Thriftin Fever

Happy New Year!!!!!

It is one of my favorite projects that I have put together for us to have a little fun! Of course it's Thriftin' Fever!
December was the first month that I had done Thriftin' Fever, and although it wasn't the easiest thing for people to get into we had an excellent turn out! I'm very excited to see how this month goes and how many new faces we will be seeing!

Give a warm welcome to January's Thriftin' Fever Co-Hosts as well!
Terri @ Rambling Momma

Now to get things rolling why don't we announce what we will be hunting for?
Drum roll please....
The price limit for this item is going to be $15.00 just because sometimes finding a cute party dress can be challenging to find in lower end thrift stores. If you find one for under that price, kudos!

For the newbies to this little project, let me give you an outline of how Thriftin' Fever works and when posts for announcements and linkups will go live. It's the same each month just to make all of our lives easier! :) 

1st - Announcement post (like this one) goes live and the hunt begins!

15th - Challenge post goes live. In this post I will give you another item to find as well as a little project to do with it. Most times it will be vague so we can share our creativity and uniqueness. This is not required to be linked up but if you're looking for a little more fun this is it!

20th - Poll for next months item will go live on my sidebar (as well as co-hosts). Votes will be taken until the 30th.

30th - Linkup will go live. Share the item you found for the main hunt as well as your challenge item creativity! Make sure to take lots of pictures!!

Side Note: If you have any ideas for items that should be included in the next months poll please comment or email me! I'm also always looking for co-hosts! 

Easy peasy, right? I know it's pretty awesome!
Don't forget to also follow our hash tag #ThriftinFever on Twitter. You can share before's of your challenge item or even when you find something! 
Most importantly, HAVE FUN!! :)

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  1. Hi I just found you through the Hump DAy Blog Hop, Stop by and say hi when you get a minute. Have a great week. :)


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