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I posted a Get to know Me post on Monday, i was so happy to read each of these questions and to share my opinions and life with you. 

Sarah asks: What is my favorite thing about blogging: TO be honest the number of followers don't mean anything to me, i have made some amazing friends thru this blog, friends that will last a life time and then some, you ladies have been there for me so much, off course i also love blogging because it is a online journal that i can write about our lives and to get advice from other mommies. 

Kera asks What's your favorite season? My favorite season is anything besides winter :p no for real i love Fall0 everything is so pretty and it isn't scorching hot all the time, the nights and evenings are cooler.  How warm does it get in the summer where you live?

Amber asks: What got you into blogging? i have blogged since i was 14 years old, my husband and i had created xanga sites to write our lives and thoughts to each other, once we got married he stopped blogging if he did it was a computer related post and so boring :p i continued to use xanga up until September when i started this blog, i love the difference in both sites, i like the privacy of xanga but i love how i have met all you wonderful people. 

Heather asks: Where do you wish you lived or where do you want to go on vacation? I like where i live now, never thought about living anywhere else, seeing as i have been here 7 mths :p
I would love to go to Colorado to see my sister and all of us go to Disney World, it will happen, we just don't know when. Id also like to take a cruise with my husband - to just relax and enjoy each other. 

Jennifer asks: 
What's your favorite topic to blog about? that's a toughy because i like to ramble so i write whatever comes in my head...sometimes it makes no sense and i cannot put words together like i should, then i get annoyed because it dont sound right, but then i blog about my daughter, i blog about my husband, i blog about hockey,i post about things that i like, things that bug me, i just ramble :p

Empowered Momma:How do you find the balance between being a blogger, mother, wife and full time employee? This is a tough one because this past week since being back to work full time i feel like i am the worst blogger ever, i have a very messy house that i wish i could find the time to clean, i am so tired at night that most nights i am in bed asleep before my hubby, i hate not being awake to snuggle and say good night, but i am so tired, hoping it past soon so i can get back into a routine. 

Laney asks if i believe in love at first sight: I do indeed believe in love at first sight because when I met my husband 16 years ago, it was love at first sight. I was sitting across the table from him and asked him to pass me something, there was something about that first touch that made my heart skip a beat- yes I was only 13 and I know people say your to young to think of marriage... Well yes I was but I knew some day this man would be my husband and my baby daddy.
We have been married for 10 years and my heart still skips a beat, he gives me butterflies and makes me so happy. So yes indeed love at first sight is real.

as well she asks do you believe a person can have a relationship or love someone they meet online: I don't think you can have a relationship without first meeting someone, because seriously how can that be,I do believe you can "love" someone you meet online because that's how my sister met the love of her life was online, they have been married for 6 years and 2 kids later and still in love. Off course there are crazy people online as well, but I do believe you can find true love anywhere, not saying jump for the first one who pays you attention but when you know, you know.

Jessica asks: How do I deal with the cold weather- this one made me giggle because here in new Brunswick,Canada you don't ever see anything over 32 degrees Celsius which is I think 89 Fahrenheit, which don't happen very often, its warm like 20s from may to august then it may creep up to 29-32. The winters are about a minus 25.
Its what I am used to- I have travelled and its been so hot I can't live in it, when u get in a swimming pool and its scorching hot water- ill go home and take a cool shower, I like it a little colder.
We bundle up a lot! Several pairs of mittens, snow pants, warm jacket, hat, mittens and scarves. We don't go out unless emergency when its like -25 or colder so we survive.

Monica asks:Are you spending time making scarves and do you sew too? Yes I have been incredibly busy with knitting scarves, right now I have 10 orders to fill, will have to close orders for a bit now that I'm working full time its hard to fill them, I bring it to work to do during lunch break as well.


  1. You so could start like a Dear Abby column thing. You give good advice. esp to my 2nd question. did your sister and her man meet finally or what? I always wonder about things like that due to watching that show catfish. it can screw your mind up.

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