Wednesdays for Women~ Grudges

Wednesdays for Women are to uplift and encourage!
I read something this morning and decided to sit at my desk for lunch and write out some thoughts that I have about it.
Grudges: Yes as women we seem to hold onto things much more then men it seems that men can forget about things so easy, why can’t women do the same
Women seem to be their own worst enemies, we stress over things we cannot control, we cannot control if someone likes us or not, we cannot make people like us…. That’s right we CANNOT.  Off course if we are nice, kind etc people will want to be our friend.
I have had a few past grudges or hurts that I have finally let go of and I've chosen to try and love people whether they love me back. It's not easy or fun but I have found that praying for the people that hurt you helps. It's hard to be mad at someone who you are praying for daily. Holding on to hurts and conflict will keep you from what God truly has for you to do.  
In fact I just had a situation a few weeks ago that I wasn’t sure I would let go, it was the kinda thing that made you not want to see that person again, but we have to let it go… I have decided God is in control, he knows why I am dealing with this trial and there is nothing I can do to change it until God says ok this test is over.

I wrote a letter to the person who hurt me, telling them I have no idea what I done to make them dislike me, but I am sorry and would like us to be friends- albeit, it will be a friendship from a distance, say hi if I see them but I won’t hang out with them etc, I just can’t allow them to wreak havoc with my heart and mind again, I was so depressed after this happened, in fact I was so mad at myself, but after talking to two ladies that I look up to, I realized why was I mad at myself,  I was mad because I felt like they didn’t like me and there was nothing I could do to change that.
We all need to let things go and let God handle the person who hurts us, there is nothing we can do to change people, we can try but it will usually result in you getting hurt , so just Let It Go


  1. I am pretty good about letting it go and not holding a grudge. But I never forget hahah. I should try to do that as well.

  2. Good advice! Letting go can be very liberating. It's difficult, though. But worth it in the end!


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