Weekend Recap

I packed for most of the day, then tidied up outside, i can’t believe we move tomorrow. 

At about 3:15, I got a call that completely stressed me out- my manager called me and told me they have no job for me anymore, because they had to put a tender out for my extension and another person who has worked there before and had more seniority took the job, so guess what I am out a job.. i spent a long time crying but then I went to the mall to pick up  my phone and iPad… 
I met my manager for 

Hubby let me sleep late as I had a rough night with restless body syndrome, I had so much pain, I was taking a hot bath at 3:45 am this morning…
We went in town for breakfast after I packed a bit,  we got breakfast, I needed to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up something, I love that store.  We then went downtown for some breakfast at my fav breakfast place, it was so delicious, I got the french toast with bacon. 

Then I went to pick up my iPad, i didn’t get it yesterday because they didn’t have the colour I wanted,  I wanted grey slate to match my new phone, baby girl took this picture tonight,
What can I say, I love my apple products.  #dontjudge ;) 
Then we went to get our Uhaul for moving, well you won't believe what they did to us.. they over booked us so we could not get a moving truck... Thanks Uhaul.. Worst service ever received. 
Then thankfully a friend had a big covered trailer but he could only bring it over for 10 pm, so we are still here at the old place, then tomorrow we have to go to church and then move things.. going to be crazy busy but we will get it done. 

Moving day dawned bright and clear.  Went to morning service, then had to get keys to new spot, grabbed some fish and chips for lunch and filled trailer.  
We got it filled around 4, took to new house and unloaded most of it, we were zonked, went to jungle Jim's with friends, now back to friends house for the night to get a good night sleep.  

Tom is a holiday so we will unpack and get settled.  


Confessional Friday

another week has come and gone, it is time to get our confessing on
( im a poet, didn't you know it) 

Today I confess:
1) I have been off work all week  on an unplanned week off _ waiting on paper work to come back for my extension, takes forever for it to get back;) 

2) I had such a fun day with Brooke yesterday
We went shopping, went to Starbucks and she got to have her first coffee ( maybe that gives me the title of worst mother but I let her have one), then we had lunch, went to chapters, we laughed a lot and had a great day. 

3) We move this weekend, I am so ready to be moved in and ready to begin new memories in our new home. 

4) I got me new toys yesterday:

I haven't got any new toys lately so thought I would spend some serious money ;) 

5)  I am very NERVOUS about Brooke's first day of Middle School- it feels like it is the very first day of school... 


Happy Birthday Grandpa

Wednesdays for Women is postponed this week because: 

Dear Grandpa, 

Happy 1st Birthday in Heaven- 

To say I miss you is an understatement, life without you is just not the same as it was when you were here, there have been so many times in the past 3 months that I just wanted to call you one more time to tell you something or to have you pray for my family.


I miss your smile, I miss your hugs, I miss you 

I will always Love you Forever!! 


Marriage Tip #3

Welcome to Marriage Tip # 3 

You can find the previous weeks by clicking on the week
Week 1- Dating/Courting
Week 2- Communication
Week 3- Fall In love, Over and Over

FALL IN LOVE OVER and OVER and OVER again. You will constantly change. You're not the same people you were when you got married, and in five years you will not be the same person you are today. Change will come, and in that you have to re-choose each other everyday. He / She does not have to stay with you and if you don't take care of her heart, he/she may give that heart to someone else or seal you out completely, and you may never be able to get it back. Always fight to win her love just as you did when you were courting her.

Remember how you would feel if you saw another single guy/girl looking at your girl/guy, you would not be very impressed, make sure she NEVER has to go look elsewhere. 

Proverbs 31:10

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.

Weekend Recap

I took Friday and Monday off to get some cleaning and packing done. 
Brooke had a friend over, so they hung out.. I didn’t sleep in really because I have so much to do.
Hubby and I went on a date.. we wanted to do dinner and a movie but there was nothing playing that we wanted to see so we went bowling and to Boston Pizza for ribs- it was so amazing to have the time with my hubby, I love doing life with that man. 

We went to hang out with some friends and picked Brooke up, we had dessert with our friends , it was a very nice friday. 

more packing and house cleaning, we took a donation to our thrift store of things that I do not want after we move, then we went to pick up a couple groceries and went to dinner at our friends, we ended up eating in their RV, it was so nice and relaxing. 

My sister ended up in the hospital with early labor, she is only 32 weeks, now trying to stop the labor, hope everything works out.  
Once we got home, I made this:
It is a homemade chocolate cake with boiled icing, I have had a lot of cravings for it and finally made it and it is so so good. 
I may have eaten two big pieces and I do not feel guilty at all. 

I slept in later then I have for a long time, I had a friend pick me up just before service started.. 
We came home, had lunch, cleaned the kitchen, then took a nap as usual.. I love a sunday afternoon nap .
We had 2 baptisms in the evening service, then we went to Jungle Jim's for mexican food- it was so delicious. 

I am off tomorrow and maybe Tuesday ( we shall see) , we are moving next weekend so I have so much to do this week. I am thankful I have scheduled posts ;) 


Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie for Confessional Friday 

1) I confess I am so happy to be off work until Tuesday- I need to clean and pack for the move next weekend.. any one wanna help me ;) 

2) I confess I have spent to much time with Netflix when I should be packing.. 

3) I confess getting a date with my husband tonight is what the dr ordered :) 

4) I confess I am so excited for a new opportunity that has come my way :) 

5)  I confess I am surrounded by boxes and no energy 

6) I confess I feel so much stress lifted since I gave up all roles at church, I am the hospitality coordinator, the schedule coordinator, i organize schedules for greeters and the media, I enjoyed it but I have been full of anxiety lately so decided to give it up. ( more on that later) 


Wednesdays for Women- Part 2 Depression

You can part 1 here 
Here is part 2 of my depression story:

Hitting Rock bottom was when i started thinking that people think I'm just lazy. . I'm just so empty and alone. I am married but he doesn't understand. I think he think I am just lazy. And pretty much tells me that. I felt like I needed to pick myself up and move on, but how... I had no idea how to over come this, all my family were very very worried, when I think about it now, I think what was I thinking, why did i let this happen to me, why didn't i have more control... when you are in a depression you cannot bring your self out of it. It is like you are weighed down by heavy chains that wont let you go, you are alone, your a no good, no one wants to be around you, you look in the mirror and cringe, you dislike what you see.. the face looking back at you don't like the face it sees, you feel like you have no friends, no family even though they live in the same house, you feel so alone and no idea how to break out of this thing called Depression.. 

Depression is a very very real thing, it ruins lives, people hit rock bottom and they have no idea how to get out of it, people say it is all in your mind, to an extent yes it is, but you cannot change that, people think you are crazy person if you are depressed, well I am here to say don't let them you from getting the help and the encouragement that you need during this time.  Surround your self with family who loves you, friends who care about you, write out your feelings, blog about them, share them with a councillor, they care about you, so please get some help...

I had a friend come to visit me from away she wanted us to go to my favourite restaurant for dinner, as a hope that it would pick  me up... Andrew went as well as Brooke and Michelle was one of my closest friends so I should have been OK..
 It was a bad idea.. 
 Remember I wasn't going anywhere, most days I got out of bed to go to the bathroom then i would go back to bed...
so going to the restaurant for me was a big ordeal, I felt very anxious on the ride there, met up with our friend and kept telling myself I can do this,
 I was doing OK until it came time to order...
I felt like I was smothering, so i excused myself and went to the bathroom...took a few deep breaths and try again, this happened about 5 times, I did order my food, I only ordered soup because not eating for a few days, it was the most I could handle.
Before the food arrived, I had to get out of there.. Andrew knew what was happening and I had to leave the building all together and go out side for some fresh air, tried this a couple times and tried to go back in...each time it was worst. I had to go to familiar territory and that was the car, so I went and sat in the car while my hubby and my friend ate supper without me, they were not happy but I couldn't- my poor husband he was so tired of me being like this, yet he felt so helpless and wasn't sure what to do, that day he had enough and he was going to the doctor with me the next time he said..

This is the day I realized, ENOUGH already, I need to change this way of life, this way of life isn't the life I enjoy, I don't enjoy having so much fear, I don't like to have the scary thoughts of car accidents, kidnapping,  every move I made, I was scared around every corner was something bad going to happen, it had to stop because it was enough to drive me completely crazy...

Part 3: Next Week


Marriage Tip #2.

Here we go again for another Marriage Tip 

You can find the previous weeks by clicking on the week
Week 1- Dating/Courting
Week 2- Communication

Week 2- Speak Up
If something is bothering you, it needs to be discussed.  Choose an appropriate time and talk- don't spend it blaming your spouse, but talk about it like adults.  Tell your spouse how you feel and try to come to an equitable solution. Bottled up frustration festers and eventually spews. Keep the inside safe and well 

This is the biggest issue I hear about with friends, well we all need to remember to communicate, they cannot read our minds as much as we wish they could. 
Don't go to bed angry, what if you woke up and they had passed in their sleep, that would make you feel so guilty wouldn't it. 

Communciation is vital 

Proverbs 18:22

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.


Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

worked the day, had a lunch date with a co worker- Thanks Ann, it was nice to spend time with her. 
Had a very busy after noon, our team has a friday cake break and so I went up for a few mins, my office is on the 3rd floor and I work from the 2nd floor, so I barely know what happens up there, my manager keeps me informed of most things, it also keeps ya away from office type gossip as I am on my own in the scan room. 
Hubby picked me up and we went to the mall for dinner as I wanted to check some stores for clothes for Brooke for school…. no luck there. 
I had pizza- Have had a craving for that, it didn’t satisfy my craving though, i hate when that happens, Brooke and Andrew had Japanese food , which is what I usually get, so good there, but I had it for lunch so I wasn’t wanting a big meal like that. 

We went home after that, i did some laundry, some packing, a little tidy up, it is so hard to keep things neat and tidy when your moving. I then relaxed with Netflix and watched the 5 year engagement, i like that movie but holy hannah, the language is not the easiest to hear, i talked to my friend Jill for a bit via text and then I went to sleep. 

Hubby woke me around 9 am and told me to get ready for a day shopping in the United States, we are only an hour from the US, so it makes for much easier and cheaper shopping. We got to the boarder and we had an HOUR to wait- it was so busy, but we got through and then the fun family day shopping began, first we went for lunch at Burger King and it was good, the dessert was so much better though, I had Cinnabon cinnamon rolls- holy hannah they are so delicious, I wish we had a Cinnabon in Canada. 
Went to Label shopper- got some clothes there for Brooke for school, some jeans and a belt for Andrew and I got nothing for me, that SELDOM happens ;) I just got a ton of clothes though and I am on a no shoe buying frenzy for a month.. 
Then we went to Walmart and got all of her supplies, there were some things that we couldn’t find there as they need to be purchased in Canada only, so when we got back in town Andrew and Brooke went to get these things and also got her school bag, lunch bag etc. Now my girl is ready for school to begin. crazy how the summer is gone

The school bag is actually purple and there is a lot of purple going on here. ;) 

I also had a cell free day, it was so beautiful to not have anyone that could contact me, it was a day with family. 
We then went to some grocery stores and got some groceries, and gas and back to the border for the hour drive home, I slept all the way because the medication I am on for my tooth infection knocks me out- they went to Staples and Walmart here to finish the list for school, while I slept, got home and I got sick and then I slept some more… That was my Saturday 

Sunday’s always begin to early - we have to be at the church for 8 am so hubby can get the music and the sound set up, 
We went out for lunch with a friend, i had Chinese buffet, while there I got a fever, so i'm in bed watching Netflix and hoping by tomorrow, I'm back to new, I have to work 8-10 hours overtime this week, so I need to be better 


Confessional friday

Linking up with Leslie
Confessional Friday

1)      I confess I am struggling with the thought of keeping this blog as a hobby or making money with it. I had a great chat with a dear friend last night who told me things to change in my blog, I appreciate her honesty so much.

2)      I confess I am excited for the weekend, it feels like a very long week and I am ready for a family road trip tomorrow.

3)      Only 1 more weekend after this one until moving day- not excited.

4)      I am so tired of a certain co worker and her negativity, I feel like today I have blocked her out ;)

5)      I have to shop for school supplies this weekend; I wish I it was all done.

PS: Every person married, getting married, in a relationship, read this 

What’s on your mind?


Depression part 1

As the world grieves Robin Williams, I wanted to write my thoughts of depression

It is known as the silent killer, the one that no one else can see and even understand, to many people are to quick to judge someone with depression, it is a scary disease.
It is a disease just like cancer, MS, kidney failure, etc... It is VERY REAL!

Now in 2014 there are many tools and things to help us out.
I to struggle with Depression and here is my story

I was diagnosed with depression back in 2004, just before Brooke turned 1 year. It started as post-partum for me. Although I truly believe growing up I always had a hint of it, I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, especially in high school, I felt like if people were talking, they were talking about me, saying nasty and mean things and that’s how I lived… wondering what they were saying now.
In 2005 it got very bad for me; it was at the end of 2005 that I decided it was time to go back to work after being on mat leave for 2 years… 

When Brooke was first born she had no interest in sleeping, all she wanted to do was eat and cry… she would eat and then she would sleep for maybe 5 mins then cry for 5 hours, wash, rinse, repeat .. this went on until she was close to one year… 
I was so tired all the time ( as you would be), it made me frustrated with people close to me, I yelled at my husband so many times, then I would feel so bad ( off course), I am so thankful to this day that we are still together.
I hated to be alone, I wanted some one with me at all times- I had so much fear in my life, it was not a healthy fear either…. I was terrified of the dark, terrified of the unknown, terrified of losing my husband etc.
I felt like I had no one who cared about me, sure I had siblings, parents, husband, inlaws but I felt like I could not be myself with them anymore.. I was so tired of feeling heart broken.
I would lay in bed all day every day, my sister lived with us and she took care of Brooke because I just could not, I wanted to be alone, no technology, no cell phone, no house phone, I wanted no contact with the outside world, my family was so worried about me, I was not eating food- the only food I wanted was “ Honeycombs”(cereal), there was a box beside my bed all the time and I would snack on them when I felt to sick.. I lost a lot of weight…

This continued for a month or more, I tried to find help. I talked to my doctor who didn’t think I needed medication, she kept saying it was post partum and yes it may have contributed but I don’t think that was the whole of it.
I wanted to find someone I could talk to, she did refer me to a clinic at the local hospital- it took everything in me to go there and try and talk thru this… they were of no help to me, they kept trying to tell me to “get over” it, not what I needed to hear at this time, I went a couple times but then I decided I had enough and didn’t go anymore.

Part 2 next Thursday 

Wednesdays for Women

Today I wanted to talk about a very important part of marriage that not a lot of people see as a "Must do"


Praying for your Husband

I believe you can bring good to your husband through prayer, prayer for his integrity, his strengths, his weaknesses, his walk, his work – for every aspect of His life. If you aren’t praying for these things for your husband, who is? I want to be a prayer warrior for my husband and my family. My hearts desire is that my husband would feel covered in prayer with intentionality and meaning through scripture. Here are a few verses that I have leaned into while praying for my husband.

Here are some scriptures you can pray over him:
  1. That the Lord would teach him how to be a good husband &likewise me a good wife {Ephesians 5:22-33}
  2. That he would submit his fears to God {Psalm 118:6}
  3. That he would fully grasp his purpose in Christ {Romans 8:28}
  4. For his health {1 Corinthians 6:12}
  5. For strength {Psalm 28:70}
  6. That the Lord would bless his work {Proverbs 22:29}
  7. For discernment in handling finances {Luke 16:13}


The things that bug me as a blogger

I truly believe here in this blogging world we are family.  
it has it's ups and down. Some days I love it and some days i'm so mad I could scream.

I've been serious about this "blogging" thing for about 2 years now.
it's a way for me to express my feelings (like i'm doing right now).  I love having my own cute little space on the internet where I can make it look anyway I want, and if I can make money in the process, so be it!

blogging can be very intimidating, especially if you are just starting out, which is why I think that some of these things need to be said.
now i'm not trying to upset anyone or point fingers, but I think it's time we all start playing nice, playing by the rules, and to stop making the blog world such a competition. 
Things that bug me as a blogger:

1)     Those people who you comment on and they NEVER come by to say hi back.

2)     Bloggers who have over 1200 + followers and they will never come by and follow you

3)     Those bloggers who think because you are under 1000 followers, you are not “big” enough for them, you would never get asked to be in any of their giveaways etc- its like this with me- it’s like when you apply for a job and you have no experience, you have to start somewhere, same in blogging- start somewhere and let it go.

4)     Those big blogs you email and they never ever reply- you get an email stating that they are “too busy” to reply to all emails and I know they are probably bombarded with emails, but seriously?

5)   some bloggers are rude- if you ask a question you would like to get an answer wouldn't you?  Many times I have commented on something and asked a question and guess what, I am still waiting for an answer. 

Now let's play nice 


Marriage Tip Week 1

I feel like in the spring when I did marriage tips, it didn't end like I wanted it to, I had all kinds of posts ready to schedule and then I went on vacation and it fell apart. 
So for the next 10 or so Mondays- Marriage Monday is back.

I will be sharing tricks of the trade ;)

Week 1:

Never stop courting. 
Never stop dating. 
NEVER EVER take your spouse for granted. When he asked you to marry him, you promised to be that person that would love him unconditionally, This is the most important and sacred treasure you will ever be entrusted with. HE CHOSE YOU. Never forget that. 

I love it when hubby ask me on a date, I really still get butterflies, I love dressing up, driving in car holding hands etc... I adore him and I feel like he feels the same way. 

Genesis 2:22-24

Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.  The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman, ' for she was taken out of man."  For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.


Weekend Recap

Hubby picked me up for a lunch date, we went to a little diner called Sunshine Diner- I had turkey dinner poutine, it was so delicious. 
When I got back to work I started getting sick with a fever, coughing, sneezing and chills... I was feeling so miserable. 
After work I went to bed and then we had a friend come by and we watched some shows on TV, ate pop corn and pepsi and just relaxed. 
Then I went and scheduled some blog post for 7 weeks worth, I am so glad I have a lot of draft posts ;) 

First Saturday in a LONG time that we did not have to go into town for any errands, we stayed home, slept in, watched some netflix while laying in  bed, got up and decided to pack some more and then cleaned our entire room thru, packed a bunch.. I cannot believe we have 2 weekends left here with the pool :( SOB 
I was feeling sick again so I went back to bed around 4 and slept til 7, grilled us some dinner and then we went and got " God's Not Dead" movie- It is powerful. Not to start a debate here but every person in the world needs to watch this. It is so powerful. 

WE had to go early for sunday service as our Pastor is away and we need to set up for service, as we are not having it at a church anymore. We set up and then tear down after the night service. 
A lady from church who used to be my sunday school assistant, invited us over for sunday lunch- it was so nice and so delicious. 

Tomorrow begins Marriage Tip Mondays, be sure to check it out 


Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie for another Confessional Friday 

1) I confess yet again I hate moving, once moving day is over and I need to unpack etc, Im ok but the actual moving is rough on this old lady ;) 

2) I confess that if you have not seen "Heaven is for Real" DO yourself a favour and watch it, amazing movie. 

3) I got some news at work yesterday that made me very happy, we went to dinner last night to celebrate, will share more later ;) 

4) I confess how happy I feel when I pray about something and within an hour or so, I get the answer x 3
5) I confess having a friend call me up this morning and said she was taking me for lunch, made me smile to know when I am having a day where I am homesick and they have no idea. 

6) I confess that you ladies are amazing and you make me smile more then you will ever know

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