Weekend Recap

Was in a weird mood most of the day, at 2:30 I walked to Faith Baptist church to meet my pastors wife to get ready for saturdays fellowship.
We set out tables, white table cloths, black and yellow decor, she is such an amazing decorator.
Wish I took some pictures but was so busy I had no idea where my phone was for camera.
Then we had to prep food for the dinner then.
We peeled 100lb of potatoes, I do not want to see another potato...
Jaredene came to help peel and hang out.
I made nachos when we got home,
We stayed up late laughing and knitting, love her.

Saturday: up at 6 am in excruciating pain in my legs, I dunno what it was but I 
couldn't get a relief.
I tried tylenol, heat, no help...
Had to start cooking ham- we had to cook 8- so much ham....
Had to be at the church for 11 am, I was a few mins late but I got there, there was so much to get done...
We all worked together and we all made it to the service. We host a yearly fellowship and people from all church's around come to it, we have a speaker come in, I had to do the projector screen during service, then had to go back to serve as soon as service was over... We did well, food was delicious and so much left over.... We served kentucky gingerbread for dessert with whipped cream- delish!!
Then we had to clean up... By this time my feet were killing me, felt like fire when I walked, got home, kicked of shoes and crashed for a bit, then watched momma mia with jaredene.

Sundays are so busy here lately, we had morning service then we had a quizzing practice. Brooke has joined the bible quizzing team here, its so awesome to hear her memorize scriptures. We got pizza delivered for lunch at the church.
came home, took a long nap , went to evening service which is held at a theatre here because we needed the room. went to McDonalds with our pastor and his wife, kids.

took Jaredene home, came home, packed lunch for Brooke for tomorrow, sat down to watch some shows, i rarely watch anything, but now Sunday nights, there is my favorite show "Republic of Doyle", its made back home, check it out here.

Cheers, Have a great week

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