Surgery and peace

I write to you tonight with a very heavy heart,
7 months ago my life changed when i got the phone call at 3 am that i had a new neice

She is the absolute picture of Perfection, has been a happy baby and she has us all in love again
She was born with a cleft Palate.( hole in her mouth) 

She is now at 7 months 
and tomorrow she will be having surgery to have this hole fixed in the roof of her mouth.

I am a basket of nerves, this little baby at 7 months old should not need this pain, she is so perfect.

 this is 2 days ago 

Please God direct the hands of her surgeon tomorrow, give peace to her mom and daddy, let them know she is in the hands of Jesus and he is with them every step of the way.  Let everything go smoothly as it should, let her be pain free and a speedy recovery. 

I appreciate prayers for this family tomorrow as this momma watches her baby being taken by doctors that she don't even know, she has no idea what will be happening to her tomorrow, let them all be at peace. 


  1. I couldn't imagine the feelings of a parent before their child undergoes surgery. My nephew had major surgery on his heart when he was 13 months old, I remember the helpless feeling we all felt. 15 years later he has become a strong vibrant young man. My thoughts are with you and your family for the speedy recovery of your precious niece.

  2. Sending prayers your way, for your niece and her family!

  3. Will be thinking about this little girl and her parents! I hope all goes well. She is beautiful and I never like to hear about any little ones having to undergo surgery :(

  4. I hope all went well with your niece, dear. I know how it feels to have your baby wheeled away for surgery. When my son was 3 months old, he had to have surgery on one of his kidneys.


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