Mid week

This has been a long week it seems, and it is only Wednesday

Monday started our Winter Prayer and Bible Conference. it was such an amazing time to see people we haven't seen in a long time, it was at a church about 10 mins away from us, Brooke and Andrew were both sick so they didn't go, i went with my pastor and his wife and kids, what an awesome speaker we had, Rev Stoops from Augusta Maine, after church on Monday we went to East Side Mario's for food and to chat with friends, i got to see a friend that we haven't seen alot of lately and ate some awesome nachos.
Tuesday night they were still sick so i had to get another ride, our pastors wife wasn't going because she was wiped out from the busy weekend we had.  i cannot imagine being a pastors wife, it has to be a busy job.
Brooke was still sick so she didn't go to school yet this week, my poor baby is sleeping better tonight and no fever since 5 am today. I am hoping she can go to school tomorrow, but we shall see.
I have an hair appointment at 9 am, i cannot wait to get something done with this hair of mine.  Then i have a meeting with an employment counsellor to have a look at my resume and to talk about some jobs etc.

I have an interview on Friday morning for a job i would LOVE to have.
It would work so well for us, it is a monday to friday job, no weekends and no evenings... Id get to be with my family on weekends and evenings. I need a day job to be able to keep up the hospitality role at church. So please send me the prayers and the good luck vibes i need, i also have an inside reference there and that will help me.

My brother got into a car accident tonight- he is fine, he rear ended someone... glad it was nothing more serious. The roads have been very slippery and a lot of accidents have been happening.

I cannot wait until Saturday so i can see the Boston Bruins play their first game of the season, so glad this hockey strike is over...

if you don't like hockey you may not wanna read my blog much during hockey season :P I am a big fan. 

So tell me friends:
if you could ask me any question in the world what would it be? Im trying to bring in some changes and thought this could be like a ice breaker so you can get to know me...so ask away, leave it in the comments or email me terrigrothe@gmail.com


  1. I hope Brooke feels better too mama! I hate when the kiddies are sick. And glad to know that your brother was not hurt. Good luck tomorrow at your interview :)

  2. Hi this is frank. I found your site, now I need to find mine. lol

  3. Good luck in getting the job. I have never really understand hockey, but that is understandable seeing I live in the Caribbean and it is not a sport we really get involved in.

    1. ohhh id give up hockey to if i lived there, haha Sun and warmth, bring it on


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