christmas #2

Christmas  #2 2012 

We drove to my in laws on Dec 28th, left my mom's at 9:30 am and arrived just before 11.

My mother in law was the only one home, so we had brunch with her.
Then i decided to unpack a bit and take a short nap before the rest of the family arrived. 

We decided to party around 2 pm with opening presents and stockings.  We were supposed to get a big storm which started around 11 am- by 5 pm, it was nasty out ….
The stockings had so much stuff in them..
i had needles, thread, safety pins, dish cloths, Wren Shampoo, conditioner { i am in love with it will be doing a review about it on my blog soon because i think you will all love it. }
3 books, hair things, scissors for crafting, coffee disk for tassimo although i think we are getting a keurig when we get home.
My present from my inlays this year was:
 plus 3 santa cups and overflowing stocking. 

My Bro and sis in law got me my favourite chocolates and a massager.  Definitely well needed. 

My Mother in law gave my husband 2 of her paintings on canvas

She is a oil painter and i love her work, cannot wait to hang these in my home. 

We played games ( I won a picnic set), we ate a ton of food ( roast beef, mashed potatoes, turnip ( YUM) and cabbage with gravy was so good. 
We had a ton of cookies for dessert, i always eat to much at their house. 

My sister in law is 28 weeks pregnant, they already have 5 kids, she is being a surrogate mother this time, she enjoys being pregnant. 
MY little neice Jael loves Andrew so much, sure is cute to watch her hug and want cuddles with Uncle Andrew.
They didn't stay to long because of the storm happening outside, but we sure had fun.

We are here until Tuesday ( New Year's day) and then we go back to my mom's until Friday when we go back HOME. { I CANNOT WAIT TO GET BACK TO OUR HOME AND US 3 AS A FAMILY}
We forgot Brooke's suitcase at my moms house so she is wearing Hannah's clothes ( our niece), good thing they are pretty well the same size and age. 

Since i got here in Newfoundland, i start knitting scarves, i am giving away one on my blog very soon to one of you lucky people. 

Now we are here with no internet or phone connection until we head back to my mothers or until we go into my Bro in laws house, so i am writing a bunch of blog posts and knitting, its very relaxing.  We got 10 cms of snow, so tomorrow we will play in the snow. 


  1. I have the same pyrex and I LOVE them. Ive had them for almost 8 years and they are still in excellent condition and we use them all the time for leftovers or putting stuff in the microwave with them.


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