All about our wedding

All about our wedding

I wanted to document this so if some day something happens to me, Brooke can look back on this blog and she can view details of her Mom and Dad's wedding day

Date: May 04, 2003
Where: Baie Verte, NL Canada
Colors: Sage Green and Ivory
Bridal Party:
         Maid of Honor- Karen Manuel
         Best Man-          Geoffrey Prouse

Anna Marie Decker ( Munn)
Rachel Walsh ( Stassen)
Marcie Budgell 
Jessica Dicks 

Minature: Cherish Thomas

Fred Grothe
Anthony Boutillier
Daniel Boutiller
Michael Walsh

Mnature: Nicholas Lewis 

Pastors: Rev. Landon Decker
          Rev James Stone 

Dinner: Copper Creek Ski Lodge where we were served hot turkey dinner with all the fixings
Photographer: Suzanne Boulanger
Videographer: Noel Lewis 

Ushers: Tara Lee Regular ( Kwan) 
Denika Edgar 
Shauna Dicks

MC: Jonathan Holmes

We celebrated our day of love surrounded by our family and friends as we pledged to love each other thru sickness and in health, for richer for poorer and forsaking all others- keep our selves only to each other as long as we both shall live. 

Our honeymoon was spent for 5 blissful days in Woody Point, NL- We had the most beautiful hotel room, sight seeing and shopping. 

12 years and counting. 

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