Getting to know me :)

I posted a Get to know Me post on Monday, i was so happy to read each of these questions and to share my opinions and life with you. 

Sarah asks: What is my favorite thing about blogging: TO be honest the number of followers don't mean anything to me, i have made some amazing friends thru this blog, friends that will last a life time and then some, you ladies have been there for me so much, off course i also love blogging because it is a online journal that i can write about our lives and to get advice from other mommies. 

Kera asks What's your favorite season? My favorite season is anything besides winter :p no for real i love Fall0 everything is so pretty and it isn't scorching hot all the time, the nights and evenings are cooler.  How warm does it get in the summer where you live?

Amber asks: What got you into blogging? i have blogged since i was 14 years old, my husband and i had created xanga sites to write our lives and thoughts to each other, once we got married he stopped blogging if he did it was a computer related post and so boring :p i continued to use xanga up until September when i started this blog, i love the difference in both sites, i like the privacy of xanga but i love how i have met all you wonderful people. 

Heather asks: Where do you wish you lived or where do you want to go on vacation? I like where i live now, never thought about living anywhere else, seeing as i have been here 7 mths :p
I would love to go to Colorado to see my sister and all of us go to Disney World, it will happen, we just don't know when. Id also like to take a cruise with my husband - to just relax and enjoy each other. 

Jennifer asks: 
What's your favorite topic to blog about? that's a toughy because i like to ramble so i write whatever comes in my head...sometimes it makes no sense and i cannot put words together like i should, then i get annoyed because it dont sound right, but then i blog about my daughter, i blog about my husband, i blog about hockey,i post about things that i like, things that bug me, i just ramble :p

Empowered Momma:How do you find the balance between being a blogger, mother, wife and full time employee? This is a tough one because this past week since being back to work full time i feel like i am the worst blogger ever, i have a very messy house that i wish i could find the time to clean, i am so tired at night that most nights i am in bed asleep before my hubby, i hate not being awake to snuggle and say good night, but i am so tired, hoping it past soon so i can get back into a routine. 

Laney asks if i believe in love at first sight: I do indeed believe in love at first sight because when I met my husband 16 years ago, it was love at first sight. I was sitting across the table from him and asked him to pass me something, there was something about that first touch that made my heart skip a beat- yes I was only 13 and I know people say your to young to think of marriage... Well yes I was but I knew some day this man would be my husband and my baby daddy.
We have been married for 10 years and my heart still skips a beat, he gives me butterflies and makes me so happy. So yes indeed love at first sight is real.

as well she asks do you believe a person can have a relationship or love someone they meet online: I don't think you can have a relationship without first meeting someone, because seriously how can that be,I do believe you can "love" someone you meet online because that's how my sister met the love of her life was online, they have been married for 6 years and 2 kids later and still in love. Off course there are crazy people online as well, but I do believe you can find true love anywhere, not saying jump for the first one who pays you attention but when you know, you know.

Jessica asks: How do I deal with the cold weather- this one made me giggle because here in new Brunswick,Canada you don't ever see anything over 32 degrees Celsius which is I think 89 Fahrenheit, which don't happen very often, its warm like 20s from may to august then it may creep up to 29-32. The winters are about a minus 25.
Its what I am used to- I have travelled and its been so hot I can't live in it, when u get in a swimming pool and its scorching hot water- ill go home and take a cool shower, I like it a little colder.
We bundle up a lot! Several pairs of mittens, snow pants, warm jacket, hat, mittens and scarves. We don't go out unless emergency when its like -25 or colder so we survive.

Monica asks:Are you spending time making scarves and do you sew too? Yes I have been incredibly busy with knitting scarves, right now I have 10 orders to fill, will have to close orders for a bit now that I'm working full time its hard to fill them, I bring it to work to do during lunch break as well.


It will soon be valentines day and to some people its their favorite day, some others they hate the day of Love.
Its a day when a lot of money gets spent on flowers that die shortly after, to me its not a special day because i tell my husband i love him every day...

What better way to say i love you then with a free printable.
It don't die and you can keep it around forever if you choose

http://www.littlepassports.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/low-res-Valentine-Cards.pdf click the link for some FREE printables.

  I was contacted by little passports and paid for sharing, the opinions are all my own 


Get to know me

Ask me anything

Yes, go ahead ask me anything, i will answer in next post for you.

Can be funny, sweet, embarrassing, anything, i will answer for you.

Weekend Recap

After a long week at work- i was feeling incredibly tired but we had hockey tickets to use up and decided earlier int he week we would go on Friday night, i had a pounding headache but i didn't want to not go because i am a big hockey fan and love it, so off course i had to go.
We ate supper there because we didn't have a lot of time, we don't get home til 5:30 and had to leave at 6:10, because i needed to do some banking. We got pizza and drinks at the game, it was a great game, Brooke saw several friends there and she also won a t-shirt.
We got home and because i was feeling so miserable, i was asleep in no time at all.

Saturday:  a day to run errands and get things ready for Sunday's appreciation dinner
I had to go buy a present for the the lady that we were appreciating on Sunday. Had to get a few groceries, make dinner, hang out with my hubby and baby girl and get some much needed sleep again.
Wrapped presents, made food for the dinner on Sunday....
Took care of my niece as well, visited with my sister and her hubby.

Sunday: Sunday School- this was a special day at Sunday school because we had a teacher who was resigning from teaching for the past 40 years. Imagine teaching for 40 years, she could write a book on the stories she has heard, the experiences she has had, we honored her on Sunday and we honored her son because for the last 30 years he has read his bible thru every year, he got a beautiful trophy. yes I'm horrible but no pictures.

Monday: my neice came thru her surgery fine, she is a trooper, we love you Rae rae. <3


Surgery and peace

I write to you tonight with a very heavy heart,
7 months ago my life changed when i got the phone call at 3 am that i had a new neice

She is the absolute picture of Perfection, has been a happy baby and she has us all in love again
She was born with a cleft Palate.( hole in her mouth) 

She is now at 7 months 
and tomorrow she will be having surgery to have this hole fixed in the roof of her mouth.

I am a basket of nerves, this little baby at 7 months old should not need this pain, she is so perfect.

 this is 2 days ago 

Please God direct the hands of her surgeon tomorrow, give peace to her mom and daddy, let them know she is in the hands of Jesus and he is with them every step of the way.  Let everything go smoothly as it should, let her be pain free and a speedy recovery. 

I appreciate prayers for this family tomorrow as this momma watches her baby being taken by doctors that she don't even know, she has no idea what will be happening to her tomorrow, let them all be at peace. 


We are a family who has a lot of allergies, my husband and daughter more then myself, so when i came across this website for Ultimate Health- i fell in love immediately.  

Finding things that would work but smell good and have good results has been a chore that is until I fell in love with Ultimate Health.

This teeth whitener works amazingly well, i couldn't believe the difference it showed in just 3 uses. 
this stuff is so amazing, it really is, you can buy right from here

These soaps are made from our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. They produce a very rich later, and are scented with organic essential oils. It also has lavendar that also makes me relax fully. 

So go check this out here and see what you can pamper your self with. 

I was contacted by Ultimate health and did a review for them in exchange for their products. 


I am so excited to link up for my first ever Pinterest party, so link up and have fun :)
Good morning everyone!!  Jaime from Mom's Test Kitchen and I are so happy to have you here for our first ever Let Me Pintroduce Party! :)

Jaime and I originally brainstormed the idea for a Pinterest linky party when the two of us were emailing back and forth one day after discovering how much of our blog traffic was a direct result of some of our recipe posts being pinned and then repinned and repinned on Pinterest.  We thought why not host a monthly Pinterest party? And thus, Let Me Pintroduce was born! 

Say hello to this month's co-host, Terri from Rambling Momma!  She is also my January Friendship Bread sponsor.  Pop on over to her corner of the blog world and say hi! :)
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New design and i am, in love.

I am in love with  my new look for this blog, i finally got what i have been wanting for a long time, finally found someone who could help me.

Meet Danielle..
Here is her blog for the design work. http://www.unorganizeddesigns.com/p/portfolio.html

I was so fortunate when i met Danielle thru a giveaway she had going on and then i won this free beautiful magical look.
 She is a full time wife and mommy, she hosts a radio station and updates several blogs, this is my hero a mother that can do all that....
 Danielle is so easy to work with, we talked on the phone many times, chatted via email and thru it all she was a friend.
 She listened to what I wanted and if i asked her to change 500 x she would have.
 Thank you Danielle!! i will forever and ever use her services. Her radio station, click here for the station, its great to listen to..

Here is some links for Danielle



Busy and tired

Ladies, i am so very tired..
I don't know if i have ever felt this tired in my life..
my feet hurt simply because i wore boots that looked cute with my skirt :p why do women do that?

Then i come home make dinner, eat dinner, do the homework thing, have her do her quizzing stuff, then a shower for her and time to get ready to go to bed...

I am tired...

I like my job so much though, one thing about it that i am not so sure about is the customer service involved, don't get me wrong customer service is fine for me, but i don't want to have to balance cash at the end of the night etc...
but oh well, they are hiring someone else in February and then she will do it, ( I HOPE)
The 3 other girls in the office are awesome, they are so helpful and is teaching me all i need to know. 

My New look is almost ready, I'm excited to show you. 

But yeah i am tired...very much so.. 

I cannot use cell phone or work computer for any blogging, face book or any other social media, so when i come home at night, i try to catch up.  

Love you all, thanks for those of you who have emailed or msg'd to ask how my new job is going. 


Guest Post

Hey All! First off, I am so excited to be sharing on Ms Terri's blog today; and about one of my favorite subjects no less - Cloth Diapering! Before getting pregnant, if someone would have told me I'd be one of THOSE cloth diaper moms, I would have laughed in their face. The concept, at first, conjures thoughts of pooped stained white cloth, safety pins, and sloshing around elbow deep in a toilet. Noooo thank you. After some research, however, I found my above assumption to be one of the past. Today's cloth diaper speaks to a multitude of mommy styles. Cloth diapering caters to the green mom, the organic mom, the cost saving mom, and in my case.....the "I love the adorable cloth diaper prints - I gotta have the cuteness" mom! While I like to consider myself all of the above, let's face it - they were just so darn cute I couldn't resist! There are a plethora of cloth diaper options to choose from, and all have wonderful qualities! I found a local diaper store/web site that allowed me to research my options and make a decision on what worked best for us. Itsy Bitsy Bums and Cotton Babies are amazing research and purchasing resources! We have opted for pocket diapers and all in one diapers in our household. If you clicked on the links above and got overwhelmed....join the club! Take a breath, soak in the knowledge, and choose a few to try! You don't have to cloth diaper 24/7, even 3 diapers a day can significantly reduce your nursery waste! Check out some great financial and environmental stats here. How to get started? Once we decided on exclusive cloth diapering, we checked the following off our list. Although an initial investment is necessary, it was nowhere near the up to $2000 the average household will spend on disposables per child!
  • diaper stash of 25 diapers (approx $20ea) = initial $500 investment in diapers
  • diaper pail for dirties
  • cloth diaper safe detergent 
  • anti-bacterial diaper spray
That's it. Really. We even registered for cloth diapers from our favorite sites and decreased our personal investment by receiving some as shower gifts! Yay! Now, I can't promise this won't turn into an addiction. You MAY love diapering so much, you spend a little extra on new designs/prints, and fun accessories. (Don't tell my husband, though. He thinks I'm the "cost saving" mom!) I have learned through the process that cloth diapering is not anything based on strict formulas for success. In a very low key way, we have found what works and stuck with it, as well as added a few new tricks along the way. I am a testimony to the easy breeziness of these things. If it was hard girls, I would not be talking about them! We've converted friends, taught the grandparents the ropes, as well as traveled multiple times using exclusively cloth. A decision, that was initially made for fun and eco-friendly reasons, has morphed into one of our proudest parenting accomplishments. No nursery trash at all, no diaper rash, no chemicals on bum...and one adorable bum at that! Check out pics below of our sweet baby girl, Tallan Hope, sporting her fluffy butt. I would love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you have! Happy diapering ya'll!
Tallan sporting an Applecheeks pocket diaper


Weekend Recap

It never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes.  Was'nt it just September, here we are halfway thru January. 

Friday: I had my interview at 11:00 am- it went well and i got the job as you know already. 
Friday at 6 pm- Brooke had a bible quizzing practice which means she is on a quizzing team and they practiced for their tournament. 
 It was a freezing cold day- i mean -20 ( Yes MINUS 20) , i needed to go get groceries but with it that cold, i refused to. 
Came home and hung out and did nothing. It was nice to just relax and be a family.

Saturday: There was another quiz practice at 10:30 here at our house, so no sleeping in for us, we had to get up and be ready.. woke up to lightly falling snow, it was pretty.
Decided to go grocery shopping after quizzing practice, and run some errands.
We bought so much food, we needed to stock up again because we haven't really gone since we got back from Vacation. 
I needed to mail some scarves so we did all that at Super Store( do ya know what that is), i also stopped at Zellers and Walmart for some wool to fill my newest 4 orders.
Then we were home, so much to put away, i was tired...
Jan 19 at 4 pm- the most exciting day of the year at our house
HOCKEY came back on TV- it was in a lock out and they finally resolved their greediness and went back to playing the most amazing sport in the World.
We sat as a family of 3 and watched from 4 pm- we stopped at 9 for Brooke to go to bed then we watched til 10:30 when we went to bed, I am proud to announce the Bruins won the first game of the year. Keep it up Bruins, I am proud to be a fan. 

Sunday: Sunday Morning service which we almost missed because i was feeling really lazy and didn't want to get up, i didn't even get a chance to get my hair washed or anything, i felt like a gross pig...  we brought our friends over with us for lunch (Jaredene and Levi) , she made the most amazing chocolate chip cookies you could ever imagine, they were almost all eaten before we went to church at 6 pm.
We have the most amazing church and Pastor around, i cannot express the love we have for them, they love people and they love God.
He asked me to teach the older class at Sunday School, off course i said yes :) 

I was browsing around Face book last night and came across this: It's almost like a face book version of pinterest. 

I am about to head off to bed and be rested for the first day at work tomorrow, i hope i like it alot and the day flies quickly. 

Have a great week my friends and dont forget to enter to win the Scarf of your choice.


Rooibos Tea

zzzz, snore, zzzz, snore- that is what i hear every night when going to sleep, because he is asleep long before me and i am battling insomnia and more often then not anxiety because i know i have to be up early in the morning and i need to sleep.

One night when i couldn't sleep i am looking online for things that helps with Sleep- i came across this
 Ultimate Health . I noticed on their website they suggest Rooibos Tea.  Upon doing some research i find this tea has no Caffeine and it is the only one in the world without caffeine, here are some other things i found out about it:
Has no oxalic acid- so people suffering from kidney stones can drink this. 
Contains no additives or preservatives, it is completely pure. 
So it is all around good for you. 
It also:
Fights cancer
Protects the heart
fights insomnia and anxiety
you will feel more energized
helps combat osteoporosis. 
and so much more.

it has such a yummy taste as well. I love it. Something about it if you drink at night it puts you to sleep, if you drink in the morning you feel alert and energized.

I was so excited to find this tea that i had to try it. WOW, you people i am in awe of how wonderful it is all around. I will only be drinking this from now on. 
There is a lot more info on this website . I also have more wonderful things from this place, be on the look out for more. 

I was contacted by Ultimate health and did a review for them in exchange for their products. 


I'm Employed

I feel so bad posting this on my mom's birthday but here is some exciting news

The interview that i had today went so awesome, i was so excited and pumped and i even prepared myself for this interview....

Interview was at 11- i got there a little before and went right in, she was ready for me, We chatted for almost an hour, she didn't really interview me, when i left she said she was very impressed with me, but wanted to wait until Monday to think about it, so i wouldn't hear from her til Monday...

In the mean time she was checking my references because my old Manager told me :D , she also told her she wants me back, awwww <3.
So at 2:30 pm the phone rang and it was her- saying she didnt need to think about it anymore, and the job was MINE!!!!!!

I am now receptionist for Leon's.

I am so thrilled, i begin on Monday and I am so excited.

Thanks for all the prayers you sent my way, the ones who private msged me on FB, i love you all .

Happy 59th Birthday

 Dear Mom,
One more year until you turn 60 mom, how did that happen. Sixty is the new forty! (Hope it’s ok that I just told the world your age :) ) I seriously don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I am so glad that God decided to give you to me anyway. I have never met a more selfless, compassionate, giving human being than you. I am constantly in awe of the way that you always think of others before yourself and will stop what you are doing at the drop of a hat if someone needs you, no matter the inconvenience to you.
Thank you for showing me a perfect picture of unselfishness.
I love that you take an interest in every aspect of my life. Ok, sometimes maybe not so much of an interest would be ok… Hehehe just kidding! But seriously, you care about everything I care about, truly and deeply. Whatever I am passionate about you want to know more about. I love that about you… I love that you care so much, and in a way it’s another way you get to know me. And that means the world to me.
Thank you for being interested and invested in me.
I love how you love my husband like he is your very own. That you do for him on holidays- and every day- just as much as you do for me. That you pray for him and worry about him and care about him so much. That you value him. It speaks volumes and it teaches us all so much about the heart of Christ.
Thank you for treating him as my equal.
I love how you love my kid and I love how she loves you. I have never seen a more pure, true love between grandparent and grandchild as you have with my baby. Just the mere mention of your name has her jumping for joy. You bring us all JOY, Mom. They know you are always there for them and I love the security they will have in that always.
Thank you for loving each of them so passionately.
I love how you support us- our dreams, our passions, our entire lives. You support us even when you don’t understand us. You trust us, and that means more to us than you will ever know. I love how even though we packed up and moved across the country and you are devastated, you are still thinking of ways to help us, to make things easier for us. You are always thinking of us! You are the most supportive, amazing person on the planet.
Thank you for allowing me to spread my wings and fly, always knowing you are there to catch me if I fall.
Thank you for being you. I don’t deserve it, but boy am I grateful for it. I love you more than you will ever know, and I really hope I am living a life that makes you proud.
Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman on the planet, inside and out. Praying this year brings a cup overflowing and dreams coming true. Love you so so so so very much.



Today i am linking up with my friend Leslie who is the most awesome fashion designer i know and she is also a friend to me. Leslie's blog can be found here . She is hosting a soup link up, where we can post or get new

Everyone likes Soup ( except my hubby)
there is nothing more comforting then to sit with a steaming bowl of home made veggie soup.

Here is the recipe i wanna to share


  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 chicken (3 pounds) boned, skinned, and visible fat removed, diced, (save
  • the bones and carcass)
  • Creole seasoning, recipe follows
  • 1 1/2 cups chopped onions
  • 1 cup chopped celery
  • 1 cup diced carrots
  • 1/2 cup chopped green onions
  • 2 tablespoons minced garlic
  • 1/4 cup fresh parsley leaves
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
  • 4 bay leaves
  • 2 cups assorted chopped fresh vegetables, such has beans,zucchini yellow squash.
  • 1 1/2 cups spinach leaves, cleaned and stemmed
  • Pinch crushed red pepper
  • 3 quarts chicken stock 
  • 1 pound assorted small dried pasta shapes, such as stars, tubes, shells, etc.
  • 12 small thermoses
  • 1 cup finely chopped fresh parsley leaves
This can be frozen in packages and used when you need that warm food into your body, take it out and warm and eat it. 
So Delicious

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Mid week

This has been a long week it seems, and it is only Wednesday

Monday started our Winter Prayer and Bible Conference. it was such an amazing time to see people we haven't seen in a long time, it was at a church about 10 mins away from us, Brooke and Andrew were both sick so they didn't go, i went with my pastor and his wife and kids, what an awesome speaker we had, Rev Stoops from Augusta Maine, after church on Monday we went to East Side Mario's for food and to chat with friends, i got to see a friend that we haven't seen alot of lately and ate some awesome nachos.
Tuesday night they were still sick so i had to get another ride, our pastors wife wasn't going because she was wiped out from the busy weekend we had.  i cannot imagine being a pastors wife, it has to be a busy job.
Brooke was still sick so she didn't go to school yet this week, my poor baby is sleeping better tonight and no fever since 5 am today. I am hoping she can go to school tomorrow, but we shall see.
I have an hair appointment at 9 am, i cannot wait to get something done with this hair of mine.  Then i have a meeting with an employment counsellor to have a look at my resume and to talk about some jobs etc.

I have an interview on Friday morning for a job i would LOVE to have.
It would work so well for us, it is a monday to friday job, no weekends and no evenings... Id get to be with my family on weekends and evenings. I need a day job to be able to keep up the hospitality role at church. So please send me the prayers and the good luck vibes i need, i also have an inside reference there and that will help me.

My brother got into a car accident tonight- he is fine, he rear ended someone... glad it was nothing more serious. The roads have been very slippery and a lot of accidents have been happening.

I cannot wait until Saturday so i can see the Boston Bruins play their first game of the season, so glad this hockey strike is over...

if you don't like hockey you may not wanna read my blog much during hockey season :P I am a big fan. 

So tell me friends:
if you could ask me any question in the world what would it be? Im trying to bring in some changes and thought this could be like a ice breaker so you can get to know me...so ask away, leave it in the comments or email me terrigrothe@gmail.com


I started making scarves awhile ago and now i wanna give away one to you my favorite bloggers

check out all premade here, the winner can choose a premade or one of there choice.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Valentines Banquet

Our pastor just put me in charge of Hospitality at our church.

He wanted a Greeter list done up, also in charge of organizing and planning events.
My first even to plan is our Sweetheart Banquet.
This one makes me excited because i love anything LOVE.

So ladies, what kinds of things would you do at a Sweetheart Banquet. 
We are gonna have
1) Spagetti and garlic bread for the meal
2) men will serve the ladies
3) Play games

I need some more ideas for the games and other things to do for the evening. 

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Weekend Recap

Was in a weird mood most of the day, at 2:30 I walked to Faith Baptist church to meet my pastors wife to get ready for saturdays fellowship.
We set out tables, white table cloths, black and yellow decor, she is such an amazing decorator.
Wish I took some pictures but was so busy I had no idea where my phone was for camera.
Then we had to prep food for the dinner then.
We peeled 100lb of potatoes, I do not want to see another potato...
Jaredene came to help peel and hang out.
I made nachos when we got home,
We stayed up late laughing and knitting, love her.

Saturday: up at 6 am in excruciating pain in my legs, I dunno what it was but I 
couldn't get a relief.
I tried tylenol, heat, no help...
Had to start cooking ham- we had to cook 8- so much ham....
Had to be at the church for 11 am, I was a few mins late but I got there, there was so much to get done...
We all worked together and we all made it to the service. We host a yearly fellowship and people from all church's around come to it, we have a speaker come in, I had to do the projector screen during service, then had to go back to serve as soon as service was over... We did well, food was delicious and so much left over.... We served kentucky gingerbread for dessert with whipped cream- delish!!
Then we had to clean up... By this time my feet were killing me, felt like fire when I walked, got home, kicked of shoes and crashed for a bit, then watched momma mia with jaredene.

Sundays are so busy here lately, we had morning service then we had a quizzing practice. Brooke has joined the bible quizzing team here, its so awesome to hear her memorize scriptures. We got pizza delivered for lunch at the church.
came home, took a long nap , went to evening service which is held at a theatre here because we needed the room. went to McDonalds with our pastor and his wife, kids.

took Jaredene home, came home, packed lunch for Brooke for tomorrow, sat down to watch some shows, i rarely watch anything, but now Sunday nights, there is my favorite show "Republic of Doyle", its made back home, check it out here.

Cheers, Have a great week

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Ok, Ok, i confess to you

I am very stressed right now because of my jobless situation

I didn't get the job i interviewed for, it has to be one of the worst feelings in the world to get the rejection ;ether...

I wish i could be a full time blogger...but that isn't happening anytime soon because i am not a writer and i don't keep my readers attention apparently.

I want my online shop to take off and i can do that full time, how great would that be... visit here http://ramblingmomma03.blogspot.ca/p/my-online-shop.html

All i think about every day, all day is I need a Job and why cant someone hire me, from all the resumes received, why cant they pick me...

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Merry Heart Creations

I wanted to tell ya all about my friends business
Merry Heart Creations

She has started making gift baskets for anything and everything, take a look

Here is some examples of her awesome work

 "Cleaning basket

 "Dishes Galore 

 Get Well Soon 

 Tea for Two 

 One of a Kind Antique Party tin

 Italian Starter 

 Pamper me 

Some other Ideas:
"Angel Baskets" can be assembled in a basket can take away some of the pressure in finding the one appropriate gift for bereaved families of pregnancy and infant loss. Whether their baby was stillborn, passed of SIDS or miscarried, you can provide hope and support in a basket for their healing journey. This is also a difficult time for the bereaved and may even brighten their day by receiving gifts months after their child has died. This is showing you care about them as well as the life of their baby that ended too soon.

"Care Package"...Named by my Grandma Frona , who years ago, use to fix brown bags full of things and put in our car at church on Saturday night...It was a treat to see what all she packed for us that week.
If you know someone who lives in a nursing home, you probably realize how difficult it is to come up with gift ideas. People who live in a nursing home have limited space, and their needs are very different from those who live in their own home. Even though someone is living in a nursing home, there are still many valuable gifts you can give that will be used and very much appreciated. Don't avoid giving gifts to people in nursing homes because you don't know what they need or want. Gifts are small tokens that show care and concern, and everyone wants to be remembered. Give someone in a nursing home the pleasure of being remembered, and give them a gift to show you care.

If you need that special basket for someone, contact Lisa here 
She is located in Indiana and is willing to ship for an extra cost off course, so go visit her facebook and say hi and say i sent you 
cell number 812-583-7766
or by facebook website Merry Heart Creations
or by email at merryheartcreations13@gmail.com

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