New design and i am, in love.

I am in love with  my new look for this blog, i finally got what i have been wanting for a long time, finally found someone who could help me.

Meet Danielle..
Here is her blog for the design work. http://www.unorganizeddesigns.com/p/portfolio.html

I was so fortunate when i met Danielle thru a giveaway she had going on and then i won this free beautiful magical look.
 She is a full time wife and mommy, she hosts a radio station and updates several blogs, this is my hero a mother that can do all that....
 Danielle is so easy to work with, we talked on the phone many times, chatted via email and thru it all she was a friend.
 She listened to what I wanted and if i asked her to change 500 x she would have.
 Thank you Danielle!! i will forever and ever use her services. Her radio station, click here for the station, its great to listen to..

Here is some links for Danielle


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  1. Aww I'm no heroine, trust me, ask my hubby and kids sometime and they will tell you how I drive them nuts with having blogging on the brain! Thank you so much for allowing me to work on your wonderful blog!


Thanks for the blogging Love

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