The things that bug me as a blogger

I truly believe here in this blogging world we are family.  
it has it's ups and down. Some days I love it and some days i'm so mad I could scream.

I've been serious about this "blogging" thing for about 2 years now.
it's a way for me to express my feelings (like i'm doing right now).  I love having my own cute little space on the internet where I can make it look anyway I want, and if I can make money in the process, so be it!

blogging can be very intimidating, especially if you are just starting out, which is why I think that some of these things need to be said.
now i'm not trying to upset anyone or point fingers, but I think it's time we all start playing nice, playing by the rules, and to stop making the blog world such a competition. 
Things that bug me as a blogger:

1)     Those people who you comment on and they NEVER come by to say hi back.

2)     Bloggers who have over 1200 + followers and they will never come by and follow you

3)     Those bloggers who think because you are under 1000 followers, you are not “big” enough for them, you would never get asked to be in any of their giveaways etc- its like this with me- it’s like when you apply for a job and you have no experience, you have to start somewhere, same in blogging- start somewhere and let it go.

4)     Those big blogs you email and they never ever reply- you get an email stating that they are “too busy” to reply to all emails and I know they are probably bombarded with emails, but seriously?

5)   some bloggers are rude- if you ask a question you would like to get an answer wouldn't you?  Many times I have commented on something and asked a question and guess what, I am still waiting for an answer. 

Now let's play nice 


  1. You are right - we all have to start somewhere! I pride myself in responding to every comment (even some that I think might be spam in case they aren't!) When I get to the point that I receive "too many" comments to respond to personally, I'll have my VA respond to some. I'm a big believer that effort should always be acknowledged! Thanks for sharing your "bug list" with us!

  2. You are so right on. I've done a lot of genuinely helpful things for other bloggers (even as far as interviewing them online for 60 minutes) and these are the ones who just think of themselves and their work and not so much about building an engaging community. It really frustrates me.
    Thanks for voicing this important topic.
    Dorit Sasson
    Giving a Voice to Your Story

  3. Very well said Terri. It seems that when some people get big, they all of a sudden forget that they once were newbies. It goes to their head I guess. It's sad because they lose out in the end.

  4. @Dorit Sasson
    it is so wrong how they suddenly drop you like a hot cake... glad you read

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  6. @Lisa Mallis
    I am trying to reply to all comments as well :)

  7. @Tami
    they loose on who could be one of their closest friend bloggers really.


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