What do i want for a Job....

Last January i started the job of my dreams
with the most amazing group of ladies i have ever met
We were like a happy family, we all worked in an office together...

I worked there til the last week of July 2012 
when we moved here...

I was getting 'paid' Employment Insurance because i left my job to be with my husband who got transferred.
I knew i needed to find work so i have been applying every day
this city does not have a big Job Supply
I even did a 2 days course on how to get a job

Yesterday the phone rang and i FINALLY got an interview
it was with CIBC 
not my ideal job but hey, beggars can't be choosers. It is at a Contact Centre and over night shifts. 
Interview was scheduled for today at 10:45
I think i did great, will find out tomorrow if i am the lucky person

Tonight i applied for another job 
this time i have an inside contact that i made sure to put down as a reference, this would be my ideal job as a office clerk. 
I am really hoping i get a job very quickly so there is no hole in my income...
I have been doing so well with my savings and i really don't wanna use them up now. 

I think i am less stressed over it then i have ever been because i know moving here was the will of God and we are at peace because of it. 
He will provide he always does, today as soon as i got the last EI cheque i had an interview, that my friends is a God thing =)

I'd appreciate if you would all say a prayer that i stay in God's will and do what he wants me to do. 
thats the most important thing in anything, if we are not in his will, we will be so miserable and grumpy, not the way we should be showing his love. 
I have several friends who work at this Contact Center as well, never know perhaps we can work together

Thanks for your time and your prayers, well wishes what ever you may give. I love you all 

Quote of the Day:
Attitude is  a little thing that makes a big difference.


  1. Good luck with the job search, I am sure things will work out eventually. I admire your determination and think things come to those who truly make the effort :)

  2. Good luck Terri! I'm hoping you will get the job you interviewed today for. If not, God has a great plan laid out for you :) Keep going for jobs that you love doing!

  3. Hi Terri,

    I wish you the best of luck in your job search, being unemployed not by choice is very hard, and its hard to trust God during a time like that, but it looks like you are doing that well. Will add this to my prayer list.

    1. Thank you so much, i know God has a plan for me and i have a feeling that i will be employed by next week


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