I'm Employed

I feel so bad posting this on my mom's birthday but here is some exciting news

The interview that i had today went so awesome, i was so excited and pumped and i even prepared myself for this interview....

Interview was at 11- i got there a little before and went right in, she was ready for me, We chatted for almost an hour, she didn't really interview me, when i left she said she was very impressed with me, but wanted to wait until Monday to think about it, so i wouldn't hear from her til Monday...

In the mean time she was checking my references because my old Manager told me :D , she also told her she wants me back, awwww <3.
So at 2:30 pm the phone rang and it was her- saying she didnt need to think about it anymore, and the job was MINE!!!!!!

I am now receptionist for Leon's.

I am so thrilled, i begin on Monday and I am so excited.

Thanks for all the prayers you sent my way, the ones who private msged me on FB, i love you all .


  1. Wooohoo... great news!

    Have a happy weekend :)

  2. I love your blog. wish I had mine as pretty as yours is. and congrats. I would love to be a receptionist or secretary somewhere but sadly noone is hiring and those that are always tell me I'm overly qualified

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! You deserve this.


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