

First and foremost, make sure you’re investing in the right tools. This is important because if you’ve not got the right tools, then you’re likely going to struggle to make any significant difference to the wild environment you’ve got in your backyard.

It’s the simple and most basic tools that most people will need in their toolkits. From their lawnmower to tackle overgrown lawns, to trowels and shovels to pull up all the old plants and weeds.

Making sure you have the very basic tools for the job and a place to store those tools so they remain in tip-top condition is essential. With that being said, consider  hiring a landscaping company to get the job done quickly but if you want to take this on your self consider what tools you have, if any, and what tools you might be missing and need more of. To take this project seriously, you need the tools that will make it easier for you and your household to tackle it successfully.

Start by getting rid of all of the dead plants

To get yourself off to a productive start, focus on what is currently the main eyesore in your garden. Chances are, these are all the weeds and dead plants that aren’t salvageable in any way.

Weeds and dead plants do nothing for the space and they can also hinder the growth of your healthy plants and flowers. Not only that but weeds and dead plants can start to smell, which is not what you want when it comes to your garden. You want to be able to step outside into the fresh air and smell all of the beautiful plants and flowers that are flourishing in the space.

Again, this is where you need your gardening tools. This will help get rid of all the dead plants and weeds that have burrowed into the ground and might not be easy to just dig up. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the dead plants, you’ll have a much better idea of how the space looks.

Remove any clutter in the space to start from scratch

Talking of visualizing the space more clearly, make sure you’ve removed any clutter in the space so that you can start from scratch.

Depending on your household, you might have old toys from kids during their younger years that have remained in the garden and have been covered up by the wildness. Broken furniture or damaged features in the garden need to be removed and this might require you to hire a skip to get rid of it all.

If you hardly go out into the garden, then a lot of this stuff is likely undiscovered, and therefore you’ve probably got a lot more to get rid of than you thought. Removing the clutter will ensure your space is set up for the transformation it needs.

Bring in the professionals for the bigger jobs

There are going to be some jobs that come with this gardening project that might be a little out of your skillset. It might also be the case that you don’t have the equipment or knowledge to operate said equipment to carry out the necessary tasks needed.

Whether it’s adding decking or removing big trees. It’s important that you’ve got some experts on speed dial for when you might need them. Looking online for St. Charles landscaping companies (or others more relevantly located for you) to find a positively reviewed company to take on your landscaping job would be a wise decision, especially if you've got an ambitious project in mind. Getting in professional landscapers is especially useful if you're planning on resurfacing or digging out areas of your garden, this is a grueling process to tackle on your own, professionals will have both the experience and equipment necessary to make the job a straightforward one. There are many other good reasons to get professionals in though, so don't narrow your sights on just one or two factors.

A good reason to use professionals is when you need tree trimmers. Trimming trees isn’t easy, especially when they’re grown so high that you can’t reach them with your own ladders. Not only that but you don’t want to chop down a branch that compromises the tree, or impacts any wildlife that might currently be nesting in there.

For bigger projects, don’t attempt to do it yourself, especially if it’s a risk of injury or safety. Hopefully, there are plenty of gardening experts and companies who will be more than willing to help.

Incorporate some new flowers for color

To help add some bursts of color to the space, consider new flowers in the space. There is an abundance of flower types to choose from, which means it’s worth checking out and doing some research on flowers from all areas around the world.

Image Source

Thanks to the internet, we’ve got a lot of options at our fingertips and the more variation you bring into your garden, the more wildlife you’re likely to attract as a result.

However, it’s good to be selective about what types of flowers you pick based on the colors they’ll create. You may be someone who wants to have a certain color palette in the space, whereas others aren’t fussed about having the entirety of the color wheel in their backyard.

Be sure to place the flowers strategically and ensure they’re in the right environment for maximized growth capability.

Add shrubs for structure in the space

Structuring the space is important, whether you’ve got a fairly compact backyard or it goes on for yards. It’s something that can add a bit more comfort and intimacy within the space, regardless of how big it might be.

Shrubs are great to introduce in the space when there’s little to no structure. If your garden does feel like one big open space, then it’s definitely worth it to add some shrubs to give it that definition. While some might use stronger materials like brickwork to create said structures, that might not be something you’re after.

It’s often good for households that have families and pets running about, to have more soft cushioning such as shrubs to fall into!

Incorporate different textures to keep it interesting

The texture is important when it comes to your home because it’s good to have something different to capture your gaze. Whether your garden is going to be mainly enjoyed by your household or you consider yourself to be a sociable butterfly with guests coming over every other day, the texture is good to incorporate.

It’s not just adding a bit of lawn to the space and calling it a day. You want to think about what other materials you could add to the space that will make it interesting. Whether that’s wood chippings like bark, to beautiful, decorative stones of all shapes and sizes.

Think about how you can create sections in the space that will help transform your garden into something more than just every other generic garden space.

Feed the birds and encourage new wildlife

It’s important to make your garden a space that can be enjoyed by all and that includes your local wildlife. Your garden will grow and thrive when you encourage new wildlife into the space. With that being said, consider feeding the birds with bird feed and birdhouses that will allow them to come back and nest with their young.

Incorporate other features and purposely place flowers or plants that will attract different types of wildlife of all shapes and sizes.

Add a few water features

Water features are a great option to add to the space, especially when it comes to adding to the wildlife but also the ambiance of your backyard.

Image Source

There’s nothing more relax-inducing, than a water feature or two. From bird baths to small fountains, it can all add to the soundscape of your garden, thrown in with bird song and crickets chirping.

Think about adding a pond too if you have the room for it. This is great for attracting even more wildlife and for a place to relax around if you’ve got some outdoor seating available.

Don’t forget about the lighting

It’s important not to forget about the lighting in your space. Consider what type of lighting you might be after or missing when it comes to maximizing your enjoyment of the space outside. 

Even though it might be dark during the cooler months of the year, adding some fairy lights and a firepit might be just what you need to encourage your family outside for an evening of stargazing. Lighting makes a big difference and so it’s worth experimenting with the space and placing lights strategically to make it just as visible as it would be in the day.

Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be able to transform your garden from a wild space into something that can be enjoyed every day.

Tackling The Dreaded Procrastination At Home

Most people have found themselves nestled comfortably, eyes glued to that intriguing series, and then a nagging thought about an unfinished task pops in? We’ve all been there. Today we’re taking some time to look over some tips for getting things done at home. Let’s embark on this journey to sprinkle a dash of motivation into our homes.

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#1. Understanding Procrastination & Carving Out Your Space

Recognize that procrastinating is a battle of wills - yours against the temptation to delay. The home environment, with its comforts, often blurs the line between relaxation and laziness. To combat this, dedicate a specific space for accomplishing tasks. Whether it’s a desk with your favorite stationery or a cozy reading nook, make it inviting and functional. Every time you enter this zone, it’ll be a mental cue to get down to business.

#2. Sorting Your Priorities

Procrastination sometimes stems from overwhelm, especially when we have a lengthy to-do list. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! The same philosophy applies to tasks. Start by categorizing them based on urgency and importance. This method, often referred to as the Eisenhower Box, helps to visualize and prioritize. Tasks that are both urgent and important get your immediate attention. Those that are important but not urgent can be scheduled for later. And tasks that are neither? Well, consider if they’re worth your time at all. As you become proficient in sorting and prioritizing, you’ll find a rhythm that can make even the most daunting list approachable.

#3. The Art Of Self-Made Deadlines

Self-discipline and deadlines go hand-in-hand. While the idea of ‘self-made’ might sound casual, it’s anything but that. These are commitments you make to yourself. So, when setting a deadline, be realistic about the time you need. Align it with your energy levels during the day, if you’re a morning person, schedule demanding tasks for AM hours. Use tools, digital or analog, to help you stick to these deadlines. For instance, setting alarms or reminders can create a sense of urgency, nudging you to complete tasks within the self-set timeframe. Also, it’s a good idea to factor in some buffer time for unforeseen delays, ensuring you don’t get easily derailed.

#4. The Reward System

Rewards are a psychological pat on the back, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Personalize your reward system to what truly motivates you. For some, it could be a short walk outside to rejuvenate, and for others, it might be a piece of chocolate or an episode of a beloved show. But here’s the thing: ensure your rewards are proportionate to the task. Finished a small task? A 10-minute break. Completed a massive project? Perhaps an evening out or a special treat. Creating a tiered reward system can keep you motivated for both the small tasks and the bigger, more demanding ones.

#5. Put It In Writing 

The act of writing involves cognitive processing which can anchor a task in your mind, making it less likely to forget or dismiss. Beyond just listing tasks, detail the specifics. Instead of writing “Clean the house,” break it down: “Vacuum the living room, sanitize the kitchen counters, mop the bathroom floor.” This level of granularity can make tasks more actionable. Additionally, seeing a broken-down list can make them feel less daunting. The physical act of ticking or crossing off a task can release small doses of dopamine, our feel-good neurotransmitter, which naturally pushes us to achieve more.

Via Pexels

#6. Equip Yourself Right

The proverb “A bad workman blames his tools” holds a grain of truth. While skills and determination are pivotal, the right tools can significantly boost efficiency. If you’re avoiding trimming your lawn because your mower’s always jamming, it’s counter-productive. Invest in reliable equipment; the upfront cost often pays off in the long run through time saved and better results. Before making purchases, research reviews, visit specialized stores like a lawn mower store, and chat with professionals. They can provide insights on the best tools tailored to your needs, ensuring that your toolkit, be it for gardening, DIY projects, or home maintenance, is both efficient and reliable.

#7. Family: Your Secret Weapon

Harnessing the collective energy of your household can be a game-changer. Think about it: four hands are better than two, right? But it’s not just about delegation or distributing chores. It’s about building a home culture that values teamwork and shared responsibility. Make chores a fun, family activity. Play some music, create a small competition, or establish a weekly “clean-up hour” where everyone pitches in. For kids, it’s also an opportunity to instill a sense of responsibility.

#8. Share Your Goals

Accountability is a powerful motivator. When we tell someone about our plans or goals, a subtle psychological commitment forms. This feeling intensifies when the person we’ve shared with checks in on our progress. Therefore, talk about your aspirations, be it decluttering your attic, starting a new workout routine, or even taking on a DIY project. It could be to a close friend, a family member, or even a social media circle.

#9. Don’t Hesitate To Seek Help

Being self-reliant is commendable, but we all have our strengths and weaknesses. If you’re facing a task that’s out of your depth, it’s okay to ask for help. This could be in the form of hiring a professional, or simply recruiting a friend with more experience in the task at hand. For instance, if you’re struggling with organizing your closet, maybe a friend known for their meticulous organization skills can offer some pointers. Not only will the task become more manageable, but this shared experience can also be a fun way to bond.

#10. Manage Those Digital Temptations

We live in an age where a beep from our devices can pull our attention away in an instant. While technology is a boon, it can be a significant source of distraction when trying to accomplish tasks at home. Set boundaries. Dedicate periods where your phone is on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to promote concentrated work sessions. If you’re working on a computer, consider browser extensions that limit time on distracting websites. Remember, it’s not about cutting out digital devices entirely but using them in a way that serves, rather than disrupts, your productivity.

#11. Remember, You’re Only Human

On days when motivation seems sparse, remind yourself that it’s okay. Embrace the ebb and flow of productivity. Being kind to yourself, understanding that some days are naturally more productive than others, can prevent feelings of guilt and burnout.

There we have it. Remember that homes are meant for both comfort and accomplishment. With a dash of determination and these tried-and-tested strategies, procrastination doesn’t stand a chance. Here’s to a proactive and fulfilled life at home!

6 Consequences Of Poor Oral Hygiene

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Poor oral care causes unpleasant consequences ranging from health to personal appearance. As such, it’s essential to adopt daily habits, such as brushing your teeth twice daily and eating a nutrient-rich diet, to ensure good dental health. Good oral hygiene has several benefits, including boosting your confidence and lowering the risk of health issues such as severe toothache. Unfortunately, 3.5 billion people worldwide have oral diseases, indicating the need for more to be done. These points highlight common consequences of poor oral hygiene and how to prevent or treat them.

  1. Severe tooth decay

Any sign of tooth decay indicates the presence of harmful bacteria in your oral cavity. However, the appearance of your decay may significantly differ from the next person due to the various decay stages. According to dental research, the first stage is demineralization, closely followed by enamel breakdown, dentin decay, pulp damage, and abscess. These five stages determine the severity of your tooth decay and how it must be treated or resolved. The most important thing to note is that any tooth decay stage must be immediately attended to. You increase the risk of excruciating toothache when you fail to see the dentist. Even worse, severe decay often necessitates avoidable extractions, causing you to lose permanent teeth when you could have saved them with prompt dental care. Undoubtedly, poor oral hygiene sets the stage for progressive tooth decay and negatively impacts your overall well-being. 

For this reason, do not ignore cavities even when they aren’t causing pain yet. Some cavities are hidden and can only be seen with a dental mirror. Therefore, booking regular appointments with the dentist is best. This way, early signs of decay can be stopped and treated before things get out of hand.

  1. Gingivitis 

Do you bleed whenever you brush your teeth or floss? That can be a sign of early-stage gingivitis. This oral disease derives its name from the gingiva - the gum around your teeth’s base. Therefore, in layman’s terms, gingivitis is an inflammation of this part of the gum. It is often characterized by swollen, red gums, which may independently resolve if you adopt proper oral hygiene. Plaque and tartar put undue pressure on the gingiva, causing irritation and inflammation. Gingivitis is often overlooked because it does not present pain in the early stages. However, you will feel pain when the disease progresses into a more severe condition called Periodontitis, which will be discussed in detail in the next point. 

Proper oral care can prevent gingivitis and any progression of the disease. Additionally, setting regular dental appointments may help detect this oral condition in the early stages. One important tip to be guided by is being observant when brushing or flossing your teeth. If you use white or other colored toothpaste, look for blood streaks in the lathered paste. Except for red-colored toothpaste, any other shade will indicate blood presence.

Additionally, look for signs of gumline bleeding after flossing or streaks on the used dental floss. Consult the local dentist if you see blood often when you clean your mouth. Health experts also recommend increasing your Vitamin C intake if your gum often bleeds by eating more fruits like kiwis and oranges and vegetables like peppers and kale.

  1. Periodontitis

As mentioned earlier, untreated gingivitis can lead to advanced Periodontitis. With the former, inflammation is restricted to the gum lines only. However, Periodontitis is characterized by gum and bone separation from the teeth, causing bacteria-infested pocket formations at the base of affected teeth. It can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Moreover, severe Periodontitis requires extensive treatment, which explains why you mustn’t ignore gingivitis in the first place. Untreated Periodontitis can predispose you to some systemic problems. According to research, your risk of cardiovascular disease and respiratory infections is higher when this condition is untreated. Therefore, avoid waiting until the last minute before taking dental health decisions, as it might cost you more money. Fortunately, you can live an improved quality of life by being proactive rather than reactive to health situations.

  1. Discolored teeth that negatively impact your smile

Tannin is an organic compound with some antioxidant properties. They can also be used as a dye for fabric. So, what has tannin got to do with your smile? Drinking coffee, tea, and wine very often could stain your teeth. These drinks contain high doses of tannin that put your pearly whites at risk. Many online articles connect stained teeth to excessive coffee, tea, and wine consumption. Therefore, it may be time to take certain measures if you fall into this category. 

Another reason for stained teeth is nicotine which is found in tobacco products. Research Gate data shows that 28% of smokers notice mild teeth discoloration in the first year of daily nicotine exposure. Professional cleaning can be one of many solutions to resolve discolored dentition. Reducing excessive coffee, tea, and wine consumption is also good. Smokers are also advised to decrease or stop the habit with professional rehabilitation. However, a cosmetic dentist would be needed in severe cases of stained teeth, so keep this in mind.

  1. Halitosis or bad breath

Bad breath can be extremely embarrassing for all parties and can be prevented with good oral hygiene. According to science, poor oral hygiene creates the perfect breeding ground for compound-releasing bacteria. You often perceive this unpleasant-smelling compound as bad breath or halitosis. However, it’s worth noting that the slightly bad breath you experience when you wake up in the morning may not necessarily be the same as halitosis. Saliva production decreases when you sleep at night, causing a temporal dry mouth. Therefore, the lack of oral lubrication leads to that early morning breath which should disappear after brushing with fluoride toothpaste. However, persistent foul-smelling breath indicates the presence of an underlying oral condition. Some medical conditions like chronic acid reflux and diabetes can cause halitosis; however, poor oral hygiene tops the list of causes.

Mint gum can only mask the odor for as long as you chew, but when you’re done, the bad breath returns. The solution is to adopt good oral hygiene habits and commit to them. It would help to also book a dental appointment to rule out any other hidden problems.

  1. Lower self-esteem

People are naturally drawn to confidence and a good appearance. One way to achieve that appeal is through your smile. Many people with visible dental issues are guarded about their smiles, which can cause confidence and self-esteem issues. For instance, if you have missing or discolored teeth or deal with halitosis, you will likely avoid social interactions to prevent others from seeing your teeth. This situation could eventually significantly impact your self-esteem. However, prioritizing your oral health will help give you a more confident and vibrant smile and boost your self-esteem during interactions. Thanks to technology and scientific advancement, helpful solutions like dental implants, dentures, veneers, crowns, and cosmetic fillings exist and are available to explore, depending on your dentist’s recommendation. A cosmetic dentist will determine which treatment option is ideal for your case. You can enjoy smiling again when the missing tooth is replaced, or the discolored set is cleaned.

There are many negative effects of poor oral hygiene that transcend appearance issues. Therefore, avoid ignoring or overlooking urgent dental care even when you don’t feel any pain. It’s best to be more intentional about your oral health, even if it means taking little consistent steps each day. This way, you can reduce the likelihood of experiencing the abovementioned consequences.


Heading back to work after children

For millions of people, they seem to manage to head back to the office with no problem; for others, it takes longer and feels like a bigger adjustment. Whatever the reason for going back, whether it be because finances dictate you need to or you want to do something outside of the home, it doesn’t really matter. 

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

There is a transitional period there, and it can feel exhausting, emotional, and tough! 

Here are some tips that can help you make it feel a little easier - even on the hardest days. 

Take It Easy

The first few days of being back, you’re going to have the demands of parenting, with work thrown on top and some mixed emotions in there too. It is a lot, and while having high hopes and aspirations for yourself is important - take it easy on yourself. 

Feeling like you’re not coping or that it is going to be too much happens a lot in the early days. Try to keep in mind that it is an adjustment, and don’t be hard on yourself. 

Trustworthy Care

They say it takes a village, and some of those villagers will be paid helpers. Having family support is great, but having outside reliable care options which are easy to book and pay for, like care.com offers, can be invaluable (they also do pets, too!). 

Having people you trust can help you keep your mind on work when you are away and know your babies or baby are all taken care of to the highest standard. 


Those who are lucky and have a boss and an HR department can speak to and explain that sometimes you need to make your family a priority. For example, perhaps you won’t be able to travel anymore, or you might not be willing to take on large projects that will cut into weekends. You can still be committed to work when you are there without taking on too much extra responsibility. 

This type of communication means you are being realistic about what you can and can’t do within your role. You can discuss what is completely critical in the role and what is outside of the role that you don’t need to take on board. 

Time For Family

Outside of work, or when you close the laptop in the evening, even if something happens at work that seems to be stuck in your mind, it is time to be with your family. It can be tough in the digital age with everyone being on tablets and phones - spending time together can often mean everyone is looking at a screen. 

So try to break out of that habit a little and be very deliberate with how you spend your time. 

And while you are there, you can still impart all of the rules and things that you find important in raising your children, and here are some quick tips to help you plan your time together: 10 Tips For Raising Healthy Children


The Blind

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God. Family. Football

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